Sera S Adventure

[22:17] <Dorian> [The outside was cold. Of course! But Sept was no doubt used to the chill by then due to his own explorations, and Viviane hardly seemed to be perturbed.]
[22:20] * Sept made a quick inventory of his equipment. Finding everything he thought he'd packed, he wasted no time heading off into the wild. "Would you like to see the Valley first, Viviane?"
[22:21] <Dorian> ["That'd be great, Sept." Said Viviane sweetly. "It's a pretty long distance, so we'll be sure to see plenty on the way. I wonder what animals we'll run into~? Maybe a bear? That'd be… Terrifying!"]
[22:22] <Sept> "Yeah… but don't worry, I'm sure we'll be fine!" An encouraging nod.
[22:25] <Dorian> [Viviane started to head toward the 'area' now opened to them- they'd seen it from windows. Filled with white, snowcovered trees and sloping downward. "What would you do if we saw a bear?"]
[22:30] <Sept> "Hmm. Try to scare it away? But if that didn't work and we couldn't get away… I'd have to fight it, wouldn't I? I couldn't let it hurt you…"
[22:32] <Dorian> ["Aw, Sept." Viviane giggled. "You're such a hero. But I don't think we'll see any bears… They're mostly dead, now."]
[22:37] * Sept stopped, and fiddled with his gloves in silence for a moment. "Ah, Viviane? If I could ask for a favor… Please, call me Sera?"
[22:38] <Dorian> ["H-huh? Why?"]
[22:41] * Sept blushed a little, his tone hastier now. "It's just I. That name, I don't I mean it's not that you're not a friend but just if you could..?"
[22:41] <Dorian> [Viviane stared at him for a moment, then pouted. "O-Okay. Sera it is."]
[22:44] <Sept> "Thank you, Viviane." he muttered. "We should keep going. Here's hoping for no bears, right..? Hehe. Heh."
[22:44] <Dorian> ["Aheh… Heh. Or wolves. Or violent golden eagles. Heh. That would be bad." AWKWARD ZONE.]
[22:48] <Sept> "Yeah…" The walk continued. A step at a time. For a while, Sera only looked down, but eventually he would regain his interest in the surroundings.
[22:48] <Dorian> [The forest was starting to claim them, now. Where things had once been open and clear… It was amazing what a forest could do. They now felt genuinely alone.]
[22:53] <Sept> His earlier expeditions had seen Sera slowly grow used to the environment but it was still somewhat awkward for him. Luckily, the forest's awkwardness seemed to overcome the social awkwardness. A few detours were made here and there, and the pilot sometimes stopped to intently stare at a bush he could swore had rustled, with or without his camera.
[22:57] <Dorian> [One of the bushes would, eventually… As Sept stared at it… Rustle.]
[23:00] * Sept gasped, and signalled Viviane to stay still. "Ssshhhsh." Carefully, with one hand at his hip, another holding the camera, Sera started to circle the bush at a safe distance.
[23:02] <Dorian> [Viviane remained quiet.-
[23:03] <Dorian> [Sept would find himself staring at a squat, rather plump-looking creature with a furry coat and black eyes- a marmot.]
[23:08] <Sept> Staring… and staring. The marmot might as well have been an alien.
[23:12] <Dorian> [The marmot stared back. Eventually it stopped, turning its attention to the ground, where it snuffled and dug furiously- Sept could see that it was digging for something- and it got it. A spider, which it started to eat.]
[23:18] * Sept blinked. At some point it occurred to him that he should take a picture. The camera was prepared, and aimed.
[23:19] <Dorian> [The marmot looked back up at him, a spider dangling in its front paws. THE PERFECT SHOT!]
[23:23] <Sept> Was it really right to be intruding in the domain of these creatures? Many of the species here were endangered. Most of them would never be able to reach the kind of numbers their population had been at before. Would taking this picture only bring more tourists and intruders upon this land?-
[23:23] <Sept> These were thoughts that did not occur to Sera de Pteres. He took the picture.
[23:24] <Dorian> [The marmot had its picture taken. It went back to its arachnid appetiser.-
[23:24] <Dorian> [Viviane hadn't moved, but had watched the entire thing with wide eyes. "W-Wow…"]
[23:26] * Sept respectfully gave the animal some distance, returning to his companion's side. "…what is it, Viviane?"
[23:28] <Dorian> ["It's just… Such a good picture. Marmots…" She chuckled. "Should we keep going?"]
[23:29] <Sept> "Marmots…" Sera repeated. "Yeah… Let's do that."
[23:31] <Dorian> [They continued on. The snow was becoming a little thicker, and the plants seemed to be changing. Sept might realise they were going lower, now. Rocks were emerging- large and imposing. Bigger than a man.-
[23:31] <Dorian> [A little bird twitted overhead.]
[23:38] * Sept circled the tree a few times, trying to zoom in with the camera and binoculars. But he couldn't get an angle and the sound continued. "Just a moment." Sera dropped everything but the camera, and moved to climb the tree.
[23:41] <Dorian> ["U-Uh, Sera-?"-
[23:45] <Dorian> [Sept would climb that tree like he was built for climbing, which… Well. He'd soon find himself in the tree- able to take a good look at whatever he wanted, including the view. The forest spread out below him, an endless field of white, brown and green, down into a narrow valley that seemed close, yet when compared to the surroundings… Far. Whole wings of birds flew through the sky now.]
[23:53] * Sept inspected the offending avian first and took a few pictures for evidence, before noticing the scenery. "Hmmmmmh…" A few more snaps of his camera, and he descended.
[23:53] <Dorian> ["How was it?"]
[23:56] <Sept> "It was…" Sera pondered for a moment. "…nice." He nodded to himself after a few further moments of deliberation, showed the evidence to Viviane. "Let's keep going."
[23:57] <Dorian> [Viviane looked at the evidence, and nodded her head. "… Um, hold on, Sera. Can you do me a favour?"]
[23:57] <Sept> "What is it, Viviane?"
[23:58] <Dorian> [Viviane took off her bag, and put down her other gear. "Do you mind if I take a look myself?"]
[00:00] * Sept shook his head. "No, not at all!"
[00:01] <Dorian> ["Right. Thanks, Sera!" She headed for the tree, swiftly starting to climb the base… Before slipping and skidding back into the snow.]
[00:03] <Sept> "Would you like some help, Viviane?"
[00:05] <Dorian> ["N-No, I'm fine." Viviane stood up, red-faced, and tried again- this time taking note of where she fell and quickly scrambling up the distance. A few minutes later she'd scramble down again, dusting her hands off. "Right! I know where we are~"]
[00:08] <Sept> The worry on Sera's face slowly faded as she displayed her skills. "Oh? Is it far to the valley?"
[00:08] <Dorian> ["Not too far. C'mon!" She grabbed her gear and started heading off again at a rapid pace.]
[00:12] <Sept> "Right!" Sera followed suit, jogging the distance of her head start.
[00:13] <Dorian> [The forest grew thicker, now. And where the quiet solace had once been welcoming, perhaps, now it became almost foreboding. There were sounds in the dark. Distinct. -Unexplained.-]
[00:17] * Sept found most of the sounds to be just echoes, rendering his detours useless. He just shortened the distance between himself and Viviane, growing anxious. "Much further?"
[00:18] <Dorian> ["We're nearly there. C'mon!" Further into the dark. The sunlight became scarce and thin- a real, dark, ominous gloom settled upon them.-
[00:23] <Dorian> [But Viviane would press on, and they'd emerge… Into something else. It was a narrow, thin gully. To say it was 'filled with rocks' would be a gross misnomer. It was as if some careful hand had chiselled away at the rock over thousands of years, leaving behind crags and rib-like stone pillars. The wind was funnelled into the gully… The sound was eerie. It felt as though it belonged to another world.-
[00:23] <Dorian> [It more reverberated than anything, a low-pitched reverberation with the momentary high-pitched whistle. But it didn't sound like the wind.]
[00:29] <Sept> The sudden change of scenery made Sera gasp as he suddenly felt the wind in his face again. He stared at their destination. "…is this it?"
[00:30] <Dorian> [The sound of Sept's words sounded weird. Even speaking affected the tune. Viviane nodded, her face full of awe.]
[00:36] * Sept listened to the unique sound for a while, before continuing forward. "Come, let's get a bit closer."
[00:38] <Dorian> [Viviane nodded, and stepped forward… Into the area. Some of the stones were remarkable colours- some of them seemed to be genuine marble or other fascinating stone. "S-Sera, did you bring your flute…?"]
[00:45] <Sept> "Y-yeah. Do you think I should..?" He continued on his way until he got close enough to the acoustic sweet spot. He sat down and closed his eyes.
[00:45] <Dorian> ["Y-Yeah…"]
[00:56] * Sept opened and closed his mouth, looking for a reply. But finding nothing, he carefully extricated the flute from its case, and pressed the instrument to his lips. With one more hesitant glance at Viviane, he started to play. It was a simple melody, usually performed with grander instruments.
[01:02] <Dorian> [The flute reverberated amazingly with the air above it. It… Could easily be said that it wasn't something Sept had ever heard before, or anything like it. He could hear his flute in that sound, but the way it interplayed… What he could really hear was the orchestra of wind, sound, valley and flute. His simple melody transformed the valley into something grander. Something alive.]
[01:14] * Sept played the melody over and over. After what seemed to him like a day, but had been ten minutes at most, he finally let the sounds fade and echo away, replaced by the ambience of the wind. Sera laid back and opened his eyes to look at the sky. His vision, however, was blurred by the tears in his eyes. He said nothing.
[01:16] <Dorian> [Viviane was silent. She was near Sept, a hand on his shoulder… She hadn't cried, but there was something in what she'd heard that wanted to peer into her and take her to a lovelier, gentler place. She stared down the valley… "S-Sera…"]
[01:26] <Sept> "Could we stay here, Viviane? I'd like to stay here."
[01:27] <Dorian> ["O-Of course, Sera. We can stay here as long as you… Like." Her words became breathless. "Sera… Look."-
[01:27] <Dorian> [They were no longer alone in the valley. Not now. A creature shared the space.-
[01:28] <Dorian> [It was a deer, a male deer- a hart. It bore a fine white coat and elaborate, kingly antlers upon its head. Deer were supposed to be timid creatures, but this thing… Wasn't afraid at all. It just stared at them, appraising them.]
[02:17] <Sept> It took him some time to actually tear his gaze away from the sky. And when he did, he was faced with yet another unforgettable sight. "Viviane…" He didn't need the creature named this time. He just reached for his camera… only to let it fall again, leaving the apparatus hanging by his neck.
[02:18] <Dorian> [It was a stag big and tough enough that even a pack of wolves would have a hell of a time bringing it down. It stared- and took a step forward.]
[02:24] * Sept was, so far, unalarmed. He stood up to properly face the creature in a respectful manner.
[02:26] <Dorian> [It kept approaching. For such a powerful creature, its eyes were gentle and brown. It stopped… A metre away from Sept.]
[02:31] <Sept> "Hello." Sept tilted his head a bit to the side, and continued staring.
[02:31] <Dorian> [Viviane watched the exchange, barely daring to breathe. The hart snorted, tossing its head- which it nudged toward Sept.]
[02:39] * Sept didn't move. He wondered if the creature had heard the music. He wondered if it had liked it as much as he had.
[02:40] <Dorian> [The stag lifted its head- its white neck exposed. It inched closer…-
[02:41] <Dorian> [… The scene was ruined. The air changed, a discordant note splitting the acoustics. Overhead, a VTOL Jet engine screamed across the sky. The stag stumbled back, head darting around… Before turning and running.]
[02:45] * Sept dropped to the ground, sitting again. He looked at the flute, and at the escaping creature. "…too late", he muttered to himself. For a while more he stared after the hart and listened to the hum of the valley. "We should probably head back."
[02:46] <Dorian> ["Y-yeah…" Viviane nodded. "… Your music was really good."]
[02:50] <Sept> "Mmh." Sept packed up his belongings and headed back the way they had came.

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