Russkra Ssatra

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Full Name: Russkra Ssatra
Position: Maiden of the Shrinepath
Gender: Female
Date of Birth/Age: 2037/11 by human count
Place of Residence: ??

Physical Details
Hair Colour: Orange, with vivid red head-hair
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 1 metre, 65
Handedness: Right

Personal Notes

Notes from GM
The only Maiden of the Shrinepath to survive the Apostate ambush. As necessary of the Maidens, possesses a powerful Eye of Truth and the Charisma, but is relatively untrained.

Notes from Rora Mist
It would be…untoward, perhaps, for me to tarry long on the subject of Maiden Ssatra. I will, however, say this much: allow yourself a great deal of distance for interactions with her - mentally, emotionally.

…Physically, if at all possible.

Notes from Player Y

Notes from Player Z

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