Sera S Adventures

[20:19] <AdEvaGM> [[Season Five: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Season title: Adam's Dark Shadow.-
[20:20] <AdEvaGM> [[Session 51. Date: 20th of July, 2017. Episode Title: Yanmei's Baptism of Fire.-
[20:24] <AdEvaGM> [The VTOL sped across the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, now, the sun sparkling off of its metal hull. Beneath it, cold seas lay endlessly in all directions; behind it, Canada faded behind them.-
[20:24] <AdEvaGM> [Within the VTOL, of course, were three special pilots…]
[20:28] * Sept was caught somewhere in the limbo between sleep and the waking world, in a perpetual cycle of nodding off, waking with a start and nodding off while gazing out the window again.
[20:29] * Yanmei texted her way through the flight, her thumb never ceasing to move on the pink cell phone she was carrying with her. She'd chattered here and there, but basically lapsed back into this mode when she had run out of things to say.
[20:30] * Aline was staring out the window, not sleeping, but not that sharply attentive to anything but the constant infinite ocean.
[20:30] <AdEvaGM> ["How're you kids going back there?" Asked Frederic cheerfully from the cockpit.]
[20:33] <Aline> "Pondering infinity." A brief clearing of Aline's throat. "…Okay, mostly staring at the ocean."
[20:34] <Sept> "..!" Sera woke again. "Mmmhmm. How much further?" he mumbled.
[20:37] <AdEvaGM> ["We're nearly there now."]
[20:38] <Yanmei> "Hm." Yanmei didn't look up just yet.
[20:39] <AdEvaGM> [A half hour passed…-
[20:39] <AdEvaGM> ["Hey guys." Frederic's amused voice. "Look out the window."]
[20:41] * Aline had almost dozed off herself by then, but… "…Well I'll be…"
[20:42] * Yanmei finally let her hand lower to her lap, and peeked out, eyebrows lifting sightly.
[20:42] <Sept> "Mmhwhatnow," Sera asked, raising his head after trying a sitting equivalent of rolling to the far end of the bed, and failing. "What'sthere?"
[20:43] <AdEvaGM> [They came to a bank of fog, and flew through it. As the fog gave way, so did the water- an island of lush and pristine green lay beneath them, with beaches of white sand against which the waves lapped gently. A small mountain crested the island square in the middle, separating the seemingly endless forest…]
[20:45] <Sept> "Ahh, that looks comfortable… good for a little rest…"
[20:48] <Yanmei> "It sure is pretty?" Yanmei agreed. "Look, there's a beach, too!"
[20:48] <Sept> "Are we landing here, Frédéric?"
[20:48] * Aline just… stared. "It's an island." She said flatly, as though she were stating an absolute truth.
[20:50] <AdEvaGM> [Frederic chuckled. "That's right."-
[20:51] <AdEvaGM> [After about ten minutes had passed, the VTOL maneuvered onto a flat surface on a southern beach, the powerful engines scattering sand and leaves away. "Everyone out!"]
[20:53] * Aline looked around maybe a bit confusedly, but… with a nod, she got out!
[20:55] * Sept got out as well after a bit of a struggle, stretching and taking in the view. "I -really- needed this. I'm going to sleep for a day once we get there."
[20:56] * Yanmei slipped her phone into her pocket, and stumbled out, peering around and protecting her eyes from the winds and the sun with an arm. After a dazed moment or two, something dawned on her. "Wait, where's the resort? I don't see it?" She squinted into the distance to see if she was missing something.
[20:56] <AdEvaGM> [Fred stepped out. "Hold on. We set up something for you guys 500 metres in. I'm gonna stay here and cool the VTOL's engines, but, ah… Yanmei?"]
[20:57] <Yanmei> "Yes?"
[20:58] <AdEvaGM> ["Is it ok if I borrow your phone for a sec? I need to send a message back to Sophie, but I forgot my own…"]
[21:00] <Yanmei> "Ah, well, I guess so?" She pulled the pink parkly thing out of her pocket and held it out to him. "Just give it back when you're done?"
[21:00] <AdEvaGM> ["Sure. You go on ahead with the others, I'll meet you when I'm done."]
[21:01] * Yanmei nodded, and started off, leaving footsteps behind in the sand. "Shall we?"
[21:02] * Aline seemed a bit… nervous, for some reason. "This is… Hrm. I would've liked a more comfortable vacation after all that hospital time, but…" She stepped out with not a bit of trepidation.
[21:05] * Sept was starting to seem a bit more lucid, following the others casually. "Yeah. I'm sure we'll be fine here, though. The beach looks -really- nice."
[21:06] <Yanmei> "I bet there's, like, a shopping center or a hotel or a small town further into the island. I bet they just have a jeep waiting for us to make it easier to get to."
[21:07] <AdEvaGM> [Crisp trees dotted the grassland beyond the sand. Once they passed the treeline, things became quiet and serene…-
[21:07] <Sept> "If it's all in the middle of the forest, they probably don't have the space to land VTOLs there. Or maybe it's underground. A secret NERV resort would make sense."
[21:08] * Aline looked backwards a bit, nervously. "Should you really be talking about bets with him around…?"
[21:09] <AdEvaGM> [There was a little dirt path that they could follow in. At the end of this path was a clearing…-
[21:10] <AdEvaGM> [The clearing contained boxes. One box held two water containers and three canteens; another contained a lot of army rations. There was also a tent set up in the middle of the clearing- within the tent as a medkit, a pistol and three sets of winter survival clothes. A letter was hung on the outside of the tent, labelled 'To Yanmei'.]
[21:12] <Yanmei> "…What." Yanmei stared at the clearing. No one here? What was this army stuff for? She eyed and went for the note, her face growing a little more stormy.
[21:13] * Aline looked around shiftily. That reaction… made her face scrunch up.
[21:14] <Sept> "…nnnnnno," Sera said and eyed the path they'd come by for signs of Frédéric, and an explanation.
[21:14] <AdEvaGM> [No Frederic. Actually, there was a muffled sound like a VTOL taking off…]
[21:16] * Yanmei read the note, her face growing even stormier at first, and then clearing into something like a paling shock at the very end. "WHAT?!" The cry might have sent a few nearby birdies fluttering off their perches. "They couldn't… those…"
[21:16] * Sept continued staring down the path helplessly. "What does it say, Yanmei?"
[21:18] * Yanmei thrust the note out, her hand shaking furiously. "They… those… they TOOK my cell phone!!" -
[21:20] <Yanmei> The note said quite a bit more. Things about them being left on their own for two weeks, and Yanmei being in charge, and having to fend for themselves when it came to finding food and water. Also, they had left a single pistol behind. Marianne's signature was at the bottom.
[21:22] * Aline leaned over Yanmei's shoulder, briefly flinching at the loud cry. "…You'll get it… back?" She looked. "…Well, uh. At least we have a medkit? I picked up some battlefield medicine from some books a few months back that should be uh… helpful?" The poor girl was subtly shaking.
[21:24] <Sept> "Two… two weeks?! I…" Sera launched into a lengthy diatribe of French curse words, flailing about, lacking anything to take his frustration out on.
[21:28] * Yanmei didn't say anything else for a while, but finally, with time, her enraged shaking began to subside. "Medical books. Okay, that's helpful." She said at last. Her shoulders were still tight. She eyed the supplies that were left out for them, and made their way to them slowly. "God. Two weeks! On this! What were they thinking?"
[21:28] <AdEvaGM> [There was a rustle in the trees…]
[21:31] * Aline shrugged her shoulders /very/ helplessly. "…To make us survive? Leadership training? You are our leader, so…"
[21:31] <Sept> "Ugh, my headache's coming back. I can't get a cold here…" Sera whined.
[21:33] * Yanmei looked at sharply at the rustle. For a moment, there was actual hope in her eyes, as if she was expecting someone to jump out and proclaim that it was just a joke after all. Her shoulders started to relax… and then stiffen again as more implications rushed into her mind. She skimmed the supplies for that gun and other weapons.
[21:44] <Sept> [And so it was that the plans were made and set into motion…-]
[21:46] <Sept> And Sera was the one who stayed behind to watch the campsite, and act as an aural beacon when the others inevitably got lost. He spent his time gathering branches - that is to say, taking out his anger on some unsuspecting trees.
[21:46] * Aline on the other hand, would set off towards the east, looking for things. She'd soon vanish from camp…
[21:47] * Yanmei headed north. The water surrounding the island was undrinkable, but maybe rivers further inland would be a different story. "Be careful while we're gone, okay?"
[21:49] <Sept> "I will. Don't worry. And good luck."
[21:58] <Sept> The exercise in stress relief was starting to lose its efficacy. Sera made an attempt at cutting down some of the more slender trees with his knife, but just kept getting it stuck, and eventually giving up after giving the tree a solid kick.
[22:26] <AdEvaGM> [There was another rustle from one of the far-off trees.]
[22:28] <Sept> "Back already?" Sera approached the sound carefully, knife still in hand.
[22:28] <AdEvaGM> [Rustle rustle.]
[22:30] <Sept> "…" Sera tried to make his steps more silent as he got closer, getting ready to jump whatever was there once he got close enough.
[22:32] * Aline came out, bleeding in a few places, and looking beat. Almost instantly, she muttered. "Not going out there alone fucking again." …And she headed straight for the box with the medkit, though she was still in earshot. If he wanted to jump her, let him do it. She was too achey to care.
[22:39] <Sept> And… so he did, with a scream, emerging from a nearby bush. With one final moment of terror, he realised what he was doing as he tackled Aline to the ground. Sera hastily dropped his knife, disentangling himself with some difficulty. "A-A-Aline, what happened why are you I thought it was an Ang… -what happened-?"
[22:43] * Aline frowned, standing herself back up slowly. "Well, you're not entirely wrong. Got hit by some wolves a ways to the east. And… I used my special powers to fight them off when running /and/ knife fighting failed. If we go together I won't have to take stupid risks like that…"
[22:47] <Sept> "I… you… -it was you-. A-are you alright, is he still..?"
[22:48] * Aline shook her head. "I dismissed him. I don't want to do that again, but we need to explore the area or we'll run out of food…" She looked pleadingly. "Give me an hour or so to mend my wounds, and let's go together, okay? The camp won't get up and walk away…"
[22:50] <Sept> "…I felt that. That's what I've been feeling. It's your field. That's why I thought you were…"
[22:53] * Aline shook her head. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I just… flew up, and terrified them a little. If I didn't do it I'd be…" Her head lolled down. "Fuck this trip."
[22:57] <Sept> "No, that's alright, please… we'll keep together, we should've known this would be more dangerous. We'll make it through here. Just tell me if you need help with that, or if… something else happens." Sera picked up his knife and took a respectful few steps back. "It's still there. Your field. Some part of it. You're sure you'll be alright with it?"
[22:59] * Aline nodded gently. "I will. I dismissed him, he's probably going to be a bit awake now, but I managed to hold on. And… well, you could help with the bandaging, maybe?"
[22:59] <Sept> "Yeah… I can do that. Then we'll check out the surroundings together."
[23:01] * Aline nodded, a loose, wearied smile on her face. "Thanks."
[23:05] <Sept> [Time passed, wounds were attended to, and eventually, woods were gotten lost in.-] "I… I -think- we haven't been here yet."
[23:06] * Aline frowned at the wilderness. "I thought I was keeping track of it, but I keep missing the trail…"
[23:09] <Sept> "Yeah, me too. Well, maybe it's this way..?" …and so on.
[23:09] <AdEvaGM> [Eventually, they were able to leave the baffling wilderness, and find themselves on more easily followed track…]
[23:14] <Sept> "Okay… Keep your eyes open. We should be getting closer to the camp."
[23:14] <AdEvaGM> [Snuffle. Snuffle.-
[23:14] <AdEvaGM> [A wild boar- fat, stocky, with a gleaming coat and tusks…]
[23:15] <AdEvaGM> [Was rooting about a tree.]
[23:16] * Aline made little handsignals, and whispered. "Maybe we should catch…?"
[23:17] * Sept raised a finger to his lips, and nodded. He stared at the boar for a moment, counting down from three with his fingers. And then, he sprinted after it, yelling the latter half of the way as he leapt at the beast, knife raised!
[23:17] * Aline followed, and managed to get in her own attacks, with a little "Eeeee!~"
[23:18] <AdEvaGM> ["Snufsnuf?!"-
[23:18] <AdEvaGM> [The boar didn't have time to react. Sera put out its eyes, and Aline stuck it in the gut. It died in a humiliating fashion.]
[23:23] <Sept> "Huff. Phew. Well done. We should take it to camp… And maybe try not to leave a trail of blood for the wolves."
[23:24] <Aline> "You're right…" She looked at her own bandaged wounds.
[23:40] <AdEvaGM> [Odd. It felt warmer for some reason…]
[23:40] <Sept> [The two eventually managed to haul the carcass back to camp, wounds properly blocked for now to stop immediate spoilage. Plans were made to forage further food and firewood for the preparation of said food. The search proceeded uneventfully.-]
[23:41] <Sept> Sera paused for a moment, dragging the most choice pieces of wood that had been available to him so far. He sat down, took a sip of water, and waited for Aline to show up.
[23:43] * Aline would eventually turn up again. "Oh, hey. I had found some berries earlier. They're back at camp… we actually did pretty good at finding food, though."
[23:49] <Sept> "Yeah." Sera motioned toward his little pile of wood choppings. "We'll need tools to properly cut down trees, though. If we want fires to last through the night, or build anything… Maybe one more round and then head back again? The boar probably won't keep for long unprepared."
[23:51] * Aline nodded again. "Yeah, let's do that… Is it just me or has it been getting hot?"
[23:53] <Sept> "I guess the temperature can change a lot in places like these? I'm sure we'll figure it out how it works in a day or two. Anyway, let's move."
[23:54] <Aline> "Yeah, let's." She said simply.
Session Time: Sun Apr 08 00:00:00 2012
[00:12] <Yanmei> There was a noise. Something making its way to camp, noisily, with a fair amount of rattling.
[00:13] <Sept> "…skeleton monkeys?"
[00:13] * Aline stared, knife drawn, after they had returned. She did glance furtively at Sera, though. "…Wait what?"
[00:14] <Sept> "I… I didn't mean to say that. S-stay on guard. I'll check it out."
[00:15] <Yanmei> Drag, rattle rattle. Drag, rattle rattle. A figure shuffled into view, dragging something heavy behind her, a human skull in hand.
[00:16] * Aline raised her knife warily. "What the…?"
[00:17] * Sept tensed, but then just found himself staring, mouth open. "…wh-how..?"
[00:19] <Yanmei> The figure turned, letting her load down with a thump, and flipped a violet pigtail. "Hi guys~? How did things go?"
[00:20] * Aline waved a wounded arm. "Had to blow the minds of a few wolves, but otherwise pretty good. We're going to have boar tonight!"
[00:22] <Yanmei> "B-boar? Wow." Yanmei moved to a soft-looking patch of grass, and sat down with a sigh. "God, it looks like there are wolves everywhere! I ran into one too. And a lot of dead bodies. Oh! There was a cave, too."
[00:23] <Sept> "Y-yeah, we found a boar. Yanmei? What are those?"
[00:26] <Yanmei> "Ah, let's see." Yanmei spread her treasures out. "There's a… well, I guess it's a shovel. This leaf that might cure exhaustion. A skull. And." She kicked open the lid to the chest to reveal thousands of coins.
[00:29] <Sept> "…" Sera -stared-. "Ah. Well done."
[00:30] <Yanmei> "You too. You guys brought home dinner, after all?"
[00:31] * Aline nodded, a bit blearily, eyeing the gold ever so often. "Y… eah. We did, didn't we?"
[00:31] <Sept> "We were just about to start preparing it. Want to help?"
[00:32] <Yanmei> "Eh… I guess I'll give it a shot? I've never had to cook over an open flame before." She eyed Aline's bandages a moment, frowning. "You all right?"
[00:33] <Aline> "Wolves." Aline said, a bit of darkness creeping into her tone.
[00:35] <Yanmei> "Ah."
[00:37] <Sept> "We'll get back at them, though."
[00:44] <AdEvaGM> [Time passed- a rich meal was had.-
[00:45] <AdEvaGM> [Day dawned, sun shining down hotly on their tent…]
[00:52] <Sept> "Nnnggghhhh… What a long night." Sera got up and stretched.
[00:53] * Aline got up, and sort of shifted uncomfortably. "I still feel a bit woozy…"
[00:54] <Sept> "I… yeah. I think I'll be fine once I wake up. We'll have food for now, so don't push yourself."
[00:56] * Yanmei unfurled herself with a whimper, realized she was not alone, and then cleared her throat daintly. "Ahem. Even though we have food, we should still try to explore a little? Blanc?"
[00:57] <Aline> "Well…" She thought. "I think I'll make water my priority. Maybe start moving supplies over to that cave you found, too."
[00:58] <Sept> "That sounds good. We can get a little further out when we want, then."
[00:59] <Yanmei> "Good. In the meantime? I'd suggest searching the coast before me move on. You never know what we overlooked."
[01:18] <Sept> -
[01:20] * Sept was panting from the chase. He laughed to himself. "Don't think you can get away with this just because he's in a wheelchair."
[01:25] <AdEvaGM> [The wolf lay dead, uncomprehending. Blood stained the fresh grass.]
[01:48] <Sept> -
[01:50] <Sept> Sera wiped sweat off his brow. It was -really- getting hot. He thumped the wolf and turkey carcasses onto the ground, and tossed the firewood onto the little pile of yesterday's leftovers. Sera took a deep breath, looked over the camp feeling strangely satisfied, and went to take a drink of water.
[01:51] <AdEvaGM> [Both containers were gone.]
[01:54] <Sept> "Oh, that Aline." How could she have made the simple oversight of leaving no water at the base camp? Unless… Sera laughed to himself. "Couldn't be."
[01:54] <AdEvaGM> [… There were little footprints in the dirt.]
[01:56] * Sept turned around, ignoring the prints. Optical illusion.
[01:56] <Sept> "Yep. Time for more exploration."
[21:37] <Sept> Rustle, rustle. And silence. "…what happened here..?" Sera thought out loud.
[21:38] <Yanmei> A soggy figure tramped into the clearing that had served as the group's campgrounds before the devestation registered. She stared around in shock. "…the hell?"
[21:39] * Aline rolled over a bit from under the tent, obviously looking, well… uh. Torn up. There was some stray wire from the suturing kit sticking out of the medkit proper, and while she looked a /bit/ closed up, there was still a whole lot of blood. "Rats. Did't to th' camp, thatis. Me? Bear."
[21:41] <Sept> "…my god." It was all he could say.
[21:42] * Yanmei dropped some of the stone she had been carrying. She didn't seem to notice. She did, however, make a rather loud exclamation. "How are you not…? Urgh, nevermind the camp for a minute."
[21:43] <Sept> "You need a doctor, Aline. We have to stop this."
[21:44] <Aline> "Fuck'f'I'no." Aline sort of rapid-slurred. "I'm t'most qualfied. A'mst killed m'self. Best just restlots."
[21:46] <Yanmei> "If we had a PHONE we could call someone for help and get her air-lifted out of here." Yanmei glared down at a ruined husk that used to be a water container. "This sucks. It's all Frederic's fault! And Marianne's."
[21:47] <Sept> "They have to know. They've got bugs at least on this clearing. They'll get us out. They'll get you out."
[21:48] <Yanmei> "They'd better. We have to hang on until then, okay?" Yanmei moved closer to the tent, frowning. "We'll move to a better, drier place if they're not here by morning. This camp isn't secure at all!"
[21:50] * Aline sighed, wincing a bit with the motion required, and… looked around a bit. "M'be, M'benot. I think 'can recover? If th' don't come th' don't come, we'll…" A pause. She was /starting/ to talk a bit clearer now, probably because a few of the more gaping wounds have had time to close. "…S'was a boar in there. Silly, was like 'no, notgonna deal w'that. S'was b'fore th' bear."
[21:53] <Sept> "…we'll deal with them. Don't worry. Just… do we have anything left to eat today..?"
[21:54] * Yanmei grimaced. "I have some stuff. It's pretty gross, though?"
[21:55] <Sept> "What is it?"
[21:56] * Aline tilted her head, curious. "Yeah."
[21:58] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei held up something, holding it gingerly between her fingers as if she couldn't believe that she was touching something so gross. It was a large rat with soggy dark fur. "…there are berries, too, but only a handful of them?"
[22:00] <Sept> "…nostalgic," Sera said dryly. "I… I've got pelts, if the rain doesn't let up. If you don't mind the smell."
[22:02] <Yanmei> "Well, at least we won't starve or go freezing tonight," Yanmei sighed. "Let's settle in and make the best of it."
[22:02] <Aline> "After being mauled by'bear, don't care whatsmells." Aline eloquently put it.
[22:10] <Sept> [Morning rolled around. The soggy earth provided little comfort for Sera de Pteres. He got up, sneezing, and went to poke at the pathetic pile of firewood they had left to see if it had dried up any.]
[22:11] * Aline would roll over - away from Yanmei, thankfully for her ~feelings~ - as she woke up. "Feel a… little better. But only a little."
[22:16] <Yanmei> "Ugh." Yanmei curled up by herself for a moment, feeling the cold set in again, and then slowly stirred. "We've got work to do," she mumbled. "Time to - *yawn* - beat up these woods."
[23:10] <Yanmei> -
[23:12] <Yanmei> And "beat up" they did. The first thing on the list for that day was revenge, pure and simple. If there was a bear to be found on the way to the boar cave, Yanmei and Sept would dispose of it. And so, when they just so happened to cross one deep in the woods, the inevitable happened.
[23:14] <AdEvaGM> [The bear was just finishing up a snack of boar. It stared.-
[23:14] <AdEvaGM> ["RrrrrRRRRRRRRRRR!"]
[23:15] <Sept> "Alright. If you'll wait here, I'll sneak up on it and lead it- crap. Do you want to- whatdoyouwannadoYanmei?"
[23:18] <Yanmei> "Attack? Watch out!" Yanmei's weapons gleamed into sight as the bear ran at them.
[23:19] <AdEvaGM> [A claw swiped at Sera, going wide as the mad beast threw itself at him.]
[23:24] <Sept> "Aahh!" Sera ducked and retaliated, the knife feeling puny as it bearly pierced the creature's thick hide. "Now!"
[23:27] * Yanmei sprang foward, bearing down on the enemy with a flashing knife and a makeshift stone axe forged the during the previous cold, wet night. "He's tough!" she grunted. "Just keep hitting him!"
[23:28] <AdEvaGM> [The wounds left deep gashes…-
[23:28] <AdEvaGM> [But the bear -howled- and seemed to go mad with fury and pain, heavy paws smashing into Sera with incredible force.]
[23:31] <Sept> "Righ-hggh-" Sera slammed into a tree, yelping with pain. With no small effort, he stuck his knife into the paw keeping him pinned and forced it off him, rolling away, panting.
[23:32] <AdEvaGM> [The wound was enough to distract the bear- it leapt at him again, dealing him an even more painful blow.]
[23:33] <Sept> This time, there was no tree behind him, and the force of the blow and the pain threw Sera onto his back, with no time to get up as the bear advanced. He waved his knife at the beast threateningly. "Kill it! KILL IT!"
[23:36] <Yanmei> "Bastard! Get away from him!" Yanmei slammed her knife into the bear from behind, growling under her breath.
[23:38] <AdEvaGM> [The bear tottered forward and fell- on Sera. Quite dead.]
[23:39] <Sept> It was a strange feeling, to have the wind knocked out of him, yet still feel so comfortably warm at the same time. Sera gasped for air for several moments before managing to get a word out. "Hhhthanks… Yanmei."
[23:43] <Yanmei> "You're welcome?" Yanmei eyed the furry mound speculatively. "You look pretty tired. How about a rest before we get going again?"
[23:44] <Sept> "…that would be good. Can you. Um. Help get it off me."
[23:47] <Yanmei> "Oh, right." It took a lot of heaving and struggling, but finally the heavy bear rolled aside, freeing Sera from his furry prison.
[23:48] * Sept sighed. "The things we do for this world…"
[00:03] <Aline> - - -
[00:04] <Aline> It was another time, another place. During the battle, and then after, Aline had been working on her second suit of armor, the fuzzy suits intimidating, yet protective. She was also feeling much better, having had enough time to recover…!
[00:07] * Sept made his return to the camp with Yanmei, bearing the fruits of their exploration. Sera's arms were pretty badly bruised, but otherwise, he seemed to be in working shape. "Aline~"
[00:08] <Yanmei> "We're back~" Yanmei seemed to be in rather high spirits now. She was lugging a few things herself. "We killed a lot!"
[00:10] * Aline was looking better, too, though there were still bloodstains here and there. She was actually dressed in the helm-less wolfpelt armor. "Ah, I see! I've been feeling better, and while I was waiting, I made those wolf pelts into suits! I think they'll act like impromptu armor…"
[00:13] * Sept couldn't help but snicker, despite the circumstances. "I can see that, Great Chief Aline!"
[00:14] <Yanmei> "Heehee…" Yanmei moved a little closer, scrutinizing the armor that she was modeling. "Well, it sure looks warm?"
[00:16] * Aline actually strutted a little. "Yeah, it is. It's nothing like good UN armor, but it's certainly enough to cover against a boar or something."
[01:59] <Sept> ~~~~
[02:00] * Sept was sweating profusely, yet making almost negligible progress with the task at hand. "We're not going to finish this today. Want to take a break?"
[02:01] * Aline nodded, having dug a bit with her hands, and otherwise helped the process along a little bit… "Oof, yeah. This is not going anywhere…"
[02:03] <Sept> "Hungry? I could go for something."
[02:04] <Aline> "Oh yeah, I got some berries earlier today I can have… and didn't you cook some of that meat?"
[02:05] <Sept> "Yeah, there should be plenty left, for Yanmei too. Once she gets back."
[02:07] * Aline was already walking over to their food cache, but she did smile in assent. "Yeah. Wonder where she got off to this late?"
[02:10] <Sept> "Sidetracked somewhere, maybe. Shouldn't worry, she should be able to make it out of anything dangerous she could come across here."
[02:13] * Aline rubbed a bandaged arm, as she began to dig in… "I… dunno about that."
[02:17] <Sept> "She's… a bit faster than you?" Sera offered. "I'm sorry we let that happen to you… twice… But we still shouldn't worry too much."
[02:21] * Aline waved a hand a bit side-to-side, looking a bit, well… worried. "We'll see about it later, then…"
[02:25] * Sept smiled as confidently as he could. "Yeah. We will." He proceeded to pick chunks of meat off a bone for his dinner.
[20:42] <Yanmei> ======
[20:45] <Yanmei> A very tired and very dirty figure appeared on the edge of camp. It wasn't one of the fuzzy creatures that were native to this island, and was in fact wearing two pigtails, both of which were very mussed. She was walking in a wobbly line, as if she might topple over and begin snoring before she reached her destination - the cave.
[20:46] * Aline was the first one to notice, because she was looking around measuring with her hands and generally planning out their construction project, flitting about busily. "…Y-yanmei? Where have you /been/?"
[20:48] <Yanmei> "Forest. Lost. Bears. -Snakes-." There was something in her arms, clearly alive from the way it was moving around and making noises.
[20:48] <Sept> Sera was waist-deep in the ditch, too tired himself to notice the newcomer at first. "You mean here, Aline? But… there's roots and stuff. Shouldn't we just dig aro- Oh, Yanmei! You're alright!" With a bit of effort, Sera got himself out of the trench and closer to get a better view of Yanmei and her loot.
[20:49] <AdEvaGM> ["Muumuu!" Grizzie was curled up in her arms, nuzzling its adorable furry little head along Yanmei's wrist.]
[20:52] <Sept> "…what's… Yanmei, what is that?"
[20:53] * Aline leaned in. "…It… looks like a… bear… cub." The excessive pauses were a sign that she was more than a little wary, no matter /how/ cute it was.
[20:54] <Yanmei> "This… is Grizzie." Yanmei peered down at the little bear cub. "I'll be treating his leg, and then letting him go. He was gonna be eaten by wolves, so…" She let him down on the ground so that he could move freely.
[20:55] <AdEvaGM> ["Muu!" It stared at Aline and Sera cautiously, then clung to Yanmei's leg. "Muuuuuu!"]
[20:55] * Aline thought on that. "Treating?… I can /try/ to set it or whatever it is he needs."
[20:57] <Yanmei> "God, such a wuss," Yanmei muttered, glancing down at the bear, before looking up at Aline. "Thanks. I'll try to find some more medicine in the morning. I know we're running low?"
[20:59] * Aline shook her head. "Uh. You mean we're /out/. Well, other than those herbs, but… well, I still know a few medical techniques that don't need a kit…"
[21:00] <Sept> "We're not keeping it inside, surely?"
[21:03] <AdEvaGM> ["Muu…"]
[21:03] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei considered this. "It's just a temporary thing. Right, Grizzie?"
[21:04] <AdEvaGM> ["Muu?" He cuddled up to Yanmei's leg.]
[21:04] * Aline nodded. "Let's /all/ hope so. I don't want to meet his mom if I can avoid it.
[21:05] <Yanmei> "Now, then. Time for dinner."
[21:13] <Sept> "Uh… yeah. There's lots left. Welcome back."
[21:13] <Aline> "Yeah~" Aline now-cheerily added.
[21:15] <Yanmei> "Thanks~"
[22:48] <Sept> =====
[22:49] <Sept> "Why don't they use elk more in food? This is really good."
[22:51] <Yanmei> "Maybe it has something to do with them being endangered?" Yanmei was sharing scraps of her meal with the bear. "Or maybe they're just a pain to kill. Not like cows."
[22:52] <Sept> "I bet cows are really hard to kill in the wild."
[22:53] * Aline chewed and gnawed. "Maybe."
[22:54] <Sept> "If all the rest of them are locked up on farms and pastures, but then you meet one surviving in the wild… That's got to be one hell of a cow, doesn't it?"
[22:55] <Aline> "The lone survivor of the ancient ways… truly a master among cows."
[22:55] <Yanmei> "Well, I guess so?"
[22:56] <Sept> "Just saying. I'd rather find more elk than have to find out for myself."
[21:42] <Sept> "Shouldn't we be getting close, Yanmei? Are you sure it was here?" Sera trudged through the undergrowth a little tiredly.
[21:43] * Aline trailed behind, looking a bit tired already, but relatively chipper. "I dunno, wouldn't something like that be strange enough to stick out?"
[21:47] <Yanmei> "Just up ahead?" Yanmei was in the lead. After a day of relaxing fishing and hunting, and backed up with her comrades, she was more in the mood for this sort of investigation than she had been when she'd first passed through the area. The surroundings would probably look familiar to Grizzie too. Up ahead, the light bounced off a rounded surface with a dull shine. "…there! There it is!"
[21:49] <Sept> "Ah! I can see it!" Sera hopped along a little more enthusiastically at the sight of Intrigue. "Let's see if we can find anything interesting~"
[21:55] <Yanmei> It was a dais. A large one, worn down by time and the elements. Yanmei drew close, squinting at it. "See? I didn't get much of a chance to look at it before, but maybe there's something interesting about it."
[21:57] <Sept> "Yeah. The celestial maps came in handy, at least. Let's see… I'll start over here."
[22:05] <Yanmei> "… Wait. Over here were some some words, but they're all faint."
[22:06] * Aline peered over. "…can't really make 'em out…"
[22:12] <Sept> "Oh?" Sera wandered over, too, squinting at the scribbles, rubbing his glasses, then squinting again… "Isn't that… thousand? And arm… army?" Sera took a step back, looking at the rest of the structure. "I've heard that before. It's… I think it's the NeoSpartan motto. 'One thousand strong, an army of one.' But… this is so much older than anything Azariah was involved with."
[22:14] <Yanmei> "Hm…" Yanmei groped around for something, but then frowned, not finding it. "I must have left it back at the camp. But I found something the other day… maybe Neospartans trained here a while. Maybe this is where they -got- that motto."
[22:14] * Aline wagged a finger. "Unless they planted it here…" Or something."
[22:16] <Sept> "There was something about a Francisco de Caine on one of them, too… But the Caines were German, or Eastern European at least…"
[22:17] * Aline shrugs. "Well, either they have relatives, or this is a bit more artificial than we first thought…"
[22:26] <Sept> "It seems to be a Caine tradition to remove references of themselves from the history books. It'll be difficult to make sure if anything here is real."
[22:30] <Yanmei> "Unfortunately, this isn't a place where we can research their history anyway." Yanmei frowned. "Let's get going. We can look them up when we finally get off this island."
[22:31] <Sept> "Maybe. But yeah, let's move."
[22:31] * Aline nodded firmly.
[23:56] <Yanmei> They walked and eventually returned home to find that there was someone to welcome them. Three someones, actually - shaggy brown bears, all furious. -
[23:57] <Yanmei> They fought. The bears fell one by one, until only the biggest and most pissed one remained. And then… -
[23:58] * Yanmei dropped her pistol to her side, and charged it with a yell, joining Sera on the front line. Her axe slammed into it once, but it didn't even break the skin.
[23:59] <AdEvaGM> [There was hell to pay- a blast of heat as it roared, a huge paw slamming into her chest, coming away red and damp.]
[00:06] <Yanmei> Impudent bears, coming into -their- camp and attacking them in their own safe haven. The nerve! Fucking bears! Fucking BEARS!! She screamed, and plowed her axe into it again, frustrations overflowing. -
[00:09] <Yanmei> All the animals they'd beaten bac to make a place for themselves here! -Slash!- All the gross things they'd had to eat to stay alive! -Slash!- All the filthy miles they'd walked and hours they'd spent making crude weapons? -SLASH!- And they thought they could just come in and do whatever they pleased?! -
[00:10] <Yanmei> When the red mist cleared, there was one blood-stained furry lump on the ground in front of her, and she was breathing hard. Yanmei put a hand over her own bloodied chest, and wheezed.
[00:10] <AdEvaGM> ["M… M-Muu." Murmured Grizzie, peering over her shoulder.-
[00:11] <AdEvaGM> [The bear at her feet quivered at the deep gashes, but it was still alive…]
[00:12] * Yanmei slumped. She was tired now. If that huge bear retaliated… "Huh? What is it, Grizzie?"
[00:13] <AdEvaGM> ["Muu…….." He squirmed.-
[00:13] <AdEvaGM> [The wounded bear opened one eye, staring up at Grizzie with something that wasn't hate.]
[00:14] <Yanmei> "Don't tell me…" She almost considered kicking the bear straight in the jaw while it lied there. Instead, she crouched a little. The motion made her gasp in pain, but she lowered the bear cub to the ground.
[00:15] * Sept stared, mouth half open. "Yanmei, careful..!"
[00:16] * Aline held her sling carefully. "…Wait… Is that…?"
[00:17] <AdEvaGM> ["Muumuu…" Grizzie stared at it, cautiously, then began to crawl over, putting a paw on the bigger's snout.-
[00:17] <AdEvaGM> [The bear closed her eyes. "Rrrrr…" It was a familiar sound. She reached out and tried to gather the cub to her.]
[00:24] <Yanmei> "So that's it." Yanmei muttered. She sounded almost a little digusted with herself…
[00:24] * Aline helpfully commented. "All's well that ends well… come on, let's leave the family reunion. you're gonna need a lot of rest - trust me, I've been through this before as you know.
[00:26] <AdEvaGM> [The mother was eyeing Yanmei with something like an animal respect. Hobbling, it picked Grizzie up.-
[00:26] <AdEvaGM> ["Muu…" Grizzie shot Yanmei a final fond look before they walked off, spoiled prince and furious queen, wounded, but still the most deadliest of the deadly rulers of this island.]
[01:22] <AdEvaGM> -
[01:23] <AdEvaGM> [They'd done it, the fools. The howling snow and ice whipped at Sera's hands and cheeks, the nuclear clouds blacking out the sun above, turning all below into cold and frost. He could hear them- his enemies, his nemeses, their yowls and jeers echoing in his ears… Where?! Where were they?]
[01:29] <Sept> It took all of Sera's willpower not to scream, to make his challenge heard to them, to -all- of them. But he had responsibilities. If he attracted more of them here, they would inevitably find the refugee camp… Sera advanced between the dying-leaved trees and ruined walls, staying low. He'd find them first. Their mocking voices seemed to echo from the air itself, making them impossible
[01:29] <Sept> to follow.
[01:31] <AdEvaGM> [There was a shadow above, even beyond that of the nuclear ash. The Evangelion- its profile low to the ground, its arms long and its legs short, like a monkey- leapt over him, smashing into the ground a mere 30 metres away. It stared around, eyes bright and burning.]
[01:36] * Sept hugged the wall and held his breath. It hadn't seen him, couldn't have. There was no way it could detect AT fields with enough precision to find him, here. There was no way a -monkey- could do that, no matter how far they had come.
[01:37] <AdEvaGM> [It turned to leave…-
[01:37] <AdEvaGM> [But, as if attracted by the thought, it suddenly turned and -lunged-, latching onto a ruined wall to stare down at him. "YEEEEEEE."]
[01:41] * Sept darted from his hiding place, vaulting over the wall to what once might have been a garden. He slammed his shoulder into the door of a small, roofless one-room house. It instantly gave way, and Sera took cover inside. As long as it was just one, he could easily outsmart it, lead it elsewhere.
[01:53] <AdEvaGM> [There was the mechanical click of a gun being loaded. "Well well. If it isn't… De Pteres."]
[01:57] * Sept loaded his own handgun, refusing to let go of the axe. For it to have survived so long, it had to be lucky. He'd need luck, now. Sera quietly counted down from ten. If he lost his patience first, he'd be an easy target. But if the primate first blew its ammo on his cover, he'd have room.
[01:59] <AdEvaGM> [Bang! Bang bang bang- but the bullets hit him, cutting rends through his skin. There he was- the accursed Archprimate- wearing his black robe. Above him, ripping open the roof, was another Evangelion, reaching towards him…]
[02:07] <Sept> And suddenly, he'd found that moment again. That one moment upon which everything turned. All the streams of possibility flowing into that one dam, and he had the power to break it down. A rare second chance…-
[02:09] <Sept> Sera yelled, leapt up and took the hand, scurrying upwards like a rat fleeing the rising tide, yet with a certain sense of purpose, of destiny. In an instant, he'd reached the elbow joint, wedging the axe deep into the plating for a solid grip.
[02:09] <AdEvaGM> [The Evangelion twitched, a mechanical squeal from the plates nothing to the roar of agony from its lips. It flailed, trying to shake him off…]
[02:24] <Sept> "You will -leave- this place!" Chip, hoist. "You have not -deserved- this land!" Vault. He was up on the mechanical beast's shoulder, dashing toward the head, covering the distance in a heartbeat. "You did not fight for it!" His axe embedded itself in the tough, metallic skull. "You! Did! Not!" Soon enough, the clangs turned into something else… a softer sound. "DIE FOR IT!" Crunch.
[02:26] <AdEvaGM> ["RRR-RRRRRR!" The Evangelion spasmed, falling to its knees, staggering with every blow. With the final strike it collapsed, falling forward, blood gushing out.-
[02:26] <AdEvaGM> ["…!"-
[02:26] <AdEvaGM> [The Archprimate was gone…]
[02:31] <Sept> Sera lost his grip and slammed into the ground as the light faded in the Evangelion's eyes. He turned to glare at the other one.
[02:39] <AdEvaGM> [It stared at him, fear that something so powerful should not possess. It turned and it leapt into the air, away…]
[02:43] <Sept> It did not matter, Sera eventually decided. They would know of his work here. That might be enough to call off or delay any further incursions. He breathed in deep. There were still several miles left.-
[02:47] <Sept> Eventually, the familiar face of rock greeted him as he made his way around the traps and defenses. He savoured that last stretch. Inside, everyone was no doubt waiting for him… but he'd have to tell them everything. And most of all, tell them they'd have to move. Again.-
[02:50] * Sept showed up at the mouth of the cave, snow piled onto his shoulders and Wulfhelm. Somewhere along the way, the amount of pistols he carried had doubled. And outside the cave, a familiar-looking chest, as well as some freshly killed animals lay in a neat little pile. "I'm back, everyone." Sera paused for a long while. "Aline. Yanmei."
[02:53] * Aline craned her head, in thought, noting the second pistol, as well. "…Sera, you're back, huh? Looks like you found some more of the stuff those damn monkeys stole, good work!"
[02:54] * Yanmei was sitting up, messing around with some of their supplies. "Not bad? Ah…" she eyed the second gun questioningly.
[02:58] <Sept> "…I did? Back from..?" Sera seemed to notice the snow on his person. "Oh, right. I see. I'll just bring these… in." Sera disappeared outside again for a moment. "Ooh, elks. They look mean," came the voice.

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