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<ZombieCake> The estate of Councilman Arthur Redspring is a sprawling piece of land on the edge of the city of Redspring. It is bordered by black iron gates with roses and vines threaded along the bars, but being only Mardest, many of said roses have yet to bloom, and the lavish gardens surrounding the enormous house still look a little on the dead side.-
<ZombieCake> The house itself is, in a word, enormous, and there is a sizable staff employed to keep it as spotless as possible. Today there’s a even more bustle than usual. Master Redspring has just returned from a two-week long vacation to the capital, and it was extremely important that dinner go well tonight in order to welcome him home.-
<ZombieCake> The son of Master Redspring, however, has not yet greeted him. William has been hard at work in his room for most of the day, studying hard. Dinner will be the first time he has seen his father for a while, and the hour for it is fast approaching. His clothes are pressed and laid out on his bed, he has just taken a hot bath courtesy of the maids.
*William‘ has been aware of the importance of today for about a week or so, and has approached it with a great deal of nervousness. Even now- fresh out of his bath, his hair barely dry and brushed, he’s fumbling a little as he puts on his shirt and dinner jacket. He's wearing long black trousers, with a white shirt and scarlet jacket- his father is rather fond of red, after all. Almost trembling with nervousness, he peeks his head o
<ZombieCake> "Nearly time, Young sir," is the the reply. The maid, a fair-haired girl in her late teens, looks haggard to say the least. "Mister Florence says to go down ahead if it pleases you. The Mistress should already be seated as well." Mr Florence is, of course, William's head tutor and personal servant. With today's events, however, he seems to have vanished in the preparations as soon as William's lessons were over.
<William‘> "Erm, ok." He nods, returning back into his room- before hastily remembering something and, jamming his glasses on over his blue eyes, he steps out of his room. "Um, how do I look?"
<ZombieCake> "Very well, sir. Very charming." It’s a rehersed response, and a distracted one at that. The maid fidgets with her apron, and looks at him expectantly, as is waiting for him to move on. She has other things to do, after all.
*William‘ furrows his brow slightly at the response- he’s no stranger to the 'dutiful' answer and can recognise it when he sees it- but he would've liked to have had some sort of genuine feedback! Then again, if there was anything wrong with his appearance she probably would've fixed it anyway… "Okay. Thank you." He gives her a brief smile and starts heading for downstairs.
<ZombieCake> Downstairs is breathtaking as always. The floor has been polished to a mirror-like shine, and incredibly for this time of year, the vases lining the hallways on little marble pedestals are overflowing with flowers. Is it the work of some magic, perhaps? Or some year-round indoor garden?-
<ZombieCake> The dining room is just up again, its double doors polished and waxed, and curiously ajar.
*William‘ takes a nervous little breath as he walks forward- unconsciously trying to walk quietly, even creep a little. He peeks through the door.
<ZombieCake> He sees… his mother! She is sitting at one end of the long, decorated table, the other end having been automatically reserved for William’s dad. She is wearing an emerald color gown, and what could have very well been three pounds of heavy jewelry. She looks tired, but… regal as aways. For now, she seems to be having a conversation with a frazzled looking maid. It's hard to make out the details-
<ZombieCake> but the word "entree" is being thrown back and forth.
*William‘ fidgets. Finally, he opens the door a little wider and slips in, hurriedly making his way to a chair. "Um… I’m here. I'm ready."
<ZombieCake> The conversation comes to an abrupt halt, and Mary Redspring dismisses one very relieved servant with a wave of her hand. "William." She acknowledges him with a slight frown and a calm stare. "Please straighten your collar. And do sit up straight. Your hair…"
<William‘> William silently curses the maid upstairs as he automatically straightens his back, and runs his hands through his collar, straightening it (it’s amazing how collars become unstraightened), then reaching up and trying to flatten his light brown hair. He has a slightly helpless look on his face.
<ZombieCake> Mary sighs, but she seems to relax a little. Could that be a slight tinge of good humor in her eye? In any case, she calls for a maid who promptly arrives with a comb, as if said maid has been waiting on standby for this very purpose. There are all manners of odd things sticking out of her apron, come to thing of it. A pair of scissors, some colored thread trailing out a few inches and waving in the air…-
<ZombieCake> In any case, Mary takes the comb, and crosses the room with a great rustle of her silken skirts. "Silly boy. You did look in a mirror before you came down, didn't you? Don't fidget," she adds pre-emptively, and begins to comb.
*William‘ almost fidgets! He has to fight the urge to do so. "I… I did! Honest!" He almost says ’I asked the maid', but decides that might get her into trouble, so he avoids saying just that. "I-it looks fine to me…"
<ZombieCake> "Be more careful next time, won't you? You won't be able to rely on me your entire life, my dear." Satisfied, she steps back to appraise her work, and then snaps her fingers so that the same maid takes the comb, slips it into her pocket, and steps back.-
<ZombieCake> By this time, however, there is a noticable shift in the atmosphere of the mansion. A hush among the servants, starting somewhere overhead, and then shifting, spreading, traveling downward onto their own floor. Now there are footsteps in the hallway, almost unaccompanied by any noise at all. Impatiently, Mary gestures for Will to stand up.
*William‘ momentarily lets an expression of dread cross his face as he gets to his feet, his hands fidgetting nervously.
<ZombieCake> His mother gives him another sharp look, as if to warn him to stop it, and then swivels her eyes to the door… which is still slightly open from Will’s arrival. The gentleman in the hall clears his throat with some displeasure as two manservants stepped forward to open it for him. Arthur Redspring has arrived!-
<ZombieCake> "Hello Mary," are his first words, spoken calmly, almost in a businesslike fashion. "You look well. William…" His eyes fall on the boy, cold, scrutinizing, almost as if he's already tallying up the things he's done wrong in the three seconds that they've been together. He sighs.
*William‘ feels a hot wave of shame and vulnerability spread throughout his body, even though he doesn’t know what he's done wrong. He tried his best to look presentable… "I am glad to see you home, sir." Says William, pinning his hands to his side.
<ZombieCake> "Well, I suppose I couldn't stay away forever." He moves to sit, and Mary does the same as well - the cue that it's fine for William to sit down as well. "There is a very important announcement I need to make to you both, after all." And now, more servants arrive! Appetizers! Glistening black caviar spread on crackers balanced on dainty white plates.-
<ZombieCake> "Before I begin, I believe that there are other… formalities at hand. William. How have yor studies been coming along?"
*William‘ is a little stung by the ’couldn't stay away forever' comment but he doesn't let it show. Instead he sits down and prepares to answer. "Well enough, sir. Y-you will be pleased to note that I-I've mastered the transmutation cantrips Mr. Florence had set out for me. Um…" He fidgets a little under the table. "I-I know how partial you are to that school…"
<ZombieCake> "Indeed I am. I will have to give Florence a few good words for teaching them to you. I know it must have been a struggle for him." He sips some red wine, freshly poured by a nearby servant, and to break up the awkward silence follows, Mary pipes up.
<ZombieCake> "William? Perhaps you could give a brief demonstration? to show how well you've learned them. Just one should be enough."
*William‘ nods, and turns toward the cutlery on the table. He reaches into his pocket, taking out his little training wand and, with a brief incantation, a wineglass starts to float into the air, going where William directs.
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<ZombieCake> Mary beams and looks at her husband somewhat expectantly. He, on the other hand, is more interested in his wine than he is in the demonstration. "Yes, yes," he says absently. "You may sit, William. Before you end up breaking it." There’s a telling mix of hardness and exasperation on the last two words, and Mary… suddenly looks concerned at the thought of something like that wrecking her perfect dinner.-
<ZombieCake> "It's quite interesting. I happened to pay a visit to Councilman Rutherford on the way home. He has a daughter. A little seven year old." A slight pause. "William. Refresh my memory on how old you are now?"
<William‘> For one brief, anger-filled moment, William considers whether he can hurl the glass with enough speed to catch his father in the face with it, but years of curtailing himself pays off as he politely sits down and lowers the glass down onto the table, pocketing his wand. "I’m nine, sir. Ten in six month's time."
<ZombieCake> "Yes. Well. This little girl, who is apparently two or three years younger than our son, is already on her way to learning some cantrips of her own. A prodigy, he father calls her. And I must say that I agree." There is a long, disappointed look in William's direction, but that turns aside. "Well, this leads to my announcement, I suppose. The Councilman has another son, who is very close to graduating from St. Evelyn's-
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<ZombieCake> Imperial Paxian Academy of Magic and the Arcane Arts, and there is a party to be held in his honor, on the eve of the Feast of Inmeldin. I'm to attend. However, it has also been requested that I stay an additional day at their estate for other personal matters."-
<ZombieCake> As Arthur talks, Will can sense something beneath the table. Something furry brushes his ankle…
*William‘ trembles imperceptively, hating his father, wishing for a single brief moment that he had been born with the blessing of an arcane bloodline, so he could wield magic without the stupid training, wield it suddenly and angrily and throw his father against a wall… He looks down in mute surprise as something brushes his leg. As carefully as he can, he peeks under the table…
<ZombieCake> There is a grey and white striped cat peering back up at will! Lovingly, it rubs against him.
*William` smiles down at Martine, his one year old tabby, and momentarily forgetting himself, he bends down to give him a gentle scratch across his back. "What are you doing here, Martine…?" He whispers.
<ZombieCake> "Mrow! Purr," is the response. Martine sniffs the air, perhaps lured by a lovely fishy scent! There is slight lull in the conversation between Arthur and Mary, and a sudden terrible chill as well from a certain side of the table as well. "Young man. What *are* you doing?"
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<William`> "I… I just…" William peeks back up, straightening up hurriedly, looking worried. "I was just practicing o-one of the cantrips…" he takes out his wand quickly, murmurs a few words and a little light glows from the end.
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<ZombieCake> "Mrow!" Martine stands on his hind legs, and tries to swat at the glowing thing. Fortunately, it’s an action that goes most unseen by the other people at the table. However…-
<ZombieCake> "I will ask you again, what you are doing." Arthur's voice has grown frost, and his glare could sever air. Apparently he's not convinced… and getting his 'lie sense' to tingle is a bad thing.
<William‘> The light falters as if it loses heart, and William looks down and mournfully scratches the back of Martine’s neck. "I-it's Martine, sir. H-he must've been let in b-by one of the staff or something…"
<ZombieCake> Mary looks… irked. "That cat again…" Arthur presses his lips together, and is silent momentarily. "You," he snaps at last. "Take your cat outside. You are not to return to the table for the evening. You are not to accept alternative meals from the staff for the evening. Consider it your punishment for failing to control your pet."-
<ZombieCake> "Above all, I am surprised that you thought you could lie to us, William." There is distain in his eyes, as clear as day. "That is not behavior suitable for a Redspring. That is behavior suitable for a -criminal-. Do you wish to be a criminal, William?"
<William‘> "N-no, sir. I’m sorry, sir." William bowed his head, fidgeting with his wand. "I-I promise it won't happen again…"
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<ZombieCake> "No, I believe it won't," he agrees coldly, and reaches for his wine again. "Go now."
<William‘> "Y-yes sir." William pockets his wand, and gets out of his chair, bending down to scoop Martine up in his arms, before heading out of the dining room… Making sure to close the door behind him, although a bit slowly, having to handle a cat and all- but he also wants to see if he can catch a snippet of conversation after his departure.
<ZombieCake> "…hard work and planning! You’ve no right to-" his mother was saying, apparently protesting this change in plans. A sudden loud noise cuts her off - a fist against a table, judging from the rattling that followed it. "Enough! I'll not let such infractions go! This is my house, Mary! Lying will not be tolerates, no matter how harmless you may think it is!" The bickering continues.
*William‘ sighs, and looks down at the cat in his arms. Now that he’s out of the dining room he allows himself a smile. "Thanks, Martine." he says, nuzzling the cat affectionately; truth be told, not eating for a night was a perfectly acceptable cost for getting out of that room. He heads quickly back to his bedroom, cat in hand.
<ZombieCake> Time passes. An hour or so by William's count. Martine spends it alternately cuddling up to William, and pacing in front of the door, mewling hungrily. He's in the middle of doing the latter, when a loud knock sounds out, startling him and sending him darting under William's bed.
*William‘ is rather startled too! After all, he had been laying on his bed, half-reading a book rather languidly. He stands quickly, his look falling onto his bed as he drops it, and hurries over to the door, opening it. "Ah, come in…?"
<ZombieCake> His mother stands there, arms folded, a scowl across her face. It’s unusual for her to venture into his room, but she doesn't show it by the way she strides right in, train gliding behind her. "Well!" She throws up her arms a little. "Dinner is ruined now. Your father has retreated to his study. I can't begin to explain how disappointed I am in both of you."
*William‘ tries to look suitably abashed, but he can’t help a little grin from breaking out. "Well, maybe you shouldn't have married a man as childish as your son…"
<ZombieCake> "That's not funny," she says sternly. "Your father cares for us very much. He simply has… an unusual way of expressing it." She goes quiet for a moment, and then shakes her head. "He merely wants to ensure that you get ahead in life."
*William‘ chews his lip. "He certainly does have an unusual way of showing it. ’Say William, look how terrible you are compared to this seven year old girl!'… I'm sorry, mum. But it's hard to believe he cares for me when he sounds like he'd be willing to trade me for someone else." The words are supposed to be light, but there's obviously plenty of angry bitterness and hurt in them.
<ZombieCake> "Oh, stop it," his mother sighs. "That's not what he meant at all, I'm certain of it. He has every bit of confidence in your abilities. He's simply… trying to motivate you. To shape you into a proper Redspring." Her voice has softened somewhat. "Come now. Once you hear the news he brought home with him, I'm sure you'll see it the same way."
<William‘> "Well he’s doing a lousy job of it!" Snaps William angrily. "You'd know how I feel if he came home and started talking about how far more beautiful Rutherford or whoever's wife was." He sits back onto the bed, letting himself calm down a little. "What news?"
<ZombieCake> "It concerns the Magic Academy." Mary says. Martine is peeking out from under the bed now, and Mary gives him an icy little glare that makes him duck back under it. "*ahem* Apparently, your father is an aquaintance with one of the faculty there. A mutual friend of him and Rutherford. Well, since it's already a given that you will be attending once you're of the proper age, Arthur has arranged for this faculty member-
<ZombieCake> to give you private lessons throughout the summer and into the fall. No offense to Mr. Florence, of course, but your education is best left up the experts, wouldn't you agree?" She smiles. "I trust you'll show your new tutor the proper respect he deserves, and that you won't fall behind."
*William‘ blinks. "Private lessons? I… I see." He nods slowly. He knew the ramifications to this- it would mean the start of learning -genuine- magic, not the cantrips he’d been wielding so far. A little kernel of excitement started to glow in his chest, quite divorced from any desire to please his father. "Wow. I won't, mother. I promise- I'll do my best, and make you proud." He gives her a smile.
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<ZombieCake> "Of course you will." Her smile is turning rather smug now. "And of course, I'll inform everyone we know about this. *ahem* Not for bragging purposes, of course. That would be unseemly." She whirls to go. "I trust I'll see you at breakfast in the morning? Your lessons will begin in three weeks, so we'll have plenty of time to discuss it."
*William‘ nods enthusiastically. "Alright. It’ll be a good way to show me how the school will be like, huh…? And, yes. See you tomorrow, mother."
<ZombieCake> "Wonderful! Have a lovely night, my dear. Remember to comb your hair properly before coming downstairs this time." She parts with one last airey smile. Martine, who has been crouching beneath the bed, waiting patiently for her to close the door behind her, hops into view beside William now, and gives a long meow of complaint.
*William‘ smiles at his mother until the door closes, then lets it fade a little. He looks down at Martine sadly… "Not even a hug… Sorry, Martine. I don’t have anything for you, but…" He takes out his wand and lights the tip once more, dangling it above the cat's head.
<ZombieCake> Martine springs at the wand, flailing excitedly at it with his paw!
*William` plays with his beloved kitty for quite some time, entertaining Martine with his various cantrips and the like- until he can finally coax the feline to sleep at some point. Then, ignoring his now rather insistent hunger, he changes into a nightgown and decides to sleep himself, his mind full of thoughts- excitement at the tuition and the school, anger at his father… It fades before his tiredness.
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