Robert Langley

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Name: Robert Franklin Langley
Position: Head of Research and Development, Peace Cannon Corporation
Sex: Male
Age: 44 (Born 1974)
Nationality: American
Place of Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Physical Details
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"Now let me tell you folks, as the Director of Research and Development here at Peace Cannon, I've seen some beautiful things in my time. Beautiful things. But few things have ever made me as proud as the world-class art we're working on now. It really is art, folks, there's no other word for it. Let me present to you the absolute pinnacle of modern rail-delivered solid slug weapons systems. From our Executive Firepower line, we give you… The Eisenhowitzer!"

Doctor Robert Langley is the Director of Research and Development at the Peace Cannon Corporation, the most advanced 'Fifth Generation Warfare' technology developer in the United States. In the modern age of Superheavy Warfare, Peace Cannon has focused on the daunting task of designing and efficiently producing the powerful weaponry needed by the Superheavies to wage war. Peace Cannon was responsible for developing and perfecting Superheavy scale Rail weaponry and, in conjunction with the Thruster Unity, the bolter. They also designed the AC Suits the Federation uses as well as the D-Titan. During all of this, Robert Langley has been there, directing their efforts.

Langley was born in Arlington, Texas, in 1974. His father was a physicist, and his mother a school teacher. Complications at birth saw his mother sicken afterwards, and after a few painful years she died when Langley was five, leaving Langley in the care of his father. The two had a warm relationship, and Langley would later go on to describe his father as his 'best friend'. That said, it was obvious that Langley Sr. was not entirely satisfied with how his life had turned out, and a common fixture of young Langley's life would be, starting a few months after the death of his mother, watching his father burn through girlfriend after girlfriend, with very few lasting longer than a year.

Nevertheless, Both Langley Jr and Sr had a strong relationship, born out of a shared interest in various fields, especially physics and war machines. In fact, Langley's grandfather had been actually worked on the Manhattan Project. This upbringing saw Jr. follow in his father's footsteps; after graduating high school at the top of his class, he went on to attend Texas A&M University, majoring in physics and mechanical engineering both. He would later supplement his education at other institutions.

Robert Langley's big break would come just after Second Impact, when the Clay Foundation- an investment firm- sought him out, explaining that a new tech developer was setting up shop in Pennsylvania and that they needed a Director of R&D. Langley's name came up despite his relative inexperience, and he happily accepted- after all, Texas had turned into a nightmare of flooding, uprising and banditry, so Langley wasn't exactly being held back by sentiment.

Naturally, the Clay Foundation turned out to be a front for Seele, who were channeling their vast resources into creating organisations that they could later use in their plans. With such support (even if the founders of Peace Cannon weren't aware of who their true benefactors were yet), Peace Cannon was able to recruit some of the best talent available and set to work- their first task being to contribute to what would eventually become Project Evangelion.

It was around this time that Robert Langley met Kyoko Zeppelin-Soryu, a Japanese-German scientist who had been chosen as one of the leads of Project Eva. Apparently, their attraction was instantaneous and overwhelming, and the two became passionate lovers. In fact, within six months of meeting (October 2001) the two were married, and by December 2001 Dr. Zeppelin-Soryu had given birth to a child, Asuka. (These dates suggest that Asuka herself was conceived mere weeks after the two met and, according to testimonies from colleagues at the time, this turn of events was both unplanned and completely unsurprising). Little Asuka was confirmed to be an A-Type, and was marked down to join the NeoSpartan Program, something which Langley had deep misgivings about, a sentiment not shared by his wife (although she can never be accused of being completely happy with the idea, either). In 2005, she was taken into the Program, and the relationship between Langley and Zeppelin-Soryu changed, becoming a little frostier. Indeed, it seemed as though in many cases their ardour for each other had cooled greatly since the heady early days.

It was during this time that Langley took a several-year long 'hiatus' from his work with Peace Cannon. Instead, he was contracted to begin setting up the literal foundations of NERV- the bases which would house its Evangelion units and the laboratories and factories required to support them. During this time, the emotional distance between Langley and Soryu continued to widen, which frustrated Langley, not that he knew how to fix it.

In early 2006, an 'accident' in Project E drove Kyoko Zeppelin-Soryu insane (in reality, a contact experiment had separated her soul in half, with the later intent to implant it in EVA-02). For the last year of her life she was an incoherent, nihilistic mess, infamously inviting her young daughter Asuka to commit suicide with her. She barely recognized Langley.

Langley, at this point, was having an affair- with none other than Soryu's doctor, Dr. Charlotte Fromm. They met, of course, thanks to Soryu's condition (Soryu at this point was being tended to in Hamburg-2), and over the course of constant visits, felt an attraction. Much like his relationship with Soryu herself, the two felt their mutual attraction to be overwhelming.

In March 2007, Kyoko Zeppelin-Soryu died. Two months later, Dr. Fromm gave birth to a boy, Carl- Langley's second child. It didn't take much for the young Asuka, as she grew up, to piece together what had happened- and she never ever forgave her father for his seemingly callous infidelity at the time when her mother was at her most vulnerable.

Indeed, with Asuka tied to the NeoSpartan Program, Langley didn't seem to really have much day-to-day contact with the elements of his previous life. He focused on his new wife, and together they began to raise a family with three children- Carl (2007), Hannah (2010) and Celia (2012). He returned to the Peace Cannon Corporation, followed by his family, where he devoted himself to his task.

Throughout the LN War, Peace Cannon was at the forefront of analyzing and reverse-engineering captured and destroyed Superheavy designs, including weapons and construction. The lessons gleaned from this research would help formulate the foundations for their later projects, such as the AC Suit, the D-Titan and power armour designs. During this process, Langley was fond of describing himself boastfully as "The UN's Barzilai Surov" or, as time went on, describing Surov as "The LN's Robert Langley". Surov is and was pretty much unaware of this rivalry.

Starting in 2016, Peace Cannon and Thruster Unity began to work together on new Superheavy advances. One of the major protects at the time was the G-Defiant, a hyper-advanced prototype Superheavy. Most of this research and work took place in Asgard Base.

In 2018, Asgard Base was struck by Mary Caine's forces in an event now known as the Crystal Massacre. Langley managed to escape, although many of his colleagues, including Thruster Unity's Julien Lafabre, did not make it.

Langley is exceptionally skilled and adept at his work, combining focus, a brilliant memory and inquisitive mind to good effect. Wisely, he manages to understand both the theoretical and practical demands of the challenges he faces, He is in fact perfectly capable of taking a weapon personally through every stage of the project, starting from the design right up to the construction. As a person, Langley is quite personable, and often sees himself as being highly popular. He's a slick talker and a social animal, and is plenty capable of exuding a great deal of glib charm when he wants.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
25 25 25 25 40 60 40 30 40
Awareness, Charm, Logic, Literacy, Tech Use+20(ST)
Common Lore (Science+10), Scholastic Lore (Evangelions, Physics+10, Weaponry+10), Speak Language (English, German), Trade (Armorer+20)
Characteristic Boost (Intelligence), Extra Skills (4), Extra Talents (1), Touched by the Fates (1)
Engineer (+2 AP, +4 in Cover)
Melee (General), Basic (General), Pistol (General)
Infused Knowledge, Specialist (Tech-Use), Talented (Tech-Use)
Brilliance, Total Recall
Applied Engineering, Careful that's Dangerous, Jury-Rig, Master Engineer, Overclocking, Percussive Maintenance, Temporary Reinforcement
6 85 Fed. Light Power Armour, Combi-Tool, Railpistol

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