Seele S Fury

[17:33] <@AdEvaGM> [Clank. Clank. Clank. Clank. The footsteps rang in Surov's ears.-
[17:36] <@AdEvaGM> [He was being carried by the collar of his coat, a forceful and unwanted interruption to his work. But, he knew better than to resist. He knew what was going to happen next.-
[17:37] <@AdEvaGM> [He was tossed to the ground, the concrete beneath him hard and unforgiving. He landed on his stomach- Surov tried to turn to look at his aggressor.-
[17:37] <@AdEvaGM> [An armoured boot slammed down on his neck, keeping him still.-
[17:40] <@AdEvaGM> [The air around him shimmered, and a hand with a vice-like grip reached down to pull his head up. His eyes met a peculiar sight.-
[17:41] <@AdEvaGM> [A monolith was floating there in mid-air, the words "SEELE 01 SOUND-ONLY" emblazoned upon it in glowing red.-
[17:51] <@AdEvaGM> ["Surov." Came a cold voice. "This new development has the potential to ruin everything we have planned. Your failure to inform us regarding Silas Caine and the Angel Core vastly reduces your value in the eyes of SEELE."-
[17:53] <@AdEvaGM> ["I did not know." Said Surov, a trace of genuine irritation in his voice.-
[17:53] <@AdEvaGM> ["Liar. You were the one who designed the Battleship Independence!"-
[17:54] <@AdEvaGM> ["Yes," Said Surov slowly. "But I was under the impression that Silas Caine and the Core were both destroyed in the antimatter annihilation."-
[17:57] <@AdEvaGM> ["They were not." Said SEELE 01.-
[18:03] <@AdEvaGM> ["You have the knowledge of the origins of this Angel." Said another voice- SEELE 03, although Surov couldn't see the monolith. "Tactical data, theories as to its capabilities- speak!"-
[18:14] <@AdEvaGM> ["The Angel was destroyed by a T-RIDEN-T squadron aided by Valkyrie Solaces." Said Surov. "Over Rwanda. It demonstrated above-average intellect for an Angel and was adaptive in both long range and close range fighting. Its most telling abilities were high AT Field potential and the ability to create or change matter. Rocks, walls- even mimicking Solace weaponry."-
[18:22] <@AdEvaGM> ["How do you defeat it?" Asked SEELE 04.-
[18:26] <@AdEvaGM> ["From the data I have already analysed, all of the Angel's advantages stem from three sources- a highly powerful and useful AT Field, exceptional close and long range combat ability, and useful auxiliaries."-
[18:26] <@AdEvaGM> ["You would require a team capable of destroying the auxiliaries, neutralising Big Brother, and tying it up in close combat simultaneously."-
[18:27] <@AdEvaGM> ["The Paris team was capable of that!" Snapped 04.-
[18:29] <@AdEvaGM> ["But they didn't do it. They tried to proceed in operational stages- defeat the auxiliaries, then neutralise, then overwhelm. Of course it fell apart. By the time they were attempting to overwhelm Big Brother they were depleted." Said Doctor Surov.-
[18:29] <@AdEvaGM> ["What would you suggest, then?" Asked 01.-
[18:30] <@AdEvaGM> ["Three things."-
[18:32] <@AdEvaGM> ["First, deploy EVA-07 to the battlefield, in dual plug configuration."-
[18:34] <@AdEvaGM> ["Second, ensure that the pilots of EVA-07 are capable of using an Anti-AT Field."-
[18:34] <@AdEvaGM> ["Third, use Excalibur."-
[18:46] <@AdEvaGM> [Murmurs and expressions of horror. "Excalibur?! EVA-07- are you mad?"-
[18:46] <@AdEvaGM> ["No. I'm just very sane." Said Surov dryly.-
[18:49] <@AdEvaGM> ["EVA-07 is an exceptionally dangerous unit." Said SEELE-05. "It was responsible for turning Eden into hell on Earth."-
[18:52] <@AdEvaGM> ["And Excalibur is powerful, but extremely dangerous!" Said SEELE-02. "If we were to lose that to Big Brother, we'd be doomed!"-
[18:52] <@AdEvaGM> ["You're doomed anyway if you don't do anything." Said Surov idly.-
[18:54] <@AdEvaGM> [A pause.-
[18:54] <@AdEvaGM> [Then-
[19:01] <@AdEvaGM> ["Very well. The God Evangelion and the sword Excalibur will be used." Said SEELE-01 coldly. "Sophia, take this rat and toss him outside."-
[19:01] <@AdEvaGM> [The monoliths vanished. Once again Surov was pulled to his feet, and a black bag was pulled over his head.-
[19:02] <@AdEvaGM> [By the time he'd been thrown to the ground- again- and his bag removed, the aggressor had gone.]

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