A Romantic Date

<Tyra> 4» A Damaneday night at the Lente Xiri would find an envelope addressed to her at closing time, the Paskell Princess having just left minutes ago looking somewhere between nervous and excited. It was a small one, addressed to Xiri with a red rose attached to it as well. Within would be a short letter in Tyra's handwriting to boot.
<Tyra> 4» 'Still thinking about our conversation at the party and the time we've spent together, can't keep my mind off you so here goes. Tomorrow night at 6:30 I've made arrangements for dinner at the Mayflower, if you're as interested as I am. Don't worry, you won't have the press hounding you about being on a date with the Paskell Princess if you say yes. - Tyra'
*Xiri reads it. Then reads it again. Then reads it some more. Her face is increasingly :o and eventually becomes :O and eventually *o_o* . Then she's suddenly waiting outside the Mayflower some fifteen hours later, dressed rather nicely… the crimson reds is replaced with a pastel milky white sleeveless dress, with engravings of solid silver along the breastline.
*Xiri has upper arm-length detached sleeves of the same milk-white color to match, and has her hair done up slightly, as it is somewhat curly and with a set of locks tied together behind her head.
*Tyra was in fact waiting for Xiri at the place, a rather high class Feywild themed resturant in the more ritzy section of town. She seems more than a little nervous, fidgeting a bit as a coin dances across one gloved hand and then the other. She does seem to forget a fair bit of the nerves as she spots Xiri, making her way towards her.
*Tyra even now hasn't surrendered in her opposition to dresses. Her own outfit seems to be a black tuxedo, bowtie and all with a dark blue dress shirt. The jacket seems to have gold interlaced along the hem of the bottom and the sleeves. A pair of black dress heels add a bit more height than usual to her, her hair braided back with a gold ribbon running through it.
*Tyra looks over Xiri for a moment, a small smile quickly growing even more. "Evening, Xiri. You look absolutely gorgeous, as always." A bit of a fidget, coin disappearing from a gloved hand as she reaches out to take Xiri's and place a light kiss on it. "Hope you didn't mind my, ah, way of asking you out."
*Xiri looks down and up to her, and then she takes her hand as she, too, flushes lightly on the cheeks as she looks away. "I was not expecting you to do such a wonderful thing for me, Tyri. I do not know what to say."
*Tyra can't help but giggle for a moment, shaking her head. "I'm pretty sure you being here is more than enough for me, Xiri." She gestures with her other hand towards the resturant tower, still beaming. "Shall we? The owner's an old friend of mine from university, he's kept things quiet so there isn't a stir."
*Xiri smiles a little, looking about as she lets Tyra lead her in. "I have not been here before. I heard the reviews, but…"
*Tyra does lead Xiri in, sliding one arm around Xiri's own if she lets her as a dapper Eladrin fellow in a suit opens the doors for them to step in. The lobby of the Mayflower is a riot of color, managing to balance the sheer array of abstract designs so it doesn't turn into an all out assault on the senses while remaining lively.
<Tyra> 4» There's also music playing throughout the building, this night's selection of songs seeming to be all works of one Susan Elemin. A couple seem to be some of the pieces she sung abroad for the soldiers, the ones that launched her career. Various members of the upper Paxian class are milling about in conversation, some on their way out, some on their way in.
*Tyra heads for the podium, the maitre d' looking to be human man about Tyra's age or so. Upon spotting the two he smiles, waving them forward and up the spiraling staircase to the dining floor. "This way, this way. The Republic Room is ready for the two of you. We have a fine selection of wines and dishes of the Feywild, expertly prepared…" And so he continues.
*Xiri seems to eee a little at the decor in a way Tyra might not appreciate, since she is also Eladrin. "Ashal'anore, Tyri, it is like I have stepped home again…" she breathes in, excitement radiating off her face as she clings a bit tighter to Tyra's arm.
<Tyra> 4» The man seems rather pleased with Xiri's reaction, giving Tyra an encouraging smile as the Paskell blushes some. "Thank you, Madame. We strive to bring as much of the Feywild in our establishment as possible." Tyra gives Xiri another glance, smiling. "I think you've definitely succeeded there, Antoine."
<Tyra> 4» By now they've reached the second floor, the centerpiece being a crystal fountain in the center carved to resemble the city of Paxia itself. Tables are scattered about, waiters and waitresses tending to them while off to the right the bar can be seen. To the left and ahead there are a series of doors, Antoine leading them to one that is revealed to be an elevator.
*Tyra spares a look around as if making sure no one's noticed just who she is yet, then glances over at Xiri with an amused smile. "The Republic's a private room near the top. The rest of the tower is private rooms with elevators connecting them and their own facilities such as the kitchens, as I understand it."
*Xiri is still like a little girl that's just crashlanded inside a pony shop, almost gawking at the crystal fountain and almost having to be pulled away after a bit, and then looking back to Tyra just in time to listen to her. "A private room? That is so lavish, Tyri."
*Tyra giggles for a moment as they step into the elevator, Antoine following after and manipulating the panel to send them soaring upwards. The elevator seems to be on the outer edge of the tower, half of the wall clear glass to allow a grand view of Paxia at night. "If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it /right/, Xiri. No cutting corners or anything."
*Xiri is stuck between the cruel decision of staring out as the elevator takes them to grand views that even she can't afford (except for when she's out as the Slayer), and then smiles as she turns to Tyra again, hugging her tightly, even with Antoine in sight.
<Tyra> 4» Antoine is nothing if a professional, watching the console with the same smile on his face as before. Tyra turns even more red for a moment, though she wraps her arms around Xiri to return the embrace. Soon enough though he presses another button, the elevator coming to a stop and doors sliding open.
<Tyra> 4» The Republic room seems to be even a step beyond the rest of the resturant that Xiri has seen so far. The center of the room plays host to a round crystal table with two chairs set opposite of each other, an array of appetizers and such already set out. The decor and music follows that of the lobby, though it all seems to spiral out from the center of the room in both ceiling and floor.
<Tyra> 4» It also shifts in hue and brightness every so often, at the moment seeming to mimic nights in the Feywild almost. The walls except for the elevator they are on and a somewhat larger elevator on the opposite side of the room are the same glass, allowing one a full 360 degree view of the city as they please.
<Tyra> 4» Antoine steps out, setting two menus down on the table along with another booklet with a smile. "Please, enjoy yourselves. When you've decided on what you wish to have to eat and drink, simply ring it in. Enjoy yourselves, ladies." Tyra leads Xiri out of the elevator, nodding towards Antoine before he retreats back within and descends back to the resturant proper.
<Tyra> 4» As for ringing it in, Xiri may spot a familiar crystal model of magitech intercom that must be a direct line to the kitchens so they can place their order. Tyra doesn't say anything just yet, just watching Xiri's reactions.
*Xiri is the little girl who stumbled out of the pony shop and is now riding on the rainbow express on said recently purchased pony, staring out to gasp and exclaim some almost intelligible expression in the language of the Fey, and then, "It is just like the nights on Alharann's crystal spire… oh, Tyri! You have made me a most happy feymaiden." She claps again as she excitedly takes her seat.
*Tyra can't help but giggle at Xiri's reaction, the last bits of nerves fading as she also takes a seat. She taps a finger on the menus for a moment before gesturing towards the booklet (which appears to be a wine list, with a rather startling complete list of Eladrin wines). "I'm glad you love it, Xiri. I was a bit nervous about the whole idea at first but well, gut instict."
*Tyra hands Xiri the booklet, smiling. "I'm not quite that familiar with Feywild wines, so you can choose for the both of us."
*Xiri leans in and says, "You've marvelous guts, Tyri." Pause. "Marvelous instincts." Fluster! Then she hides her face behind the booklet, perusing it. And oohing and aahing.
*Tyra raises an eyebrow for a moment, then she can't help but giggle. "Thank you, Xiri." She considers the dishes already placed, reaching out to try some of the honeycomb first. "My first time here, as well. It'll be a bit of an adventure."
*Xiri ums lightly, before saying, and then stopping as she oohs, "Ohmigosh, they have Na—" pause. She clears her throat. "Nalvarin '77 white," she decides with a bright smile. "Always wanted to try Uncle Handrel's wines."
*Tyra tilts her head, considering for a moment. "Nalvarin '77 white? Hmm, very well then." She taps the crystal, ordering a bottle of it with a smile towards Xiri. "Anything in particular you think I should definitely try, Xiri?"
*Xiri is trying some of the appetizers, mming as she particularly attaches to some of the tulip-shaped little wafers. "Oh, you have to try these. They are a local delicacy."
*Tyra reaches out to pluck one of the wafers, taking a small bite at first to get a taste. The larger elevator whirs, opening up as a waiter arrives to set the request bottle down along with a pair of glasses. He retreats with a bow and 'Ladies' swiftly.

*Xiri mms softly and smiles, saying as she stops the waiter, "What are your specials of the day?"
*Xiri stops to think, as she excitedly questions, "Do you have the little rose-petalled feygoose? It is that time of year in the 'wild, is it not?"
<Tyra> 4» The waiter whirls about, giving another bow. "I believe we just began serving it, Madame. Fresh from the 'wild, but of course."
*Xiri claps as she says, "Good. Please get us one, but the cornish ones; the rockgames are but too chewy for my tastes. And please, if you would, I would prefer it Northern-style."
<Tyra> 4» Another bow, a 'Yes Madame' and the man makes his exit. Tyra finishes pouring the wine for both of them, holding out a glass towards Xiri with a smile. "Here you go, Xi."
*Xiri mms again as she holds the glass, and toasts Tyra. "You are the best, Ty."
*Tyra actually blushes, gaze falling to the table as she brings up her own glass in response. "I just picked the place and such, that's all…"
*Xiri smiles as she leans her head in and says, "But that is what makes or breaks everything, would you not say?"
*Tyra fidgets nervously for a moment, blushing some more before looking up at Xiri. "True enough, Xiri. Still, I should be thanking you for all the good times at the Lente I think."
*Xiri tilts her head as she somewhat playfully says, "Come now, Tyri, this is not just about thanking me for hosting the Lente, is it?"
*Tyra can't help but chuckle nervously, taking a sip of her wine. "No, of course not. It's, ah, me wanting to go further." Another fidget, the coin starting to dance along her free hand again. "You've caught my eye and mind, Xiri. The time we've spent together has been some of the most enjoyable times of my life."
*Xiri just can't stand up to that kind of talk, so she winds up holding the menu over her face again as she tries to recollect herself. "Oh. Ah… um. Oh, my."
*Tyra shifts a bit, offering a nervous smile. "Too much too fast?"
*Xiri has a decidedly conflicted look on her face inside as she says, "No, no, Tyri, I just have not heard something to flawless, so beautiful uttered to me." Then her inner voice says to herself, 'That is a lie. You have felt more wonder sparked within you in the past. That is why you are clinging so hard to it.'
*Tyra blushes some more at that, not attempting to get a look at Xiri's face past the menu at the moment (thankfully for Xiri). "A-ah, thank you, Xiri." She distracts herself by reaching for another one of the wafers, chewing on it thoughtfully.
*Xiri bites her lip as she flips the menu to try to not look like she's hiding, saying, "A-ah, they also have rockets. I like rockets. Rockets in olive oil. And beef carpaccio. With parsley. And, and…" A pause. She puts down the menu with a bashful look as she says, "I was not ordering."
*Tyra can't help but smirk, giving the crystal a meaningful look. "If you want it though, feel free. Whatever you want tonight is yours, Xi."
*Xiri swallows hard tonight as she puts the menu down and lets out a squeaky little noise, before smiling to say, "How… long have you felt this way, Tyri?" 'This is not happening,' says the inner voice. 'This is a dream…'
*Tyra raises an eyebrow for a moment at the noise, though soon enough her face has turned red once more. "A-ah… quite a while, really." She fidgets some, the coin passing from hand to hand. "It's grown over the past few weeks, but well…" She offers a helpless shrug, still crimson.
*Xiri almost has a dreamy sigh as she leans in against her and says, "I mean, I do have many folks come and pass through the Lente, all with their little flights of fancy, their wistful eyes, their lustful gazes, but… I never thought…" '… every second sentence she makes is a double entendre. You thought. You perfectly thought, you dullard.'
*Tyra banishes the coin again, slipping an arm around Xiri without even thinking about it. "I have a knack for hiding it at times, I guess." She glances down, biting her lip for a moment before pressing on. "And… yourself? Do you feel, I mean.. you're here, so…" She seems to be flailing almost, not quite sure how to word it.
*Xiri takes a deep breath, inner voice muttering, 'Good question. Why are you here?' as she offers her a big smile, if a shaky and nervous one that isn't quite so certain. "Gosh, Tyri, it's… I mean, first date. I do not wish to rush things, and you know us eladrin. You know the joke… our bases are measured in years."
*Tyra gives a nod at that, something in her expression shifting (though it's hard to tell what and in what fashion). "Ah, yeah.. sorry, s'just you asked and.." Nervousness and fluster seem to have taken hold, the woman grasping for how she wants to word it before just shaking her head. "I'm sorry, I'm babbling like an idiot."
*Xiri shakes her head quickly as she remands herself, saying, "No, I… I want to spend every waking moment of it together, do not get me wrong, oh—" Pause, and she cups her cheeks with her hands as she ees a little, saying, "Oh, I suppose that is my answer, is it not?" 'Why am I listening to you and Paskell both…'
*Tyra turns back to look at Xiri, wide eyed now. "A-ah, really? You're serious?" She shakes her head, stuttering for a moment more. "I-I mean, it isn't like I doubt what you're saying! I didn't know if you felt the same I did though. Maybe that's why I took so long in going ahead with this…"
*Xiri sighs, a little dreamily as she leans forward and says, "Well, just listening to you talk about … I do not know, business, and handling it, and yet with such a soulful look in your eyes… that is such a rare and majestic thing, I believe." 'How high up is this building? … can I jump out the window?'
*Tyra finds herself leaning in some as well, keeping her eyes locked with Xiri's for the time being. "Soulful? I never figured that's how I looked when talking about business…" She can't help but chuckle again, smiling nervously. "I mean, you put all of your heart and mind into your work at the Lente.. it's completely your own thing, your own choice."
*Xiri shakes her head and says, "But you care about the people. It isn't just about the thalers for you. You do not just go…" and she does an exaggerated villain laugh as she makes a huge hugging motion, as if against a big bag of thalers, and going, "Moo hoo ha ha, the profit margins are mine, forget the orphans." 'Seriously, it can't be that high up, can it…'
*Tyra can't help but giggle at that, taking another sip of her wine. "You're right, I suppose…" She trails off as if in thought before the music shifts to another song. Her eyes light up for a moment, then she's on her feet while holding a hand out to Xiri. "Want to dance?"
*Xiri 's eyes widen as she perks up and looks about, before saying, "Dance? But …" A pause. "Oh, I suppose if we will, it ought to be before dinner…"
*Tyra smiles, then can't help but wink. "Quite. Come on, I promise I'll be able to keep up with you."
*Xiri takes another sip as she smiles and rises from her seat, the rest of her white dress rolling down around her body. 'Okay, now just edge closer to the window and slide on out…'
*Tyra leads Xiri out a bit from the table, still smiling as she places on hand at her hip while clasping her hand with the other. "Let's see if I still remember…" She seems a bit nervous of course, though soon enough she's leading Xiri rather well in a slow dance in tune with the song. Almost on cue the floor and ceiling coloration shift, taking on the appearance of the night sky.
*Xiri 's face expresses a kind of wistful, up in the clouds kind of joy. She is truly on her Cloud Nine. If… Tyra stares really, really close, though, there is a somewhat subtle expression of emptiness deep within her eyes that she is mentally trying to mask, as she is led to the dance floor, 'ooh'ing slightly as Tyra puts her hand on her hip, and she adopts position. "Like that one night in the Lente…"
*Tyra giggles at Xiri's reaction, continuing to lead the dance. "Mmhmm… dancing in the heavens, you think?" She peers at Xiri's face for a moment, smile fading somewhat as she continues to dance. "…Xiri? Everything alright?"
*Xiri blinks a bit as she continues to move through the dance, her smile turning to that of concern as she asks, not missing her cues in the waltz, "Why?"
<Tyra> There's… a look in your eyes. I can't quite describe it, but…
*Xiri blinks quickly, before leaning in to give her a sudden kiss, her lips melting against hers as she shuts her eyes as she sidesteps to continue her position in the dance. 'Clever girl…'
*Tyra wide eyes at this for a moment, though soon enough her own eyes are closed and she's returning the kiss. Her hand at Xiri's hip shifts a bit, pulling the somewhat taller woman closer as well in the dance.
*Xiri mmms softly as she doesn't press into Tyra's mouth, but rather stays with her, one hand moving up to touch the side of her head, close to her ears. 'How long has it been, I wonder?' she questions to herself, Xiri uttering hateful words at her for thinking of someone else as they kiss.
*Tyra seizes the initative for once, actually pressing a bit with her own lips, slowing her in her dance until eventually coming to a stop. She squeezes Xiri's hand for a moment before simply moving to wrap her arms around her in an embrace, thoughts of the dance and her earlier question quite blown away for the moment.
*Xiri mmphs a little, perhaps even a bit surprised as Tyra shows some assertion in their kiss. She resists, but for a moment, then her defense is blown away as she relents into her kiss, their tongues intertwining bit for a moment, Xiri now weeping bitterly as she watches the eladrin think of a certain dead lover.
*Tyra continues the kiss for a few more moments, her embrace tightening some. Eventually though, reluctantly she breaks the kiss. Her teeth brush across Xiri's lower lip for a moment before she draws back, half opening her eyes with a somewhat dreamy expression. No words as of yet, it seems.
*Xiri is just about as flush red as you can make an eladrin before you could call her a blood elf, touching the ends of her long fingers to her lips as she moves her gaze away. "Tyri, I…"
*Tyra tilts her head slightly, expression normalizing some. "..Yes?"
*Xiri smiles coquettishly as she whispers, "That was such a perfect… moment."
*Tyra blushes some at that. "Ah… I, yes, it was." She leans in again to give Xiri a quick peck on the lips, smiling. "Thank you, Xiri."
*Xiri mmms softly, as Tyra pecks her, eyes closed… her thoughts are turning towards fear again as she looks away, towards the glass windows of the crystal room they are in. "… I feel guilty," she suddenly says, sinking the mood.
*Tyra frowns for a moment, turning serious. "…is that why you had that look in your eyes?"
*Xiri looks shyer as she bashfully says, evading the question again, "I mean, Tyri, I am… unworthy of all this. Look at me. I am a … a…" 'Mess. A wreck. A pigeon-headed fop who desires more than she can have.' "Well, I am me. Quirky." She somehow manages to keep it somewhat light in tone, more self-admonishing.
*Xiri adds with haste, "I sing songs, and serve beer and food. I would not be a good woman for a … someone of your stature."
*Tyra listens to Xiri for a moment, then simply shakes her head. "I don't care about stature. I don't care if someone's 'below' my standing. I refuse to let it control every aspect of my life." She leans in, nervousness and hesitation gone completely. "I want you, not some twit with an overblown opinion of themselves who managed to win the heritage lottery and will be inheriting some company."
*Xiri turns around from her, her body language expressing her concern and anxiety still. "That conforts me…" 'But it does not comfort -me-.'
<Tyra> But?
*Xiri turns around again, shrugging with a helpless smile as she paces to her side, saying, "I do not know. I am a worrier by nature. I keep thinking of all the different possibilities, the little and big things…"
*Tyra shakes her head, shifting to keep in front of Xiri. "Well, then I just have to keep your mind off of worrying, don't I?"
*Xiri smiles warmly at Tyra, as she leans in to touch her hand again. "Well…" she says, uncertain. 'Do not think it.'
*Tyra takes Xiri's hand in her own, watching her for another heartbeat before just leaning in to kiss her again.
*Xiri leans in for another kiss! She seems to be enjoying it, mming softly as she presses her lips. Then she pulls away, after they are done, to say, "Shall we have dinner?"
*Tyra smiles, nodding as the elevator chimes to announce the convinent arrival of dinner. "Mmm, we should, though I'm hardly going to be able to think straight I believe…"
*Xiri is actually able to muster a joke as she says lightly, "I hope not, if you are planning on continuing to court me," and walks towards the table, her inner voice going, 'Haw haw,' with the full palpable chagrin of a Paxian gentleman.
*Tyra can't help but giggle, taking a seat. "I've already had dessert, I think.."
*Xiri sits, and dines, exchanging charming and friendly little epithets and jokes and stories about the 'wild as the feygoose is cooked and eaten.
*Tyra responds with her own stories about Paxia and such, though once dinner is cleared and they're working their way through the bottle she reaches into her jacket, withdrawing a small wrapped box and setting it in front of Xiri with a nervous smile.
*Xiri 's eyes widen as she's on her third and a half glass of her own uncle's wine. There will be a somewhat awkward phone call to him later tonight. "A-A gift, Tyri? Oh dear."
*Tyra gives a nod, still smiling. "Mmhmm. Go on, open it."
*Xiri sets the gift in front of her. She puts both of her hands' fingers to her mouth, does a little happyclap, peeks around it, and basically is extremely adorable around it until she shakes her head to go, "Oh, I cannot wait anymore," and opens it.
<Tyra> 4» It's a small black box, and within it would be a pair of gold earrings with diamonds set into them. A special sort of diamond, the center of it looking as if it is shifting colors depending on what angle you look at the diamond from.
*Xiri lets out a little gasp as she looks up at Tyra, looks down at them, looks up at Tyra again, and says, "Oh, Tyri, I couldn't possibly."
*Tyra gestures encouragingly, smiling. "Of course you can."
*Xiri takes them out, and leans one gigantic oversized eladrin ear and … actually feels around for the tender part on the entire length. She actually has two other earrings worn already, both nearer to the end, but this one she puts on her lobe near the side of her head. "How do I look?"
*Tyra can't help but grin even more, nodding. "Wonderful. Beautiful, even."
*Xiri smiles broadly as she says, "For us eladrin, the earrings we put on our lobe are special. They represent a gift from a special one to us. Even the men do it." 'And I was happy to NOT HAVE ANYTHING on it, thank you.'
*Tyra turns crimson, looking down as she attempts to say something. Not much more than a squeak follows, causing her to turn even more red and nervous. The coin's back to dancing across her hands again.
*Xiri takes another deep breath, smiling brightly as she drinks the rest of her wine down to say, "I had a fabulous time, Tyri."
*Tyra looks up, managing to compose herself enough to speak now as she finishes off her own glass. "I did too, Xiri.." She can't help but giggle again, shaking her head. "Oh gods, I still can't quite keep it together."
*Xiri does giggle along with her to say, "I know, I … gosh, you know my nights are quite packed, what with running the Lente…"
*Tyra can't help but grin. "Quite. It made tonight a pretty easy choice for scheduling it, at least."
*Xiri does chuckle as well as she extends her arms to encourage her to come over. "We will have to settle for a lot of lunch dates."
*Tyra doesn't hesitate in the slighest, making her way over to wrap her arms around Xiri. She leans in, face rather close to her's. "Oh, I'm sure we'll figure out how best to make use of our free time."
*Xiri hugs Tyra in response, tightening around her as she mms softly, and says, "Yes… although I will let you know I am not a high maintenance lady at all. I would be as happy with a picnic date over at the park as well."
*Tyra chuckles for a moment, tilting her head. "I was thinking out on the sea, possibly…" She reaches up, lightly toying with a lock of Xiri's hair.
*Xiri 's eyes widen lightly as she says, "On the sea? On a boat?"
*Tyra gives a nod, watching Xiri's face again with a grin. "That was the idea."
*Xiri mmms softly as she excitedly says, "I have never been on a boat before. … I fear I will become seasick."
*Tyra chuckles. "I'll pack a few things just in case, how's that sound?"
*Xiri nods in return and says, "Very well. I will be looking forward to it, then, Tyri."
*Tyra grins. "Excellent." She considers for a moment, still toying with the lock of hair before simply leaning in for yet another kiss.
*Xiri kisses again! So many kisses, like a flood of memories peeling back over her layer of happiness, her inner self struggling to maintain her focus and at the same time dismaying Xiri further. She is strong, though, so she kisses, and then says, "Shall we?"
*Tyra nods after one last peck, letting out a wistful sigh. "We shall. Though I wish tonight would not end."
*Xiri mmms softly as she says encouragingly, "I suppose… we could have a Magic Hour. Just for you."
*Tyra brightens considerably, looking at Xiri with another bright smile. "I… I'd love that, Xiri."
*Xiri smiles as she pulls closer to her, wrapping her arm around hers as she says, "Now, let us go."
*Tyra nods, heading for the elevator they took up to the room. "Alright, Xi." She giggles again for a moment, keeping close to Xiri and even resting her head on her shoulder some.
*Xiri teases, as they head down the elevator, "Perhaps I shall dress in a stunning black sports jacket next time, and you a lovely gown of the finest silk?"
*Tyra raises an eyebrow, giving Xiri an amused smirk. "Mmm, if anyone else asked I'd never even consider it… for you?" She shifts a bit to whisper in her ear. "I will, though no other soul will be allowed to know.
*Xiri giggles a little as she says, "I was joshing, Tyri dear."
*Tyra keeps the smirk, tilting her head. "So you don't want to see me in a dress, then?"
*Xiri mmms softly as she has to consider that, before saying, "I think you are perfect however you dress, love."
*Tyra giggles at that, blushing for a moment. "Thank you, Xiri."
*Xiri smiles back towards her, as they stride out towards the foyer of the restaurant. And…

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