Sera S Christmas

[20:38] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [It was 10 AM on Christmas morning in the de Pteres apartment. Sera, sound asleep in his bed, would hear, faintly, the sound of someone pounding on the door.]
[20:43] <Sept> "Mmmmmnnnnnhh…" The boy tore himself away from the pillow and got to his feet. He put on some clothes lying on a chair by his bed, and went to answer the door slightly groggily.
[20:46] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Seraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-!"-
[20:46] <@Ayanami`Rei> [A perhaps 3-4 foot tall being tackles him as hard as it can.]
[20:52] * Sept very nearly falls over backwards at the impact, but just manages to stay upright. He still gets some air knocked out of him, though. "An…selme..?" he mutters through the sleep and confusion.
[20:55] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["That’s right!" He's carrying a brown paper bag.]
[21:01] <Sept> "What are you doing here so early, Anselme?"
[21:02] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["I had to be up early to get the best stuff from the bakery."]
[21:05] * Sept glanced at the clock, blinking. "Oh."
[21:09] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["I took some money from the State." Said Alphonse, beaming, holding the brown bag out to Sera. "For the family~"]
[21:13] <Sept> "Oh. That’s very kind of you. Thank you, Anselme." Sera accepted the bag with a nod, and peered in.
[21:13] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Inside was a tub of ice cream, a chocolate cake, and 5 sniper rifle bullets.]
[21:20] * Sept rolled the top of the bag shut again, and placed it on a table for now. "Where did you get those, Anselme?"
[21:23] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["I bought the ice cream from the shops, the cake from the bakers, and Miss Liang who runs the gun shop pays me sometimes for doing her chores."]
[21:26] <Sept> "I… see. You work for her. That’s good. The bullets… are a nice gesture. Would you like to try the cake, then?"
[21:26] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Is Freya up?"]
[21:28] <Sept> "No, I don’t think so. I'm sure she'll wake up shortly. She's usually up before me."
[21:29] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Can I go wake her up? I want her to have some of my cake too."]
[21:31] <Sept> "I won’t stop you." Sera took the bag and wandered into the kitchen to find dishes to use.
[21:43] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Alright!" Anselme vanished for a minute.-
[21:45] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Seraaaa." Came the tired, grumpy voice of a newly awoken Freya. She walked out into the kitchen. The night before, she had realised with horror that she was fresh out of pyjamas- all except the free ones NERV gave her as part of the Xeno War film promotion. Hence, Freya emerged wearing pyjamas sporting pictures of EVA-01. "Anselme jumped on meee."-
[21:45] <@Ayanami`Rei> [Anselme emerged, his face flat as he struggled up onto a stool at the kitchen bench.]
[21:52] <Sept> "He paid for it in advance." Sera laid down the cake on a glass platter, and took out three small plates. "Would you like some cake and ice cream for breakfast to make it up to you?"
[21:57] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["… How did you get ice cream?"-
[21:57] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Bought it."-
[21:57] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Oh. Hit me up, Sera!"]
[22:01] * Sept served up three portions of cake-with-ice-cream, and sat down with the others at the table. "It’s Christmas today, isn't it?"
[22:03] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Christmas Eve." Said Freya.-
[22:03] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["The State is doing something called secret santa." Muttered Anselme distrustfully.]
[22:07] <Sept> "Why is it secret?"
[22:13] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Because that’s what the State does. Keeps secrets." Spat Anselme.-
[22:13] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["It’s secret so people are made to buy for people they don't usually buy for." Said Freya patiently]
[22:17] <Sept> "Oh. That's nice, then. You could make friends easily like that, Anselme."
[22:20] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["…" Anselme frowned. "I have to buy some present for this girl named Padma. She’s -weird-."]
[22:28] <Sept> "Weird? What do you mean?"
[22:30] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["She’s… Weird." Said Anselme, frowning. "She's…" He made vague hand gestures. "She -stares- at people. And she says weird stuff."]
[22:35] <Sept> "I've heard people say that about me, Anselme. She sounds attentive. Is that bad?" Sera took a spoonful of his cake, finally, chewing on it ponderously.
[22:36] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Yeah, but you’re different."]
[22:36] <Sept> "I am?"
[22:37] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["You’re cool. And you say stuff I can get. She's just…" Anselme frowned. "She just stares at me all the time."]
[22:43] <Sept> "Have you asked her why?"
[22:44] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["I did." Scowl. "She said, I remind her of someone."]
[22:45] <Sept> "Did you ask her who you remind her of?"
[22:45] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["I did. Her answer was pretty dumb though."]
[22:51] <Sept> "What did she say?"
[22:52] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["I reminded her of her favourite teacher. See? Dumb."]
[22:55] <Sept> "You remind her of something good. As long as you’re around, she'll feel better. Isn't that a good thing?"
[22:56] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["… Huh. I didn’t think of it like that."]
[23:06] <Sept> "But you do know. That is good. This is how you learn to think better."
[23:07] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Huh." Anselme took a bite of ice cream. "Hey Sera, maybe one day you can visit the orphanage and see Padma for yourself?"]
[23:08] <Sept> "If you want me to," Sera nodded.
[23:16] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Do -you- want to?"]
[23:18] <Sept> "I can’t say. I haven't met her. I can only trust you, can't I?" Sera took another mouthful of the ice cream. It was starting to melt, and there was still quite a bit left.
[23:19] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Mmmmmh." Freya made herself known with a stretch. "So! What’re we doing today, Sept?"]
[23:19] <Sept> "I had no plans for today, Freya. Did you?"
[23:22] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Aaaactually, someone asked me if I wanted to hang out at a bar."]
[23:22] <Sept> "Oh? Did you want us to come along?"
[23:24] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Sure! Do you remember Guillaume? He used to give you free cheeseburgers."]
[23:25] <Sept> "I remember Guillaume," Sera nodded.
[23:26] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Well, he just reopened his bar after Ramliel blew it up. Eva pilots eat free."]
[23:28] <Sept> "Even though we didn’t stop it from blowing up? That's nice of him."
[23:35] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["He figures, hell, he’s still alive, the world didn't explode, and it's thanks to you guys, so…"]
[23:38] <Sept> "That's acceptable. I'll be sure to congratulate him on keeping such a positive attitude. There is nothing constructive about being negative in that situation."
[23:45] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["… Hehheh. That’s right, Sept." Said Freya helplessly. "So do you wanna go?"]
[23:46] * Sept thought carefully, taking another bite of increasingly-drenched chocolate cake. "Yes," he decided.
[23:49] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Then get showered and dressed. And you, Anselme… Whatever happened to that coat I gave you?"-
[23:49] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Oh, um. I gave it away."-
[23:49] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Eh? Why?"-
[23:49] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Secret Santa!"]
[23:50] <Sept> "That’s… generous. But you do need to stay warm yourself, too."
[23:53] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Sorry." Said Anselme. "I think I left some clothes here last time, though…"]
[00:00] <Sept> "Oh, of course. I’m sure we had something…" Sera quickly finished eating the last of his dessertfast, and got up to find something suitable.
[00:09] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [There was a sweater that Anselme had used as a makeshift pillow, on the occasional nights that he slept on Sera’s floor.]
[00:22] * Sept picked it up and dusted it off. He waved it around in the air a bit. "Will this do, Anselme?"
[21:02] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Yeah, I guess that’ll work!" Said Anselme. "What kind of food does this Guillaume make anyway?"-
[21:02] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Good food." Said Freya. "Cheap, too. Which is important, you know."]
[21:33] <Sept> "That’s true. Do you think walking there would be enough to get our appetites back?"
[21:33] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Well, if that doesn’t do it, perhaps we can do a bit of, you know." She beamed. "Urban acrobatics~"]
[21:34] <Sept> "Yes, why not. The morning is good for that."
[21:38] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Alright!" Freya helped Anselme into his sweater. "Do you want me to bring anything, Sept?"]
[21:49] <Sept> "I don’t think so, Freya."
[21:49] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Alright. Then lead the way, Septy~Sept~"]
[22:10] <Sept> "I will." Sera popped into his room for a moment, gathered the party, and ventured forth into Paris-2.
[22:17] <@Ayanami`Rei> [It was definitely sweater-wearing weather today. Paris-2 was putting on a show for the tourists, dumping snow onto the streets and rooftops.]
[22:36] * Sept went through one of his usual routes, stopping here and there, making few detours. "It should be just a few blocks away now, shouldn’t it? We could still avoid the lunchtime rush…"
[22:42] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["That’d be -great-." Said Freya. "The other day, some lout tried to pickpocket me."]
[22:47] <Sept> "Oh? What did you do?"
[22:48] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["I let him get off easy this time. He treated me to lunch. Even though he didn’t know it~"]
[22:55] * Sept nodded. "I'm sure he learned his lesson."
[22:57] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Anselme tilted his head. "What did she do?"]
[23:00] <Sept> "She took his money instead, Anselme. If you want to steal, you have to be ready to be stolen from. Right, Freya?"
[23:02] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Right!" Said Freya. "The moment you do something, you’re fair game to have that same thing happen to you."]
[23:14] <Sept> "But sometimes, not doing anything in retaliation is much more cruel than just getting even right away."
[23:19] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Really?" Anselme blinked. "Why?"]
[23:20] * Sept looked at Freya silently.
[23:26] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Because… Sometimes whatever punishment you can dish out? Isn’t as bad as the punishment that person puts themselves through."]
[23:29] <Sept> "Mmh. That's right. Sometimes."
[23:30] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Huh? Who’d punish themselves? Wouldn't it be better to just not do the thing, then?"]
[23:41] <Sept> "You… can't always know. But you have to try your best with what you do know at the time. And hope you can fix what goes wrong…"
[23:47] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["But if it was an accident, then it’s ok, right?"]
[23:49] <Sept> "Sometimes. But you need to take responsibility."
[23:49] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Even if it’s an accident?"]
[23:56] <Sept> "Everyone takes responsibility for accidents they caused. It is a natural way to learn."
[00:02] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Taking responsibility is very important, huh?"]
[00:08] <Sept> "Of course. You have to have responsibility before you can really have anything else."
[00:09] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Do I have responsibility? Right now?"]
[00:11] <Sept> "You run errands for someone else, don’t you? That's a very good start, Anselme."
[00:14] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["But I only- N-no, right, right." Anselme puffed up.]
[00:18] <Sept> "What is it? Speak your mind, Anselme."
[00:18] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["I mean, um. I just- you know. I do those chores for… For bullets…"]
[00:20] <Sept> "Yes? You don’t have to. If you've been doing well with her, you can do it for something else you'd like."
[00:20] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Really?"]
[00:22] <Sept> "Really. It’s how work… works. Even if you aren't sitting behind a desk."
[00:24] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Oh." He frowned. "So um… That’s what your work is, right? You protect us."]
[00:27] <Sept> "…Yes. That's what we do. And even if part of Paris-2 blows up as an accident… people still have the right to be angry at us. But Guillaume's better than those people."
[00:32] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["So… Wow. You really do take responsibility." Anselme’s eyes were wide.]
[00:41] <Sept> "Yes."
[00:51] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [And thus, before long- after a ’detour' over rooves and through 'thickets' of pipes- the three of them would arrive at the door to Guillaume's bar and eatery…]
[00:54] <Sept> "It's not that different…"
[00:55] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["He rebuilt it pretty well." Said Freya curiously. "… Hey, Sera, is that a poster of- oh god, it is." She pointed at the window, where a Xeno War poster was proudly displayed.]
[01:06] <Sept> "Oh, right, they’re still doing that. It's nice of him to raise publicity."
[01:11] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["You looking forward to it, Sept?"]
[01:15] <Sept> "The people making it seemed excited about it. It could be good."
[01:15] <@Ayanami`Rei> [Anselme frowned. "What if it’s wrong?"]
[01:17] <Sept> "Then we'll worry about it when it does go wrong."
[01:19] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Huh."-
[01:19] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Hey Anselme~"-
[01:19] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Yeah?"-
[01:19] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["If this movie goes well, one day you’ll be in it too!"-
[01:19] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["What?! Really?!"]
[01:24] <Sept> "That’s possible."
[01:33] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["… That’d be cool…"-
[01:34] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["It would. But enough fluffing about. Let’s get inside already! It's cold."]
[01:43] <Sept> "Yes. It is." Sera lead the way inside, dusting some snow off his shoulders.
[01:45] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [It was moderately crowded inside. But it was -warm-, and it smelled good. It smelled like food and happiness.]
[01:55] * Sept looked around for a familiar face, and a place to accommodate his party.
[02:00] <@Ayanami`Rei> [Luckily, there were plenty of tables around- and Guillaume was at the bar.]
[02:07] <Sept> A table was commandeered, and Sera wandered over to the bar to see how long it would take for him to be noticed.
[02:11] <@Ayanami`Rei> [Not very long.-
[02:11] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["… Sera, boy? That you?" Guillaume was 6’2, with large, bushy eyebrows and hair that resembled a lion's mane. Friendly brown eyes peered out at him from beneath those eyebrows.]
[02:18] <Sept> "It's me, Guillaume. Your new place is nice."
[02:20] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Oh, thank you, my boy. Thank you indeed. How’ve you been?" A meaty hand claps itself against Sera's back. Guillaume was always very energetic.]
[02:26] <Sept> "I survive. Like always. How about you? Was it difficult to rebuild?"
[02:26] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["You know, not really! There’s been a -ton- of people around recently who're handy with a hammer and work on the cheap."]
[02:43] <Sept> "That is good. Do you think you could get us the usual? Except we have a third one, too."
[02:45] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["What-" Guillaume peers over. "Who’s the kid?"]
[02:45] <Sept> "He's Anselme. We're teaching him to be like me. I guess."
[02:46] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Oh. Why?"]
[02:46] * Sept shrugged.
[02:46] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Everything ok with you, boy?"]
[02:47] <Sept> "Of course, Guillaume."
[02:48] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["You sure? You seem a bit…" He did a seesaw hand.]
[02:50] <Sept> "Oh? Oh. I keep forgetting. Felix, um, a psychiatrist, he called it… I forget what he called it. But. He says it’s a thing. But I'll be fine, Felix. With time… you understand."
[02:50] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Ah…" Guillaume nodded.-
[02:51] <Sept> «I’ll be fine, Guillaume***»
[03:01] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Well, I’ll get your drinks right now, and the burgers when I can. You just sit down for now boy, alright? On the house."]
[03:04] <Sept> "Alright. Thank you." And with that, he returned to the table, nodding to the others.
[03:25] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Before long, three glasses of rum and coke would be placed before them. Guillaume paid no mind to Anselme’s age.]
[03:27] <Sept> "I'd almost forgotten the smell… Brings back memories, doesn't it, Freya?"
[03:34] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["It sure does. Remember that time some jerk got me dragged into a bar brawl?"]
[03:35] <Sept> "I do. That was fun."
[03:43] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Fun for you, maybe…"]
[03:49] <Sept> "Yes. Try it, Anselme. You’ll like it. The drink. Not bar brawls." Sera took a gulp of his as an example.
[03:49] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Anselme stared, then… Took a big gulp.-
[03:49] <@Ayanami`Rei> […-
[03:49] <@Ayanami`Rei> [He started to cough. "Eurgh! What’s this?!"]
[04:03] <Sept> Headtilt. "It's rum and coke, Anselme. You… don't like it?"
[04:04] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["It… It’s- no, I'm fine. It's just… Strong."]
[04:13] <Sept> "It is. Like we had to be. And like you have to."
[04:14] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["… So if I drink this, I’ll be strong?"]
[04:20] <Sept> "In a way, yes. Oh, oh, as long as you remember to drink Responsibly."
[04:20] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Responsibly? Like… ’I drank this!'?"]
[04:21] <Sept> "Um. Another kind of responsibility. There's a few."
[04:21] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["… What’s this one about?"]
[04:26] <Sept> "Well. It's the one where you try to limit the amount of accidents and inconvenience you cause to others. I mean. Not do stupid things. Like when you drink too much."
[04:27] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["How much is too much?"]
[04:30] <Sept> "Freya..?" Vague memories of good times. And embarrassment, and regret.
[04:30] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["… Well, there’s only one way to find out, right?"]
[04:36] * Sept nodded, a little helplessly, and offered a hopefully-comforting smile to Anselme. "Yes. One way."
[04:36] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["One way?"-
[04:36] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Bottoms up!"]

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