Repairing The Gendo Ikari

Repairing the Gendo Ikari

"Fully repairing a Star Battleship is never a light undertaking."
- Dr. Barzilai Surov

Although claiming the Independence, now named the Gendo Ikari, is a major boon to our forces, restoring it to its full capacity requires a massive mobilisation of resources.

Chosen Option

Repair the Defense Systems. -5 CP, -20 Research.

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This event will fire every turn until all of the following selections have been chosen. Each option costs 5 CP and 20 Research.
Repair the Defense Systems, giving the Gendo +10 AP and restoring its Ablative Gel.
Repair the Capital Aerobalancer, giving the Gendo the Flight trait, and restoring its Hover speed to full.
Repair the Doomsday Cannon, allowing it to be fired in combat.
Repair the S2 Chamber. Once repaired, an Eva can be permanently installed within free of charge, granting the vessel an ATS 20 AT Field, but the Eva must have an Unlimited S2 Organ.

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