Master Model Blackboxes

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"Could this be what he meant…?"
-Maya Ibuki

After much effort, we've been able to safely study the Master Model 'Blackboxes' and we have discerned what could be their ultimate purpose. If true, then this might be what Ezra Caine intended for us to find.

The Blackboxes themselves are a collection of biological growths attached to the core of every Master Model unit. There are 33 per Eva, and each growth is a globular organ about a foot in diameter. The growths are attached to the core by what seems to be just a firmly secured wet membrane but in reality by a series of muscular tendrils extruding from the underside, which have burrowed into the core of the Evangelion. The growths are light red in colour, much like the Core, and the exterior flesh is springy and resistant to pressure. Advanced imaging depicts the internal structure as being a large knot of muscle and blood vessels surrounded by a thick layer of protective skin; at the very middle of this is a thin spiral object, a coil. Cutting the organs has proven extremely difficult, and so far only fusion tools have managed to partially penetrate the skin. This seems to cause immense pain to the Eva and the pilot, however, suggesting that it is tied into the Eva's core in a way beyond the surface. Thus, removing them forcefully could potentially destroy the Core.

Discovering the purpose of the Blackboxes has been extremely difficult. The Master Models possess variations from one another, yet out of all the Eva series, the Master Template is the most stable, with the majority of deviations being designed ones. Yet these growths are endemic to every one of the twelve Master Models, and none of the other Evangelions possess anything even analogous to them. Furthermore, there are very few records noting their existence, and more to the point, these cores were all generated at Eden Base, which is, to knowledge, the only base equipped to generate cores, thus our ability to access records from the process of creating the Cores themselves is extremely limited. Despite these challenges, we've achieved success in our endeavours.

As always, our first line of inquiry was to see if the Blackboxes had any influences on Eva ability and behaviour, a difficult proposition since we cannot remove them, meaning that removing them and recording changes to behaviour was simply not an option. Instead, we would have to work by contrasting the Master Models' behaviours and abilities to the other series, then removing known variables until only the Blackboxes remained as a variable. Although expensive and time consuming, this was to be our best chance. Fortunately we had a lucky break, and were able to procure EVA-13- Chiisana's Eva. As it was still in repairs, most of the technology had yet to be implanted; the equipment needed to house an Eva and synchronize was in place, but not much else. We temporarily commandeered the unit and began stripping it back.

The stripped back EVA-13 registered no substantial changes in its behaviour despite rigorous testing. Any changes that did occur were already accounted for from removed parts (such as lower synch ratios or higher rates of feedback). Among the equipment removed were the many, many pieces of equipment used to restrict an Evangelion's berserking, including the basic armour. With this in mind we then spent time trying to deliberately force the Evangelion to berserk, and despite the Eva exhibiting indicators suggesting that it was about to, never did. Chiisana's argument was that the nature of the Eva's soul and her own made berserking impossible, with her possessing the 'will' element meant that she just overpowered the Eva's own soul. However, the tech team disputed this, pointing out situations where 01 berserked despite Sera de Pteres' nature. With this in mind, the idea was floated that the Blackboxes themselves were really the only real thing sealing the soul within dormant and preventing a proper berserk. The Blackboxes were thus provisionally dubbed 'Core Limiters', and research was reoriented to study how the Limiters could prevent a Berserk.

The ultimate answer that we discovered was that the 'coil' inside the Limiter acted to counter the surge of synch connection that occurs just before an Eva is about to berserk. By halting the signal mid-flight, it shorts the berserk out and 'stuns' the soul back into dormancy. However, it was during this that we discovered that this was not the coil's only purpose. The coil was vibrating with a very strange type of energy usually associated with dirac seas. After some research we deciphered the meaning.

The coils are antennas. They are using dirac mechanics to receive messages from something.

Through testing and simulations we've discovered that by emitting a certain signal directly to the coils, we can force them to undergo a change. In this change they will spontaneously shrivel up, fill in the damage done to the core, then eject itself from the core mass entirely before quickly shriveling up. But this poses further questions.

These are truly Limiters, and they are limiting something more than just a Berserk Event. Furthermore, they are receiving a signal, but from whom? We can assume that whoever is sending the signal has the ability to 'deactivate' the Limiters, so it must serve a purpose to them… In truth, we have no idea what might happen if the Limiters are removed, yet at the same time, not acting now risks leaving the option in the hand of a potential enemy. Perhaps this is what Ezra Caine understood.

One final note: although we no longer possess the bodies, by comparing these to some old reports we were able to find, we have a limited indication that organs similar to these were found in the torsos of Lilith's Disciples. Whether they were transplants or something else entirely is unknown.

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