Tyra And Xiri Discuss Michael

*Xiri has suggested strongly that they meet at the Golden Orient, then. It is a two-storey restaurant with large amounts of both public and private seating, and Xiri mentions that the "lovely chap that runs the place sympathises with us". The decor and ambience is decidedly… exotic, with various cultural affections and decor that give the place a mystical feel.
*Tyra doesn't protest this in the slightest, giving her own escort the slip soon enough with a swift move or two. Somewhere down near the docks Neville is likely silently cursing her name as she steps into the restaurant. The usual attire is the order of the day, hands left in her jacket pockets as she looks about.
<Xiri> [ Xiri is nowhere in sight, but there's a tall man with delicate features and a high class sensibility stationing the front - the maitre 'd, no doubt. "Ah, welcome, madam, to the Golden Orient. May I be of assistance tonight?" ]
*Tyra turns towards the maitre d’, giving a slight nod. "I was to meet a friend of mine here. Miss Xirinas Fae'driel."
<Xiri> [ "Ah, you are with miss Fae'driel…" he says, looking over his book as is customary. "Right this way, please." The man leads you up a flight of stairs and towards one of the private rooms. It's… empty. ]
*Tyra follows after the man, giving him a pleasant smile as she continues along. Upon arriving at the room she raises an eyebrow slightly, looking about. "…Hmm. She hasn't arrived yet, I take it?"
<Xiri> [ A pause, and then he clears his throat as he closes the door behind Tyra. "One moment, madame." He moves towards the far side of the wall, and then knocks twice. The wall rotates, a classic spy or mafia setup… and another room is beyond, with Xiri seated at the one table at the center. ]
<Tyra> Aah. Very nice, my compliments.
*Xiri is dressed in a platinum silver dress, this time; it's still got the black feather-ruffle thing, though. It's strapless, this time, leaving her shoulders bare as she looks and waves gingerly at Tyra.
*Tyra steps into the room with a nod towards the fellow before offering Xiri a rather brilliant smile of her own (though Xiri may notice bits of tension or fatigue in Tyra's mannerisms) as she takes a seat. "Evening, Xiri. I hope I haven't kept you waiting long."
*Xiri gestures for the maitre 'd to rotate the door again to leave them in privacy, looking about with just a bit of nervousness as she says, "It is a bit… grand, I will admit, but you did say you wanted a private word."
*Tyra reaches for her cup, pouring a bit of tea to take a sip from. "I did, yes. A rather… interesting thing landed in my lap last night concerning the Vickers company and the fallout from the late president's actions and such."
*Xiri looks a bit tense herself as she watches Tyra pour the tea, and then looks back towards the Paskell Princess as she sits more upright. "I figured that there would be consequences, yes…"
*Tyra gives a slight nod, chuckling. "Not what I was expecting, but. You're familiar with Michael Vickers? Soldier, son of Richard Vickers, stuck taking the reins of the company for the time being?"
*Xiri pulls her tea up herself, and takes a prolonged sip with closed eyes, in deliberation. "My intel did not think he was pertinent at the time."
*Tyra nods. "He's… made a rather interesting offer. Along with some disturbing revelations that are on the wrong side of state secrets, it seems. The elder Vickers was arming Arcolian insurgents to take out Paskell factories. He also handed over Warforged date to the Arcolians, giving them an advantage in technology now."
*Xiri presses her lips together and says, "… that was a word I did not use yesterday. 'Arcolian'." She shuts her eyes again and takes another sip of her tea. "Did Michael tell you this?"
<Tyra> Yes. He also handed over a design document, based off Paskell designs that were stolen some time ago and built upon by Vickers R&D. More military spec Warforged. He wants us to start producing them in order to even the odds on the battlefield. The Vickers company will be unable to, as they're on the list to be dismembered by the government after the treason was discovered.
*Xiri seems almost uncharacteristically distant, her eyes a little unfocused as Tyra speaks. She shuts her eyes again. She's really not herself at the moment. She sips her tea again. It's almost looking like a nervous tell now. "Tyra. Tyri, dear," she starts, finally.
*Tyra falls silent, waiting for Xiri to continue as she drums her fingers against the side of the tea cup.
*Mina‘Haplo is now known as Haruki
*Xiri exhales. "Why do you think it is that this all just came out… now?"
<Tyra> Richard’s death let them take a rather closer look, I suspect. Michael knows because he's saddled with guiding the company until it's dismembered, then he heads back to the northern front with our own designs shooting at him.
*Reiska is now known as Lienne
*Xiri looks straight at Tyra and purses her lips together for a longer moment. "Do you have certainty that the insurgency stops with Richard?"
*Tyra grimaces. "I don't. Paskell's playing this very carefully. If something goes wrong, I'm acting on my own and won't be protected from any repercussions. No bodyguard detail when seeing to this and so on. Michael's also offered to hand over research and archived documents we'll need for production to move forward faster before the government confiscates them."
*Xiri rubs the back of her neck as the tension visibly rises in her face, and she drinks more of her tea. Pours some more, even. She then stops to clear the table, setting her saucer and cup to the side, and then uses her glove to create a simplified map of Arcolia and Paxia.
*Xiri also causes adorable little figures that look like pawns in Chess pieces — with the round little heads representative of a chibi-Tyra, a chibi-Michael, and a chibi-AU-X. Multiple chibi-AU-Xs, in fact. "So… as it stands…"
*Tyra seems to be getting more and more nervous as Xiri tenses up. Fingers fidgeting, the occasional glance. She eventually reaches into her jacket to pull out a metal case to retrieve a cigarette to quickly light up with a snap of the fingers.
*Xiri puts, on Paxia's side, chibi-Tyra, chibi-Michael, and one chibi-AU-X. She puts on the Arcolian side, two chibi-AU-Xs. "Does that look right to you…?"
*Xiri points to the two AU-Xs. "Better. Stronger. More powerful than before. A prospect of victory for Arcolia…"
*Tyra gives a slight nod. "Yes, that seems accurate for how we stand."
*Xiri pulls the head of chibi-Michael and the chibi-AU-X. "What Michael has told you is that he wishes to use your design to give Paxian forces an even chance on the front." She then pulls the other AU-Xs together.
*Tyra nods again. "So far, right on the money."
*Xiri puts her finger to her lip. "Tyri, I…" Exhale, then, more tea. "Pretend that I am Michael for a moment."
*Xiri reaches a hand up to brush some of her pale-blonde tresses aside, and then says, "I have just had a deranged serial killer expose my father and bring light to the under-the-table deals in my company. I also have a father who cannot deny or speak against me, for he is … dead."
*Tyra slumps a bit, burying her face in her hands. "I know, I know. It's run through my head a dozen times at least. It's why Grandpapa stipulated no involvement beyond me from Paskell. I can't ignore it either though and the nature and time window doesn't give me time to do some after hours poking about."
*Xiri 's face just gets… colder, and more distant. More like the … Slayer, one could guess, if she could be seen then. "So I figure… I do not possess the materials, or the tools, or the money, or the subtlety needed to create more machines, now."
*Xiri holds chibi-Tyra and puts her in the center. "That is… unless I just hold onto what deniability I do have. My father was… such a despicable man, wasn't he? Insurgency, treason, theft… all I ever wanted was to fight for my country."
*Xiri stares up towards Tyra with a hint of a cold smirk. "A country that has me up to my ears in scandal and criticism."
*Tyra eventually just lowers her hands again, eyes focused on the chibi-her past the slight mess of dark bangs hanging in front of her face. The cigarette's been put out at this point, the woman not immediately responding.
*Xiri pushes on. She has to make her entire point, even if she knows Tyra knows where she's going. "Off I go towards the battlefield, fighting a battle with no chance of glory… or should I say…"
*Xiri takes chibi-Michael and deposits him just behind the Arcolian AU-Xs now, and arranges the third one as a row of three protecting him. "… joining the winning side with promises of riches and clout for the sensitive secrets and power I wield, and even sweeter, gain the chance to really mess with those that crossed me before."
*Xiri looks towards lone chibi-Tyra, and actually makes an exaggerated teardrop fall from her 'eyes'. "All the while, the lone princess, the one removed from even her family…"
*Tyra still doesn't respond, though she closes her eyes and tenses up a bit.
*Xiri doesn't exhale, or even go for her tea now. She just finishes up with, "She… will be the one to take the fall for me. Just like my father before me."
*Xiri leans back slowly, elbows on the sides of her chair as she laces her fingers in front of her face in what could probably be classified as the Gendo Ikari Pose. "… that is what sounds most plausible to me."
*Tyra bows her head some more, hiding her expression. "…and, what? I ignore this? Leave it hanging and hope it's just another scheme?" There's an odd quality to her voice, as if she's finding it difficult to speak.
*Xiri looks straight to Tyra still, with no remiss in her expression. It's still hard. "What you will want… is the truth. The dirt on Michael. Whether he is as he professes to be, or…" She gestures with her hand as she makes a final pawn appear, this one with a red hood and no face. "Someone else for me to slay."
*Tyra gives the slightest of nods, lowering a hand to drum her fingers on the table. "…I have two weeks, maximum. One and six days now, actually. The offer was made last night." The voice and pose is still the same, though. "Separate confirmation would…. mm."
*Xiri responds at level, "You have more resources and power to run background checks than I do. I will do what I can, myself, Tyraline Paskell. Suffice to say I do not plan on giving this man the benefit of my doubt."
*Tyra breathes out another sigh. "I can't use Paskell resources to check. Too much of a trail. I'll have to investigate through other means. Probably will have to go case their tower again."
*Xiri snaps her fingers, and the pawns and map disappear. "Diana should be able to help you."
<Tyra> For gear and such. The actual job will be trickier.
*Tyra reaches up to run a hand across her face, leaning back in her seat and lowering it again. Her expression's bee schooled into a more controlled one, now. "Assuming it does pan out, I still need someone watching my back when receiving the hand off."
*Xiri leans back on her chair. "Ask her if she can create a spy. Something that can record and track his movements."
*Xiri pauses, and tilts her head slowly as she parses that for her and responds, "You want me to watch."
*Tyra gestures, actually producing a playing card out of almost thin air it seems. The ace of hearts. "An ace in the hole, essentially."
*Xiri closes her eyes for a longer moment, then… has a mage hand deliver a cluster of two junipers for her. "When is it?"
<Tyra> When I tell him when, within the next two weeks.
<Tyra> I can tell you when provided I don't find a knife ready to go in my back from investigating all this.
*Xiri slowly acquiesces with a nod, and puts a hand to cover her face to rub it for a moment… and that tension is back, now, as she exhales and drinks her tea again. "Tyri, seriously…"
*Tyra flicks her hand, card disappearing again as she takes a sip of her tea. "I was stupid. Sorry."
*Xiri shakes her head as she hands her one of the menus that've been on the table, but left unused. "No, no, I…" A pause. "I have never had to engage in such talk in such a…" A pause, as if she doesn't quite know how to put it into words. "… mm. You could use a friend right now, dear."
*Tyra bites her lip for a moment, taking the menu to flip through. "In such a…?"
*Xiri looks visibly uncomfortable as she opens her mouth to talk, and then tries to feebly laugh, and then says, "I… I don't know. Who you really wished to speak to was not me, but… the Slayer."
*Tyra turns a page, considering Xiri’s word. "…Ah. I understand, I think." She looks up, managing a weak smile. "I think I prefer speaking with you, though."
*Xiri shakes her head as she shyly looks away for a moment, and then says, "Why, that's kind of you, Tyri."
*Tyra tilts her head slightly, a bit of amusement starting to creep back into her voice. "Why, are you surprised by that?"
*Xiri puts one hand to her forehead to gently rub for a moment, and then say, "No, it is simply kind of you to say that."
*Tyra chuckles, taking another sip of her tea. "Ah. Aha. I'm not embarassing you, am I?"
*Xiri finally looks back to her and says, "No, no, no. Not at all, it was just nice to hear. Ah…"
*Tyra waves her hand. "Easy, easy." She actually giggles for a moment, eyes scanning the menu. "I haven't been here before, I admit. Do you have a recommendation?"
*Xiri sets the menu down and says, "You would do the kind man a favor by asking for his roast duck."
<Tyra> Aah, I think I will go ahead and do that then. This tea is wonderful, though.
*Xiri reaches for the crystal bell on the table to actually call the waiter. "It is. A wonderful cinnamon blend, I believe… but I am no expert on tea."
*Tyra closes her eyes for a moment, mulling. "Neither am I, sadly. It's a rare indulgence for me. My uncle is rather more fond of it." She frowns for a moment, then lets out a pained groan. "My aunt and uncle are going to want my skin for all this. Oy."
*Xiri lets out a sincerely concerned expression as she says, "It is… heartbreaking that you are sticking your neck out in this alone, Tyri."
*Tyra gives a slight shrug, gaze wandering to one of the decorations on the wall as her voice takes on a more distracted quality. "Plausible deniability, just in case. It's playing with fire no matter what. I can't run the company, I really can't."
*Xiri 's tone is markedly different than her opinion of it before, when she was cold, pressing both her hands on the table as she interrupts, "But you're their daughter."
*Tyra shrugs. "I am. The family is the company and the company is the family. If I get caught out because I accepted the offer, I take the fall. It's why I can't have Paskell involved in the hand offs even for personal security." She takes another sip of her tea, frowning. "It is my responsibility, for better or worse."
*Xiri 's golden brows are furrowed, quite upturned as she speaks distastefully, "That is a foreign and unpleasant world to me, Tyri-love. I simply don't find it much comprehensible…"
*Tyra chuckles, gesturing. "It's the world of corporate politics and business nobility. I'm amazed my aunt and uncle haven't pressed to have me struck from the inheritance since I generally keep out of company affairs. Grandpapa would flay them alive for that, I suppose…"
*Xiri looks to Tyra with a mirthless, but sorrowful look on her face. "I had no idea it was so messy, Tyri. My… condolences."
<Tyra> There's /some/ perks, at least.
*Tyra shrugs. "I can afford to go to your lounge every night, for example."
*Xiri smiles again, almost bashful, as she says, "I do not make it so expensive it is inaccessible, now is it…?"
*Tyra winks. "Every night is the trick. Though I make back what I spend at your gambling tables sometimes."
*Xiri waves her off as she says, "Oh, come now, Tyri. I trust my customers enough that they can gamble responsibly…"
*Tyra can't help but laugh a little. "I'm responsible, at least. You know how it is though, come in, have a drink, watch your /wonderful/ performances, toss a bit of dice to see if I can make back what I've spent."
*Xiri smiles lightly as she says, "Well, I am glad I can be a slice of heaven in an otherwise stressful life."
*Tyra giggles for a moment, setting the menu aside as she interlaces her fingers together. "A slice of heaven… yes, that is the most apt way to put it I believe. What made you decide to start the Festina Lente, though?"
*Xiri tilts her head for a moment, and then says, "We…" Pause. "I decided it would be lovely to run a bar. A place where people can spend a few hours to be honest. That is how I see it, anyway."
*Tyra nods, not commenting on the slight pause. "It's worked out rather well, though you don't need me to tell you that I bet."
*Xiri smiles wider as she says, "Yes. I enjoy hearing other peoples' stories. What made them thus far, where they are going… the Lente is just one in a multitude of crossroads in their lives. One with a pleasant diner to refuel at."
*Tyra raises an eyebrow. "And music to listen to. How about your story, though?"
*Xiri mmms softly and says with a tender chuckle, "My story is an off-tempo note that would absolutely ruin a wonderful symphony, love."
*Tyra keeps her eyebrow raised for another moment before simply nodding. "Another time, then." She considers for a moment, then reaches over the table to pat Xiri's hand. "Thank you, though."
*Xiri looks down towards it, then rubs in return as she chuckles and says, "For dinner? It isn't much, now, is it…?"
*Tyra shakes her head, smiling. "For listening and your company, really. Dinner too, but it pales in comparison."
*Xiri smiles in return and she says, saying, "Oh. Oh, well… I am always glad. I aim to be a good host, as I say a lot in the Lente."
*Tyra chuckles. "You excel, my dear. It's refreshing from the sort I usually have to deal with."
*Xiri mmms softly and says, "People who worship the lady of profit."
<Tyra> Precisely.
*Xiri tilts her head up to say, "What of Diana? She seems a good enough sort. Perhaps not as relatable as you'd like…"
*Tyra smiles, glancing down at the table. "A diamond in the rough, so to speak. I'm glad that I met her."
*Xiri chuckles as she jokes, "That was my line. I am the one enamoured with allusions here."
*Tyra gives a playful smirk. "I'm allowed to seize control sometimes, Xiri."
*Xiri tilts her head in thought of that and laughs again, saying, "Oh, Tyri, you do have a way with words yourself."
<Tyra> Well, I had to learn /something/ during my time at university…
*Xiri raises an eyebrow. "A learned type, are you… I suppose that should come as no surprise. What was your purview of study, mmm…?"
*Tyra chuckles. "The focus on the papers was dealing with business management and such with a splash of leadership. What you'd expect for someone in line to run a large company, really. My off the books major was stirring up and getting in and out of trouble, really." She flicks a hand, a lock pick now dancing around her fingers for a moment before disappearing.
*Xiri puts a finger to her lips and mmms softly, saying, "Business management and corporate control…" A pause. "What about your penchant for stealth and athletics, dear? That was not a college graduate, I hope, or I might have some other things to worry about what they're teaching kids at school."
*Tyra smirks, tilting her head. "Well, I /did/ have a few extra credits to make up… ah, no. Things you hone in a lifetime of eluding bodyguards for a bit of fun with the girls without the suits spooking everyone and such. There were some sports I participated in as well, to a degree."
*Xiri mmms softly. "That's an impressive leap."
*Tyra shrugs slightly. "Giving them the slip was necessary. Death from boredom is very common amongst high society." She looks as if she's realized something, then giggles for a moment. "Neville will be furious when I return home, I imagine."
*Xiri puts her hands forth as she says, "I suppose that is why I never will understand corporate life. It is also why I provide the Lente as a change of pace for them."
*Tyra gestures with a hand before patting Xiri's again. "On behalf of all of us corporate stiffs, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
*Xiri laughs again as she pats back, holding Tyra's hand for a moment, tenderly… then letting go. "I aim to please."
*Tyra gives another smile, almost impish. "Again, you excel. I think you're up for being the most raved about singer and hostess in the city, perhaps."
*Xiri lets out another embarrassed noise, one of a stifled chuckle as she waves dismissively. "Please. I have denied any and all offers to place my music on record. That is not my… style."
*Tyra nods. "That's what's so interesting, though. People tripping over themselves to offer, something most would leap for but you're perfectly fine as it is. Where did you learn to play like that? All natural? A tutor? Music academy?"
*Xiri chuckles a bit as she leans back and relaxes slightly. "Back in the feywild, my mother would get these vinyl records every time she made a trip to the city. Gold-plated circular beauties that I still can hear at the back of my head just like it was yesterday…"
<Tyra> Aha~ So that's where it all began, then?
*Xiri gestures with both of her hands. "Had ourselves one of those beautiful conch-shell players. Friday nights we had ourselves a delicate soiree, out by the balcony as we watched the autumn twilight, glass of wine in hand…"
*Xiri nods, and then twiddles her thumbs about. "I mean, I was just a wee young lass. But that was the image burnt into my mind for the Lente… a dimensional space of wonder where you left your worries at the door. The singing, well, I sang along with a lot of these LPs, of course, but…"
*Xiri brushes some of her hair back. "Time was, perhaps I was just eleven or thereabouts, my mother invited this extravagant woman to play. I was wondering what that big black … box was, never saw it before. But then she sat down on it and started to play, and…"
*Tyra leans forward a bit, nodding as she listens to Xiri rather intently.
*Xiri pauses, and then just makes a motion with her hands as an orchestral conductor would a fade to silence. "Everyone just stopped, stood still, and was instantly captivated by her voice and playing. Even my brother Aldavie, bless his foppish glam rock soul…"
*Xiri leans to the side and looks up wistfully. "And I remember saying… 'Wow, I wanna be like her when I grow up'."
*Tyra gives another nod, a wide smile gracing her face now. "I think you must be very close at least. Your music, it just tugs at the heart be it in sorrow or joy."
*Xiri mmms softly and smiles brightly, saying, "Thank you. Music is a wonderful way to bring people together."
*Tyra claps her hands together, grinning. "Perhaps if we piped it so it would be heard throughout the city when you played…"
*Xiri shuts her eyes and thinks about that for a moment, but shakes her head. "The farther away you can listen to my music, the more the message is lost, I feel. No, my music will be for the Lente only, I feel."
*Tyra shakes her head. "A shame. I'll have to do my part to make sure more people come, then."
*Xiri laughs and says, "Now now, I do reach out to a broader audience once in a while… I believe you came to the last open-garden performance."
*Tyra nods again, a bit of a dreamy smile on her face now as her voice turns a bit wistful. "Yes, I did. Absolutely magical…"
*Xiri smiles brightly and says, "I am glad you had a good time." She tilts her head and gestures, saying, "Something that I always ask people, Tyri-dear. What would you have wanted to be?"
*Tyra seems taken completely off guard by this, snapping out of her daydream and sputtering for a moment. "M-me? You mean besides what I am now?"
*Xiri nods for a bit, gesturing. "I talk to a lot of corporate types who lead in with the words, 'If my pap didn't push me into the family business, well I believe I would have…'"
<Tyra> Aaah, I see now.
*Tyra …falls silent for a moment, a thoughtful frown on her face. "What would I have wanted to be… I must be almost the living embodiment of 'if my pap didn't push me into the family business', really. It was always about the company in the family, even with Grandpapa and he was lightest about it." She bites her lip for a moment, mulling. "This… this is going to sound /exceptionally/ silly, given our situation."
<Tyra> Promise you won't laugh?
*Xiri tilts her head and says playfully, "I promise you won't."
*Tyra makes a face. "Oh, fine then. A detective."
*Xiri pauses, and considers that for a while, and then reaches to her eye as if to wipe a tear, and mock-acts, "Oh, it's just been the most terrible night. There's horrible sounds from the shadows, and my husband's been put to sleep with the fishes. Please, detective Paskell…" She looks to Tyra all tearful-eyed, "Take my case… you're the only one I can trust."
*Tyra puts on a pout for a moment as Xiri begins, though a smile starts to tug at her features as she responds in a confident, possibly almost smug voice. "Of course I will, Missus Fae'driel. Won't cost you even half a thaler, just a kiss to keep me safe."
*Xiri continues acting the part of the dame as she draws back a little and plays put-upon, shaking her head and going, "Oh, how could you, dearie. Thought you hardboiled types just answer to the thal…"
*Tyra mimes tipping a nonexistent hat back, leaning back in her seat while crossing her legs. "Come on now, it's only the rookies who play it strictly by the coin. It'd be a crime to not help a dame such as yourself."
*Xiri lets out a noise as she segues perfectly into, "It'd be a crime to help yourself to a dame like me, sir."
*Tyra smirks, reaching up to brush aside a few strands of hair. "I do what I have to do, Missus Fae'driel. Comes a time in everyone's life where you've got to make a stand, reach out and try to grasp what you want even if the flames of hell bar the way."
*Xiri lets out a bit of a breathy gasp as she presses her hand to her chest and says, "I didn't know your passions for me pierced the heavens themselves, detective."
*Tyra leans forward, still smirking. "You have no idea, Madame. To contain and restrain it is a task that those with lesser willpower could not even hope to begin. That is what you've ignited deep within, a searing blaze."
*Xiri pauses, for a bit, and then starts to giggle as she says, "I… wow, Tyri. You are too much for me." She shakes her head as she laughs a bit more.
*Tyra raises a hand, waggling a finger chidingly. "You're the one who started it, Xiri."
*Xiri shakes her head some more as she says, "I know, I know, yes…" and catches her breath for a bit.
*Tyra giggles, shifting back in her seat. She waits for Xiri to catch her breath before asking with an all too innocent tone. "Would it really be such a crime, Madame Xiri?"
*Xiri slowly picks herself up as she chuckles again, and mmms. "Maybe, maybe not… but I do have to return to the Lente soon enough." Let's just… …imagine… they ate. And didn't just sit for hours at a secret room at a restaurant chatting.
*Tyra shakes her head, making a chiding noise. "Time, my eternal foe in all my pursuits. Though…" He took another sip of her tea, savoring it before smirking again. "A risky proposal I suppose… yet it could be well worth the time spent being 'rehabilitated'."
*Xiri walks over towards her for a moment, and then leans against the table. "… gonna be a tough two weeks ahead of you, Tyri." She leans in and actually does give her that peck on the cheek, and then smiles as she starts away and says, "Stay strong."
*Tyra turns just a bit red, getting up from her own seat with a chuckle as she watches Xiri go. "You shouldn't tease me, Xiri. We should do this again."
*Xiri smiles brighter and says, "Perhaps. I had a good time. Ta-ta, Tyri." She walks into the unlit corners and her figure disappears into it. … a job, maybe?
*Tyra raises an eyebrow at this, freeing her pocketwatch for a moment to check. "…Shhiiiit Neville's go-" -AND CUT-

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