Sarah Holt Caine

Name: Sarah Ellinor Holt-Caine
Position: Co-Executive and Commander of Promised Land
Sex: Female
Age: 27 (Born 1991)
Nationality: Danish
Place of Residence: Itinerant

Physical Details
Hair colour: Light brown
Eye colour: Light brown
Height: 5'7"
Build: Healthy

Personal Details
"Well, sweetie, I've done all the research I can here… Oh! Some of the locals told me there's a great big dirty thirty-metre long metal-skinned serpent mutant living on top of the mountain. Only fair we go take a look, snap some pictures… That sounds fun, am I right?"

Sarah Ellinor Holt-Caine is the commander of the private military group "Promised Land', which she co-founded in 2011. Sarah oversees a great deal of the administrative and logistics side of things, which includes managing its finances, procuring new equipment, training and handling its staff (including the important NeoSpartans and NeoSpartan children, for both definitions), and coordinates mission responses. She is also an accomplished geologist, with credentials from the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Sarah was born on the 6th of April 1991, the first child and only daughter of Kristian and Maria Holt (a banker and a lawyer respectively). Although mostly a healthy child, when she was two years old Sarah became gravely ill for several months, and nearly died. The event seemed to lodge deeply into her parents' thoughts (understandably) and would shape much of their parenting style towards her, which could be charitably described as overprotective. Which was unfortunate for them, because she was an audaciously inquisitive child, and managed to grant them many a heart attack in her young years due to the unsettling combination of still-developing motor skills and a fond appreciation for heights. This was not well-taken by her parents.

Although the Holts were incredibly loving parents, full of hugs, kisses, patient bedtime stories and treats, they were, at best, authoritarian about her upbringing. Punishments were often strict, even harsh, although they were never physical. It was also true that the Holts were social animals and deeply ambitious, hungry to prove themselves and their abilities. Naturally, they were rather old fashioned when it came to raising Sarah. Her childhood was full of exhortations about how she shouldn't waste her intelligence, and how she could one day be Prime Minister, or the head of some massive corporation or all kinds of things. Simply put, they weren't content with her being happy; they wanted her to excel, to utterly dominate, and in a way they felt was socially prestigious. And so a great deal of pressure was placed on Sarah as a child. She was forced to study more than other children, oftentimes with tutors. Her free time was strictly monitored, and she rarely was free to stay over friends' houses or even stay out a little later than usual with them. When all of her school friends (and of course, the school she'd been sent to was quite a prestigious one) would spend lunch breaks talking about their favourite television programs, Sarah would be forced to admit that she didn't know what was going on because she wasn't allowed to watch much television at all.

When Second Impact hit, much of coastal Denmark was flooded or damaged, and much of her home city, Odense- on the island of Funen- was wiped out. Although the Holts were unharmed and had, honestly, been very lucky, the period nevertheless left a huge impact on Sarah, as it would any child who was surrounded by so much suffering. Sarah and her parents would, for a year or so, dedicate their efforts- even little Sarah, as best she could- to helping their less fortunate neighbours and countrymen. Whether by nursing, donations or volunteer work, they did all they could for no reward.

Because of the chaos, Denmark's central government collapsed and many of its urban centres had been shattered. In its most desperate hours, it was Germany who came to Denmark's assistance, giving it an incredible amount of aid in the form of materials, finance and physical assistance. Much like Spain was absorbed by France, Denmark was 'absorbed' into the national framework of the Federal Republic of Germany. Unlike Spain, however, the situation was not a forced 'debt collection' one but rather a voluntary one with no strings attached, one that Denmark could leave whenever its people wished it.

It was during this time that the new Danish cities were constructed, many of them pre-existing towns or smaller cities that were suddenly rapidly developed. By 2002, the Holts were relocated to Odense-2, to a new home. Almost instantly, the Holts- having grown only ever more protective and seeing just how important hard work would be in the new world- tried instantly to push Sarah as hard as they ever had.

Many children would've buckled or quashed themselves with such a strict regimen, but Sarah wasn't having any of it; the tighter her parents squeezed, the harder she fought to break free. She didn't want 'freedom' in a decade; she wanted it now. Although she'd always been a spirited child, as she grew into a teenager she began to become outright rebellious. Sarah learned to dig in her heels and flatly refuse to obey; on several separate occasions she went on 'strike', refusing to do anything she was asked, up to and including eat. Meanwhile the punishments mounted up and became harsher and harsher, but Sarah wasn't an idiot, and she wasn't the sort to back down. Before long, the Holts' punishments had reached the full extent of what they were willing to do. Simply put, Sarah had pushed them to their limit, had found that their worst was not that bad, and had kept going.

Sarah wasn't asking for much, really, and even at her worst her transgressions were relatively mild compared to some standards of teenage rebellion. Even throughout her strikes she still destroyed the grades at her school, even skipping two grades (something helped along, admittedly, by lower standards brought on by Second Impact and the need to fill professional demand, but much of it was her own ability). Even when she turned 15 and started climbing out of her second-story bedroom, sneaking out of the house after dark or being late coming home from school, the 'traditional' vices of rebellion- alcohol, drugs, crime, sex- held little appeal to her. For Sarah, being able to sneak over to a friend's place or stay at the shops by herself was a huge luxury.

Sarah ultimately ended up graduating when she was 16. As a Danish graduate, she was eligible for German assistance in tertiary education, including preferential positioning in Germany's domestic universities. Emboldened by this and still not deterred by her parents' punishments, Sarah declared to her parents that she intended to study in Frankfurt, to become a geologist (it seemed like an interesting topic). Much to her surprise, they put up no fight at all. Perhaps she'd tired them out, or perhaps they'd simply realised that once she started making these decisions, nothing they could do would hold her back. And so they gave her their well-wishes, bought her special clothes and gifts, and sent her on her way, making her promise to ring constantly.

She did.

Sarah went into Goethe University feeling intimidated- a little younger than most, and from a different country (essentially) to boot. The language barrier wasn't a problem (she'd studied German in high school) and part of federal assistance included free lodging. But she was alone and far away from anyone she knew. Alone- but free. And it wasn't something she was used to, even if it was something she wanted. A part of her was afraid of standing out, and a part of her was afraid that she might fail and be sent home- even though some part of her admitted that the house she'd grown up in seemed a lot more safer now than it had been then. In those times she started to regret and feel guilt about the sort of things she'd put her parents through.

But as she did with everything else, Sarah fought it head on. She decided that if she was afraid of standing out, or afraid of failing, or afraid of being judged because of her age and nationality, then the only really rational course of action would be to excel as much as humanly possible. For her first few weeks in Frankfurt, she threw herself into intense study, tearing through textbooks and class records and books through the library, visiting geology museums and taking as many notes as she could about everything she saw.

It helped- by the time class really began she felt much more confident. To her surprise, however, there was another student who had apparently had the same idea- a tall, handsome blonde student named Ezra Caine. Their first meeting was across a classroom, engaged in an informal but nevertheless perfectly real competition- a competition that Sarah won. Nevertheless, the competition had impressed and exhilarated her in a way she'd never really experienced before. And so when the two of them met and talked after class, she was entirely receptive, even eager, to float the idea of a date. Not even his admission of a snag- being in an arranged marriage (in this day and age) did much to curb her enthusiasm; after all, the gentlemanly thing to do had been to be forthright about it, and besides, she could sympathise with someone wanting to rebel against their family.

Sarah's years at Goethe University passed quickly and happily. She applied herself well and performed admirably. Her romance with Ezra Caine blossomed, attraction becoming infatuation becoming love and comfort and belonging within a few years. By 2010, the two of them were discussing the idea of marriage.

It was around this time that Ezra's past- as a NeoSpartan, a child soldier trained to fight, kill and lead others to their deaths- came to light. And about how he wanted to do something, anything, to help the survivors (an ominous choice of word) of the programme. Sarah, horrified, yet moved by her lover's gentle wish, was completely happy to help. She suggested the creation of a company designed to shelter and prepare the NeoSpartans for a healthy life- the idea that would eventually become Promised Land.

And so in 2011, the company was created, and Ezra and Sarah were married in a ceremony in Odense-2. She never looked back.

Sarah grew quickly into her new role as an administrator for Promised Land. It was a task that grew rapidly more complex as the organisation grew and took on new roles- not only NeoSpartans, but Companions (how many child soldier programmes were there?) too, then fugitive military officers from totalitarian states, then refugees from the dead regions. All throughout, Sarah has been its patient, warm and exuberant co-leader, doing her best to inject happiness and joy into the lives of her charges- many of which have few reasons to be happy by themselves. All the while she's travelled the world, seen all kinds of sights from the grotesque to the majestic, and witnessed events that have moved her to tears… All the while, conducting geological research from all around the globe. Sarah has loved every second of it, finding that the organisation gave her exactly what she needed- freedom, adventure, yet security and purpose.

During this time, Sarah began to diversify her skill set. Most notably, she took an interest in the military organisation and strategic planning her husband and his staff concerned themselves with. Now, Sarah and Ezra had a strange habit- Ezra, knowing full well that many of his skills were 'tainted' with the blood and iron of the NeoSpartan programme, had often kept some of his talents and hobbies secret from her. Whenever Sarah found out, however, she'd immerse herself in the intricacies of the subject, and in some cases surpassed him- leading to situations where she undertakes what were once his hobbies with an enthusiasm he can't even hope to match. Although she's not as good a fighter as Ezra is (and probably never will be), she nevertheless took well to the concepts of strategic thinking, helped along by her enthusiasm and strong work ethic. Although Ezra is still the primary strategist and mission leader for Promised Land, Sarah is perfectly capable of matching many of his qualities.

Sarah is a loving individual, with a great deal of warmth and an insatiable sense of affection for others, especially those close to her. She possesses a sensitivity and pleasure in life that she to instil in others, exulting in the idea that she might 'infect' others with her happiness. She loves Ezra completely, and he loves her in return. He excites and enchants her, and she in turn revels in the joyous feelings they tempt out of each other.

As a combatant, Sarah's education has not been a standard academic one, instead benefiting from the tutelage of a dozen different stands of strategic thinking. Although mostly untested on the field and harbouring some doubts about her willingness to kill, Sarah is nevertheless a talented and unorthodox commander. She rarely uses established maneuvers and basic tactics, instead relying on a tricky sense of guile and unusual cunning. She is, of course, a fighter mentally and emotionally, and the weaker and more tentative her situation the more aggressive and ferocious she'll fight.

Sarah conceived in early 2018, with an expected birth date in mid December later in the year. She is utterly thrilled at the prospect, and fully confident of her ability to handle children (caring for several hundred NeoSpartans will do that to a person). Ezra has some private misgivings considering her general love of thrill and rather reckless disregard for danger, but Sarah herself believes she'll recognise where the 'line' is and trusts herself not to cross it.

Character Details
Name Sarah Holt-Caine Gender Female
Background Prodigy Career Operations Director
XP Total 39500 Rank Elite

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Asset Effect
Academic Gain Common Lore (Geography, Technology), Scholastic Lore (Geology(T))
Egghead Gain Commerce (T).
Innovative You gain a conditional fate point to be spent when using skills in unusual ways or enacting unorthodox plans.
Thrill Seeker Whenever you spend a Fate Point performing some daring feat of bravery, you roll a 1d10. On a 9 you regain the Fate Point.
Troublemaker You gain the Deceive and Stealth skills, and tests to coerce you using Charm or Command take a -20 penalty.

Injuries and Complications

Injury Effect Cause Incident

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