Raphael S Interview

[20:07] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Inside Raphael’s room… A pair of armchairs, one of them occupied by a brown-haired woman using a PDA. She looked up. "Oh, hello… Full name, please?"]
[20:09] * Raphael gives the second armchair a wary look, but after a moment of lingering in the doorway he gives in and sits down. "Group Captain Raphael Jeremiah Guillory, ma'am."
[20:14] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [The woman smiled and offered him a hand. "Cornelia Guilford. That’s a sharp uniform you have there, Sir Guillory."]
[20:19] * Raphael raises an eyebrow at that, leaning back a bit further into his chair. "… thank you, miss. People rarely seem to notice a good uniform."
[20:22] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["My family’s fairly military. You notice these things. Ah, date of birth?"]
[20:23] <Raphael> "June 23rd, 1982."
[20:24] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [She nodded. "And… Why are you here?"]
[20:27] * Raphael lets out a little chuckle at that. "I wish I knew, ma’am. My CO said something about a film, but why I'm a part of it…" he trails off with a helpless shrug.
[20:27] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["It’s probably because you're in it, Sir Guillory…"]
[20:30] <Raphael> "Mmm, I assumed as much. Hence my confusion," he said with a thin smile. "I doubt they've put you in a film for just doing your job, miss Guilford."
[20:31] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I guess that depends on whether the film is about your job or not, hmm?"]
[20:32] * Raphael waves a hand. "Fair, I suppose. Perhaps I simply dislike the attention," he says, still smiling. "Personal feelings aside, the Captain wanted me here. How may I help you?"
[20:34] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["I was hoping I might be able to ask you a few questions about yourself, and about the environment around you of course…"]
[20:35] * Raphael nods slowly. "Mmm. I’ll do what I can."
[20:36] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Thank you." She smiled. "This is just the job I’ve been given, so it's a big help. Ok! Let's see. Your current occupation is part of the Geofront Expeditionary Force, right?"]
[20:40] <Raphael> "That's right. Newly transferred to help head the Dreadnaught project," Raphael says, giving the PDA a quick glance that almost nervous.
[20:40] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Typey type! "The Dreadnought. It must be quite a shocking change, no? To go from piloting a VTOL to a robot."]
[20:43] <Raphael> "Mmm, in a way. There’s a lot to learn, but at least I had my prior experience with piloting to fall back on. They're related skillsets. I don't envy the learning curve for someone pulled from an infantry division."
[20:46] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I can imagine." Said Cornelia with a smile. "Still, how are you liking it?"]
[20:52] * Raphael gives Cornelia a bit of an appraising look. "… it’s been quite an experience. The team I'm working with is exceptional, and the Thruster technicians are… enthusiastic," he says eventually with a little cough. "I don't regret being part of it."
[20:56] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Heh. I’m not surprised, Sir Guillory. Speaking of which." She tapped her PDA. "Legion d'Honneur? That's a tremendous accomplishment."]
[21:02] <Raphael> "… ah, yes," he mutters, letting out a nervous chuckle. "It was quite an honour, not to mention something of a shock."
[21:06] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Mind telling me what it was for?"]
[21:10] <Raphael> "Mmm. I… was part of the group that assisted the pilots in making it to the Geofront during the 12th angel’s attack."
[21:11] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Ah, yes. That was the ground assault?"]
[21:12] * Raphael shifts in his chair a little. "Correct."
[21:13] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Considering the event, the pilots- they came under attack?"]
[21:17] <Raphael> "As I understand it they were on a school excursion at the time, which meant they were cut off from the usual routes of safe transit to the Geofront," he says, folding his arms across his chest. "Travelling by foot was a risky proposition for them."
[21:18] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["So how’d they get to safety?"]
[21:22] * Raphael sighs slightly. "NERV operates a tunnel network for situations like this, but even those didn't remain safe. We had to fight our way through with the Pilots and the children to make it to the Geofront's elevator."
[21:23] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Ah…" Cornelia nodded. "How’d they handle such a frightful situation?"]
[21:26] <Raphael> "The pilots were exceptional," he says matter-of-factly, "Pilot Zhang saved my life on more than one occasion. The younger children… they dealt with it as well as they possibly could. It's not a situation I'd wish on a career soldier let alone an six-year-old."
[21:29] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["A six year old…" Cornelia was quiet for a moment. "That must’ve been a harrowing experience for you."]
[21:32] <Raphael> "… It was difficult, yes," he mutters, shifting again. "Is this important?"
[21:33] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you." Said Cornelia. "Why don't we discuss something else? You seem like a professional soldier, so what are you like out of the uniform?"]
[21:44] <Raphael> "You didn't upset me. I simply don't feel comfortable using an event like that for my own self-aggrandisement. People died, ma'am," he says cooly…. but he sighs and pinches his nose a little.
[21:48] <Raphael> "… Pardon. This just isn't something I'm used to." He mutters, shaking his head. "Out of the uniform there's no a lot to tell, miss Guilford. These days most of that time is spent looking after Suzanne."
[21:48] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Suzanne? A daughter?"]
[21:49] <Raphael> "Adopted. Lost her parents during that same attack."
[21:51] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["…" Cornelia paused. "That’s awful… At least she has you. Some people don't have even that." She was quiet for a few moments more. "How are you handling that? Sudden parenthood."]
[21:53] <Raphael> "VTOL experience doesn't help there, I can assure you."
[21:54] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Cornelia chuckled. "I imagine it wouldn’t. You're single, Sir Guillory? As in, raising Suzanne alone?"]
[21:58] <Raphael> "The paperwork would say she's solely in my care, but given my work with NERV I share some of the duties with a schoolfriend of Pilot Zhang's who has quite a soft spot for Suzanne."
[22:01] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["A schoolfriend?"]
[22:04] <Raphael> "Mmm, Rei Ayanami. She was a mentor of Suzanne’s in school."
[22:06] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Ah. Right, the petite apprentice system. Do you find that a little odd? Sharing duties with a high schooler."]
[22:08] * Raphael makes a thoughtful noise at that, but shakes his head a little. "I can see how it might be, but in the end it’s not been that different to Suzie having an elder sister."
[22:13] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Aha." Cornelia nodded. "I had a ’big sister' like that when I was that age, too. A friend of my brother."]
[22:17] <Raphael> "Really?" he asks, looking a little surprised by the statement despite himself. "Hmm… I suppose it mustn't be such an unusual situation in military families."
[22:18] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["It’s not. Especially when mum and dad are on deployment." A moment of silence, before… "Pardon me. You work under Captain Amatore-DeForest, yes?"]
[22:22] <Raphael> "That's right. She's my supervisor in the Dreadnaught squadron."
[22:22] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Is she capable?"]
[22:25] * Raphael nods firmly. "Quite, ma’am. I can see why Colonel Lachapelle thinks so highly of her."
[22:25] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["What are her defining traits?"]
[22:27] <Raphael> "…" Raphael blinks and gives Cornelia a long look. "This is for the film?"
[22:28] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Of course. She’s a key chaaracter!" Said Cornelia firmly.]
[22:45] <Raphael> "… Mmm." He takes a fair few moments to think that over before coming up with anything. "I would say that she's compassionate about the people she works with, that she's dedicated to her work, and-" A memory of the look on her face as she ordered him over to the wargames table during the Dreadnaught unveiling. "-… and that she still knows how to maintain discipline amidst her soldiers."
[22:48] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["And are you infatuated with her?"]
[22:50] <Raphael> "…"-
[22:53] * Raphael stares. If she looked closely enough Cornelia might be able to get the sense that he was literally biting his own tongue in an effort to hold back whatever reflexive response he had ready. What she eventually gets instead is a very tightly controlled "… excuse me, miss?"
[22:53] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["I’m sorry. One of the other people I interviewed said that you were rather taken with the good Captain. I simply wanted to see if it was true."]
[22:55] <Raphael> "… when did you speak to the Tokyo-2 staff?"
[22:55] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Tokyo-2 staff? Do you have a history with them?"]
[22:57] <Raphael> "No, just, I…" A pause for a deep breath, and a slightly embarassed cough. "Just wondering who gave you such an idea."
[23:01] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["I believe it was the UN Attache."]
[23:02] * Raphael sighs quietly. "The rumour mill in this place, I swear…"
[23:03] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["It’s pretty insane. For example, I heard you romanced the Operations Director in… Tokyo-2."]
[23:08] <Raphael> "Ahahaha…ha." … How could fake laughter that enthusiastic remain so utterly unconvincing? "I wonder where they ever get these ideas?"
[23:08] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["… Did you romance the Operations Director?"]
[23:09] <Raphael> "… Not really."
[23:11] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Your face is too honest for lying well, Sir Guillory."]
[23:11] <Raphael> "It’s a curse, ma'am."
[23:11] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Indeed. So! Who is she?"]
[23:14] * Raphael gently covers his face with his hands. "Captain Misato Katsuragi. And it wasn’t exactly as simple as you're making it out to be! I hardly 'romanced'-" he cuts himself off and makes a tiny, quiet noise in the back of his throat like a drowning man.
[23:15] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["… Indeed? Do go on~"]
[23:16] <Raphael> "… Does this really have any bearing, miss Guilford?" he asks desperately.
[23:17] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["I need a valid sketch of your character, Sir Guillory. This could be the one thing that keeps your cinematic counterpart from being a shameless philandering playboy."]
[23:20] <Raphael> "Because I kissed a woman?"
[23:21] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Considering the small window of opportunity you had, Sir Guillory…"]
[23:27] <Raphael> "… wouldn’t I have to sign something before you have the right to use my likeness?"
[23:28] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["NERV."]
[23:28] <Raphael> "Of course."
[23:29] <@Sarah`Lerburg> [She chuckled. "I’m sorry. Imagine how the pilots felt. The first they probably knew of this was seeing an animated picture of themselves on a bus."]
[23:33] * Raphael lets out some odd combination of chuckle and sigh, but he nods a little. "I can imagine. Suzanne came running home when she saw that ad…" he says with a smile. "As to the rest… I don't know what to tell you, ma'am. There were extenuating circumstances that led to a kiss. I can't tell you about them, though, and if that leads me to being portrayed as a… a 'playboy'…" he
[23:33] * Raphael shrugs slightly.
[23:35] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Extenuating circumstances? … Alcohol?"]
[23:38] * Raphael was growing increasingly pale. "W-well yes, but there were slightly more… … you know, I don’t think this is helping."
[23:40] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Please?" Asked Cornelia gently, crossing one of her long legs over the other, and they were rather nice legs, too. "It’d be very enlightening, and I'm sure it won't make you look at all bad, Sir Guillory."]
[23:55] <Raphael> "…" One last sigh for the road. "I'm hardly worried about that. Look, simply put we had been having a small social event at Captain Amatore-DeForest's house, and by the end Misato and I were the only ones left awake. Two of the Captain's roommates came home late, and from the way they were acting it seemed as though they needed the space to themselves."-
[23:56] <Raphael> "Unfortunately I was also drunk, and I thought the best way to do that subtly would be to kiss a superior officer and lead her out of the apartment."
[23:56] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["… Huh. That’s fairly chivalrous of you. What happened after?"]
[23:57] <Raphael> "We spoke about it and then I paid for her taxi home."
[23:57] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["… You’re way too straight-laced to be a playboy."]
[23:59] <Raphael> "I did try to tell you that, ma'am."
[23:59] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["You did. Now, do you mind if I ask you a question?"]
[00:01] * Raphael lets out a long-held breath and seems to be a lot more willing to talk now that they’re well away from the dreaded Playboy Question. "Provided it's not about my love life again."
[00:01] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["No, it’s not." She said sweetly. "Isn't it true that Captain Amatore-DeForest is also Zhang Yanmei's guardian?"]
[00:03] <Raphael> Midway through sipping a glass of water from the jug oh-so-generously provided, Raphael suddenly sputters and chokes.
[00:03] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Are you alright, Sir Guillory?"]
[00:04] * Raphael coughs a few times to try and clear out his throat, wiping a stray tear from his eye. "… o-of course."
[00:06] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["What -is- your opinion on Zhang Yanmei, idly?" She was still very sweet.]
[00:10] * Raphael is still busy trying to catch his breath in between sentences. "A nice girl. She’s got the temperament of a soldier when it's required, and she's responsible, too. She's the sort of bright young girl I'd be proud to see Suzie grow up to be."
[00:15] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["That sounds like high praise. So if you were Yanmei’s father, would you approve of her choice in partners?"]
[00:19] <Raphael> "… You mean Isaiah? I'm not sure that's my place to say, ma'am. Still, he seems like a good man."
[00:20] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I don’t know too much about him."]
[00:26] <Raphael> "Well… I don't know him exceptionally well. I think Yanmei will tell your other interviewers everything they want to know. And then some, probably."
[00:27] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I hope so." Said Cornelia. "He’s on a list of people we sort of want to know more about. Ah… You couldn't happen to tell me anything about Commander Fontaine, could you?"]
[00:30] <Raphael> "No ma'am."
[00:30] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["No? What about Colonel Lachapelle?"]
[00:40] * Raphael ums and ahs over that for a moment, but eventually he does nod. "That one’s a maybe. Admittedly I can mostly only tell you about his abilities as a commander, but there I'll say he's probably the most talented I've served under. I don't minimize the pilots' role in any way, but there's a lot of skirmishes with the angels that we wouldn't have survived without the Colonel. Especially
[00:40] * Raphael those of us outside an Evangelion."
[00:40] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["So he looks after his men?"]
[00:41] <Raphael> "He does."
[00:41] <@Sarah`Lerburg> [Cornelia nodded slowly. "Thanks. Now… What about a Dr. Riel? Know much about her?"]
[00:45] <Raphael> That pallor from earlier returns… but he clenches his teeth. "A good technician. Don’t really have much cause to work with her, I'm afraid."
[00:51] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Hmmmm." Cornelia frowns a little, then nods. "Well then! I think… Yes, I think we’re done. You can relax now."]
[00:56] * Raphael does. Oh how he does. "Thank goodness for that. So, Cornelia, what's the verdict?"
[00:56] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["On what? You?"]
[00:57] <Raphael> "Did I dodge the ’playboy' tag?" Raphael asks with a small, tentative smile.
[00:57] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["You did. You’re unashamedly a modern-day knight, Raphael Guillory."]
[00:59] <Raphael> "Hah. Not certain that's true either, but it's certainly the tag I'd prefer." He stands and offers Cornelia her hand. "Thanks for your time, miss Guilford. I think."
[00:59] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [She shook it. "You will see the movie, I hope!"]
[01:00] <Raphael> "I don’t think Suzanne would let me miss it."
[01:00] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Heehee. I wish you and your little girl well."]
[01:03] <Raphael> "My thanks. You have a lovely day, Cornelia." And then he’s headed for the door~
[01:03] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Oh, Captain?"]
[01:08] <Raphael> "Hmm?"
[01:08] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Cornelia Guilford." She flicked a card at him with contact details. "Don’t hesitate to get in touch, Mr. Knight."]
[01:11] * Raphael catches it easily and gives it a moment of thought before pocketing it with a smile. "Yes ma'am."
[01:11] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["See you later."]
[01:12] * Raphael gives Cornelia one last nod before departing through the door! For real this time.

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