The Aftermath Of Thalassa

<Tyra> 4» A musical tone sounds from one of the two personal elevators throughout the underground complex, signalling that it is the car that links up to Tyraline's room. The door and metal grating swings aside to show a tired and worn looking Tyra, garbed simply in a black shirt and pants of casual make along with a seat of boots. She steps out of the elevator, heading for her portion of the facility.
<Tyra> 4» Her portion naturally seems to consist of a full blown training and obstacle course across one large room. Balance beams with swinging obstacles ready to be activated, a series of small raised platforms at different heights with longer shafts that have multiple poles sticking out in a perpendicular fashion, even a few tossed together climbing walls and such. She flips a switch to illuminate the area, the devices beginining to warm up.
*Tyra does eventually call out, her voice sounding even more worn than she looks. "Diana, you about?"
*Diana actually was not!… But a little brass 'wand' with a speaker moved about, which she spoke through. "Oh, I'm upstairs. I was just gathering finished paperwork up. One sec." The sound of a click, as the speaker proboscis retracted, and the other elevator dinged after about 3 minutes. She walked out, still in her usual jumpsuit. "Ah, what's up?"
*Tyra had since hopped onto one of the balance beams, easily maintaining balance as she waited for the swinging metal poles (which were padded for safety) to get up to full speed. "These don't have a faster setting, do they? How's your project going?" She doesn't attempt to disguise the weariness in her voice though, actualling springing past the first one into a handstand as she starts her routine.
*Diana frowned. "I'd have to add to the gearbox, and that'd take time." Then… wandered on by. "It's doing alright. I need to get May's progress reports on the weaponry designs tomorrow, but I have a fair amount of the control systems worked out. …The side project isn't as far but it's side for a reason."
*Tyra flipped, landing on the next balance beam and quickly crouching to tap a button on it. With a clank a few protrustions extended from the next series, making progressing somewhat more difficult. "Damn. Maybe I should just add soem decommissioned combat models to this then. How's May working out?"
<Tyra> « some*»
*Diana tapped her lips with a pen. Not the business end, though, that'd be messy and taste like ink. "Mmm, an idea. And she's doing well. A bit quiet and awkward at times, but a hard worker."
*Tyra gives a nod, actualling hopping onto one of the protrusions and attempting to stay steady as it swung back and forth. "That's good. We can let Vickers know next time we talk to him, at any rate. You're keeping everything about this still locked down, right?"
*Diana nodded. "Absolutely and completely." She got a smug look. "I can say this: 'As pursuant to Paskell Accounting bycode 413a, Special Projects Division is directly under the financial oversight of the office of Tyraline Paskell.' - so until the parents decide to bother you about it, I went ahead and put it under that umbrella. The support techs are the only others that know."
*Tyra gives Diana an amused look, a bit of humor finally flickering on her face as she springs to the next one. At this point she seems to be ignoring the balance beam entirely in favor of this game of jumping from obstacle to obstacle. "I'm going to get /so/ many cross looks when you unveil it without telling them, I know it." She frowns, springing once more and almost slipping -
<Tyra> » and falling before she manages to hook her leg around another obtrusion to hang from. She curls up some to avoid clonking her head against the balance beam, holding the position for a few moments. "Do you know anything about medical magitech?"
*Diana looked up to the hanging Tyra. "…Only insomuch that I could probably recognize a component if I saw it, and figure out the machinery part. Why?"
*Tyra frowns even more, groaning before swinging herself up the rest of the way. It's a good thing she came down with her hair in the usual ponytail/braids to keep it under control. "Had a talk with the Slayer. And Xiri. And what I think is the real her under both."
*Diana raised a brow, and tapped the pen against a wall to get the rest of the ink off - note to self make sure to clean that later - as she thought. "…I didn't know there was a real her to be had, but… What's this have to do with medical magitech? Is she secretly a reanimated half-warforged or something?" …Said with a bit of incredulity.
<Tyra> She has a magitech heart.
*Tyra hauls herself up into a standing position, leaping from the last swinger to the platform series now. It pace of the spinning poles picks up as she picks her way through, already whipping about to evade each of the oncoming blows.
<Diana> "Ah." …Awkward pause. "So what's this about a real her again?" Her gaze tried to follow the Moving Target that was Tyra.
*Tyra gestures a few different sized rubber balls off to the side. "Lob 'em into the mix, would you?" She actually somersaults over one of the poles, landing on the otherside and immediately ducking another stick. "It's a theory. I dug into that Sol fellow, the one whose picture she gave me when I brought you to meet her as the Slayer."
*Diana nodded… kinetically batting in te balls at random intervals. She wasn't even looking. "Oh, some guy. So where did she come in?"
<Tyra> Name's actually Thalassa Nalvarin. He tried to have her killed, didn't work. He did have her lover killed though it looks like. 'Company accident'.
<Diana> "Why? What did she even do to piss him off?"
*Tyra ducks one of the balls, dropping down into a crouch before batting away a second and springing to another part of the platforms. "Not sure. Need to dig in more into his affairs, asking her those things…" Tyra shudders for a moment, face paling so- CLONK. She misses one of the sticks, taking a nice hit in the side and falling to the ground with a grunt.
*Diana sighed. "Tyra, if you can't pay attention to the conversation and the training maybe you should drop one? I know far too much about the perils of entertaining too many threads of attention."
*Tyra shakes her head, sitting up and leaning against a platform as she wraps her arms around herself. "No… it's just, she started acting as if I was Ishvae. Her lover, that is. Name, mannerisms, everything."
*Diana …blinked. "Why would she do that? Pardon if I'm insulting her in saying this, but sans the creepy level of obsessive maintainance of the Slayer persona, she… doesn't seem that insane. I should know."
*Tyra shakes her head. "It's… I dunno if it's insanity or just far too much trauma or both, but when she's Thalassa she's a complete mess." Tyra seems to shiver for a moment, arms tightening.
*Diana blinked again, seeming a bit more surprised than the last time. "…Trauma is known to cause insanity. So I'd say both." …The clinical mood softened a little. "She didn't do anything… disturbing, did she?"
*Tyra grimaces. "Besides calling me by her dead lover's name and constantly blowing a small horn?"
<Tyra> Don't forget shoving my hand onto her magitech heart. It comes up to skin level.
<Diana> "…" There was no sufficient action. She just stood there, silent. "A… small… horn…" She was not in the proper mood to comment on how poorly-engineered a right-under-the-skin heart is, even with her rudimentary knowledge of biology.
*Tyra nods, shivering again as she mimics the noise. "Toot toot."
*Diana continued to stand there. "I will not understand. Don't make an effort for it."
*Tyra lowers her head. "Sorry. I'm, ahm, a bit of a mess."
<Diana> "Aware. Just…" Was that actual sympathy? "…If you try to make me understand, you'll fail. And just remind yourself of what originally disturbed you."
*Tyra nods mutely, shaking a bit.
*Diana wandered over and… patted Tyra… on the head. "Good girl."
*Tyra couldn't help but let out a snort, glancing up at Diana with somewhat teary eyes. "You sounded like my mother there, for a moment."
*Diana smiled a bit, from where she stood. "That was the idea, yes." And for now, just stood there smiling, allowing the image to… last.
*Tyra tilted her head for a moment, then actually let out a small giggle as she hauled herself back up… and gave Diana a hug. "Thanks, Di."
*Diana hugged back… and warmly, too! Surprising. She didn't say anything else…
*Tyra held the hug for a few moments before pulling back, looking a bit happier now at least. Or at least not as worn down. "Any other nuggets of wisdom?"
*Diana tilted her head. "Probably just to keep an open eye. You'll be more ready for things if you already know they're coming, no?"
<Tyra> You're not just saying that because I got sideswiped by the pole, are you?
*Diana giggled. "No, no, I meant that metaphorically. I have to get by by guessing how people'd act before they do. You could stand to learn that.'
*Tyra breathes out a sigh, nodding. "Right, right…" She sprang up, catching onto one of the spinning sticks and swinging herself up. "Thanks, Diana."
<Diana> "Any time~"

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