Sera's Call

(09:34:50) * Sept had fretted over this for quite a while, bugging Yanmei with questions about how secure it really was, checking his clock to make sure it was still a sensible time of day in Paris. Eventually, though, he'd try to establish communications with Aline.
(09:37:19) Aline: The screen would flicker on, showing the now familiar message of what he was contacting and that it was a video and audio transmission. Eventually, a white-haired girl would appear onscreen, pushing up her glasses. "…Sera?"
(09:45:08) * Sept was in the middle of fiddling with his glasses with a gloved hand when the call went through. To his credit, he didn't jump. He hesitated about what to do with his hands for a moment before forcing himself to look her in the eyes, however that would look from the other side. "I'm sorry about putting you in danger. That was the furthest things from my intentions, at every point of that operation."
(09:48:13) * Aline was - as her questioning tone at first suggested - a bit surprised to be having this conversation. But all the same… "It's not like you really had anything to do with her actions. Though… what is /with/ the palling-around with them?"
(09:53:49) Sept: "Working with them was the fastest and safest way to recover everything, in addition to learning about them. The Evas and Tsubaki were stolen by an -Angel-, Aline. That was what we knew."
(09:57:13) Aline: "Well. /Now/ we know it's not as big a problem. I suppose you had little choice in the matter anyway." Aline opened her mouth again after that, about to say something… but clearly veered towards something else. "They're Angels too. Or /something/, what with one of them calling an ablative vest 'lilimcraft'."
(10:01:18) Sept: "Yeah. They can do flawless Jaunts without consequences and control their Evas from wherever they are, without anything mediating the connection as far as I know."
(10:05:12) * Aline looked smugly amused. "So you've had your share of Jaunt-hurling too, huh." Aline did effortlessly continue on, though. "You obviously 'escaped', though, since you're now at some spooky secret base."
(10:08:58) Sept: "Twice in the space of a few hours… It was a motivating factor in retrieving 01, yes."-
(10:11:13) Sept: "And Tsubaki was quite adamant. The Angel and Vercingetorix are family to her."
(10:18:04) Aline: "Ahh. Well then." Aline tap-tapped her fingers briefly. "Good to hear you still listen to your doting little sister~"
(10:21:36) Sept: "Well." A guilty look crossed his face. "You seemed to be on his side, too. How did you end up there, though..?"
(10:24:24) * Aline bit her lip slightly, maybe looking at Sera's guilty look a bit funny. "Jaunt. Something about being needed to help him find Yanmei."
(10:28:17) Sept: "Mmh. I think Joan- Yanmei's clone- had already found her by then."-
(10:28:19) Sept: "Oh!"
(10:28:48) * Aline blinked. "'Oh', oh?"
(10:30:11) Sept: "This keeps happening. 'Hello, Aline, it's nice to see you'?"
(10:34:24) * Aline blinked some more, and yet again, opened her mouth without speaking. "…I've grown to expect that?"
(10:40:39) * Sept laughed. "Yeah, I guess you would, after a time. I'd enjoy having the opportunity to be friends if we get through this, though. I recognize how… not real much of this has been."
(10:46:33) Aline: "I…" Aline began. "I'm not sure /what/ we'll be when 'this' is through, even assuming a good outcome. But I guess, when this is over, it'll all be different - even if, somehow, nothing changes on some kind of damn metaphysical level, the lack of pressure will be… way too different."
(10:52:34) Sept: "Yeah. Whatever we'll be, maybe we can set up some kind of peer group."
(10:57:21) Aline: "Heh, yeah." Aline /was/ somewhat amused, but also seemed as if she was wondering about something a bit distant from the present conversation. "I suppose it's not quite worthwhile to hypothesize post-Third-Impact socializing before we know what it's going to end up like in the end, which… we might just plain /not/ until the moment it goes down."
(11:07:54) Sept: "Mm."-
(11:08:28) Sept: "I heard you did well over there with William."
(11:11:29) * Aline …paused at that. "Against that spawn? It was touch and go, and he basically just totally popped in and did a killsteal right as we were about to go down."
(11:18:45) Sept: "The way I heard it, you did more than a good job of holding it off."
(11:20:06) Aline: "Well yeah? It's just, it was hijacking the OD system and lowering our synch ratios. I wasn't quite at the inoperable level, but my AT field was weakened enough that I likely couldn't have made the final blow."
(11:26:12) Sept: "Ahh, I see. Someone else might've fallen earlier to an attack like that. You have enough support there now, right? You'll survive?"
(11:27:48) * Aline tilted her head. "…Yeah? Pretty sure that being back to 4 Evas is good enough to handle most things?"
(11:36:00) * Sept nodded, brushing his hair to the side and adjusting his glasses. "Mm. Don't forget to call for help. The other bases aren't critical. You can't afford to lose Evangelions because of a single complex or loyalty for a broken treaty."
(11:37:20) * Aline nodded back, though she seemed less enthusiastic. "Mmm. Well, that's fair, yeah. And there's not much left to fight anyway, I think?"
(11:44:41) Sept: "We can hope. Who knows what kinds of wars we can still start. Though, again… Anything smaller than an Evangelion, no matter their numbers, will likely not make a difference in combat."
(11:46:19) Aline: "…Except if they manage to reach and assassinate a Pilot." Aline quickly added, looking a bit… frustrated?
(11:47:28) * Sept bit his lip. "…don't trust anyone."
(11:49:03) Aline: "Given that they already have clones of me and Yanmei with superpowers made from Angels… I can understand that." Definitely frustrated.
(11:56:51) Sept: Sera paused, looking uncomfortable. "Oh, did you hear? I got a new hand."
(11:59:20) Aline: "I didn't? But there was that whole thing where you or that punk kid in your head was yelling about losing fingers, so I /guess/ that'd be a reasonable assumption?"
(12:04:46) Sept: "That… yes. He also surrendered to Jeremiah back there. I think you could have, as well, but… it still may have put you in danger."
(12:08:14) * Aline shook her head. "I wasn't about to bow down to the likes of him. I regret that Elena went with him… but I feel proud of destroying his 'chariot' and evading capture."
(12:15:13) Sept: "It's okay, you did well. Oh, right…" Sera carefully took the glove off his other hand and held it up. Apart from the stark color of steel, the fingers looked almost normal. The further it got from the fingertips, though, the less life-imitating it got. You could see through parts of the palm, revealing some of the reinforcing 'bones'. There was a few centimeters of metal sleeve connecting the contraption to his wrist.
(12:18:15) * Aline looked at it rather silently for a good half-minute or so. "…I see. Well… uh. Good to have a hand again? I guess?" Aline didn't quite know what to say about it.
(12:24:54) Sept: "Yes." He re-gloved the hand and looked back at the monitor quietly for a moment. "Well, I guess that's it. I'll try to keep myself useful out here."
(12:27:35) Aline: "…Mm. I guess so? I suppose there isn't quite that much we have to say to one another…" Aline didn't seem quite upset about that, but she wasn't happy about it either.
(12:34:56) Sept: "It's going to be difficult. Trust no one, but be brave. Death isn't as big an obstacle anymore."
(12:37:29) * Aline …remembered something, yet again, and frowned. "I'll try."
(12:40:13) Sept: "Good luck. I'll see you around."
(12:40:46) * Aline simply nodded, reaching over to a control surface somewhere. "Bye." Beeeeop.

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