Sera S Cherished Dream

[19:26] <Sept> [The hospital corridors all looked the same to him. Probably because they'd been the same, everywhere he'd been. Geofront, Synfront, both battleships… Sera was reasonably sure it was the Damocles he'd last been on, but considering recent events, that didn't mean he'd wake up on it.-]
[19:27] <Sept> [Yet, there was no one and nothing here to even hint at his whereabouts.]
[19:32] <Minaplo> [Nothing.-
[19:33] <Minaplo> [There wasn't even a source of light nearby, even though everything was lit. It was like a world where there was no darkness or light. Or a world where the people didn't need eyes.-
[19:33] <Minaplo> [And yet despite this, the light that didn't exist glinted and gleamed off a puddle of water that didn't exist, somewhere down the hall, that didn't exist.]
[19:41] <Sept> [It wasn't there, yet… he had nothing else to follow. These rules were wrong. Was it Joan again? Sera tried not to delve deeper into it, in fear of upsetting this world.]
[19:42] <Minaplo> [The water reflected himself.-
[19:42] <Minaplo> [A drop of water fell from the roof of the nonexistent hall. As it did so, it caught the nonexistent light and emitted a brief rainbow corona before falling into the puddle.-
[19:46] <Minaplo> [Yeah, the water reflected himself, but another drop hit the surface, and each time it kept reflecting himself but in a different way. He couldn't see the floor under the water, though.]
[19:48] * Sept looked closer, crouching down. He tried to reach out to it.
[19:50] <Minaplo> [He touched it, causing ripples out away from his touch. As the ripples travelled the water slowly turned from pure glass to orange. And if he tried to pull his hand away, he'd find that it stuck to him, slowly creeping up over his hand.]
[19:56] * Sept tried to get away from it, for the briefest of moments. But what could he cling to? The nothing? Instead, he tried to remain calm, to stay in control of whatever came.
[20:08] <Minaplo> [And so it crawled up his hand- or rather, his hand slipped down into it, and he wasn't sure whether the hand was a hand or whether it was water. His nerves extended out through the water and into the puddle and began shifting though to the other side of the mirror.-
[20:12] <Minaplo> [For a second, the hallway wasn't a hallway anymore, but rather water in every direction forever. Or rather, it was more like he was in a water drop falling from one lake to another.-
[20:12] <Minaplo> [Ripple.-
[20:14] <Minaplo> [He was standing in a hallway, a hallway filled with light, light from a real sun. It came through the glass, which existed, and shone on a clean but busy hallway full of people that all existed, bustling up and down, carrying equipment and pushing trays and beds.-
[20:22] <Minaplo> [A man was sitting nearby, his hands holding a newspaper that read March 5, 2000. The front page was concerned primarily with the release of the Playstation. Wedged in under that was a small note about the Finnish constitution being rewritten.-
[20:22] <Minaplo> [The text was in German.]
[20:28] * Sept was disoriented by the sudden traffic around him. Eventually, he got his bearings, noticed the man and his surroundings. "Why here?" he asked himself, out loud.
[20:37] <Minaplo> [A drop of water fell from the roof, caught the sunlight, and shone a rainbow corona around him.-
[20:37] <Minaplo> [The hallway was the same. The same people, the same newspaper, the same light, but now there was music.-
[20:38] <Minaplo> [A gentle tone floating through the air as though coming from the halls itself, but no one else seemed to hear it.-
[20:38] <Minaplo> ["Dr. Fontaine?" Asked a doctor. The man with the newspaper lowered it, revealing the face of Elisha Caine.]
[20:42] <Sept> "I know this day, don't I? Is there still something I've missed..?"
[20:45] <Minaplo> [A drop of water. It's the same day, a little later, but now Sera is in a hospital room, with Ginevre Fontaine sitting on a bed. She was in normal clothes, so not a permanent resident. Just a checkup.-
[20:48] <Minaplo> ["… Yes, that's right." She was saying. "I was hoping that if- maybe there was someway-?"-
[20:49] <Minaplo> ["… Well." She looked at the nearby wall, her eyes narrow. "I picked names. 'Alexandrie' if it were a girl, and if it were a boy- 'Sera'."]
[20:55] <Sept> But that wasn't right. Why would she say that..?
[20:56] <Minaplo> [There was a drop of water that splashed Sera's cheek.-
[20:57] <Minaplo> [A different room, a different date, later. A clock somewhere said 'July 11, 2001'.-
[20:57] <Minaplo> [But now Sera was in a room, where Ginevre Fontaine was giving birth, and Sera was in two places at once.-
[20:57] <Minaplo> [There was Sera de Pteres the 'spectator', who watched all of this, who felt the drops of water and stood in a hall that existed and didn't exist.-
[20:57] <Minaplo> [And.-
[20:58] <Minaplo> [There was Sera Fontaine, who had been born, who was screaming the scream of new life.-
[20:58] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'spectator', heard it with his ears.-
[20:58] <Minaplo> [And Sera Fontaine, who had been born, screamed it with his mouth.-
[20:58] <Minaplo> [But the being known as 'Sera' both heard it and screamed it. He was in two places at once, somehow.]
[21:05] <Sept> "This isn't… how it was. This isn't the past. So what..?"
[21:10] <Minaplo> [There was a drop of water that splashed Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[21:12] <Minaplo> [And now the hallway was gone- it didn't exist -and- didn't exist. Instead they were in a place where the sun shone its light, its real light, on their real faces without going through glass.-
[21:12] <Minaplo> [Elisha Caine stood on a snowy field on top of a snowy mountain, staring out over a field of snowy trees beneath blue skies. All of this was both real -and- real, but it was also unreal for now.-
[21:13] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'spectator', did not feel the cold. He only saw and heard.-
[21:13] <Minaplo> [But Sera Fontaine, who was holding onto his father's hand, did.]
[21:18] <Sept> ["Cold," Sera said, squeezing the hand a little tighter. He pressed down his chin for some warmth, but didn't move otherwise.]
[21:24] <Minaplo> ["… Yeah." Said the man, looking down and smiling.-
[21:24] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine hears that with his ears, the voice of his father who loves him.-
[21:25] <Minaplo> ["What do you think, though? It's way prettier than Paris, right?"-
[21:25] <Minaplo> [But Sera de Pteres, the 'spectator', feels it in his body.-
[21:25] <Minaplo> [It is a voice he has heard a lot, being used in a way he has never heard before.]
[21:28] <Sept> ["Mm," said Sera Fontaine, nodding.-]
[21:29] <Sept> "He's going to leave you," Sept warned him. "Without explaining any of it. He has to."
[21:38] <Minaplo> ["You want to know something secret?" Asked Elisha mischievously.]
[21:41] <Sept> ["Yea!" Sera shouted, hopping a little, the chill forgotten for a moment.]
[21:45] <Minaplo> ["I'm from here." He said, bending down, his eyes bright. He patted the snow. "When I was a little kid, I lived here. I played in the snow almost every day, and got to know all the animals, like Mr. Marmot or Mr. Wolf." He winked.-
[21:47] <Minaplo> ["What do you think, little One? You wanna live here?"]
[21:51] <Sept> [The little Sera looked down at the snow for a while, then back up at his father, smiling widely. "Yeah!"]
[21:52] <Minaplo> [Elisha laughed.-
[21:52] <Minaplo> [It was a sound that Sera Fontaine heard, but…-
[21:52] <Minaplo> [Another thing that Sera de Pteres, the 'spectator', feels.-
[21:54] <Minaplo> ["Yeah, I thought so." Said Elisha. He stares out with warm eyes towards the cold landscape.-
[21:54] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashes on Sera de Ptere's cheek, falling from nonexistent clouds.-
[21:59] <Minaplo> [Now he is on a train, a train that feels old and rickety, even though it's totally brand new. This is because this is a train that is for the dying.-
[21:59] <Minaplo> [Outside the windows are a city that that is both real and real, but it is doubly unreal, because it's not even a city, it's just something that looks like one.-
[22:00] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine is sitting on a seat in this train, a book in his hands. He has glasses and messy black hair.-
[22:00] <Minaplo> [The train is full of children his age.-
[22:00] <Minaplo> [Then why…?-
[22:00] <Minaplo> [Why is the train so full of death?-
[22:02] <Minaplo> [A little girl with long red hair and bright blue eyes bounded up to Sera Fontaine. She folded her arms and leaned forward, staring at his face, getting in his light. "Whatcha readin'?"]
[22:08] <Sept> "What's it to you?" he asked casually, pretending to continue reading despite barely being able to, with her in the way.
[22:09] <Minaplo> ["Eh?"-
[22:11] <Minaplo> ["Urgh, what a jerkface." She glowered at him with baleful blue eyes, turning perfectly on her foot and swishing the boy in the face.-
[22:11] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine feels that on his face.-
[22:11] <Minaplo> [But Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', can only watch it with his eyes.-
[22:11] <Minaplo> [He will never feel that girl's hair on his face.-
[22:12] <Minaplo> [Only the being known as 'Sera' both saw it with his eyes and felt it on his face.-
[22:13] <Minaplo> [The train is full of children his age.-
[22:13] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine does not recognise the brown-haired girl clutching a teddy bear to her chest.-
[22:14] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine does not recognise the girl with pure white hair and blue eyes staring off into space.-
[22:14] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine does not recognise the confident, cocky older boy with blonde hair and glasses.-
[22:14] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine does not recognise the boy and girl with flaming, fiery red hair.-
[22:15] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine does not recognise the angry boy with brown hair.-
[22:15] <Minaplo> [But Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', sees them with his eyes.-
[22:15] <Minaplo> [The 'Spectator' sees Natasha Volkova, and he sees Vassa.-
[22:15] <Minaplo> [The 'Spectator' sees Tsubaki Akagi, because she is staring right at him.-
[22:16] <Minaplo> [The 'Spectator' sees Silas Caine, the cousin that Sera Fontaine never met until now.-
[22:16] <Minaplo> [The 'Spectator' sees Edgar and Amelia Chevalier.-
[22:16] <Minaplo> [The 'Spectator' sees Atticus Nelson.-
[22:17] <Minaplo> [And the being known as 'Sera' feels all of them in some intangible thing that yet exists.-
[22:17] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashes on Sera's face.-
[22:18] <Minaplo> ["Fontaine!" Called out a gruff, scarred, tough-looking older man, sitting behind a desk. The desk is in a huge room, or a room that is huge to Sera Fontaine's eyes. "This is your room chit." He held a card out to Sera Fontaine. On the card is a letter and two numbers.-
[22:19] <Minaplo> [To Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', the room is big not not that big. It is made even less big because it is full of children.-
[22:19] <Minaplo> ["Fontaaaaaaayne." Crooned a voice tauntingly behind the boy. The red-haired girl flounced towards him. "Got your number yet, jerkface?"]
[22:23] <Sept> [" 'course I did," he said, facing her squarely, expression nigh-unreadable. "What's yours?"]
[22:24] <Minaplo> ["B11."]
[22:25] <Sept> ["That's interesting," he said, and began walking.]
[22:25] <Minaplo> ["Hey! You didn't tell me your number, jerkface!" She bounced off after him.]
[22:30] <Sept> ["Then I know something you don't. You can follow me if you want to find out."]
[22:30] <Minaplo> ["F-Follow!? Urgh."-
[22:31] <Minaplo> [… She sprang at him, bringing her hand down on his shoulder hard.-
[22:31] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine felt it in his body, felt the pain and the strength of the blow.-
[22:31] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', did not know how it felt. He could only watch with his eyes.-
[22:34] <Minaplo> [For him, a fight was something done to the death, or for survival, or something like that. The idea of fighting for something else, like curiosity or to relax or to express one's emotions properly-
[22:34] <Minaplo> [Had to be taught slowly.-
[22:35] <Minaplo> ["Y-You idiot, show me, or I'll beat up your dumb face!"]
[22:40] <Sept> [Sera Fontaine spun around and took a step back from her, doing his best to ignore the pain. He smiled. "That works. You messed up, the world won't wait for you to catch up again. Work for it."]
[22:40] <Minaplo> [Her face burned red, and she made to pounce-
[22:40] <Minaplo> ["Hm? Now, what's this nonsense?"-
[22:41] <Minaplo> [Silas Caine walked over to them. Only a few years older, but.-
[22:41] <Minaplo> [Even then, Sera Fontaine, no matter what, would like his cousin.-
[22:41] <Minaplo> [No. Really, he was more like a big brother.-
[22:44] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', he saw with his eyes Silas Caine.-
[22:44] <Minaplo> [But he also remembered what became of him.-
[22:45] <Minaplo> [So he probably felt something totally different than admiration.]
[22:51] <Sept> ["Cousin, we were just going to… um." Sera looked conflicted, unsure of his safety if he actually turned his attention to Silas.-]
[22:54] <Sept> And even then, Sera de Pteres had admiration for Silas Caine. Maybe even jealousy. But only for the one that died in that same place. Reincarnation had suited him poorly.
[22:55] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashed on Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[22:55] <Minaplo> [They were in a room now, a room large enough to hold all the children, all of them wearing utilitarian jumpsuits.-
[22:56] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine was there, and to his right was the red-haired girl, Asuka, and to his left was a boy named Bradley; behind Fontaine was a boy named Carmichael, and to Carmichael's right was a girl named Adelaide.-
[22:57] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine felt them, because he did not see them right now. He had to face the front. But he felt them.-
[22:57] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', saw them, and felt nothing, for they were strangers to him that were both real and real, but to him may as well have been fake. The children were- practicing. Punches, punches, kicks, kicks, guards…]
[23:05] <Sept> [Sera Fontaine sweated, and shouted, and listened to his body plead for rest. But most of all, he endured. This was an important opportunity for him. The world wasn't going to wait for him to get to the top.]
[23:06] <Minaplo> [And of course, the girl next to him did the same.-
[23:07] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashed on Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[23:07] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine stood in a doorway.-
[23:08] <Minaplo> [Within was a bedroom, a bedroom belonging to Carmichael and some other kid named Jun.-
[23:08] <Minaplo> [But Carmichael wasn't here. He hadn't been anywhere. He had just disappeared like a ghost seven days ago…]
[23:12] <Sept> ["Jun? What do you know about this?"]
[23:12] <Minaplo> [Jun was a big boy, strong and brawny. He liked to pick on the little ones, but… Right now he was quiet and felt scared.-
[23:13] <Minaplo> ["I dunno. He was supposed to be here for study session, but, he never showed up. Last anyone saw him, he had been called off to Riel's place to answer some questions."-
[23:14] <Sept> "Was there something wrong with him before that?"
[23:14] <Sept> []*
[23:14] <Minaplo> ["N-No, nothing. He was a bit quiet, I guess."-
[23:15] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', remembered what happened. He knew where Carmichael had gone. Had Carmichael been recorporised on that day? Or…]
[23:21] <Sept> ["You're sure? He wasn't doing anything forbidden?" It became clear to Sera that he'd have to look into this very carefully. It might be dangerous, but ignoring it would be even moreso.]
[23:24] <Minaplo> ["No way."-
[23:24] <Minaplo> ["W-Well." Uncomfortable.-
[23:25] <Minaplo> ["He was really curious about Jeremiah, you know… Apparently there's a kid over in D Wing who vanished too."]
[23:26] <Sept> ["Is that so? Who's that?"]
[23:26] <Minaplo> ["I dunno, just some kid."]
[23:28] <Sept> ["Name? Room?"]
[23:34] <Sept> *
["Yeah, alright. I wasn't here, okay?"]
[23:36] <Minaplo> ["Right."-
[23:39] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashed on Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[23:40] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine and Asuka Langley-Soryu were sitting alone in their room, a television screen against the wall. A credits reel played on its surface. A movie had ended- some war movie. They all blurred together after awhile.-
[23:40] <Minaplo> ["… Mm. What classes do we have tomorrow?" Muttered Asuka.]
[23:45] <Sept> ["History of Warfare, History of Modern Warfare…"]
[23:47] <Minaplo> ["History, history, history…" She grumbled. "You know, don't you think it's stupid that a lot of these fights and stuff they teach us about don't have any girls in it? It's always a bunch of dumbface boys fighting boys. Don't they realise girls can fight too?" She tossed her hair and eyed Sera as though to challenge him to deny her.]
[23:52] <Sept> ["I don't think the girls realised they could fight. Alexander's armies wouldn't have stood a chance if they'd faced you."]
[23:53] <Minaplo> ["Hm?!"-
[23:53] <Minaplo> [An unexpected answer for the girl, but…-
[23:53] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', knew that it was but an accidental truth.-
[23:54] <Minaplo> ["H-Heh, so what are you saying? That I'm some kind of Asuka the Great, huh?" She folded her arms triumphantly.]
[23:55] <Sept> ["N-no, I just- No. That's dumb."]
[23:56] <Minaplo> ["What? Your face is dumb." She tossed her hair dictatorially.-
[23:56] <Minaplo> ["… Hey, Sera."]
[23:57] <Sept> ["What is it..?"]
[23:58] <Minaplo> ["Sera, if I die, I promise you I'll die laughing, because I'll die knowing I was the -best-." She said boastfully.]
[00:00] <Sept> [A moment's silence. "Yeah, alright."]
[00:00] <Minaplo> ["I'm serious! You won't be around to see it, because I'll die last, but…"-
[00:01] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine has been given a stupid promise. He hears it and sees it with his eyes.-
[00:01] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', sees it too, but he also sees that the promise that was stupid isn't so stupid anymore.-
[00:02] <Minaplo> [Rather, it is the words of a girl who will conquer Greece in a red war machine and crush any man fool enough to oppose her.-
[00:03] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashed on Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[00:03] <Minaplo> ["Aaa-aaah-aah…"-
[00:04] <Minaplo> [It is their room. A year later. Sera Fontaine's father had been 'dead' for two months now.-
[00:04] <Minaplo> ["Aaah-aaah!"-
[00:04] <Minaplo> [But… He isn't the one crying. Rather, Sera Fontaine is outside the room.-
[00:05] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', is inside. He can see the head trainer, Commander Meir, standing in the middle of the room. Asuka Langley-Soryu is sitting on the bed, her knees tucked against her chest, sobbing.-
[00:05] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', does not know why she is crying.-
[00:05] <Minaplo> [But Sera Fontaine does, because the sensation of warm blood on his face isn't going away.-
[00:06] <Minaplo> [He saw Jun swagger up to their table and mock Asuka, as he often did. But Asuka was especially short-tempered today. Jun made the mistake of reaching for her sausage, and.-
[00:06] <Minaplo> [She took the knife and lunged at him. She was only trying to scare him, but Jun dodged the wrong way.-
[00:07] <Minaplo> [The sight of Jun, choking, his eyes popping, Asuka's hand curled around a knife that was embedded in Jun's throat…-
[00:07] <Minaplo> [The feeling of Jun's blood flicking onto Sera Fontaine's face and glasses…-
[00:07] <Minaplo> [Will he ever forget that disgusting sensation?-
[00:08] <Minaplo> ["Don't cry, Asuka." Said Meir comfortingly, patting the girl's head. "You didn't do anything wrong."-
[00:08] <Minaplo> ["I-I-I-I k-k-k-kill-"-
[00:08] <Minaplo> ["It's ok. It's ok." Whispered Meir soothingly. "Jun was a useless student. In fact, he was so useless that we're actually very proud of you, Asuka. We're so happy that you did what to Jun."-
[00:08] <Minaplo> ["W-W-Wha… B-But… I-I- He-he d-acc-"-
[00:09] <Minaplo> ["No no, shh. It wasn't an accident. It just shows that you have the killing spirit. You're going to go far with us, Asuka." He laughed cheerfully, then turned to the slightly open door.-
[00:09] <Minaplo> ["Fontaine, you're friends with Langley. I'm going to entrust you to look after her until she gets used to it."]
[00:13] <Sept> [Sera Fontaine was caught off guard by that, even if it may have been an obvious outcome. "But how can -I-..? You expect her to just 'get used to it'?!"]
[00:14] <Minaplo> [Meir stared at Fontaine. There was a pause, and Meir reached up to scratch at his whiskery face.-
[00:14] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine felt the anger in his own beating heart and chest.-
[00:14] <Minaplo> [But Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', knew what the answer to that question was before it was even answered.-
[00:15] <Minaplo> ["Yes. Yes, I do." Said Meir with an air of finality, brushing past Fontaine and walking off down the hall.]
[00:26] <Sept> ["Right. I'll just help her… right." Regardless of its morality, it was now his task, and… it's not like he would've just abandoned her here, whatever the consequences happened to be. "Come on, we have to…" He wasn't quite sure what they had to do now. But it definitely seemed to be in the way of both of their progress.-]
[00:29] <Sept> That much wasn't different for any of them. Sera de Pteres had seen this too many times, now. Too many times to think she'd ever 'get over it'. 'Get used to it' was exactly the right way to put it.
[00:30] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashed on Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[00:30] <Minaplo> ["… We're at war. Get used to it."-
[00:31] <Minaplo> [The air was cold and freezing but the blood pumped hard in Sera Fontaine's chest.-
[00:32] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', knew where they were. The boy he saw was older, tall, maybe eleven or twelve.-
[00:32] <Minaplo> [The area was green and lush, full of plants and shrubs and flowers and weeds and trees that were small and thin and huge and colossal and had leaves like boats.-
[00:33] <Minaplo> [The forests of this cold little island in the North Atlantic teemed with lynxes and bears and birds.-
[00:33] <Minaplo> [Then why…?-
[00:33] <Minaplo> [Why is the island so full of death?-
[00:34] <Minaplo> [… He sees.-
[00:34] <Minaplo> [That is because death is what the island is for. Even the life is there to feed on the death.-
[00:35] <Minaplo> [… It is ridiculous. It is like a thing out of a novel, but it's happening. It is a bit like a battle royale.-
[00:36] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres could see the entire scene. He saw Sera Fontaine, bloodied but still able to fight, holding a crude axe of stone in his hands. Next to him, back-to-back, was Asuka Langley-Soryu, with a sword of bronze.-
[00:36] <Minaplo> [Bradley was there too.-
[00:37] <Minaplo> [… Rather, it is more accurate to say that Bradley's body was there, lying at their feet, his body cut up and slashed and an arrow put through his chest.-
[00:37] <Minaplo> [A friend. He had been on their team, but…-
[00:37] <Minaplo> [That meant the other teams could hunt him, and they had. They were shadows in the forest now, ever present as an idea but not forming, except that the concept that they -could- form dominated their minds. They were both real and real, but unreal too.-
[00:38] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine hears a roar in the distance, a roar that he thinks might be that of a beast.-
[00:38] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', knows the difference. He has heard this roar too many times to be misled. It is a roar of a beast that is filled not with anger, but pain or fear. He knows because he's heard the roar of a Berserk Evangelion, and this is a lot like it.-
[00:39] <Minaplo> [The shadows in the trees are being hunted by a more dangerous shadow. Sera Fontaine can't see it.-
[00:39] <Minaplo> [But Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', can see the half-naked form of Viviane Fournier stalking through the trees, killing and ripping people to death with her bare hands…]
[00:44] <Sept> ["There must be some place they can't follow us. Think. Think!" Sera Fontaine yelled, more at himself than her.]
[00:45] <Minaplo> ["I-I'm trying…!" Asuka was panting. She was scared…-
[00:45] <Minaplo> [But fear had not stopped that bronze sword from spilling blood.-
[00:46] <Minaplo> ["… There." Said Asuka suddenly, pointing at a path to a nearby hill. The clouds had shifted, allowing the moon to shine on the path that hadn't been seen before.-
[00:46] <Minaplo> [It is on that hill that Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', is standing. And he can see that it is an excellent place to go, but…-
[00:47] <Minaplo> [He also knows the only place they can go where the shadows won't follow is across the ocean. They will always hunt them.]
[00:52] <Sept> ["Let's go! I'll watch our six – be careful, they might be leading us to a trap!" He took the first few running steps gripping her arm, to make sure she could get moving, as well as for comfort.]
[01:02] <Minaplo> [And so they moved, Asuka behind him at first, then taking the lead, up the hill, away from the forest's shadows…-
[01:03] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', could see that they would've been safe, if their luck had not given out right that second. The beast that was named Viviane Fournier was more terrifying than the shadows, and the shadows wanted to get away. They saw the hill.-
[01:04] <Minaplo> [Asuka saw it a split second before Sera Fontaine did. "Ser-!"-
[01:04] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', would see Asuka leap, pushing him out of the way. He'd see the arrow suddenly lodged in her left shoulder.]
[01:11] <Sept> ["ASUKA!"]
[01:13] <Minaplo> ["S-Stupid." She groaned, her left arm dangling uselessly as blood coarsed from the wound. "D-Don't be so loud. I'm not trying to be a h-hero or anything. It's just…"-
[01:14] <Minaplo> ["The people who get hurt should be the ones who can handle being hurt." She said fearlessly, even through the pain. "S-So shut up and just help me-!"-
[01:14] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine saw the wound with his eyes, and he could smell the blood.-
[01:15] <Minaplo> [But Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', could feel the wound, even if he hadn't taken it, because no matter what type of would it was, it hurt the same every time. It didn't matter what the weapon or the wound was- being hurt trying to stop others from being hurt had a pain all of its own.-
[01:15] <Minaplo> [But why, Sera de Pteres?-
[01:15] <Minaplo> [Why do you keep taking others' pain with your own body…?]
[01:33] <Sept> Because it is an easy purpose. Because it is not his body. Because it should follow logically that if a person with less time than others - a mere lilimspawn - if it takes all the pain it can get, the world will be left with less pain when it is gone.-
[01:33] <Sept> But…
[01:37] <Minaplo> [… Idiot.-
[01:37] <Minaplo> ["… Idiot."-
[01:38] <Minaplo> [You don't understand, do you, Sera de Pteres?-
[01:38] <Minaplo> ["You don't understand, do you, Sera Fontaine?"-
[01:39] <Minaplo> [Did you ever stop to think that maybe someone else might not want you to be hurt?-
[01:39] <Minaplo> ["I'm not laughing yet."-
[01:40] <Minaplo> [Did you ever think that to someone, Sera de Pteres is Sera de Pteres?-
[01:40] <Minaplo> ["I can't die unless I'm laughing, damnit, so…"-
[01:41] <Minaplo> [You think you're just some creation that was born to follow a single narrow path to the very end without deviation?-
[01:41] <Minaplo> ["You think you can just lay there?!"-
[01:41] <Minaplo> [Did you ever think that someone's wish might be to give you a life of your own? That the world doesn't want to give you pain, but give you happiness?-
[01:41] <Minaplo> ["Get up. Damnit, get up."-
[01:42] <Minaplo> [Stop being afraid of the world, Sera de Pteres!-
[01:42] <Minaplo> ["Get up and help me!"-
[01:42] <Minaplo> [Know that you are loved.]
[01:51] <Sept> But that had been the purpose of the furniture Sera de Pteres. -He- should've had the opportunity to recognise everything he had – but had something gone wrong? Why was he still clinging to those ways?-
[01:51] <Sept> ["Why..?"]
[01:57] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashed on Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[01:58] <Minaplo> [A teenage Asuka Langley-Soryu gets on a VTOL, grinning, fiery. She is going to Berlin, to EVA-02.-
[01:58] <Minaplo> [A lot of NeoSpartans showed up to send her off, the most successful of them all, the very first to achieve her destiny.-
[01:59] <Minaplo> [… In fact, most of the NeoSpartans are there, but the ones that are there are so few in number compared to the ones that got off that train.-
[01:59] <Minaplo> [There would be lucky to be one fiftieth the number.-
[02:00] <Minaplo> [Once upon a time, Sera de Pteres looked on the NeoSpartans with envy. Or perhaps it wasn't envy but just admiration. He wanted what they had. Perhaps he even hoped that a part of him might somehow earn that recognition and become a NeoSpartan in some way.-
[02:00] <Minaplo> [Maybe he still does.-
[02:00] <Minaplo> [… But, he'll never be a NeoSpartan.-
[02:00] <Minaplo> [That's because the NeoSpartans are a family, and they share blood like every family, but it isn't the blood shared because of parents.-
[02:01] <Minaplo> [The blood they share is the blood that is soaked into their clothes, their hair, their hands and skin. It is the blood of the other hundreds of children who never made it to the end.-
[02:03] <Minaplo> [You can't be a NeoSpartan without having the blood of a NeoSpartan. The blood of all the fallen who died. The 99.98% who died or disappeared so that the 0.02% could live.-
[02:03] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres, the 'Spectator', can see this. But 'Sera' can't feel Sera Fontaine anymore.-
[02:03] <Minaplo> [Alexandre Fontaine stands on that platform, waving Asuka away.-
[02:03] <Minaplo> [Sera Fontaine never existed except as a dream.-
[02:04] <Minaplo> [Perhaps, in some other story, Sera Fontaine would have been the son. Perhaps he would've watched Zhang Yanmei take his Eva, and watch Alexandre de Pteres take 01.-
[02:04] <Minaplo> [Perhaps he would've been the pilot of 01 instead. The little One to the Big One.-
[02:05] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres stands on a round platform. The platform is in a room, with one half of the room shielded by thick solid metal walls that are semispherical in shape. The other half is shielded by a type of glass that shows the planet Earth and quadrillions of stars.-
[02:06] <Minaplo> [Sera de Pteres and Sera Fontaine both stand on this platform, and there's another one there, too. She is a girl that looks a lot like them, and because of that, Sera de Pteres can't help but find her beautiful.-
[02:06] <Minaplo> [The girl asks him a question.-
[02:07] <Minaplo> ["… Is there anywhere you want to go, or any person you want to be with, right now?"-
[02:07] <Minaplo> ["Maybe there isn't." She follows up sadly. "But I would hope that there would be, even if it's just a dream that you can use to make yourself a little happier."-
[02:07] <Minaplo> ["Some place that you might not feel worthy for, but when you are worthy, a place you'll go…"]
[02:21] <Sept> ["A place like…"-]
[02:22] <Sept> "A Paris in bloom."-
[02:23] <Sept> ["Like my field at the top."-]
[02:25] <Sept> "Like the valley, filled with our sound."-
[02:27] <Sept> A pause. Sera de Pteres looked at Agatha. "Wherever they haven't given up hope or love. Wherever I can still find those dear to me."
[02:28] <Minaplo> [Agatha smiled.-
[02:28] <Minaplo> ["That makes me happy."-
[02:29] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashed on Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[02:29] <Minaplo> [But.-
[02:29] <Minaplo> [There was no water above him. There never was.-
[02:29] <Minaplo> [He's been crying all this time.]
[02:33] <Sept> "And… me," he manages to gasp.
[02:34] <Minaplo> [A drop of water splashed on Sera de Pteres' cheek.-
[02:34] <Minaplo> [Someone was sponging his forehead with a damp cloth.-
[02:34] <Minaplo> [His entire body felt extremely warm, yet his body told him he wasn't warm enough. He was shivering, but someone warm was nearby…]
[02:36] <Sept> "What…"
[02:40] <Minaplo> ["Shhh. It's alright, Sera."]
[02:48] <Sept> "Cold," Sera said.
[02:50] <Minaplo> ["You have a fever. It's ok. It'll be over in a few hours."]
[03:01] <Sept> "Mmmh," he said, believing the voice. His fingers worked restlessly.
[03:03] <Minaplo> [Something took ahold of them, something warm and soft.]

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