Samuel Martin
Name: Samuel Martin
Position: History Teacher, Homeroom teacher of 12-C at Saint Louis
Sex: Male
Age: 46 (1971)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 11e Arrondissement

Physical Details
Hair colour: White-grey
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'9" (175.3cm)
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"Hm… History is important. Time is a movie theatre, you know. The audience represent the present. The movie screen is the future, and the projector is the past. The past is already projecting its image onto the future, and it's up to the present to decide if they like that image or not."

A quiet, genteel man, Mr. Samuel Martin realised his calling from an early age. Always fascinated in the history of the world, he has been teaching the lessons of the past in French classrooms for twenty years. For the past decade, part of those lessons have been focused on the single most devastating event in human history- Second Impact. A fair and comprehensive teacher, Mr. Martin ensures that the students receive a total and complete view of the event, including its ugliest sides.

Nevertheless, despite his oft-grim subjects, Mr. Martin remains a gentle optimist. Humanity's continued existence is a testament to its ingenuity and its bravery, and the potential for a better world still lies within their grasp. With that in mind, Mr. Martin takes a strong interest in his students, determined to guide and educate them well for the unwritten future that lies ahead.

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