Psuedo Evolution

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"What is Pseudo-Evolution? Imagine a room. There's only one way into the room, but infinite ways out…"
- Doctor Fuyutsuki

Pseudo-Evolution has, until recently, been nothing but a hypothetical scenario, one triggered should an Evangelion enter a specific state.

Pseudo-Evolution is triggered when an Eva fulfills three criteria. The first is that it gains access to a massive source of energy: a completely uninhibited S2 Organ, although theoretically a Lance could also work; the second is that the Eva has access to the soul or corpus of a Seed (Adam and Lilith); the third is an awakening of will within the Evangelion.

Should all of these situations be met, the Evangelion enters Pseudo-Evolution. The process is simple: it absorbs biological and spiritual information from the Seed, and then uses its willpower to seize that information and forcibly merge it into its S2 Organ. S2 Organs are more than just energy sources; they also contain 'backups' of the Evangelion's genetic blueprint, which is the template it uses when regenerating damage. The Eva, however, merges the Seeds' data with that of the S2 Organ. This means that the Evangelion's blueprints are now Seed prints. This is the exact method through which an Angel would become a Seed if it interacted with Adam, with one exception: since Evangelions are hybrids of Angelic and Lilimic templates, it can assimilate the innate elements of a Seed and modify it, instead of being forced into a specific template.

During Pseudo-Evolution, the Evangelion's S2 Organ begins growing a new Seed body for the Eva to inhabit, using the Eva itself as a sort of egg or chrysalis. The process takes time, but more than that, during the process the Evangelion may control what it becomes. It could choose to turn into a Lilithic seed or an Adamic seed, something in between, maybe even something else entirely… Essentially, it exists in a state of incredible potential, and so long as it has access to the memory or genetic data of something, it can incorporate that thing into it.

Pseudo-Evolution is extremely powerful but also extremely dangerous: Pseudo-Evolving Evas are extremely powerful and can require Lance-tier weaponry to defeat. Should it actually finish its apotheosis, then it would be a truly mighty target, beyond the control of any pilot, but perhaps able to be reasoned with.

Nonetheless, we know now what we're looking for. It means we understand what happened to EVA-08, and more importantly, how we can correct the data in its S2 Organ to erase any Pseudo-Evolution data, restoring it to a normal Evangelion. We also believe we can suppress Pseudo-Evolution in any future Evangelions, except for the Trinity Evas. This means that we can now 'innoculate' EVA-05 against Adam's presence, meaning that Shinji can now safely pilot the unit once again, allowing Isaiah to return to EVA-08.


EVA-08 is unsealed.
EVA-05 is returned to Shinji.
All Evangelions except the Trinity Evas are now 'vaccinated' against Pseudo-Evolution.

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