Ronaldo Pereira

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Name: Ronaldo Torres Pereira
Position: FCB Lieutenant, Operations Officer (Military Coordination Officer)
Sex: Male
Age: 36 (Born 1982)
Nationality: Brazilian
Place of Residence: Sao Paulo-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Light blue
Height: 5'7"
Build: Rather stocky

Personal Details
"Kader! Regulation Manual Section 7 Article 10 Paragraph 4 states that games of chance involving real goods or currencies are not to be played in or on military land or property! No, you being a telepath does not make it not a game of chance, you son of a bitch. Now if I see Magic: The Gathering in this mess hall again, I'll have you cleaning CAV-01 until it shines!"

A career soldier, Ronaldo Torres Pereira was born on May 9th, 1982, in Sao Paulo. Much of his life has been fairly typical. He joined the military just in time for Second Impact, and has been there ever since. He performed well during the Amazonian War, and served faithfully with the First Army as part of the 19th Mechanised Division. He fought in countless battles during the war, including most of the largest, bloodiest and most decisive, including the Battle of Palmas. He earned many distinctions for his unflinching bravery and gained a great deal of respect from his comrades and his superiors, and his utter unflappability in the face of mortal danger made him a valuable asset in the right type of situation. He eventually was assigned as an aide de camp to General Rosario, where he served as a combination of bodyguard, morale officer and coordination officer. When the FCB was founded, Pereira's name was mentioned and he was recruited to serve as an Operations Officer, specifically as the Military Coordination Officer.

Pereira is a skilled fighter with a solid memory, but he is also somewhat unimaginative, not greatly inspiring, rigid, and at best a middling tactician. He is, however, unswervingly loyal, utterly familiar with regulation and military code and doctrine, and forever helpful. Pereira's main talent, the thing that saw him make Ops Officer, is that whilst he is incapable of coming up with any real plans of his own, his ability to translate the plans of others borders on the unnatural. He was much loved by his superiors, especially General Rosario, for his ability to communicate their orders exactly as they had intended for them to be interpreted, even when the orders were vague or confusing. With Pereira coordinating the efforts, a general could rest easy knowing that his forces would act according to plan.

Simply put, Pereira's strength is his reliability. Militaries may boast exceptionally skilled individuals, but every commander and soldier, from the humblest private to the greatest marshal, will sooner or later (usually sooner) need a man like Pereira, a man who will take any order without question, will do his utter best to fulfill it as intended, and will be a port in a storm when the going gets tough.

Pereira married just before the Amazonian War to a writer named Lucia. Since then they've had two children- a daughter born in 2014 named Elisa, and a son born in 2016 named Jaime.

Follower Sheet

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
20 50 35 30 25 40 30 30 50
Literacy, Speak Languages (Portuguese, English), Command +10, Awareness, Deceive, Logic +10, SL (Military Structure) +20, Scrutiny, Intimidate, Dodge
Melee Weapon Proficiency, Heavy Weapon Proficiencies (General, Bolt), Basic Weapon Proficiencies (General, Bolt), Pistol Weapon Proficiency (General)
Favoured Enemy (Colombians)
Barrage, Covering Fire, Stable Shooter, Rapid Reload, Heavy Suppression
Bulging Biceps
Fearless, Insanely Faithful, Unshakeable Faith, Jaded, Nerves of Steel
Absolute Order, Plan A (Absolute Order)
9 70 Fed Light P-Armor, Surovite Knife, Rail Minigun, Rail Minigun Special Clips (Bleeder, Amputator, Manstopper), Rail Pistol

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