Rosamund Prescott

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Name: Rosamund Alice Prescott
Position: FCB Lieutenant, Operations Officer (Cavaleiro Status Officer)
Sex: Female
Age: 17 (Born 2001)
Nationality: Australian
Place of Residence: Sao Paulo-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Dark grey
Eye colour: Black
Height: 5'6"
Build: Average

Personal Details
"Whoops, I accidentally ruined Cyplex's gold and silicon monopoly! I sure hope this doesn't bring down the cost of locally-sourced computer components, allowing our equipment costs to come 9% under budget this quarter! Clumsy me…"

Rosamund Prescott was a student in the NeoAlexander project, one of those who benefited from Vera's tutelage. She was born in northern Queensland, Australia, on November 14, 2001. Little is known about her parents, and it seems she was initially intended for the NeoSpartan project, but was reassigned to the NeoAlexander project for reasons unknown.

Like most Companions, Prescott failed to achieve the goals outlined by the scheme, and like most Companions instead developed great talent in one area. Prescott's area was that of logistics and supply. Indeed, she was called a "logistical genius" by her superiors. She was highly valued by her more tactically-minded classmates for her ability to turn their 'armies' into the model of supply efficiency, and in the near-legendary clashes between Minerva Linden and Alphonse Wellesley, 'control' over Prescott was considered to be an objective in and of itself.

Her crowning achievement came when the Companions were told that they would be graded on a theoretical logistics plan they had to draft within a month. Prescott went one further. See, Prescott had always been the one Companion who could 'acquire' certain things for the discerning classmate… Even if they were things that she had no right in owning. For this test she pushed her efforts into overdrive, and within a week a full-blown black market economy was booming within the NeoAlexander programme, trading in everything from fast food to contraceptives to computer games and computer parts. All of this went unnoticed by the administration staff until the day the task was due. Instead of handing in a written plan, Prescott revealed her grand work to her tutor, Dieter Hauptmann, explaining calmly how she'd sourced, paid and smuggled in every thing she had trafficked in. Despite a breach of regulation a mile wide, Hauptmann was so impressed with Prescott's work and the sheer guts it took to do this as an assignment that he gave her a top mark and personally ensured she faced no disciplinary action.

On the other hand, Prescott was utterly terrible at anything involving tactical situations. She could plot how long it would take for a division to be trained, equipped and shipped to the front easily… But actually directing units in battle was beyond her ability. In fact in many situations she locked up and was unable to participate at all, whilst in some her tactics were so predictable or boneheaded that she was defeated handily by almost literally every one of her classmates sooner or later. Her record lists 499 losses and 1 draw, which occurred when a match had to be called off after she took the ill-advised (yet inspired) choice of abandoning her post, running through the complex, busting into her opponent's command centre and full-on tackling said opponent (Minerva Linden) to the ground, where she proceeded to tug violently on Linden's hair until she 'cried uncle', which she did not do. It was later revealed that the constant defeats had given Prescott actual nightmares regarding the upcoming match, and when push came to shove, she shoved.

Prescott was headhunted/rescued from the programme post-graduation by Vera Freitas to work as part of the FCB. There, Prescott is the 'Cavaleiro Officer' in charge of monitoring the Cavaleiros' status in combat and out, which in real terms means that she's more or less directing the logistical efforts that go into preparing a Cavaleiro for combat- everything from sourcing equipment and materials to organising repairs and weaponry.

Follower Sheet

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
20 20 20 20 30 50 40 30 50
Speak Languages (English, Portuguese), Literacy, Commerce+20, Inquiry+20, Deceive, Charm, Carouse, Awareness+10, Scrutiny+10
Touched By The Fates (1)
Melee Weapons Training, PWT (General), PWT (Maser), Talented (Commerce, Inquiry), Specialist (Commerce, Inquiry)
Peer (Business), IOU (Business), You Owe Me
Able Assistant, Lend A Hand, Wingman, Low Profile, On The Ball, Marker, Mass Marking, Combat Formation, Hunker Down, Soak Fire
6 70 Maser Pistol (Ex-Cap, RDLS), Rail Pistol (Fire Selector, RDLS), Rail Pistol Special Clips (Stunners, Sonics, EMPs), Surovite Knife, Fed Light P-Armor (Targeter Set)
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