Codename: Samandiriel
ID: Eighth Angel
First Detected: English Channel
Date of Attack: 1st of October, 2015
Status: Defeated
Damage Bill: $650 Billion US Dollars
Casualties: 750 military casualties; 355 civilian casualties

Physical Details
Height/Length: 77.2 metres (253.28 feet)
Mass: 1,300 metric tons
Maximum Speed: 240 kilometres per hour (149.129 miles per hour)

Personal Details
…I understand. I'll keep it coming. This… this glorious barrier… I'll hold it up still! Go ahead, fire. We'll get it when it's weak.

Samandiriel's attack on the 1st of October is the closest the Evangelions of Paris-2 have come to defeat.

Appearing in the English Channel, it easily overcame coastal defenses and military forces, before awaiting the arrival of the Evangelions. Poor coordination saw EVA-00 attack first, only to fall into a trap as Samandiriel activated a massive time field that slowed everything within to an agonising crawl… Except for Samandiriel and other creatures with powerful AT Fields. In this own little bubble, Samandiriel was master, dodging attacks with ease and attacking with impunity.

Its favourite attack seemed to consist of launching volleys of razor-sharp shards at its enemies that ripped through armour with ease. Using these attacks, it crippled EVA-00, before destroying EVA-01 and EVA-04; the pilot of the latter was saved only by a miraculous chance.

As the order came down from the top to retreat, EVA-00 shielded the area with a massive AT Barrier, catching Samandiriel on the top. An N2 Strike designed to slow Samandiriel down ended up causing incredible damage to it whilst leaving EVA-00 untouched; despite it being a retreat order, EVA-00 was able to finish the Angel off and kill it handily.

Nevertheless, the damage to the Evangelions and the area was extreme. The damage to EVA units 01 and 04 alone came to roughly 400 billion US dollars.

Samandiriel, Battle 5

Difficulty: Easy
Role: Distance Fighting
Locomotion: On the ground+Flying+Teleport
Size: Average

WS:   30 +3
BS:   50 +5
Str:  20 +2
Tou:  30 +3
Agi:  50 +5
Int:  40 +4
Per:  30 +3
Wil:  40 +4
Fel:  30 +3
SyR: 140 +14

-Body- (Artificial)
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
Head       01-10  5   4
R. Arm     11-20  3   6
L. Arm     21-30  3   6
Core       31-40  5   8
Body       41-70  5  15
R. Leg     71-85  3   6
L. Leg     86-00  3   6  

On the Ground
Half  Full  Charge  Run
10    20    30      60

Half  Full  Charge  Run
10    20    30      60

Teleport (5 round cooldown)

-Standard Attacks-

Name             Damage  Penetration Properties
Shuriken Claw(L) 1d10+8R 5           Tearing

Name             Damage  Penetration Properties
Shuriken Claw(R) 1d10+8R 5           Tearing

Name             Range  RoF   Damage  Penetration  Properties
Shuriken Cannon  80dm   s/4/8 1d10+5r 3            

Name             Range  RoF   Damage  Penetration  Properties
Shuriken Wave 40dm   S/-/- 1d10+6r 3                 Scatter

1/1 Fate Points
1/1 BS Reroll

-AT Powers-
Bunker Field
AT Funnel
Wrap Beam
Dirac Breach

-Unique AT Powers-
Time Field
AT Torpedo

-Special Abilities-

-Traits and Talents-
Mighty Shot
Swift Attack
Advantageous Counter

-Ability Explanation-

Time Field
Samandiriel expands its AT Field into a bubble around itself that slows the passage of time within the area to an agonising crawl. The area is equal to Samandiriel's ATS*3dm
and provides Samandiriel with a 5% deflection rate per ATS.

Beings within the field who lack AT Fields are unable to take actions. Anything that does possess an AT Field (such as an Evangelion, even if it's field is not spread) can take 
only half actions. Creatures within the Time Field who have ATSes above half of Samandiriel's may take full actions as normal. 

However, even then they're not immune to the full effects of the Field. Unless creatures within the Time Field have an ATS equal or higher to Samandiriel's, they take
a -10 penalty to dodge, BS and WS. Meanwhile, Samandiriel takes +30 bonuses to dodge, and +20 to WS and BS.

AT Torpedo
Half Action
ATP: 1
Samandiriel wraps some of its AT Field around a projectile attack fired in Single shot mode. Should the attack be deflected by an AT Field, it penetrates into the AT Field and
explodes violently, disrupting the AT Field's deflective qualities. For 1d4+1 turns, the deflection % is reduced by 15%.
Augment: For every extra ATP spent, the Deflection quality is reduced by an extra 15%.

Advantageous Counter
Samandiriel is capable of teleporting extreme distances through use of its timewarping abilities, but it's also capable of exploiting split-second vulnerabilities too. Should an
attack against Samandiriel fail to hit by three degrees or more, Samandiriel immediately teleports behind the attacker. He may use his reaction action to make a standard attack
against the aggressor with a +20 WS bonus.
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