Sea Of The Soul

Sea of the Soul

Sea of the Soul

The pilot has been absorbed into a Dirac Sea, or a pocket within a greater being's Soul. The pilot must now fight for the sanctity of their

The Pilot is transferred to a new, special world known as the Mindscape, where they will be confronted by… Someone. Or something. Whoever this thing is, it'll be something
the person recognises.

What follows is a psychological assault on the Pilot in an attempt to understand- or destroy.


The Pilot starts with a Resolve meter equal to their WP*2. This represents their will to resist the aggressor's mental assault. The Aggressor will assault the Pilot
with five specific issues, each one more dangerous than the last. Each issue deals Resolve Damage as well as Insanity and Ego damage.

Should the pilot's resolve reach zero, something… Happens. It's not pretty.

In response to each issue, a pilot may react in three different ways:

1) Defiance. The pilot flatly denies the aggressor's points and effectively shouts them down. Although a spirited response, it nevertheless causes intense pain within
the pilot's mind.
The pilot's Resolve damage from the issue is halved.

2) Reasoning. The pilot tries to deny the issue by justifying it with arguments and explanations.
The pilot's resolve damage and insanity/ego damage are both reduced by 25%.

3) Acceptance. The pilot meekly accepts the issue, which may be seen as a surrender- however, less damage is inflicted upon the pilot's mind directly.
The pilot's Insanity/ego damage is halved.

The pilot may spend 1 point of Resolve to null 1 point of INsanity or Ego damage.

Finally, the Pilot has 5 special actions they can use to attempt to combat the attack. Each of these actions may only be used once, and only one can be used per issue.

1) Spirit. The pilot summons strength from deep within themselves, allowing them to press on. Regain 25% of total resolve.

2) Counterattack. For a brief second, the pilot is able to fire off a counter-thrust towards the aggressor, perhaps capitalising on an issue gleaned from the assaults, or
perhaps simply reinforcing something that the aggressor deeply dislikes.
This costs 10 Resolve to use. Test WP. If successful, the aggressor must roll twice for insanity/ego damage and take the worst result.

3) Self-esteem. The pilot draws deeply upon some self-pride, or some lovely memory, to reinforce their defenses.
Test WP. On a success, resolve damage from the next issue is halved.

4) Compassion. Putting aside their defenses for a second, the pilot tries to reach out with peace towards their aggressor, trying to dissuade them or reason with them.
This costs 10 Resolve to use. Test WP. If successful, then half of all insanity/ego damage inflicted during the event is undone.

5) Beg for help. The pilot breaks down and begs for something or someone to help.
This costs 20 resolve to use. Roll a 1d10. On a 1, no one responds except the aggressor, who capitalises on the pilot's weakness to inflict +25% damage on the next issue.
On a 2-5, nothing happens. On a 6-9, something intervenes- either pity from the aggressor or some other powerful source, restoring 10 resolve, as well
as halving all damage inflicted by the next attack. On a 10, something intervenes in a -big- way, which either grants the pilot a supremely powerful ally within the mindscape,
or destroys it entirely.

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