Pursuit Rules

Pursuit Rules

Pursuits are when, simply put, one (or more) characters are fleeing and one (or more) characters are pursuing.

Pursuits are treated like encounters- everyone rolls for initiative and can take actions such as shooting or fighting. Where pursuits differ is that they track something called 'Pursuit points'.
After rolling for Initiative, the first person to act gains 1 Pursuit point. On their turn, each character can take the normal actions, but alternatively they can Chase or Flee by making an Agility test, with the difficulty based on the environment- a wipe open plain might be a +30, but a crowded marketplace would be a -30. On a success they gain 1 Pursuit point, plus another for every degree of success.

On a failure, they lose 1 Pursuit point; they lose another on 2 or more degrees of failure. On 4 or more degrees they lose 1d5 Pursuit points.

Characters with negative pursuit points is out of the chase or, if fleeing, pulled out of the chase.

The first character to accumulate 10 points either flees or catches their prey depending on whether they're fleeing or chasing.

If you're being chased, you can throw off your pursuers by creating obstacles. You must have something to use- a crate, a bunch of bottles, innocent bystanders and so on. Creating an obstacle reduces the number of pursuit points you'd earn for a successful agility test by 1, but increases the Difficulty of your pursuers' Agility tests by 10.

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