PTX-001 G-Defiant 'Peacecraft'


Special Rules and Notes

The G-Defiant Peacecraft requires the Pilot (Superheavy) skill.
The G-Defiant has access to unique gear that only it may use.
When a characteristic is noted with a plus or minus, such as "+5" or "+10" it uses the pilot's corresponding characteristic value and adds the modifier to it. If a characteristic is not listed, use the pilot's flat.

PTX-001 G-Defiant Peacecraft

Default Characteristics

Characteristic Rating Bonus
Weapon Skill +10 -
Ballistic Skill +10 -
Strength 40 4
Toughness 50 5
Agility 60 -
Perception +10 -

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Starting Wounds and Armour

Location Hit AP Wounds
Head 1-10 10 20
Right Arm 11-20 12 20
Left Arm 21-30 12 20
Body 31-70 15 26
Right Leg 71-85 12 20
Left Leg 86-100 12 20

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Name Effect
Ablative Shell The Peacecraft is equipped with an ablative shell as standard. As per the Ablative Carapace upgrade.
Peace Knight The Peacecraft's AC Suit cockpit is also a unique, advanced model known as the Peace Knight. This has multiple effects. If the Peacecraft's head is destroyed, the Peacecraft does not shut down but rather is treated as blind. It may test Perception once per round to remove blindness penalties against enemies and attacks within 3dm. Furthermore, any Cockpit breaches deal damage to the Peace Knight first. Furthermore, the pilot never suffers problems with ejections. Finally, the Peacecraft is considered to have a unique AI set, outlined below.
M-Booster Frame The Peacecraft is equipped with an M-Booster Frame, giving it the Flight(AB*2) and the Hoverer traits. It may also make A-Type Jumps, although it must recharge between Jumps.
Modular Frame The Peacecraft is designed for flexibility and versatility, and to that end all upgrades cost 1 SUP less.
Prometheus Mode ???
Suzanium Alloy The Peacecraft is armoured not in surovite but in an advanced, and extremely expensive, alloy known as Suzanium, which is highly resistant against a good deal of damage, but is also uniquely resistant to electronic forms of detection. All attacks made against the Peacecraft must reroll damage and take the worse result. (Cancels out Tearing and Prog; Hy-Prog only rerolls once). Furthermore, awareness or search tests attempting to locate the Peacecraft through electronic means such as radar, sonar etc. take a -30 penalty.
Third Generation The Peacecraft is the first of the Third Generation Modular Fighters, and is a technical marvel. It takes Critical Damage, the specifics of which are outlined below.

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Weapon Loadout

The Peacecraft is a superior creation, capable of lifting and using practically any weapon, but it also tends to be weighted towards the general one-size-fits-all ability of the old D-Titan-As. It also has special unique weapons that only it may use.

All costs pre-upgrade.
May take, for free, per deployment, one Concussive Shotgun or Rail Rifle Mk III or Masgun Mk2 Or Mas Carbine Mk2.
May take, for free, per deployment, one Mas Pistol Mk2
May take, for free, per deployment, one Tier 1 or 2 general melee weapon.
May take, for free, per deployment, two Positron Beam Sabers.
May take, for free, per deployment, one Positron Beam Rifle.
May take, for free, per deployment, one ESV Unit.
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Unique Weapons


Name Class Range Dam. Pen. Special
Positron Beam Saber Melee - 2d10+4E 4 Balanced, Best, Compact, Energized, Fast, Positron, Power Field, Thrown
Positron Weapon Special Qualities
Name Effect
Energized SB is not added to the damage dealt by the Beam Saber. SB is instead added to the Penetration value. Furthermore, on rolls of 96+ when wielding the Saber, the attack not only misses but accidentally strikes a random location belonging to the wielder.

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Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld. Special
Basic Weapons
Positron Beam Rifle Basic 180dm S/2/4 1d10+6E 6 40 Full Accurate, Burst, Positron, G-Maximal
Positron Special Qualities
G-Maximal The Beam Rifle has the G-Maximal quality, which allows the gun to be fired in one of several modes as shown below. The character chooses which mode to use at the start of their turn. Modes may modify weapon qualities, or increase the amount of ammo each shot uses; details are listed in the setting profile.
Name Effect Ammo Used Per Shot Quality Effect
Beam Strike Mode Weapon gains +2 Dam, +2 Pen, loses Full Auto quality, but gains the Line quality instead. 4 Ammo '-
Beam Shower Mode Weapon gains Blast (4), Devastating (6). 4 Ammo '-
Mega Beam Mode Weapon gains +2d10 damage, +2 Dam, +4 Pen, +500m range. Loses Accurate and Semi/Full Auto quality. 10 Ammo Recharge, Overheat

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