A Car Conversation Between Tyra And The Slayer

<Tyra> 4» It's a somewhat chilly day in Paxia, afternoon just starting to give way to evening. At one somewhat busy parking lot the Paskell Princess makes her way from one of the more high class clothing establishments, a bag in hand and the keys to her autocarriage in the other. She quickly stows the bag in the trunk, then slides into the driver's seat with a sigh as the door's shut.
*The_Slayer is her passenger. Her unexpected passenger. She's sitting at the back seat, her faceless cowl visible on the rearview mirror, arms folded and legs crossed. "You wanted to talk to me," she intones quietly.
*Tyra jumps, gun clearing pocket in record speed before she actually sees who it is and letting out another sigh. "Gods above, that's a good way to get shot, you know." Back in the concealed holster the gun goes.
*The_Slayer doesn't budge an inch. "You're too good to shoot a bullet in your own autocar," she backhandedly compliments.
<Tyra> Well, yes, because it'd be in you. *She shakes her head, slumping in the seat.*But yeah, I did. Little bit of trouble I noticed while we were trying to find Garland.
*The_Slayer doesn't respond, because she's expecting Tyra to keep talking.
*Tyra lifts a hand, waving it about. "You left a feather back there. The Oblationist chick has it and was toying with using it to scry on you."
*The_Slayer is silent for a while, but directly questions, "Why are you telling me this?"
<Tyra> Because whoever is doing the scrying realizing who you are and where you are and calling down the entire police structure of this city to put you away would kind of be a bad thing as far as I'm concerned.
*The_Slayer 's head shifts a bit. "And you would be accessory to a murderer. Do you really want that on your prestigious resume?"
*Tyra gives a light shrug of the shoulders. "You're gonna hate me for saying this, but I'm not losing you."
*The_Slayer is clearly dedicated to her role, because she follows her own laws of madness as she says, "We've only met twice, Tyraline Paskell. Regardless, the tip is appreciated."
*Tyra closes her eyes with a sigh. "Right, right."
*The_Slayer is silent for a bit longer, before saying, "You can always back away if it's too difficult for you to manage."
*Tyra shakes her head. "It's for your sake, isn't it? I can handle it."
*The_Slayer thinks for a moment, before saying, "She must have acquired the same feather Olon used to track me down."
<Tyra> She probably did, yeah. The question is if you have a way to prevent it or not if curiosity strikes.
*The_Slayer responds, "The Slayer has her ways," after a while. "How about the Garland case?"
*Tyra mutters a rather crass phrase in Elvish. Where did she pick up /that/ one? "Some progress. We're stuck seeing if Diana can cook something up to track easier or if we'll have to attempt something else a bit more unsavory. Depends on what Missus Oblationist's bosses say I wager."
*The_Slayer leans further in and says, "I can narrow your search."
*Tyra shifts to look at the Slayer out of the corner of her eye. "Go on."
*The_Slayer takes the note out — which contains the two remaining addresses: 9 Adelaide Road, Mercy District, Western Paxia, and 2 Reading Road, Paris District, Eastern Paxia. "High chance she will be in one of these two addresses."
*Tyra raises an eyebrow slightly, looking at the note and quickly memorizing. "You didn't already kick in the door? I'm surprised."
*The_Slayer lifts her shoulder in a shrug as she says, "That will not be my problem."
*Tyra just nods, settling into her seat some and actually turning about so she can see the Slayer easier. "What will you be doing while we're doing this? Hitting a third location?" There's a slight hint of amusement in her voice now.
*The_Slayer responds with no trace of amusement, "I will assist your party."
*Tyra nods. "Works for me. Once the missus is back I'll see about organizing all this."
*The_Slayer leans back. "Don't worry. Sophie Garland will not die on this upcoming raid."
<Tyra> Good. Murder isn't my style.
*The_Slayer doesn't respond to that.
*Tyra gives a slight shrug. "Sorry."
*The_Slayer still doesn't respond!
*Tyra glances at the Slayer, tilting her head.
*The_Slayer has Batmanned out on Tyra, because the seat at the back is now empty.
*Tyra lets out a tired sigh, lightly whacking her head against the steering wheel.

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