Rei Steps Up

[21:18] <@Dorian> ["N-nngh…"-
[21:20] <@Dorian> [The refugee camp had always been noisy, but now it seemed to break out into a wild cacophony. Isaiah gritted his teeth, clutching Rene close to him. "I-It's alright. It's alright…"-
[21:23] <@Dorian> [Nearby, Suzanne was gripping the sides of her wheelchair, gritting her teeth. At her side was Rei, who was, much like Isaiah, nursing Rosalie. Around the area, the eleven other Ayanami sisters had been conscripted to mind the various other Apprentices, and paid the rainbow light little more than a passing glance.-
[21:24] <@Dorian> [… Meanwhile, within the Geofront, Gendo Ikari frowned, his brow furrowing. "… Impossible." He murmured.-
[21:43] <@Dorian> ]
[23:12] <@Dorian> [From the camp, Paris-2 seemed small. Dr. Ikari sat down on the grass, next to Isaiah, who was holding a still and silent Rene in his hands. To his left was Rei, holding Rosalie on her lap and having brought Suzanne close. They watched as Tsubaki's Dirac Sea expanded rapidly, grabbed the nearby Evangelions- then zapped away. Thousands of kilometres up- so far that they couldn't see it, of course-, Isaiah knew that they had reappeared, safe and sound. "… God, please protect them." Murmured Isaiah. Rei put her hand on his shoulder.-
[23:12] <@Dorian> ["They'll be ok, Zaizai."]
[00:09] <@Dorian> ["…"-
[00:09] <@Dorian> [Rei grabbed Isaiah's arm. "Z-Zaizai, what's that?" She pointed at a spot in the distance.-
[00:10] <@Dorian> ["… I… I'm not sure… Wait…!"]
[03:22] <@Dorian> […-
[03:23] <@Dorian> [Shoftiel had arrived, and the people of the refugee camp watched in awe as this strange Angelic beast fought- not to kill them, but to protect.-
[03:25] <@Dorian> [But one person wasn't. Ayanami Rei had her eyes elsewhere, upon the hill in the Bois de Boulogne. As the Dirac Breach rippled open mere metres from it, she shot to her feet. "Zaizai! It-"-
[03:26] <@Dorian> [She saw the explosions as they blossomed across the hill.-
[03:26] <@Dorian> ["Rei? Rei!"-
[03:27] <@Dorian> [But Rei wasn't listening. Tears were pouring down her cheeks, and she reacted purely on instinct…-
[03:28] <@Dorian> [… Spread her AT Field, and inverted it. Isaiah scrambled backwards from the swirling of rainbow energy…-
[03:28] <@Dorian> ["REI! No! You're supposed to stay here- Rei!"-
[03:28] <@Dorian> [But Rei didn't hear him. She was hurtling as fast as she could towards that hill.]
[22:55] <@Misato‘> [By the time Rei arrived, the bunker’s outer wall had shattered or been burned away, and the upper level had collapsed in on themselves. Rei landed, skidding in the dirt and the mud. "A-Alphonse!" She cried out- to no response. Leaping the wall, she landed on the top level of the rubble, reaching out with her gloved hands- and, with a pulse of AT energy, started to shift the first layer of debris.-
[23:06] <@Misato‘> [A minute or two later, the debris revealed what it was hiding- a large gouge in the floor, leading into the ruined upper level of the command centre. She jumped in.-
[23:09] <@Misato`> [What she saw was disturbing, confronting. It hurt her just to see it. The walls were smashed, burned, some stained with blood. The command consoles flickered and died, power still flowing to their destroyed terminals. Uniformed bodies littered both the consoles and the floor…-
[23:10] <@Misato`> [She saw the famous Battlechair, its owner lying on the floor, covered in blood, not moving. A massive piece of shrapnel had embedded itself in his neck.-
[23:17] <@Misato`> ["D-Dory…" Whispered Rei. He… He was dead…-
[23:24] <@Misato`> [And next to him, clinging limply to Dorian’s arm, curled up, his uniform stained with dirt and blood, was Alphonse, utter terror and dismay written over his features. "N…"-
[23:34] <@Misato‘> ["Alphonse!" Rei ran to his side, falling to her knees. Her lily-white gloved hands pulled him to her, stroking at his face. "Alphonse…"-
[23:41] <@Misato`> ["R-Rei…" Murmured the boy, his entire body shaking. He trembled, putting his arms around her and clinging tight. "H-He saved me, h-he… H-he pushed me out of the way…" He seized up. "D-Dorian… D-Dorian…!"-
[23:43] <@Misato`> [Rei held him, stroking his hair. "Alphonse, you’re safe." She whispered. "I'm here, and I'm going to keep you safe…"-
[23:45] <@Misato‘> ["I-I should’ve died. It should've…!" He started to moan, then- scream, in anguish and fear.-
[23:47] <@Misato‘> ["Don’t say that, Alphonse." Said Rei, frowning. "Don't say that. It isn't true. Dory… He trusted you, he knew he needed you. So he fought to save you, Alphonse! Because you weren't supposed to die here." She said gently.-
[23:48] <@Misato‘> ["Then…" He frantically grasped at her pink dress. "W-What do I do…?"-
[23:53] <@Misato`> ["… Did you know I’ve been to heaven, Alphonse?" Said Rei quietly. "I went to heaven, but… But God told me I had to do something very special. I had to come back and help everyone on Earth." She squeezed him. "I had to give them hope. I had to help them. So Alphonse, please don't give up. Please, stand up, and do what you -have- to do!"-
[23:53] <@Misato‘> ["…" Alphonse was quiet for a few seconds more, before he slowly rose to his feet, helped by Rei.-
[23:56] <@Misato`> ["There’s a secondary command post on the lower levels. Can you take me there, Rei?"-
[23:57] <@Misato`> ["Of course."]

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