Tyra Raids The Vickers Building

<Mina‘Haplo> [ It was 8 PM on a cloudy Emblanest night, about five days before the Strigoi attack and three days after Michael’s ball. The Vickers building rose somewhat monolithically from the crowd of smaller buildings around it; although it was hardly the biggest building in Paxia. It was dark, quiet, most of the employees who even worked the night shift having quit (or in some cases, arrested for treason or other crimes).-
<Mina‘Haplo> [It was now secured by the Paxian Police Department, pending investigation and confiscation by the Republic Internal Defense Organisation.]
*Tyra has found herself a nice perch on a nearby building, half crouched next to an outcropping to keep her silhouette from being easily noticeable. Her hair has been bound back up into the series of braids and such to keep it out of the way, mask donned along with the rest of her kit. She’s obtained a set of binoculars from somewhere, scoping out the building… wait, no they're opera glasses.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ What would Tyra see? Well, she’d notice easily that there seemed to be very little movement past maybe the 2nd floor. It seemed as though the guards weren't expecting anyone to try to break in from above that.]
*Tyra spends a few more moments looking just to be sure, then frees her trusty sidearm from a holster. Of course, this time around it's got the grapple hook set as she draws a bead on a good spot to hook onto to swing over to the Vickers building. This time preferably without smashing into a window.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ There’s a balcony on the 14th floor that has two doors that might be pickable. Tyra could probably swing onto the railing and throw herself over. ]
*Tyra lines up the shot, squeezing the trigger and setting the grapple hook and line on it's way to secure it self so she can make her way over to said balcony. Simple as pie, right?
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra fires… Unfortunately for her, a sudden gust of wind snags her grappling hook, sending it further then she thought. With a painful -crashtinkle- that Tyra can’t hear but is probably imagining, the hook smashes into the door… But at least can be pulled back to catch on the railing.]
*Tyra grimaces, quickly grabbing the glasses to check her entry point to see if she's gonna have to scrub this already.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra should thank her lucky stars. The doors are made of glass, but the hook slammed into the wooden frame *directly in the middle of the two doors*. Hence no sound. ]
*Tyra nods, retracting it to hook it firmly before starting to swing over. Though she does mutter something about hoping the rest goes smoother.
<Mina`Haplo> [ Tyra makes the swing safely! It was, after all, not the highly charged cutthroat melee that saw her duel the Slayer through a window. ]
*Tyra starts hauling herself up, pulling over the railing and quickly gathering up the line and hook to slip away. Best to leave no evidence, especially on a return visit.
<Mina`Haplo> [ Success. And now the only thing that stands between Tyra and glory are two glass doors with a slightly dented wooden frame. ]
*Tyra pulls out a set of pins from her hair, crouching beside the door and getting to work.
<Mina`Haplo> [ The door’s lock is easy enough to pick, since even though the door *did*have a lock, it was essentially leading out into a balcony 14 storeys up, so it wasn't exactly a priority (because the planners never anticipated Tyraline Paskell). The door's lock gives off a satisfying -click-.]
*Tyra lets herself in, sticking the pins back and shutting the door behind her as she surveys wherever she's ended up now.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The doors open smoothly, leading into what appears to be some sort of lunch area or cafeteria. A collection of tables dot the room, with about 30 chairs stacked to the side. A cafe-style bench sits on the west wall, with a door behind it marked ’kitchen'. There's a door at the far end of the room, closed, that looks like it leads into the main part of the floor. ]
*Tyra keeps on walking then, attempting to not make much noise at all as she creeps up to the door to test if it is locked or not.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ It’s not! ]
*Tyra strolls on through then!
<Mina‘Haplo> [ She enters a hall, dark and shadowy (because the lights are off). The floor is carpeted, and the walls are made of a solid, polished wood. The hall extends from left to right, and she is, coincidentally, in front of the building’s elevators. To her right she can see another door, and to her left what looks like an office area. ]
*Tyra heads for the office area first, though what she'd really like to find is some sort of directory or indication of where the various departments are so she can narrow down the hunt some.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ There is, in fact, such a directory, to the left of the leftmost elevator! It indicates that the floor she’s on right now is Human Resources. Is she looking for a particular place? ]
*Tyra is hunting down Accounting first. Follow the money.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Accounting, Floor 25. ]
*Tyra heads for the stairs.
<Mina`Haplo> [ To her right! A quick jaunt takes her to the stairwell. Accounting is 11 floors up. ]
*Tyra starts up the stairs. She lives in a tower too, she’s used to this.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ About 10 minutes or so later, she’s rushed up 11 stairs and is now standing on Floor 25: Accounting. What's she looking for? ]
*Tyra is for a lack of better term going to start going through their records and such, to see where money had been getting funnelled and such.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ And so, Tyra heads to the best place for this sort of thing; the company’s financial 'books' or records, kept in a somewhat cramped room. The door isn't locked. ]
*Tyra gets to some heavy reading, starting with the most recent records. She's looking for irregularities and such from what a normal budget for such a company would have, her own black notebook out to scribble down notes and information.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Well, from the start, she notices a few trends. First and foremost, the further she goes back, the more the numbers in general get bigger… So, essentially, she can easily see that the amount of money Vickers has been receiving over time has been diminishing, as has its budget. There is, however, a curious anomaly; 12,000,000 Thaler payments a month, under ’Miscellaneous Income'-
<Mina‘Haplo> [Which ended up becoming over half of the company’s income by the death of Richard.]
*Tyra marks this over onto her notebook, looking for any details on this specific money flow.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra is lucky she has a corporate background, because otherwise she’d be in a Bookkeeping minigame by now. Either way, by double-checking the dates of the 'Miscellaneous Income', she manages to find the separate invoices for them. The invoices are vague, listing the service provided as 'Misc. Services', to a Mr. Thomas Timekeeper. ]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Or from, rather. Mr. Thomas Timekeeper was the one giving the money. ]
*Tyra marks that down, peering at the invoices for a few moments before actually snickering for a moment. She composes herself quickly enough though, sliding those away and frowning for a moment. Then she goes to find inventory listings instead, specifically of the militarised variety to see when and where things were being moved.
<Mina`Haplo> [ Before long, Tyra finds the Inventories of the company, dating back… Well, a long time, presumably to the start of the company. Unfortunately for her, cabinets from the start of the year through to the present are locked, and labelled with a big sticker marked "Marked for Investigation, Do Not Disturb" ]
*Tyra scoffs, pulling out the trusty pins.
<Mina`Haplo> [ Tyra takes her time unlocking the cabinets, but unlock them she does! Inside are the documents she seeks. What exactly is she looking for, and when? ]
*Tyra is naturally looking for shipments and transfers to places that are not exactly legit buyers for military hardware. So in a word, everyone not the government.
<Mina`Haplo> [ She doesn’t find any specific military models being sold to anyone not the government- which was, idly, buying less and less of Vickers's products past 1312- but she does find, curiously, several accounts of 'unmilitarised models' being sold in bundles of 1s and 2s, about every 5 months… To a Mr. Thomas Timekeeper. ]
*Tyra looks for an address or drop-off point.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra… Doesn’t find any address or drop-off point! ]
*Tyra shrugs, stuffing those back. Time to hit Vickers’s office again.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Vickers’s Office… Floor 45. She’s on 25. Better start walking. ]
*Tyra walks! Possibly jogs. Possibly wishes she had teleportation.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ So, 25 minutes later, she finds… Well, Vickers’s office. The door is closed, and has been cordoned off with a CRIME SCENE- DO NOT CROSS tape. ]
*Tyra crosses. Well, assuming the door isn't locked. If it is she gets picking.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The door is locked! … But she opens it because she takes 10. Or something. Anyway, she enters! Everything has been left as she remembers, except that Richards’s corpse has been moved. The calling card, the scales, the broken window… ]
*Tyra hits the desk first.
*Tyra searches it, that is.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ the desk is covered in blood splatters as well as the blood(?) from the scales. But she rifles through the desk drawers… Which are marked ’Marked for Investigation- do not disturb' but it's not like she cares. ]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ She finds… Well, things! First and foremost is a black-bound book that seems to have been Richard’s private property. It's filled with his scrawl. Inside, she does find an interesting entry… But it's cryptic. A series of vertical squiggles, next to a curious drawing of a gardener and a herb, below that, a drawing of a Warforged with a thaler sign drawn over it, then under that 'P. Accounts'. ]
*Tyra copies this over, though the 'P. Accounts' catches her eye. First though, more searching!
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra notices something odd. As she’s searching through one of the drawers, she notices that the 'roof' of said draw actually makes a hollow sound when hit…!]
*Tyra raises an eyebrow, starting to work about for a seam or something of the sort.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ She finds it, and with a satisfying -click-, hits a sliding panel. She slides backwards, and two letters fall into her hands. ]
*Tyra gets looking.
<Mina`Haplo> [ Both envelopes are addressed to Richard. Or rather, one is addressed to "Richard Vickers, CEO", whilst the other uses the name… "To Dickie".]
*Tyra starts with the CEO.
<Mina`Haplo> [ The letter is from a Dr. Anton Ignatenko, and has been typed up. It’s about 3 months old, and says, in summary, that the last of the practical Warforged designs have been sent off, and that they've successfully transferred all they had of the Colossus- the central chassis, the left arm and a single Radiant Cannon. It then goes on to suggest that Richard 'ask for more money from our Spaghetti-eating friends'-
<Mina‘Haplo> If they wanted the rest of the model. ]
*Tyra tucks the letter into a pocket, then opens the other.
<Mina`Haplo> [ The second letter is handwritten in a flowing style, and has a far more intimate style and address. It’s addressed to 'my beloved Dickie' from a Mrs. Cattleya Vickers… Richard's wife, addressed to him about a week and a half before he died. The first half details her holiday in Northwest Clenceria, before giving Dickie some advice on his 'plan with the Arcolians'. -
<Mina‘Haplo> [ She warns him against going through with the rest of the plan, instead urging to cut and run and fall back on some other idea, reminding Dickie that it’s 'his son' out there fighting, and that 'she didn't become a mother only to have her two eldest die as children and her third at his father's guns'… The rest of the letter is largely conciliatory, and even sickeningly sweet.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ PS: it also details how she’ll be home in a week, and goes into detail describing… Things.]
*Tyra shudders in revulsion, though she does tuck away that letter as well. She goes through the rest of the desk now, then moves on to examine every nook and cranny of the office in general.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The rest of the stuff she finds, whilst no doubt incriminating, is stuff that Tyra already knew, mostly. ]
<Mina`Haplo> [ There is, for fun, a picture of the family on the desk if Tyra wants to look at it. ]
*Tyra does, sure, why not.
<Mina`Haplo> [ It’s a picture of the portly Richard, next to a tall, pretty-for-her-age blonde-haired woman… Apparently Cattleya. Next to her stands Michael, a few years younger, he looks about 21… He's standing in a Lieutenant's uniform. And next to him stands a younger girl who would be about 17 now, with long blonde tresses, smiling gently.]
*Tyra tilts her head at that, mulling over it for another moment before heading out of the office. BACK DOWN TO ACCOUNTING!
<Mina‘Haplo> [ 25 floors later and she’s back to ACCOUNTING! Oh joy! Where to, Sherlock? ]
*Tyra goes to follow up on this P. Accounts business first.
<Mina‘Haplo> [P. Accounts, or rather, Personal Accounts, are a set of files in one of the rooms, near the Inventories room, that deals with regular customers, allowing the company to have their details on hand so as to not have to go through them again and again.]
*Tyra starts digging, looking for references to this Thomas and such
<Mina`Haplo> [ She goes through the Ts! Time….Timekeeper, Thomas. The folder now sits in her hand. ]
*Tyra begins to examine the folder’s contents.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Thomas Timekeeper. Again, many of the records are infuriatingly vague, with the word ’Miscellaneous' thrown around with dangerous abandon, but she does, nevertheless, get an address. 65 Calliope Street, Pelops District, Paxia. A warehouse district.]
*Tyra appropriates the folder and goes to make her exit, having secured enough leads to further follow up on things now.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ So how’re you getting out? ]
*Tyra is heading to where she came in to scope out good spots to swing the hell off this building, for a start.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The balcony! The building Tyra originated from has a flat roof on its 9th storey. Considering how you’re on the 14th, you could try swinging the hook off a higher floor (on the other building) and drop down. ]
*Tyra raises her gun… then frowns, turning right back as something sparks in her mind. She goes to find the good Doctor's office.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ R&D, 19th Floor. ]
*Tyra walks!
<Mina`Haplo> [ Walkin’ walkin' walkin'. R&D, the offices, since the actual hardcore tech-stuff testing centre is offsite and the actual laboratories are on B2. What is Tyra looking for? ]
*Tyra is looking for Dr. Anton's office to promptly ransack it as well, as is her standard operation procedure so far.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Mr. Anton’s office! … It's in its own room, with imposing grey walls and a solid wooden door… With a sticker over it. "Marked for Investigation - Do not Disturb". The door is also locked… With a special RIDO locking clamp. ]
*Tyra frowns, examining the clamp.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ It’s sophisticated. It can be picked, certainly, but it'd be hard. It's also got an alarm built into it. ]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ After a failed try in which Tyra nearly manages to set off the alarm (despite being too good to set off the alarm)… It clicks, and the complicated lock disengages.]
*Tyra lets herself in. Time to ransack and then get the hell out.
<Mina`Haplo> [ The office is moderately spacious. Not nearly as huge as Dick’s, but better than the usual sort of office. It's somewhat furnished, with a nice, posh, soft chair and a shiny mahogany desk. The walls are lined with bookcases, filing cabinets, a window on the western wall, a picture of R&D Department staff (with him at the front). ]
*Tyra starts with his desk, as this is the way that's proven to be effective.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ She finds a bottle of Tarkanic Vodka cleverly (?) stashed away in his left drawer. His right drawer is filled with notes of… A lot of stuff, since the man was head of the entire R&D department. They seem to be one part random bursts of inspiration, one part ’samples' of wider notes, and one part a list of names. Under that is a soft brown leather backed book with his name on it- a diary. ]
*Tyra starts with the diary. Though the vodka is also liberated.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The diary seems brand new. In fact, it has very little in it- Anton’s name, his address (13 Hemingway Street, Manwell District, Central Paxia) and a single entry, apparently from the day before Dick's murder. It basically states Anton's happiness that Dick agreed to his 'proposal'… The letter, perhaps? ]
*Tyra frowns, wondering for a moment if Vickers was going to just get himself killed by annoyed insurgents instead at this rate. She appropriates the diary though, then does a check through the desk and rest of the office for anything else of note.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The books range from manuals, the ideas of leading designers, books on concepts, to even fiction and light reading- apparently Mr. Ignatenko enjoyed reading. The files in the cabinet, however, are far more practical to Tyra’s needs. Most of them detail designs and breakthroughs in Vickers's areas that aren't concerned with military, but there is one folder… Some of it seems to be missing-
<Mina‘Haplo> [But what is there seems to be directly related to something called the ’Radiant Project'… With actual schematics and material lists. ]
*Tyra appropriates these as well. Diana would like them, surely.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Theft! Anything else you want to do? ]
*Tyra calls it a night in this particular office, and goes to actually make good on that escape plan now with a grapple and swing.
<Mina`Haplo> [ TIME PASSES. She’s back at the balcony. ]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ She succeeds first try, and it hooks onto something that will allow her to fall onto the 9th floor of the other building without any hassle. ]
*Tyra takes the leap of faith!
<Mina`Haplo> [ Faith has nothing to do with it- this is all skill, and Tyra lands back on the building safely. ]
*Tyra retracts the grapple, turning to make her exit. A hand fishes out a magitech pocket watch to check the time.
<Mina`Haplo> PM. You're missing Xirisong :'(
*Tyra can’t make it in time, though she will go to get her recommended dose of Xiri none the less. Somewhere in the city a leather clad masked individual slips into the shadows, only for the Paskell Princess to emerge.
<Merilan> [ The Festina Lente is well within the guest hour at this point. Tonight, the stage's been extended — the crimson curtains that are usually drawn are pulled aside to make more space, and several magitech prestidigitation devices (Presto! brand, in fact) have been utilized to set up an airy fantasy castle background. Several actors are up on stage in costume, dressed as knights, princesses… ]
<Merilan> [ The sign out front reads, 'Tonight only at the Festina Lente, Poncy Brighton presents: Word of the Wings!' and indeed, the 'theme' is a lot more medieval fantasy, with the fey apparitions taking appropriate shape of wizards and warriors and kings. Jean-Baptiste even has a pimp gold crown on his shiny bald head. ]
*Tyra seems a bit tired as she steps into the Festina, casting a look towards the stage with a slightly amused look. She almost bursts out laughing at the sight of Jean-Baptiste with a crown, but manages to keep it to just a wide grin.
*Xiri herself already looks like a fantasy character, what with the dress and all, so she's just opted to ramp it up another notch with a large, floppy black wizard's hat spangled with stars as she sits by the bar, talking to a particular faceless NPC who shall be ignored the moment Tyra drops in! Sucks to be them!
*Tyra grabs herself a seat not far at all from Xiri and the other person, though she's a polite enough to wait a bit. She also gets herself a shot of something strong though, eventually attempting to catch Xiri's attention and beckon her over.
*Xiri leans in to them with one tender hand to say, "Well, it has been a splendid time catching up with you, dear Lady Thatcher. I hope the grandkids love the apple strudel recipe — I certainly do." Then she enthusiastically waves at Tyra as she comes in, gesturing with both her hands. "Tyri!"
*Tyra brightens considerably, waving back. "Evening, Xiri. Sorry I missed the Magic Hour. Got tied up in some business."
*Xiri gestures towards the stage and says, "I was looking for you, but not to worry, love. Enjoy the comedy!" She's sipping from a flute of what has to be the world's lightest champagne.
*Tyra chuckles, looking over at the stage again. "How much of a bonus did JB ask for in exchange for wearing the crown?"
*Xiri scoffs and waves her off, saying, "Are you joshing? He looks for reasons to wear it."
<Tyra> Aaah, I see.
*Tyra takes a gulp from her shot glass, frowning for a moment. "Do you have any plans after closing time?"
*Xiri smiles widely as she says, "Aside from getting a good night's rest?"
*Tyra chuckles. "Now that's begging for a cheesy line."
*Xiri raises an eyebrow and sips from her champagne, before saying, "Heard more than my fair share tonight, so I might have to judge you a little more critically, Tyri-dear."
*Tyra makes a face. "Well, I'll have to shelve all the magic lines then." She finishes off her shot glass, reaching into her jacket to withdraw a slip of paper to slide across.
*Xiri blinks for a moment, looking to Tyra with just a hint of unease as she peeks at it, getting the feeling she should probably have waited after the fact.
*Tyra gets herself another shot as Xiri reads. The note's simple enough. 'Money trail from Vickers armament sales leads to 65 Calliope Street, Pelops District. Having a gander to dig deeper late tonight.'
*Xiri slides it back to Tyra, rather quickly at that, as her lips press firmly together. She looks just so very awkward right now, but seems to be realizing it, and then sort of bursts into a very well-practiced smile as she masks her unease with champagne.
*Tyra shifts a bit, downing the shot. Wait, where did the paper go? "Sorry. I'm nothing but bad news these days."
*Xiri takes a deeper breath, and downs the rest of her glass, too, setting it to JB and giving him the Look, gesturing with her head in a certain secret manner… he seems to know, then she looks back to Tyra to say, "Well, Tyri dear, why don't you watch the show first before you head off?" There's a clear subtext in what she says there.
*Tyra smiles faintly. "I will, thank you. I could use the chance to unwind some." She turns a bit to do so, though Xiri can likely notice that the poor girl's brimming with tension.
*Xiri walks off, without even regarding Tyra another glance, and stalks off towards the side of the stage. Given it's in use right now, she has to go in from the side. There is… Preparation to be done.

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