Keeping In Touch

<Xiri> [ The Festina Lente is having a special this night: it's celebrating an eladrin day of sharing or some other unofficial remembrance day like that, and as such, there are Happy Hour specials and 25% off all meals and complimentary breadsticks and appetizers go with them. The place has been decored to be slightly brighter and happier, and the casino is closed. ]
*Tyra does arrive not long after opening as per usual, fidgeting a bit nervously. It's been at most a day since that dinner at the Mayflower and she's still trying to fight back the occasional blush at the memory. In the end she takes a deep breath, stepping in and casting her gaze about. She has a specific goal on this night!
*Xiri is similarly annoying J.B. by being extra happy, although she's a -little- more reserved about it. She's got those pair of earrings still worn… well, okay, put on again the moment she adopts the Xiri persona, and absolutely being an even more pleasant person than she normally already is tonight. Hell, even Walter is getting more drinks put into him.
*Tyra doesn't waste another moment, slipping through the crowd with her usual skill and making straight for Xiri. She can't quite help but start to grin again, perhaps even in a bit of a silly fashion before composing herself some. Chances are Xiri will spot the incoming Paskell Princess before she calls out, though.
*Xiri does turn, given she's at the bar, and tinywaves excitedly at her as she leans over towards her. Tonight, she is in her traditional crimson dress with the black feather ruffle. "Tyri-kins."
*Tyra can't help but giggle, the silly smile returning as she makes her way to the bar… and then leans in to give Xiri a quick peck on the cheek. "Evenin', Xi. I realized something very silly today when I woke up, something I need to correct."
*Xiri eeps a little as she actually gets kissed in public, J.B. getting a super big upturned eyebrow as he smirks and downs a drink, before asking with a large blush, "What is that?"
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Walter is watching. He blinks, shrugs, perhaps deflates a little, and goes back to his surplus of drinks. ]
*Tyra giggles for a moment, taking a seat. "I, ah. Have no way to get in contact to ask you out to lunch and such." Fidget.
*Xiri pauses, and then looks a little embarrassed as she goes, "Oh. Oh, right. Um…"
*Tyra gives a nod, shifting a little as she surveys the available drinks on the menu.
*Xiri has an array of exotic drinks. Actually, she’s got J.B. making up specials, so the theme is from the part of the world he's from. "I… how do you wish to contact me, Tyri?"
*Tyra gives a slight shrug, considering for a moment. She narrows her eyes, then nods. "Orastan Whip. And, ah, what would work for you, Xiri? Contacting me is pretty easy, all told, but I don't know how you'd prefer it…"
*Xiri leans and says, "One whip, Jayjay." He grunts, and looks back to Tyra to think for a moment, sighing lightly. "That is a tough question…"
*Tyra glances down for a moment, looking embarrassed. "Sorry, Xi."
<Tyra> I just, ah, want a way to talk to you besides coming in here.
*Xiri leans in closer to her across the bar, mming softly as she stares longingly into her eyes with a slight giggle. "That is so adorable of you."
*Tyra turns beat red for a moment, though she doesn't look away. "A-ah, thanks, Xiri. Any ideas?" She giggles for a moment. "Or should I lean on my folks to provide a way for you, mmm?"
*Xiri nods slowly as she says, "I mean… yeah…" with just a bit of awkwardness.
*Tyra considers for a moment, rubbing her chin. Then her eyes brighten, an impish smile appearing on her face.
*Xiri tilts her head as she says, "Ah, I know that look. You've some bright idea bubbling in there."
*Tyra giggles. "I do, though I'll have to lean on Grandpapa some for it and maybe Diana. Crystal telephone is my idea. Picture and audio, a luxury even in modern day Paxia."
*Xiri 's eyes widen lightly as she says, "Really? A telephone? Truly, now?"
*Tyra nods again. "Yes! If you don't mind, that is."
*Xiri covers her mouth lightly as she looks indecisive, saying, "Tyri-kins, I would be happy, just…" A slight blush as she leans closer. "All these gifts and money."
*Tyra fidgets a bit, giggling again. "I know, I know. I'm sorry, but let me spoil you a bit, please?"
*Xiri tilts her head as she sighs romantically, leaning in closer as she says, "If you'll let me spoil you next time."
*Tyra gets a sly look for a moment, leaning in as well to whisper. "Of course, Xi. Just name when and where."
*Xiri blinks slightly, blushing harder to say, bashfully, "That is not what I meant." A thoughtful 'mm' escapes her lips after to say, "Dinner… tonight, even? Or perhaps lunch tomorrow?"
*Tyra smirks for a moment. "That's not the /only/ way to spoil, you know. Mmm, lunch would be wonderful. I don't want to take up too much time from the Lente, after all…"
*Xiri smiles a bit as she sits back on her barstool. "Well, were you busy? Come take a load off. The Lente is not going to change…"
*Tyra shakes her head. "Hardly busy, Xiri. Especially when it comes to you." She settles in, giggling a bit more. "I'll bring it in tomorrow then."
*Xiri presses her lips together and cups her hands to her cheeks, blushing further as she says, "Ah, Tyri…"
*Tyra tilts her head, grinning. "Hmmmmm?"
*Xiri smiles as she sighs lightly to say, "I was… I did want to talk to you, earlier on, as well. The question had come up to me."
*Xiri 's sigh was a gentle sigh, at that.
*Tyra can't help but giggle, leaning in again. "Well, here we are. It's still a bit like a dream, isn't it?"
*Xiri nods as she looks aside for a moment, turning further red to say, "I think some people are starting to talk…"
*Tyra lets out a sigh, slumping a bit in place. "I'd love to say 'let them', but it'd be trouble for you…"
*Xiri thinks for a moment longer, and then shrugs in return as she says, "Well, then let them."
*Tyra grins. "You're prepared to deal with what happens when you get involved with a Paskell, then?"
*Xiri blinks, raising an eyebrow as she loses her thought and goes, "Huhm?"
<Tyra> Press attention, talk of the town, all that.
*Tyra shudders for a moment. "Having to deal with the majority of my family, as well."
*Xiri is faintly silent for a moment, before she mutters, "… that honestly does not appeal to me, Tyri."
*Tyra nods, shifting back. "Then I'll have to be a bit more discreet."
*Tyra fidgets some more, a coin starting to dance along her fingers as she mulls.
*Xiri lets out a brief sigh as she takes the drink - the Whip - from J.B., and giggles for a moment as she says, "You want to share straws?"
*Tyra blinks, snapping out of her daze some and almost missing a beat with the coin. "Wh- oh! Sure, if you want. It may be a bit stronger than you're used to though, Xi…"
*Xiri stares down towards the drink to quirk, "How strong is it?"
*Tyra tilts her head for a moment. "I could handle three, tops."
<Tyra> Feeling daring?
*Xiri thinks for a moment, before ultimately… shaking her head. "Better not."
*Tyra scratches the back of her head, looking a bit put off for a moment. "Maybe I should order something a bit easier."
*Xiri chuckles for a moment, leaning over to pat Tyra on the cheek to say, "I should not be sharing a drink you purchased anyway. That would be… unprofessional. Somesuch."
*Tyra pouts for a moment, lifting a hand to waggle a finger. "Tomorrow afternoon, lunch then."
*Xiri smiles brightly to say, "Should I prepare a picnic of some sort, or would you prefer to meet somewhere?"
*Tyra considers for a moment as she sips her drink. "…hmm, a picnic I think would be best."
*Xiri nods enthusiastically and says, "I'll pack the food, you pick the place. Fair?"
*Tyra giggles, nodding. "Very much so. Damien Park?"
*Xiri nods in return, saying, "Perhaps… twelve or thereabouts?"
*Tyra nods, unable to help but practically beam. "That'd be wonderful."
*Xiri leans over to give her a quick peck on the nose, before saying, "I should return to tending the bar. But we will have a good time tomorrow."
*Tyra turns red at that, letting out another giggle without even thinking. "Y-yes, yes we will. Don't work /too/ hard now."
*Xiri gives a tiny wave at her, before hurrying to actually help out with the kitchen. Maybe the fey apparitions have been beaming messages to her head going 'HELP! THE KITCHEN IS EXPLOOOOOOODING'.
*Tyra partakes of her drink, wonderfully oblivious to any exploding kitchens as she indulges in a bit of day dreaming.

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