Research Files The Trinity

Research Files: The Trinity

"They said of Robespierre that he wasn't satisfied with being king, he had to be a god too. What would they say if they met Elisha Caine?"
- Mortimer Mazarin

The Trinity Evangelions refer to EVA-00, 01 and 04. To the world at large, they are grouped together primarily as being the three most famous Evangelions, the ones with the longest combat experience and the most Angel kills, for these three units held the line at Paris against endless Angelic attacks.

In reality, the three Trinity Evangelions are unique due to the content of their souls. Each Evangelion's soul is actually a facet of the same person: Elisha Caine. 00 received his 'Eros' root, 01 his 'Logos' root, and 04 his 'Thanatos' root. Elisha, knowing that Third Impact was inevitable, divided his soul in this way as part of a grand plan to rescue humanity, the Angels, and Lilith all in one fell swoop.

EVA-00's role is that of a host for Lilith. To this end, EVA-00 is unique for an Evangelion in that it is derived from the flesh of Lilith and not primarily of Adam. Specifically, 00 was the result of tearing the lower half of Lilith's body off her, and then letting it grow slowly into a new form. To match the role, the pilot of EVA-00 would have to be an E-Type containing the soul of Lilith. At first, this was Eugenia Ranvier, but she was replaced with Aline Blanc. More than that, Blanc was only given half of Lilith's soul, because it was found that Lilith unified, even when suppressed in an E-Type soul, had too much success at subverting the unit.

During Impact, Aline would merge with 00, releasing Lilith's soul into the Evangelion. However, with half of Lilith's soul in Tsubaki, that fragment would either need to be extracted, or Tsubaki completely absorbed as well, for the plan to work.

04's role, on the other hand, is that of a host for Adam. To this end, Zhang Yanmei was chosen to pilot, with the intention that her E-Type partner, Isaiah, would have Adam implanted within his soul. This would form a bridge between 04, Yanmei and Isaiah, with the intent to slowly bring Isaiah into 04's 'circle'. Then, during Impact, both pilots would be absorbed into the Eva, which would then convert itself into Adam.

So far, 04's role has gone to plan, with Adam's soul is now split between 04 and Isaiah proper.

01's role is the most unique, for it is to be the Human Seed. 01's pilot is none other than Elisha Caine's 'psyche', or his will, in a normal human body: Sera de Pteres. During Impact, 01 would absorb the souls of all humanity, and then in doing so turn into a Seed that is neither Adam or of Lilith. Sera would be merged into this as well, but because Sera is Elisha's 'psyche', Sera would remain in control and be able to dictate its fate.

After this all happened, the Trinity Evas would then fight and consume the other. The caveat, however, is that with 01 having absorbed Aline and 04 absorbing Yanmei and Isaiah, those two Proto-Seeds would find themselves constantly struggling for control. 01 would defeat one of them, then merge that Proto-Seed into itself… But since the Human Seed was absorbing a 'subordinate' part of its own soul, 01 would remain in charge. With that power, 01 would then consume the other, and finally make itself whole, possessing the power of three Seeds.

This is where EVA-05 comes in. EVA-05 has been fed on Angel S2 Organs, storing within itself a massive pool of energy. Once the three Seeds had been absorbed into one, 05- which had bonded with Isaiah, her 'spiritual' father- would send that energy through Isaiah's soul into the Seed, giving it the energy to enter apotheosis and become an Ancestor, temporarily.

The Ancestor-Elisha would then possess within itself Adam, Lilith, and Humanity. It would tear Lilith's aspect free and send her into space with her Seedship, then do the same with Adam. With these two Seeds now safely on their way, Elisha would give form to Humanity once again, including to those sacrificed to bring it about. Humanity, however, would be changed: they would now all possess active AT Fields, and possess limited S2 Organs and other 'streamlining' of human biology designed to make humanity stronger and more efficient.

With that done, 05 would then cut the power, starving Ancestor-Elisha whilst he was in apotheosis. This would cut his abilities, and cripple him; 05 would then destroy his body and entomb him within the Earth. There, Elisha's 'Seed' body would act as an inert corpus, processing reincarnation and nothing more, unable to even use Destiny. Elisha's soul would either remain sealed in there, sleeping forever, or reenter reincarnation itself, depending on the wish of Sera de Pteres.

This information paints the clearest picture of what Elisha intends to do with Impact. It also makes clear the sacrifices demanded of the pilots. Should it succeed, however, they would be returned to form, and rewarded, and humanity itself finally freed of the destructive impulses of Lilith and Destiny. With AT Fields, humanity would resist natural disasters and with greater biology, humanity would require far less food and be extremely resistant to disease. Biology would also be placed under a much greater degree of biological control, allowing a human being to control pain signals, blood flows, the reproductive cycle… Even, with training and focus, the very form itself, even to the point of altering one's sex completely or regrowing lost limbs and healing permanent damage. It would be the beginning of a golden age of humanity.

Practically, this has also granted us insight into the relationship between the Trinities and how we might use it for greater value.

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EVA-04's Dual Plug System is repaired.
Zhang Yanmei and Sera de Pteres learn Group Synchronization.
Group Synchronization between Trinity Evas is now a Free Action and autopasses. Normal rules apply if a non-Eva attempts to join.

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