The Slayer S Sanctum

*Xiri 's house is that dark loft at the top of some fanciful Paxian building, half of her lot dedicated to her garden, the rest of it her apartment. It's a recent affair; flat-roofed, possessed of modern architectural design sensibilities. Tyra can enter through the garden or through the elevator, which leads towards a sparse empty square room connected to her front door.
*Xiri 's front door — or that garden door, for that matter — have no identifying marks, outside of the flat number. There's no welcome mat, no decor… nothing.
*Tyra has as per usual ditched her security escort long before even coming close to the place, though it is her first time entering through a path that isn't the Lente. She seems a bit put off by the lack of anything at the front door, fidgeting some as a bit of cold feet kicks in. The Slayer mystique already working it's magic, perhaps.
*Tyra is in oddly less fanciful attire, though. The general well to do clothes have been replaced by a simple blue polo shirt, black denim slacks and a set of not quite as tall heels. Over this she wears a jacket, pulling it a bit tighter as if against a chill. Her hair's bound up in a series of braids and such so very little falls past her neck, as well.
*Tyra fidgets for another moment or two, then knocks on the door.
<Xiri> [ A voice from beyond the door says, "Come in." It's a neutral voice, somewhat welcoming. ]
*Tyra tries the door then. If it's open, she'll enter! And shut it behind her, of course.
<Xiri> [ The door leads into a … an empty lot. The sort of place that a real estate agent would be happy to show her around. It's cleaned out, and hasn't had any sign of dwelling in … well, ever. ]
*Tyra looks around, seeming a bit put off by this as well. She wasn't expecting things to be so… bare, after all.
<Xiri> [ "Come around," the voice says platonically. ]
*Tyra mutters something about if being spookily mysterious is something that comes standard, but she does continue on.
<Xiri> [ Tyra does move, back through the entrance… although she finds herself not out at that sparse foyer where the elevator was, but now in an actual furnished home, in a living room. It has a cold feel to it, the ambience of someone who merely stays here, and doesn't populate and make her print known upon it. The furniture is spartan, the decor missing… ]
<Xiri> [ cont. ]
*Xiri is now known as The_Slayer
<The_Slayer> [ The living room Tyra is in has the basics: a coffee table, a long couch and two single couches with a television set just to the right of her, on a deck. At her left corner are doors leading elsewhere, unmarked and closed; towards her further back and to the left is a dining table upon which the Slayer is sitting, dressed in her full outfit and with her hood up, her body faced towards the Paskell Princess. ]
<The_Slayer> [ Further back from the dining table is the kitchen and some other parts of the loft, where a visible slot provides the kitchenspace a counter and a view towards the television. ]
*Tyra spares a look around, looking somewhere between simple curiosity and possibly casing it some. As her eyes come across the Slayer though she stops this, frowning for a moment. "Evening. Not… quite what I was expecting, I'll admit."
*The_Slayer responds, as she gestures stiffly towards the couch, "Basic security. No one but those admitted can enter this space-twisted realm."
*Tyra follows the gesture, moving towards the couch and taking a seat. "…space-twisted, huh? I didn't think people could manage things like that on this scale."
*The_Slayer tilts her head and has a hoarse chuckle, before saying, "Do you not frequent the Lente, with its ever-changing door?"
<Tyra> Mmm, point. I never did ask how that was managed either.
*The_Slayer rises slowly, smoothly from her seat, and moves to be unseen as she enters the kitchen. She can then be seen through the slot. "Drink?" she questions. "I am reminded that you have requested a job from me."
*Tyra gives a slight nod at the question, glancing down at her hands. "Surprise me. I did, yes. Not… quite your usual fare. No murdering or anything, that is. Just insurance against things going wrong. I'm going to be contacting Vickers for the hand off of the rest of the information."
*The_Slayer gets to the kitchen and pours some orange juice. It's slid over, over the counter. "We have seen no involvement from his hand at that warehouse raid the other day. Do you find it well enough within yourself to trust him?"
*Tyra raises an eyebrow, catching the drink in her own telekinetic grip before it arrives in her hand. She takes a small sip, closing her eyes. "Yes, but I'm hedging my bets."
*The_Slayer points directly at Tyra, although it's a bit of a casual addressing gesture, as she says, "Do not forget that we know to not trust the list fully; Thomas Timekeeper is not who the list says he is, for instance."
*Tyra opens an eye to look at the Slayer before glancing away. "I know, but I'm out of time and I"ve turned up nothing implicating him. I'll risk my neck."
*The_Slayer is walking towards the couch by the time Tyra opens her eye. Then she stops by the table. "You won't have to," states the Slayer, resolutely.
*Tyra smiles faintly for a moment, though she doesn't look over at the Slayer just yet. "Thanks, Xi… erm, Slayer. Hopefully it won't be necessary."
*The_Slayer doesn't seem to be sharing the smile, though, because she says, "I am not yet content to drop my vigil. Bad apples tend to come from bad seeds. Know that your eyes will not be the only ones alert."
*Tyra loses the smile quickly enough, taking another sip of her juice at that reminder. "Right."
*The_Slayer walks further, so she can sit on the couch opposite Tyra, across the coffee table. Her legs cross; her slitted skirt shifts accordingly, moving as if liquid to accomodate. "Tell me of the hand off, now."
*Tyra nods, focusing on the details with a glance towards the Slayer. "West and Minister. It's ground level, about where the port district and industrial district meet. Not exactly where one would expect either of us, but I know the area pretty well. Two in the morning, two days from now."
*The_Slayer commits the details to memory. Or maybe a secret organizer inside of that cowl, 'cause she can't remember a thing to save her life. "I am to be a shadow… harmless lest he step in yours to draw the dagger 'neath his cloak."
*Tyra nods. "I appreciate it, even if it's just to keep your own watch on him."
*The_Slayer gestures, again, and moves closer towards the garden. She gestures, before telekinetically reaching out for a tuffet of wild daisies, tied with a black ribbon. Then it's slid over to Tyra's lap, before she states, "You are an unusual ally to me. But I do believe that there is benefit to be had from this alliance."
*Tyra glances down at the array of flowers, managing a faint smile again despite the circumstances. "All these flowers and such, people are going to think someone's courting me."
*The_Slayer pauses for a while, before saying, "You are free to tell them they have an overactive imagination." Oooh, don't think of that as Xiri saying it…
*The_Slayer marches back towards the couch to sit back down. "Is that all you desire out of this meeting, or are there other arrangements you wish to make, Tyraline Paskell?"
*Tyra works her mouth for a moment, looking a bit put off at the full name as the smile fades once more. "Mmm.. unless you had something to offer besides this, that would be it I believe." She finishes off her juice, shifting some to pull the jacket tight around her again.
*The_Slayer shifts in her seat, considering it for a moment, before saying, "Very well. You only need to leave through the front door when you are done." With that, the Slayer's form flickers and wavers, before vanishing. Her voice adds, attached to no body, "You can leave the glass on the table as well."
*Tyra breathes out a sigh, rising from the couch to set the glass down on the table. She does keep the daisies in hand, looking them over for a moment as she heads for the door. She does spare another glance around before stepping through it, however.
<The_Slayer> [ Tyra finds herself at the sparse room with the elevator. The door behind her has been shut all this time. ]
*The_Slayer pulls the hood off after Tyra leaves, having shut it herself. She… spends a while leaning against that door, looking mildly rueful, before prowling off to another part of her loft…
*Tyra glances down at the flowers, frowning as she heads for the elevators. "How to explain this…"

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