Rosaria Alves
Name: Rosaria Alves
Position: Head of the Alves Group
Sex: Female
Age: 63 (B. 1955)
Nationality: Portuguese
Place of Residence: Paris-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Build: Powerful, if a bit gone to seed

Personal Details
"No, patriotism or altruism play little role in my organisation. My goal is profit. My business is arms dealing; and I do my business."

Rosaria Alves is the matriarch of the Alves Group. The Alves Group is a power house of the international gun-running trade, having started in the thirties by Rosaria's father, a socialist, who created the organisation out of the altruistic desire to funnel weapons and ammo to the Republican Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Even when the war ended poorly for the Republicans, the Alves Group continued to operate clandestinely and spread its net, bolstered by runaway and deserted ex-Republican soldiers. By 1942 it was supplying weapons to the Maquis French Resistance and Free French forces at a considerable rate.

Like many organisations started for an immediate cause, once the impetus ran out or the cause achieved, the Alves Group was left without a purpose. Unwilling to disband the group, which had been so successful and made the Alves family so powerful, Rosaria's father reordered the organisation to participate in other areas. Gradually it began to shift its cause to supporting socialist or independence movements in other countries such as China and Algeria. By the time Rosaria had come to power the organisation had truly lost its original purpose and was profit driven.

Rosaria has stuck to the profit principle as strongly as a code of honour. She does not discriminate amongst her customers, selling weapons to the highest bidder. She was intensely active during Second Impact for obvious reasons, and after the end of the LN war the Alves Group remains one of the few black market organisations to be able to sell the highly desirable Railgun and even Maser weapons.

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