Sarah Lamington
Name: Sarah Susanna Lamington, nee Gladstone
Occupation: Vice-Chancellor of the Republic of Agnesia
Age: 51
Birthday: 9th of Iest
Height: 5'8
Weight: 152lb
Physical Description:
A woman with well-kept red hair, and green eyes; usually seen in business-like outfits.

The great-granddaughter of the great Chancellor Lachlan Gladstone, and the eldest daughter of Alexander and Lydia Gladstone, from an early age Sarah Lamington intended to enter politics. She was certainly blessed with fortune in that regard- her family still retained great wealth along with connections to many people in politics.

By the time she was thirteen, Sarah had applied for membership in the Young Nationals, which started grooming her for a life of politics in the Agnesian National Party. By all reports she got along well with her fellows, and showed natural leadership qualities even from a young age.

When she graduated from high school at the age of 17, she immediately enrolled into the Agnesian National University, where she studied law and politics, majoring in Civil Law and International Relations.

It was during her university days that Sarah met Lucas Lamington, the scion of the famous Lamington family; wealthy and successful industralists. The two married after the end of their education, producing Amelia- their only child.

From then on, Sarah worked to assist the Nationals in winning their elections, gaining connections, friends and experience.

Finally, at the age of 43, Sarah ran as an election candidate, contesting the seat of Rowanwood for the National Party. She won- the same year in which the ANP won the general election and slid into parliament with a majority.

Since then, she has sat at the side of the Chancellor, Hector Wellington, acting as an advisor and powerful 'executive officer'. She sits on the balanced line between new-world innovator and old-world values, making her both useful and valuable in the ANP.

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