Rosalie Paget
Name: Rosalie Paget
Position: Student in Saint Louis's class 2-B
Sex: Female
Age: 7 (Born 2010)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 11e Arrondissement

Physical Details
Hair colour: Light Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 3'4"
Build: Tiny

Personal details
"I tried to get my mum to do it for me, but she was busy, so I had to do it myself. I saw you wearing them, so I thought I should too!"

The daughter of NERV medical doctor Marie Paget, Rosalie first met Yanmei in class- she was assigned as Yanmei's Petit Apprentice. Little Rosalie was thrilled to have her idol be caring for her personally and the two became good friends. The two further bonded over shared interests and experience- Rosalie's mother was often absent due to work, and Rosalie herself loved to run.

Rosalie was gravely injured during the Malchediel Attack, when a Banshee nearly killed her in the tunnels below Paris-2. The injury left her without use of her hand for a long time as well as a lasting phobia of darkness and closed spaces.

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