Codename: Qaphsiel
ID: Sixth Angel
First Detected: Baltic Sea
Date of Attack: 7th of May, 2015
Status: Defeated
Damage Bill: 749 billion US dollars
Casualties: 7,455 military casualties; 102,431 civilian casualties

Physical Details
Height/Length: 110m tall (360.892 feet), 120m wingspan (393.7 feet)
Mass: 6043 Metric tons
Maximum Speed: Unestimable

Personal Details
"W-we've picked up the Angel's signal. It's approaching us now. At it's current projected speed, we expect it will arrive in the sky above Paris-2 in 22 hours." "We… already did. It's too late, it's too late for anything we left her to die." "I'm standing again. Won't you stand with me? Please?" "I already know that. If she'd had someone to watch her back…"

An incredibly powerful Angel, Qaphsiel first appeared in the Baltic Sea on the 6th of May, 2015. Using its AT Field to teleport itself, it made its way to Berlin-2. A fierce fight ensued between Qaphsiel and EVA-02, but the Evangelion was destroyed and the entire city annihilated, including its Geofront.

The Angel is made up of a small body, which is dominated by its 'eye'. The pupil of the eye is its core. On top of this body is a white 'head'. However, most of the Angel is shrouded in wings that are sheathed in an AT Field that ignites the air around them, as well as being immensely damage-absorbant.

Its main offensive capabilities seem to be a stunningly powerful beam weapon emitted from its eye. Fully charged, this beam shattered Berlin-2 with enough force that the shockwave was felt all the way in Paris-2. However, it can also generate at will two horrifying 'Guardian' creatures, which are massive monsters with eyeless, featureless faces. The Guardians can seemingly regenerate despite massive damage.

Qaphsiel met its end in the skies above Paris-2, in an epic battle with the Paris-2 Eva detatchment. After demolishing the Paris-2 Defense Line in a single attack, Qaphsiel proceeded to menace the entire city, shrugging off attacks from the Evangelions. In one gutwrenching moment, Qaphsiel unleashed a powerful Positron Beam at close range, vaporising 01's right arm and instantly destroying 04, blasting open the Entry Plug and inflicting serious injury on Pilot Zhang, who was only saved by incredible luck and intervention from the recovery teams.

Qaphsiel's defeat came at the most crucial moment. With its guardians growing in number and swarming towards 01, EVA-00 reached the fully-charged Great Positron Cannon set up in the Bois de Boulogne. With a single, miraculous shot, she blasted right through Qaphsiel's core. The Angel exploded with enough force to destroy EVA-01 and unleash a final counter-blow on EVA-00. But despite the cost, the Angel was destroyed.

Qaphsiel, Battle 4

Locomotion: Teleportation (50dm, 4 turns)
Size: Enormous

WS:   15 +1
BS:   65 +6
Str:  20 +2
Tou:  20 +2
Agi:  20 +2
Int:  40 +4
Per:  50 +5
Wil:  30 +3
Fel:  20 +2
SyR: 160 +16

-Body (Artificial)-
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
L. Wings 01-30    5   25
R. Wings 31-60    5   25
Core     61-65    10  5
Body     66-00    10  10

Move (hover)
Bonus Half Full Charge Run
4     8    16   24     48

-Standard Attacks-

Name                Range  Damage Penetration Properties
Wing Attack         -      1d10+2r  0           Tearing
                          No Righteous Fury

Name                  Range  Damage  Penetration Properties
Qaphsiel Focused Beam 200dm  3d10+3e 10          Recharge(1)
                                                 Full Round
* Focused: The Focused Beam is easily capable of slicing straight through a surface. Any attack that causes Critical Damage will cause the Beam to fire
straight through as if the target wasn't there at all for a distance half that of the remaining range of the attack. (So, an enemy hit at a range of 20dm would
leave a 'remaining range' of 180dm, so the beam would keep going for 90dm.) If it hits another object, then resolve as a normal attack, but do 1d10+6e Pen 4
damage instead.

Name                    Range  Damage  Penetration Properties
Qaphsiel Dispersed Beam 200dm  1d10+8e 4           Recharge(1)
                                                   Full Round
* Dispersed: The Dispersed Beam spreads its intense power over a wider surface of its target. Upon hitting a target, it 'disperses', doing half of the total
damage to every other part of the target's body with a penetration of 4. 

Name                    Range  Damage  Penetration Properties
Qaphsiel Explosive Beam 200dm  1d10+8e 2           Recharge(1)
                                                   Full Round
                                                   Cross Blast
* Cross Blast: The Explosive Beam acts like a Cross Blast in area. It can even be AT Augmented. However, the Beam only benefits from Penetration and Damage 
increases every 4 ATP, not every 1.

0/1 BS Rerolls
0/1 Fate Points

-AT Powers-
Deflective Field
Barrier Field
Neutralize AT
AT Wave
AT Blast
AT Push
AT Pull
Kinetic Manipulation

-Special Abilities-
AT Focus

-Traits and Talents-
Angel (TB 4)
Dark Sight
From Beyond
Armor Plating
Hover (4)
Fear (2)
Burning Wings
Passive Mode
The Stuff of Nightmares (AE)
Light of the Soul
Spiteful Counter
Spawn (Half Action, 2 per turn)
Ultra Charge
Enhanced Vision

-Custom Trait Explanation-
Burning Wings
Qaphsiel's wings are sheathed in Qaphsiel's powerful AT Field, but due to their nature, they (and the AT Field around them) can be clumsily manipulated by
an Evangelion without neutralising the energy fully. Qaphsiel's wings can be grappled, even if Qaphsiel's AT Field has not been reduced, providing the
attacker passes an ATS*10 test. If the Eva's AT Field is above that of Qaphsiel's, no check is needed.
For every turn in which the Evangelion is engaged in a grapple with Qaphsiel, it incurs an automatic, unavoidable Wing Attack to its arms. The attack has a
bonus of +1 for every 2 ATS it possesses, minus the ATS of the Evangelion grappling it. For every 4 ATS it gains 1 penetration.

Passive Mode
Qaphsiel is usually in 'Passive Mode'. In Passive Mode, he can not fire his Beam. However, his wings enclose his body, completely protecting
him from harm. All attacks made against Passive Mode Qaphsiel hit one of the wings, regardless of actual result. In Passive Mode, the wings grant a *4 bonus
to wing AP (For a total of 20 AP). If the Wings are reduced to critical Damage, the bonus becomes *2 (10 AP). If the Wings are destroyed, then obviously
they can't help.

Spiteful Counter
Whenever Qaphsiel is successfully hit, even if the attack is absorbed by the AT Field, it may, if fully charged, use its Positron Beam(s) as a Reaction Action.
This includes the killing blow, which it may counter even if not charged as the core explodes violently.

Ultra Charge
Every round Qaphsiel spends charging, even if his weapon is already fully charged, increases the minimum dice roll of his beam attacks by 1. If Qaphsiel charges for
10 rounds, his attack counts as an immediately confirmed Righteous Fury.

Enhanced Vision
Qaphsiel doesn't take Called Shot penalties to attacks within 40dm. Furthermore, Qaphsiel never counts as in melee for purposes of ranged attack bonuses.

-Physical Description-
Liquid flowing skin
Eight liquid wings
A giant, pulsing eye
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