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Research Files, Synchronization

"Synchronization: the act of becoming closer to God."
-Elisha Caine

There are several important questions when it comes to the topic of Synchronization:

Why is it that some people may synchronize and others may not?

Why is it that synchronization for adults is so much more difficult than it is for children?

Why do some Evangelions only synchronize with one individual and not others, whilst some Evangelions are more open?

Why do pilots seem to have more success dealing with the soul of a parent or relative?

Why do Berserks happen and what causes them?

When it comes to Synchronization, there are several key facts:

Although not all A-Types have recorded synchronization, all successful synchronizations have used A-Types or E-Types. Synchronization has never been observed to happen if either the pilot or the Eva's soul is a Newtype. In fact, prospective Evas using Newtype souls have had markedly weaker AT Fields, possessing a Phase Factor (PF) of between 2-3 (only 10 to 100 times that of an average human being). On average, all of the Evangelions currently deployed by the Federation possess an average PF of six (100,000 times that of an average human being).

Even amongst A-Types who have recorded positive synchronization, their results vary from Eva to Eva. Some Evas can synchronize with many different pilots, some only accept one or two.

A connection between the pilot and the soul of the Eva boosts the chance of positive synchronization. Familial relations, particularly close ones such as parent to child or sibling to sibling are the most stable.

As per Ikari's A-Type Genesis Theory, A-Types seem to beget A-Types. The child of A-Type and Newtype parents are much more likely to be A-Types themselves, although this markedly diminishes past the first child. The child of two A-Types are almost always A-Types.

A pilot's synchronization can fluctuate wildly in response to external stimuli, sometimes dropping, sometimes building greatly. Sometimes a pilot shows an intense level of helplessness, which corresponds to a massive surge in synchronization. These are called 'Run to Mother' events.

These surges almost always trigger a Berserk Event. They are not the only triggers for Berserk Events, however.

The peak years of synchronization seem to be between 13 and 18. After that, the average synchronization scores begin dropping steeply.

Individuals whose souls have been divided between their human forms and their Evangelion forms possess stable and unusually well-developed Synchronization ratios.

E-Type pilots always seem to possess markedly above average Synchronization levels. It does not seem to matter if the Evangelion's soul is an A-Type or an E-Type.

With these facts in hand, the nature of Synchronization may be explored.

New Self Against True Self

It is apparent from the facts that an Ancestor Soul is required for the process of synchronization. This process has been a mystery until now. In essence, it comes down to what the research team is calling "New Self against True Self".

When a lilim is born, their soul is drawn from Lilith. The nature of this soul depends strongly on the nature of the parents- in essence, conception and the ensoulment process seems to work on a path of least resistance: it is easier for a soul to be attracted to someone with a preexisting connection than it is otherwise. Thus, an A-Type parent is likely to conceive an A-Type child because of this spiritual bias; the parent 'calls' to the child's soul. Thus, this demonstrates that the connections forged by the Ancestors still resonates in the souls of modern human beings today. Practically every Ancestral soul had at least a dim connection with every other, but some were more intimately related. An ancestral bond of parent and child is very strong, but not actually necessary to conceive an A-Type child; any sort of connection will apparently do, although the stronger the connection, the more likely that one soul will call the other.

This is important, because it also means that a lilim is not born a blank slate; they possess an inherent personality, or at least biases toward an inherent personality. This personality is called the 'true self'; the natural predilection at a level deeper than flesh or mind.

However, a lilim's form is predominantly physical with a weak spiritual presence, which means that external stimuli have an intense impact on the formation of a lilim's personality. Thus, a lilim's personality is not determined solely by their previous identity. Instead, it is a mix of both the environment in which they have been raised and the influence of their innate personality. This identity, the created one, is called the 'New Self'; the evolution of a personality in response to both external stimuli and internal pressures.

Due to the weakness of their AT Fields, as time passes, a lilim tends to be more influenced by the New Self and the experiences of their physical forms than by the nature of the True Self. As the New Self crystalises, the lilim's ability to access the memories and traits of the True Self, already very limited, diminishes even further. In the period before it crystalises, however, a lilim's personality is in a deep stage of flux, and is more open to influence from all sources, including the True Self.

Although synchronization uses a great deal of technological interfaces to influence the pilot's mental state, the act of synchronization is itself fundamentally one of the soul. The same connection that permits an A-Type parent to 'call' to another A-Type to become their child allows for an Evangelion to connect with a pilot. In this state, the pilot channels their True Self, which, as an Ancestral soul, not only is more attuned to spiritual connection, but is also familiar with the innate uses of the AT Field. The Evangelion, meanwhile, has been placed into a physical form much closer to the Ancestors than to a human being's. In this state the Evangelion's spiritual strength is overwhelmingly more powerful, allowing them to manifest their True Self more easily- hence why an Ancestral soul in an Evangelion is much more powerful than that of a Newtype's. With this connection formed, the pilot is able to 'borrow' an Evangelion's strength and ability. Furthermore, with continued exposure to an Evangelion, manifesting that connection becomes easier as the True Self is 'exercised'.

We theorise that much of the conflict between the True Self and New Self was on the part of Lilith; by deliberately limiting the lilim's ability to tap into their Ancestral selves, they would pose less of a threat to her. On the other hand, it also explains why E-Types seem to possess greater than average Synchronization ratios- Lilith lacks the ability to fully subvert an E-Type, since E-Types have been marked as 'proto-seeds', with the power to become Seeds themselves or, if needed, inherit Lilith's power. Thus, Lilith is unable to controvert such a fundamental thing devised by the Ancestors.

This, then- the struggle between New Self and True Self- explains some of the mysteries around Synchronization. For one, it answers why A-Types and E-Types may synchronize whilst a Newtype may not, as Newtypes lack the experience and inherent strength of nature of an Ancestral soul. With Lilith limiting lilim spiritual development, this means that a Newtype's 'true self' has only had a few thousand years to develop as opposed to the millions or billions of an Ancestral soul. None of those years have had experience with an AT Field, the true power of the soul or in forging the ancient connections of the Ancestors. Yet developing those things have been impossible; thus Lilith has 'locked' most of humanity, so they cannot challenge her.

Furthermore, it also explains why children seem the most well-suited to synchronization, whilst fully grown adults, who would be more dependable in combat, cannot- at their young age, a child's personality is still in flux, and has yet to crystalise into the New Self. This makes it easier for the True Self to surface and thus form a synchronization. One of the implications of this research, however, is that it suggests that routine synchronization makes it easier to manifest the True Self and thus connect to the Eva… Which means that pilots who began synchronization as children may not experience the steep decline in synchronization ratios expected of them.

It also explains why E-Types seem to find it easier to synchronize and to manipulate the AT Field- as potential Seeds, they are already predisposed to it.

This also illustrates the basis behind a pilot connecting more easily with an Eva possessing a relative's soul: A-Types attract other A-Types when it comes to conception, usually drawing on the strongest connections first, meaning A-Types tend to 'cluster' together into bands of closely-knit connected souls. It also means that pilots for whom their Evas are literally a part of themselves (Sera, the Ayanamis) find synchronization more easy because they are literally connecting with themselves… And divided souls always strain to connect.

If Gehirn had fully understood this, perhaps the Evangelions would not be housing full souls whatsoever, but just divided ones…

Run to Mother

Synchronization levels fluctuate during battle, sometimes wildly, in response to stimuli. Fatigue, pain, fear can all send a pilot's synch ratio up or down. These fluctuations, we believe, have something to do with the unreliable ability of the pilot to tap into their True Selves; in essence, shock and stress can shake their own understanding of themselves.

However, there are moments when a pilot feels utterly helpless, either through fear, self-doubt, extended exposure to the penetrating gaze of an Angel's field or due to something like the Eva being disabled. In these moments, a sensation of intense helplessness grows within the pilot. At a certain point it becomes so powerful that the pilot begins emitting a plea for aid on a deeply primeval level. Such an innate act goes to the core of the pilot's connection with the Evangelion, and rouses the Eva's spirit. This not only rapidly boosts the synch ratio, but essentially begs the Eva to act, even if the pilot doesn't realise it. This event- the pilot throwing themselves at the mercy of their Eva- is known as a 'Run to Mother' Event. Most instances lead to the Evangelion going Berserk.

By studying the nature of these events, it gives us insight into how an Evangelion berserks.


An Evangelion acting under its own power and will instead of that of its pilot is known as a 'Berserk Event'. Berserking was seen as a risk from very early on in Project Evangelion, and many steps were taken to correct it. Evangelions thus all undergo lobotomies and control rods are inserted into their nervous systems. The Entry Plug is placed within a cavity dug into the Eva's spine; the Plug thus may interface with both the Core and the nervous system of the Eva. Restrictive armour is bolted onto the Eva's entire body, providing not only protection, but reinforcing the control over the Eva by becoming rigid and locking together should the Eva attempt manual action. By all expectations this should render the Evangelion unable to move under its own power; indeed, doing the same thing to a human being would probably ensure the unlucky recipient never moved again. And for most of the time, it does.

However, there are multiple instances where an Evangelion has simply overrode the pilot and, despite all the copious safe measures, has managed to not only act under its own power, but communicate and even reactivate after being drained of all power, despite a lack of notable power source. Some Evangelions- 04 and 05, for example- are now acknowledged to be perfectly lucid and are able to activate at will during battle, completely disregarding every block on this occurring.

Looking at the history of berserking, the four major causes of a Berserk event seem to be:

Run to Mother events (08's first battle, 05 at Guangzhou)
Self-Preservation, where the Eva is at risk of being destroyed and the pilot is unable to prevent this (04's first berserk). These differ from Run to Mother events in that Run to Mother events can trigger even if the Eva is not personally threatened.
A reaction to certain behaviour from an Angel, usually the sort that makes deep spiritual contact with the pilot (04 vs. Malchediel, 04 vs. Elemiah, 04 vs. Raphael). These events seem to lead to deep scrutiny of the pilot's psyche and personality. A theme of an Angel trying to understand the 'truth' of a human's individuality is also notable.
The pilot actively 'invites' it, such as attempting to dialogue with the Evangelion.

Furthermore, we also know that when a Berserk Event occurs, the Entry Plug's pulse signal reverses. Usually, a pulse signal flows from pilot to Eva, directing the Evangelion's movements. A pulse signal reversion, therefore, sees these pulses flow from Eva to pilot. So far, we have worked under the theory that this is a violent act in which the Eva proceeds to 'pilot' the pilot, turning them into a puppet, using the pilot's interfaces to direct its movement. Now, however, our research… And interviews with certain individuals, who have requested to remain classified… has provided us with a different answer.

The four major causes of a Berserk event have certain things in common. The most obvious is that the pilot feels as though they are at the mercy of external events. The most crucial, however, is that each time, the pilot's self is challenged, whether it be a sense of helplessness, a sense of impending death, or from the scrutiny of a highly powerful being such as an Angel. They also all require synchronization.

This last point seems obvious, but it is worth noting: Evangelions do not exhibit many berserk behaviours unless they are in synchronization. They may occasionally activate by themselves or perform a limited movement, but every major berserk event and most minor ones involve the pilot and the Eva synchronizing. Of course, it is apparently impossible to eject an entry plug from an Evangelion whilst it is berserk.

One final note: sometimes, the pattern of how an Eva berserks differs based on the pilot. EVA-05, for example, exhibits markedly different behaviours and even abilities depending on if it is being piloted by Shinji Ikari or by Isaiah Gabriel-Wei.

From this and our new research, we believe that the idea of a Berserk Event being the occurrence of a rogue Eva hijacking its pilot is inaccurate, although the pilot can often definitely feel sensations of intrusion, trauma, loss of control and violation. We believe it is more accurate to say that a Berserk event is a combination of both Eva and pilot.

Simply put: a Berserk event occurs because the pilot's New Self has been temporarily stripped away, laying bare their True Self. This makes the pilot momentarily aware of their Ancestral identity as well as the identity of their Evangelion. In these moments, the pilot more or less becomes less human, and their True Self is fully exposed to the Eva. These thoughts, memories and behaviours then flow to the Eva, which then mirrors them back, allowing the human body to experience what it is to be an Ancestor… An experience that is overwhelming for the human body and leads inevitably to memory loss. In this moment however the two become one, and the Evangelion is not really 'just' the Evangelion, but really a combination of both pilot and Eva, working together and using their experience and powers combined. In the aftermath of these experiences, the pilot's New Self is quickly rebuilt, and often views the event as understandably traumatic.

Remote Synchronization

Remote Synchronization is a rare event in which a pilot seems to be able to control the Evangelion despite not being in the Entry Plug. In these situations they seem to completely transcend the need of a technological interface, yet maintain a stable synchronization. This behaviour so far has proven to be limited to rare occasions involving E-Types.

Our theory on Remote Synchronization is that it has to do with the E-Type's nature. E-Types have the ability to 'hold' a soul within themselves, sealing it inside their own safely and inert. E-Types possess the ability to connect with internal souls, drawing thoughts from them, even power, and forming a bond between them. In fact it is this ability that is believed to be the trigger for the Libido Effect, albeit only in certain circumstances.

When applied to an Evangelion, then, it seems the most logical explanation is that a very small portion of the Eva's soul is absorbed into the pilot's during synchronization. The E-Type pilot is then 'permanently synchronized', although the strength of this connection is extremely weak. Nonetheless an E-Type, if they understand how (and they rarely do) are able to use their ability to connect with an internal soul to connect with the Eva's shard and, through that, back to the Evangelion. Because E-Types are usually able to exert a level of dominance over the entities within their soul, this gives them the ability to establish a full synchronization with the Eva despite having no equipment whatsoever. We believe with enough time, we can train an E-Type pilot to do this, allowing them to synchronize with an Evangelion instantaneously and not even have to be within the unit. It would even permit an E-Type to use an Eva's power in the area around themselves, giving them a full AT Field.

Curiously, we also believe that this ability might be extended to the Ayanamis. The Ayanamis already possess a 'bond' with their Evas, as they are the same person. Furthermore, the twelve Ayanami pilots all contain the 'Psyche' element of their souls, giving them mastery over their units. They even already draw power from the Evangelions to manifest their own AT Fields, although this is limited by what their biology is able to manage.

Two last notes…

By researching our available trinity Evangelions, we've discovered evidence that remote synchronization is not exclusive only to the pilot. We believe that Zhang Yanmei, despite not being an E-Type, has become permanently remotely synchronized to EVA-04 in a limited way.

Enabling the Ayanamis to undergo Remote Synchronization training will enable them to slowly begin merging their two halves of their souls together. Over time, this will make the Ayanamis more powerful, but we also cannot predict exactly what is going to happen once their souls are fully merged… We are unsure what will happen to them or the Evas. It is possible, even likely, that they will undergo certain levels of personality change or periods of emotional turbulence. On the other hand it is also more likely that such things would weaken any conditioning or imprinting on them, and allow them to develop a more healthy, unified psyche.


In conclusion, Synchronization occurs when an Ancestral pilot and Evangelion meet and rekindle a connection from the Ancestral days. The stronger the connection, the easier synchronization is. Because lilim are too weak to really access their souls' innate abilities, they often develop 'New Selves' which overshadows the soul's 'True Self', making synchronization difficult. Children are thus more capable of synchronizing because their identities are more in flux than that of an adult and thus the True Self can manifest more quickly.

Run to Mother events outline situations when a pilot is so overcome with helplessness that they feel the only course of action is to subconsciously beseech someone, anyone for help. The Evangelion listens, and goes berserk.

A Berserk Event occurs when a pilot's self is so challenged that their lilim identity momentarily fragments and their True Self is unchallenged. The True Self then reveals itself fully to the Eva and they temporarily meld powers, the Eva fighting as two souls in one body.

Remote Synchronization occurs when an E-Type pilot (unintentionally or intentionally) takes a fragment of the Eva's soul during synchronization, seals it within their own, then taps into the fragment, allowing it to temporarily connect with the Eva. The Pilot then uses that fragment as a piggy-bank to connect their soul to the Eva fully, giving it full control. Ayanamis are also capable of this because their soul and that of their Eva's are just one soul divided in half.

All of this presents us with some options. These options may be able to give us an edge in certain fields.

Chosen Option


These options are now available for purchase at any time; this event will reoccur every turn until all options are chosen. Purchasing these options may take place at any time during the turn, unlike other Events.

True Self Meditation

Through research, education, and drawing from the knowledge of the few who have done it, we can begin training pilots to become somewhat more aware of their Ancestral identities. Although maintaining their New Selves is important, by becoming more aware of these Ancestral identities they can smooth the process of synchronization and enable our pilots to reach levels of stable synchronization that were previously out of reach.

Equipment Cost. Pay 1 CP.
Education time and Research. Pay 40 Research.
The Least Resistance. Whenever you roll on Synch Disruption and roll a negative, you must roll again and take the new result. Furthermore, you now reroll all positive Synch Disruption dice and take the highest result.
New Boundaries. All pilots are now able to purchase another four Advances in Synch Ratio. These advances use the same XP costs as the first four advances.
Synch Masters. All Pilots gain a +20 bonus to their tests when using the Synchronize Group action.

Ego Solidification

With this data, we can refine the synchronization process and allow our pilots to synchronize with the Eva in more safer ways, allowing them to reach greater levels of power with less cost.

Equipment Cost. Pay 1 CP.
Education time and Research. Pay 40 Research.
Safer Way. The Ego Damage results for all Synch levels are reduced by 1d5. This removes the penalty for the Safe Depth Limit.

Remote Synch Training

With our new understanding, we can train our E-Types and Ayanamis to manifest a synchronization even when they're separated from the Evangelion. This would, apart from giving them greater freedom and quicker sortie times, give the pilots their own AT Fields and allow for new tactical opportunities.

Equipment Cost. Pay 1 CP.
Education time and Research. Pay 40 Research.
Remote Synchronization. Tsubaki Akagi, Sophia Simonides, Zhang Yanmei, Isaiah Gabriel-Wei and the Ayanamis all gain the Remote Synchronization trait at the start of the next turn. This trait allows them to pilot their Eva without being in the plug to a distance of 10km. When remotely piloting, the pilots gain a free set of Full Actions to devote to their Evangelions. They also gain a P-Scale AT Field equal to their usual amount (the Ayanamis instead gain +10 Synch Ratio every turn. At 151, they are considered to have fully merged the halves of their souls together).
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