Sera S Choices

[06:39] <Sept> After that disaster, it would take a considerable amount of persuasion to get Sera completely out and about again. He was pacing back and forth in his room again, his mitten replaced after the beating the last one took.-
[06:41] <Sept> ["You have said she is expendable, though. Why hold on to that affection? Isn't that what happened with Viviane? With Silas and Natasha?"]-
[06:45] <Sept> "I'm not going to sacrifice Tsubaki just to shut you up, Joshua. We're pilots. That still has to mean something." Sera cast a pleading glance toward Vassa, but he wanted to avoid getting him mixed up in this if he didn't want it.
[06:51] <Minaplo> [The bear stared back with those glassy, glassy eyes.-
[06:51] <Minaplo> But perhaps there was something in those brown eyes of his, perhaps he -wanted- to get mixed up…]
[06:53] * Sept cocked his head at him. "Do you have something to add..?"
[06:57] <Minaplo> ["Are you awake?"]
[06:59] <Sept> "Am I…?"
[06:59] <Minaplo> [Knock knock knock.]
[07:04] * Sept shook his head violently, steadying himself on the table when the disorientation hit. "Yes..?" he responded, a bit weakly.
[07:13] <Minaplo> ["It's me, William."]
[07:16] <Sept> "William. Come in." Sera half-leaned, half-sat on the table to try and act natural.
[07:20] <Minaplo> [William came in. He looked sympathetic. "You alright?"]
[07:26] <Sept> "Better. And you? Did anything happen during the incident?"
[07:33] <Minaplo> ["To me, or in general?"]
[07:37] <Sept> "I meant you, but if there's something else I don't know about…"
[07:37] <Minaplo> ["What -do- you know?"]
[07:41] <Sept> "An EVA went berserk, causing a lot of damage to the Synfront, but… I didn't hear which one. It wasn't 04, was it?"
[07:41] <Minaplo> ["08."]
[07:42] <Sept> "…" It didn't look like he was pleased with that answer.
[07:45] <Minaplo> ["Apparently Gabriel-Wei's father killed himself just as Gabriel-Wei awoke, and he went berserk- and so did the Eva. They broke out, but not before causing a lot of damage. Gabriel-Wei nearly killed Mary."]
[07:46] <Sept> Sera's fists clenched. "Fuck. And Yanmei?"
[07:47] <Minaplo> ["Gone."]
[07:47] <Sept> "Elizabeth?"
[07:48] <Minaplo> ["Also gone, as well as their Magistrate escort."]
[07:54] <Sept> "I guess they must have some sort of plan. That's good. Any word on Mary's reaction?"
[07:55] <Minaplo> ["It's to be kept secret as best as possible. As far as the world knows, Yanmei's still here."]
[08:00] <Sept> "I see." Sera crossed over to his bed and sat down. "And that means we're going to be here for a while yet."
[08:02] <Minaplo> ["You are. I'm being sent back to Paris-2 within the next two weeks."]
[08:13] <Sept> "You're being..? -Why-?"
[08:16] <Minaplo> ["I have to. I'll be more useful in Paris-2."]
[08:20] <Sept> "-I'm- more useful in Paris! This place is driving me insane!"
[08:21] <Minaplo> ["They don't need you right now. What they need now is an artillerist."]
[08:26] <Sept> "Bullshit. How am I supposed to kill time here, then?"
[08:26] <Minaplo> ["You could try it by relaxing. Heck, I don't know. Ask that E-Destroyer pilot out or something."]
[08:28] <Sept> "The one that tried to kill Yanmei? Yeah, that's not going to be a giant goddamn elephant in the room."
[08:30] <Minaplo> ["Funny. I thought you'd be used to that."]
[08:32] <Sept> "This is different."
[08:34] <Minaplo> ["How?"]
[08:38] <Sept> "She's not involved. I have no reason to forgive her."
[08:39] <Minaplo> ["Doesn't that sound hypocritical to you? You only forgive people for certain reasons? Forgiveness should be given to all."]
[08:50] <Sept> "Did you come here to give me a sermon on trust? Spare me. We don't have time for forgiveness. And if you fuck up your job in Paris…"
[08:51] <Minaplo> ["I won't. I'm dependable. And don't you talk to me about fucking up, Sera de Pteres. I won't hear it, not from you. Where were you when 08 was slaughtering our men?"-
[08:51] <Minaplo> ["Oh, that's right. Down a stairwell with Akagi."]
[08:56] * Sept got up, a mechanized hand adjusting his glasses. "I -know- my -limits-," he hissed. "She needs me and 01 in better condition than this!"
[08:58] <Minaplo> ["Then for goodness' sake, sit down and focus on being -better-, instead of ranting at me about me not fucking up."]
[09:02] <Sept> "CoulddothatinParis…" he muttered, stepping past him to glare at Vassa.
[09:02] <Minaplo> [The tiger glared back.-
[09:03] <Minaplo> ["God, you hate it, don't you? Being cooped up like this in the same place."]
[09:11] <Sept> "When the place is a fortress like this, when I know there's no world outside like at home!"-
[09:14] * Sept spun around to face William again. "I -hate- serving others, but since we can't agree on a single thing, that's all I- we- that's the only choice now! And I -HATE- having no choice!"
[09:19] <Minaplo> ["You have other choices."]
[09:24] <Sept> "What are you talking about?"
[09:24] <Minaplo> ["You could choose to run away."]
[09:32] <Sept> "I'd need 01."
[09:32] <Minaplo> ["Why?"]
[09:38] <Sept> "Transport, for one. How else am I going to get back to civilization?"
[09:48] <Minaplo> ["You could steal a smaller, less important, less capable-of-ending-the-world vehicle."]
[09:57] * Sept fell quiet, at that. "That's… possible."
[10:01] <Minaplo> [William nodded slowly. "What are you thinking?"]
[10:08] <Sept> "I'm thinking I may have to learn how to drive. If it comes to that."
[10:09] <Minaplo> ["How long will that take?"]
[10:23] <Sept> "I don't know. Could be more than two weeks."
[10:23] <Minaplo> ["It usually takes months."]
[10:26] <Sept> "That's more than two weeks. If I learned to pilot an Eva, I can handle a purely mechanical machine."
[10:27] <Minaplo> ["It's far easier to pilot an Eva than it is to drive a car, you know."]
[10:28] <Sept> "We'll see."
[10:28] <Minaplo> ["Don't 'we'll see' me. An Eva just uses skills you've been using your whole life- walking, running, that sort of thing. A car requires specialised skills."]
[10:29] <Sept> "I might as well try, no matter how damn long it'll take!"
[21:43] <Sept> "What are you trying to accomplish, anyway?" Sera's tone wasn't entirely hostile, though the question itself sounded defensive enough. "Do you really think I could just run away without any sort of retribution? What is this? Guilt for being sent back? Mercy?"
[21:50] <@Minaplo> ["You're needed alive, so I don't think you'll be that punished, Junior Magistrate." Said William. "And I trust you in some things. If you really, truly think you can do some good by running, either to Paris or elsewhere, then I think you should do so. Follow your instincts."]
[21:58] * Sept sighed, looking around the room. "…whatever. You're right, of course. Always the voice of reason. So you're taking your unit with you?"
[22:01] <@Minaplo> ["My unit?" William laughed. "Units are noisy, messy… Mikhail Leon works by himself."]
[22:04] * Sept shook his head. "What the fuck are you talking about?" he asked, tiredly.
[22:05] <@Minaplo> ["Nevermind." Said William, shaking his head and tossing himself into a nearby chair. "So I have to know something."]
[22:13] <Sept> "No, you -don't- get to do that! Hannelore flipped her shit when she found out I was looking into Leon, that's what landed me in Mary's- that's what-" Sera struggled, as if with a stutter. "What do you know?!" he finished.
[22:19] <@Minaplo> ["You're going to have to be more specific."]
[22:27] <Sept> "-You're- Leon? Where did you get that name?"
[22:27] <@Minaplo> ["I was born with it."]
[22:30] <Sept> "Then why didn't we know about it? All this time we've been trying to make sense of what the hell you were..!"
[22:31] <@Minaplo> ["Do you want me to explain it to you?"]
[22:31] <Sept> "-Please-." The tone was plenty hostile, now.
[22:43] <@Minaplo> ["I was born Mikhail Leon in 2000, several months before Impact. I don't know much about my parents, except that my father was Russian and my mother German. They both died during Impact."]
[22:53] <Sept> "I -see-. And the church gave you a new one..?"
[22:59] <@Minaplo> ["Yes. I was found by Gehirn, who considered adopting me into the Neospartan project under the name Michael. But for some reason, that plan was abandoned and I was- dumped, I suppose you could say, in a Catholic mission based in Germany, under the new name of William Weiss-Xylander."]
[23:06] <Sept> "No Adams in the NeoSpartans…" Sera muttered. "Michel Leon was supposed to be dead. They wanted to hide you."-
[23:06] <Sept> "Shut -up-," he hissed under his breath.
[23:09] <@Minaplo> ["I wasn't saying anything."]
[23:16] <Sept> "I know that," he said, turning his full attention back to William. "Then who did they put in 21?"
[23:20] <@Minaplo> ["At first? No one. They only got to building half the Eva by the time they mothballed it. They hid it in the early Synfront and forgot about it for awhile, as it was sealed in a secret vault. When they found it again, and activated it, they decided to place within the Eva the soul of Colonel Lachapelle."]
[23:28] <Sept> "…" Sera sat back down and deflated. "Mmh. Goddamnit. You're sure?"
[23:35] <@Minaplo> ["I can't be sure, but this is what I've been told. EVA-21 is a dormant soul, he doesn't speak to me."]
[23:52] * Sept fell silent for a while, at that, sinking deeper into his chair.
[00:02] <@Minaplo> ["The mission I was in- we were a true Jesuit mission. But we had a secret purpose, some of us- to help spread peace by removing those who'd commit war. We were… Assassins, you could say."]
[00:07] <Sept> "You don't say. How long did you work with… what'shisface again."
[00:08] <@Minaplo> ["Brother Joe?"]
[00:12] <Sept> "Yeah."
[00:14] <@Minaplo> ["From the moment I joined the mission. He taught me how to fight, how to shoot, how to drink lots without getting drunk…"]
[00:24] <Sept> "That wasn't a bad life, then?"
[00:32] <@Minaplo> ["No." Said William quietly. "It wasn't a bad life at all."]
[00:48] <Sept> "Good, I suppose. At least you got that. Mary must've been high up enough in the organization by the time they found you. She would've known all along."
[00:49] <@Minaplo> [William nodded. "You're right. Now… Back to what I wanted to know."]
[00:50] <Sept> "Yeah, what is it?"
[00:50] <@Minaplo> ["Who are you? Sera de Pteres, Elisha Caine, Joshua Caine… What are you really?"]
[00:51] <Sept> "…"-
[00:51] <Sept> "You know what Elisha did to his soul, of course."
[00:53] <@Minaplo> ["I do. I wasn't asking about that. I was asking you. When you look in the mirror, what do you call the image you see?"]
[01:03] <Sept> "A fragment of a soul living independently isn't the same as the soul it originated from. I can't, with good conscience, call myself the construct… the boy they left to grow in Paris."-
[01:07] <Sept> "I'll be Elisha once this is over, and then Exarch. What part of either of us will survive, how a soul will react to having been this close to an incarnation, I can't begin to imagine. But for now, Elisha is as alien to me as anyone."-
[01:12] <Sept> "I'm not worthy of the Caine legacy. I want nothing to do with this world's fate. A Caine doesn't serve anything like I do, but I wear the title gladly like a good impostor."-
[01:20] <Sept> "I've always lived on borrowed time. Both the clones and the Exarch provided me with all the religious comfort anyone could ever want. No, there's another name, from before I woke up in Paris, from after I die."-
[01:21] <Sept> Pause for effect. "Seraphiel," he said, with more than a hint of an eastern accent.

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