Raiding The Moon Boulevard Safe House

<Mina‘Haplo> [ The last time we saw the Slayer, she’d just been given the location of three other safe houses used by Sophie Garland; 9 Adelaide Road, Mercy District, Western Paxia; 2 Reading Road, Paris District, Eastern Paxia; and 94 Moon Boulevard, Angel District, Southern Paxia. Where would the Slayer head first? ]
*The_Slayer was going to the Angel District.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The Angel District! After a while of travelling, the Slayer eventually arrives at one of the addresses; 94 Moon Boulevard, in Paxia’s more residential southern area. It's starting to become late now, the sun definitely in the western half of the sky, sinking low… The house itself is a simple, unadorned place made of unpainted brick, with a single wooden door and two windows at the front. ]
*The_Slayer definitely enjoys it being dark. She powers through the skyline with her grappling hook, perched on an overhang as she stares down towards the address below, peering with keenly honed elven senses to perceive any figures or characters within.

<Mina‘Haplo> [ SLAYERVISION IS ON. She can hear something within, or several somethings. Almost certainly rats from the scurrying. She can’t hear or see any people though. ]
*The_Slayer leaps on down, hooking over the street, her crimson garb fluttering as she lightly lands on the rooftop of the building she's got marked. Then she descends towards its alley to peer into each of the windows, from the side, being careful as she does so.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The inside has a sort of abandoned look to it. Some (horribly outdated) furniture is strewn haphazardly around the room, from what the Slayer can see. She can see rats- rather big ones- running around fearlessly inside… There’s a wall at the back of the house, and considering how the Slayer is -on the damned roof-, can see that it doesn't end at the exterior wall.]
*The_Slayer , if she doesn't see anyone around, intrudes into a house in the most sane way possible. Grabbing the tiles and ripping them out, one at a time, so she can slip in through the ceiling. Assuming this is a pretty slipshod kind of place. If it's sturdy… well, a window will do.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ It -is- pretty shoddy. The tiles come off rather easily- before long, she has plenty of room to slip inside. the roof is low enough to do so without causing any harm, as well. Inside, the air feels… Different. Musty, and… Certainly not appetising. ]
*The_Slayer is used to stagnant air, given her line of work. Warehouses, basements… possibly with secret libraries. Just sayin’. Is she in an attic or is it just a series of beams looking down upon the house?
<Mina‘Haplo> [No attic; she’s on the rafters, essentially. ]
*The_Slayer peers down, confident of her new vantage point, then. What does this house entail…
<Mina‘Haplo> [ From her vantage, she can see the rafters extend beyond the ’back' wall. Below her, she can see what looks like a very unused and unhygenic kitchen, with your standard magitech stove and magitech refrigeration unit. There's a bookcase along the back wall…]
*The_Slayer decides to be extra-cautious and slip into that hidden room, past the bookcase, being as quiet as she can possibly manage… to peer what's beyond the veil.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The secret room is quite similar to the main room; wooden floor, wooden-on-brick wall, although it’s empty of furniture. However, much like her first house, it has a cellar door… ]
*The_Slayer slips down quietly, if she's undisturbed… and presses her ear down to hear any noise coming from underneath.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ She can hear a quiet, very quiet, magical -hummmmm-.]
*The_Slayer undoes the latch, and opens it. She doesn’t have much experience in magical sensors, so she'll just have to manually hope.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The cellar door swings up and open against the wall, revealing- similarly to the other room- a stone staircase leading down. ]
*The_Slayer creeps on down, very silent, very slow. She is deducing that hum is a teleporter of some sort. Will she actually find someone here? She closes the door after her.
<Mina`Haplo> [ The room underneath the house is made of stone, much like the last house… Except this time, it’s far, far smaller. Basically an antechamber an alcove for the teleportation pad… A large, glowing dais that seems to still be working. ]
*The_Slayer scans around for the presence of anyone around. If not… clues.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ No one is around. As for clues? There’s nothing in the room, essentially, except the teleportation pad. It's clearly active- that is, could be used by the right person- so this place isn't abandoned. ]
*The_Slayer does the right thing, then, and goes to destroy the teleportation pad. One less location for her to escape to.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ A few good whacks with the Stinger smashes the magical glowing filament of metal that kept the thing running. The energy contained within suddenly dissipates… Leaving it entirely worthless. ]
*The_Slayer stalks onward to leave. Unless she’s stopped. Time to check out the other addresses.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ She does so! Even the secret door is easily bypassed, since the ’key' for it is a very simple button on the wall… ]
*The_Slayer doesn't go through secret doors, she goes through the rooooooooooof.
*The_Slayer even replaces the tiles afterwards.
<Mina`Haplo> [ Grappling hook. Of course. ]

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