Sadie Tyrell

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Igor Esaulov

Full Name: Sadie Leslie Tyrell
Position: Chief Technical Officer, FSS Valletta
Gender: Female
Date of Birth/Age: 2010/38
Place of Residence: Tara City, Avalon/FSS Valletta

Physical Details
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Grey
Height: 5'7
Handedness: Left

Personal Notes

Notes from Starfleet dossier
Sadie Leslie Tyrell. Born in Dublin, Ireland, 2010. Both parents were executed by the British regime in Ireland for rebellion; both came back in Gestalt. The Tyrells were part of the first migration wave to Avalon. There, they became involved in early industrial efforts. Tyrell returned to Earth in 2028 for an Engineering degree from MIT before returning to Avalon to work in the family business. In 2036 she decided to join Starfleet as an officer cadet in the Technical branch, where her experience shaved a year off of her training. She graduated in 2039 with honours, and was first deployed to Earendil Station in orbit around Arda, where she worked to repair and refit incoming vessels. In 2047 she was promoted to Lieutenant, and requested transfer to a Starship.

Psychological profile notes that Tyrell has extremely high standards and instills iron discipline in her technicians. She has zero tolerance for accidents and mistakes. She hesitates to risk others when it comes to dangerous situations, which sometimes inhibits her ability to adequately delegate. Former superiors have noted her bluntness toward authority, but this has not affected her willingness to follow out orders.

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