Codename: Sathariel
ID: Eleventh Angel
First Detected: English Channel
Date of Attack: 11th of February, 2016
Status: Defeated
Damage Bill: $244 Billion US Dollars
Casualties: 443 military casualties; 743 civilian casualties

Physical Details
Height/Length: 81.3 metres (266.732 feet)
Mass: 1150 metric tons
Maximum Speed: 216 Kilometres per Hour (134.21 miles per hour)

Personal Details
"Keep it up! We're making progress!"

An Angel more noted for its extensive property damage than its ability to damage the Evangelions, Sathariel devastated Paris-2 with a high-powered energy beam that almost rivaled Qaphsiel's for sheer energy output. It was capable of tunneling deep below the ground, moving undetected and striking unprotected targets. It was also able to remotely animate its damaged, abandoned exoskeleton into a weaker duplicate of itself. Ultimately, both Angel and Spawn were destroyed.

Sathariel, Battle 8

Difficulty: Medium
Role: Distance Fighting
Locomotion: Flying, Burrowing, On the Ground
Size: Average

WS:   35  3
BS:   45  4
Str:  20  2
Tou:  40  8
Agi:  30  3
Int:  30  3
Per:  40  4
Wil:  40  4
Fel:  30  3
SyR: 130  13

-Body- (Insectile)
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
Head     1-10     10   6 
Arms     11-20     4   8
Wings    21-30     4   8
Core     31-40    10  18
Body     41-70      10  16
Legs     71-100    4   8      

On the Ground
Half Full Charge Run
6    12   18     36

Half Full Charge Run
6    12   18     36

Half Full Charge Run
3    6    9      18

Standard Attacks

Name           Range  Damage  Pen  Special
Seismic Smash  130dm  1d10+2I   0  Blast (4)
                   Ignores Armor

Name           Range  Damage  Pen  Special
Destroyer Beam 120dm  3d10e     5  AT Penetration

Name       Damage  Pen Special 
Flail Claw 1d10+8r   4 Flexible

Name      Range RoF      Damage   Pen Special
Area Bomb  50dm -/-/3    1d10+5x    0 Blast (5)   

1/1 Fate Points
2/2 BS Rerolls

-AT Powers-
Deflection Field
Layered Field
AT Funnel
Kinetic Manipulation

-Special Abilities-
Area Bomb
Living Exoskeleton
Swift Attack
AT Focus
The Stuff of Nightmares
Furious Assault

Special Ability Explanation

Living Exoskeleton

The first time Sathariel takes Critical Damage, its exoskeleton rips off violently, leaving it stunned for a single round. It loses 7 AP to all areas except the core.

However, in 2 rounds' time, the Exoskeleton reanimates and comes to life as a seconday Angel. It possesses only the Flail Claw attack and Seismic Smash, and has only 60 ATS and
20 Toughness (and the appropriate wounds). However it is treated as an Angel in all other ways except for Core; it dies at 8+ crit damage to body.
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