Codename: Sefirah
ID: Seventh Angel
First Detected: Atlantic Ocean
Date of Attack: 19th of August, 2015
Status: Defeated
Damage Bill: 254 Billion US dollars
Casualties: 16,430 military casualties

Physical Details
Height/Length: 75m tall (246.06 feet), 65m wingspan (213.15 feet)
Mass: 2000+ Metric tons
Maximum Speed: 90km/h (55.92mp/h)

Personal Details
"Damnit, it's absorbing their beams…" "… Yanmei, we need you to move ahead and try hitting it with your guns. It took damage from the fleet salvo earlier! Marianne, what's the status of that reserve?" "ETA 50 seconds…!"

Sefirah was encountered in the Atlantic Ocean, 1,200 km west of Bordeaux, where it attacked the UNS Enterprise Battlegroup. It used an unusual attack method; instead of attacking personally, it engaged the Enterprise with ten floating crystals codenamed 'Emanations'. Each crystal was unique in its attack properties, and each seemed attuned to absorb a certain sort of energy.

The battle was lengthy and costly. Sefirah brutally wiped out most of the Enterprise battlegroup, leaving only the extremely sturdy carrier in combat-ready condition. And even then, the Evangelions were not in for a good time. By the end of the battle the only Evangelion in any sort of combat-worthy status was EVA-02.

Sefirah, Battle 5

Role: Distance Fighting
Locomotion: Flying (30dm)
Size: Average

WS:   40 +4
BS:   50 +5
Str:  20 +2
Tou:  20 +2
Agi:  10 +1
Int:  30 +3
Per:  50 +5
Wil:  20 +2
Fel:  10 +1
SyR: 130 +13

-Body (Artificial)-
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
Head      1-10    2   4
L. Arm   11-20    0   6
R. Arm   21-30    0  6
Core     31-40    2  16
Body     31-00    2  16

-Standard Attacks-

Crystal 1
Name            Range RoF    Damage  Penetration Properties
Energy Strike    50dm S/2/3  1d10+4e 4           Positron

Crystal 2
Name            Range RoF    Damage  Penetration Properties
Electric Strike  50dm s/-/-  1d10+5e 0           Shocking

Crystal 3
Name           Range RoF    Damage  Penetration Properties
Fire Strike     30dm s/-/-  1d10+6e 4           Awakened

Crystal 4
Name                       Range RoF   Damage  Penetration Properties
Shuriken Cannon     75dm 2/4/8 1d10+3r 1                 Awakened

Crystal 5
Name            Range RoF   Damage  Penetration Properties
Barbed Whip      20dm 1/-/- 1d10+6r 2           Awakened

Crystal 6
Name            Range Damage   Penetration Properties
Power Blade     Melee 1d10+10r 5           Awakened
                       Power Field

Crystal 7
Name            Range RoF   Damage   Penetration Properties
Collider Cannon 100dm 1/-/- 1d10+8I  1           Awakened

Crystal 8
Name            Range RoF   Damage   Penetration Properties         
Hammer Cannon   50dm  1/-/- 1d10+5I  0           Awakened

Crystal 9
Name            Range RoF   Damage   Penetration Properties
Explosive Blast 40dm  1/-/- 1d10+7x  4           Awakened

Crystal 10                                              
Name            Range RoF   Damage   Penetration Properties
Concussion Wave  0dm  1/-/- 1d10+10x 4         Awakened

Fully Awakened Main Attack
Name            Range RoF   Damage   Penetration Properties
Alpha and Omega 300dm 1/-/- 3d10+5e  10         Awakened
                         Sefirot Pattern

1/1 BS Rerolls
1/1 Fate Points

-AT Powers-
Deflective Field
Neutralize AT
AT Push
AT Pull
Kinetic Manipulation
AT Wave
AT Blast
Rising Cross

-Special Abilities-
Damage Alignment
Crystals- Awakened
Crystals- Parry

-Traits and Talents-
Angel (TB 4)
Dark Sight
From Beyond
AT Focus
Light of the Soul

-Custom Trait Explanation-

Sefirah has ten crystals (each one representing the ten emanations of God). The crystals all have their own actions and initiatives, as well as AT Fields.
They share Sefirah's statistics in all areas except for the following:
Crystal: 10 wounds, AP 2, TB 2, AGI 30, ATS 5
Each Crystal's initiative comes after Sefirah's in 1 step allotments. So if Sefirah has Initiative 12, the Crystals will go on Init's 11-2. 

Crystals- Awakened
Each Crystal has an attack that can only be activated after it is attacked. Should a Crystal fall to 5 wounds or less, -or- absorb an attack with its AT
Field, its power is activated. Should the Crystal be attacked by a weapon of the same type as its own, it automatically absorbs the attack, gains 1d5 wounds
from it and activates its weapon if not already activated.

Crystals- Parry
Should any Crystal be within 5dm of Sefirah -and- capable of moving in between Sefirah and the attack's line of sight, and has a full action it may move there
and attempt to take the blow. It tests dodge: should it succeed, it successfully takes the attack. On a failure, Sefirah is hit.

Damage Alignment
Every time Sefirah is hit with an attack, it can as a reaction action change its very nature to absorb all damage of that type. For as long as Sefirah is set
to a particular damage type, whenever it's hit by that type it automatically absorbs the attack, gains 1d5 wounds from it and can activate a single 
unactivated Crystal.
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