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*Aline wasn't so lucky, as she tried… tried to dodge. A rock hit her smack in the chest, knocking the wind out of her. It was only a certain amount of grim determination - that she couldn't just die on Shinji - that made her redouble her efforts again, standing up. "Uuuugh."
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<@Isaiah> [A tide of cries and yelps as the children- already shaken and scared- were hit with cascades of rocks and hurled into the ground. Nicholas lay dazed on the ground, a line of blood trailing down his forehead.-
<@Isaiah> [Amelia had escaped, unaffected by the rocks to any real degree- "Everyone ok?!"-
<@Isaiah> [Eugenia however was staring at the rock wall, where Isaiah had- after rolling to safety- looked around and taken stock of the situation. He ran to it, shouting. "Yanmei! YANMEI! Can you hear me?! Yanmei!" He scrabbled ineffectively at the debris.]
*Sept was coughing as he pulled himself to his feet, not bothering with dusting himself off. "E-everyone alright? Yanmei. YANMEI!" He ran to the wall of concrete… apparently making his best Eugenia impression way to pre-empt me Haplo
*Aline looked over at Isaiah. "…These tunnels lead to the same place. It's… it's better if we move on! We really have to get going…" She was starting to look concerned. Without Raphael… she was… brr. The oldest one here. "Everyone re-form up. Gina, guard the center, S-Sera, you and Amelia take front… Amelia, can you handle doing the d… doors?"
<@Isaiah> ["It shouldn't be a problem." Said Amelia. Gina nodded and started to shepherd the kids along. "Come on, boys and girls. Let's go on an adventure." A shaky little smile.-
<@Isaiah> [Yanmei's voice. "Hey! Heeeey…!"]
<Sept> The voice calmed Sera down some. Or at least he stopped trying to pry the concrete chunks out of his way. "D-don't worry! We'll meet you at the Geofront! W-we'll go now, please stay safe..!"
*Aline paused. "…One second." She stared briefly to the wall, and yelled back. "Yeah! Get going and keep safe! We'll do our best here to do the same!"
<@Isaiah> [Rei's voice. "Look after Zaizai, Leenie-chan!"]
<@Isaiah> [Yanmei's. "GOT IT!"]
*Aline yelled one last thing. "Got it too!" …then focused herself, pointing the gun at the door. "I'll provide cover fire." She said, now in an indoor voice.
<@Isaiah> ["Alright. We're all set?" Amelia put her hands on the lever- and pulled. The blast doors creaked open, revealing another corridor- and another blast door.]
*Sept breathed in deep. A mistake, of course, with all the dust floating around. After a brief coughing fit, Sera got himself up to the door. "Alright. We'll get through this. Let's go."
*Aline stared down the corridor. "…Clear. I'll hang by the lever to close this one once we're through." She said, coming into the corridor with the rifle still raised, eyes flicking back and forth. She was /so/ glad she bought those special nightsight lenses.
<@Isaiah> [The kids started to follow on after Aline, making sure to stay in front as Gina requested.]
*Aline waited until everyone had gotten into the corridor. "Cover fire lowering. I'm closing the rear door now!" …and letting the rifle fall on its strap again, Aline grabbed that door's level and /pulled/!
*Sept couldn't help but keep glancing at the ceiling as he advanced. "Opening the next one."
<@Isaiah> [The doors opened, revealing a fairly large square room…-
<@Isaiah> [… Two doors. One to their right, one ahead. And they weren't blast doors- the corridors to these doors would be enough for one person to walk abreast only.]
<@Isaiah> […-
<@Isaiah> [Amelia looked up suddenly. "There's something in the walls."-
<@Isaiah> ["I hear it too." Said Isaiah, his voice shaky.]
*Aline twitched, as she walked closer to the door. "…What do we do?"
<@Isaiah> [Amelia started to move into the next room. "Watch our asses, I guess."]
*Aline held up her gun. "…Right. I think someone else should get the doors, then. Since I can put a bullet in something from real far off with this thing…"
*Sept wasn't a fan of sounds in walls. "And we stay -quiet-. Okay?"
*Aline nodded at that.
<@Isaiah> ["Alright. One mo-" Amelia cranked the lever, and the door… Opened…-
<@Isaiah> [Glistening claws, endless teeth- a banshee! It opened its jaws to scream…]
*Aline then leveled the rifle suddenly, and pulled a quick snapshot, in spite of the weapon's intended use! A bullet sailed right past everything… She could see her mark. "Gotcha."
<@Isaiah> [The bullet caught it in straight in the brain. It lurched forward for a second before suddenly collapsing onto the ground, twitching.]
*Aline pulled the mechanism with a deep k-chack, before moving a bit closer, keeping her gun raised. "There's probably more where that came from. Keep an eye out."
<@Isaiah> ["Nice shot." Said Eugenia, as she shepherded the kids along, her shotgun up.]
*Sept breathed a sigh of relief as the banshee went down. "…thanks, Aline. Let's keep going." Sera moved up, making sure to give the corpse a good kick as he passed. Just to make sure.
<@Isaiah> [Its body was surprisingly hard.]
<Sept> "O-ow." Sera kept moving, trying his best not to look like he was limping.
<@Isaiah> [Amelia slipped past Sept in the corridor…]
*Aline followed along soon after. "I'll help cover this side for now."
*Sept slipped past Amelia further into the corridor, a slight tick developing as the faint, echoed noises continued.
<@Isaiah> [Suddenly, screams-
<@Isaiah> ["HELP! HELP!" Rene's voice, followed by snarls and the sound of claws smashing against metal.-
<@Isaiah> [Meanwhile, Aline would see something move in front of her- a ventilation grate, followed immediately by a Banshee. It landed like a cat, and -snarled-.]
*Aline quickly aimed and pulled a shot… but whether it was the moving target, or Rene's cries… she went completely wild, depleting valuable ammo!
<@Isaiah> [The banshee was approaching, and it swung directly at her head- Duck, Aline!]
*Aline did, actually, her head swinging down. "C-crap! Both sides!"
*Aline then stared… looked back… and quickly fell back behind Amelia! "Kids, keep someone with a knife between you and the monsters!" Then… "S-sorry. I can't engage that close!"
<Sept> "Hold on!" So much for stealth. Sera took a step backwards before making a one-eighty and dashing back down the corridor, leaping at the Banshee, his yelling -almost- covering the noise of the knife.
<@Isaiah> [The creature leapt backwards, snarling but dodging at the same time…-
<@Isaiah> [There was the sound of twisting metal, and- a Banshee emerged, charging at Eugenia. She calmly raised her shotgun- took it in the face, sending it careening to her feet.-
<@Isaiah> [The second one was far luckier, emerging from behind them, charging her and stabbing a claw into her shoulder. "I need help-! Isaiah-!" She shot it at point blank range, but the pain threw off her aim.]
<@Isaiah> ["They're after the children!" Amelia ducked into the corridor-
<@Isaiah> [As the Banshee facing Sept screamed into his face. Immediately the children crumpled- Anselme fainted, smacking his head against a wall. Rene collapsed into a mess, screaming and scratching at his face- and Alexandrine trembled, ready to run.]
*Aline sighed helplessly, walking over to Anselme and standing guard. She… didn't really have a shot in these tight quarters.
<Sept> "SHUT-" Sera swiped at the creature again. It retreated again, deftly missing the arc drawn by the white-hot blade. "-UP!" And again, though with the Banshee taking its distance, it seemed more like a warning than an attack.
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<Isaiah> [The sound of melee behind Sept and Aline as Amelia engaged the foe to no avail.-
<Isaiah> [… Meanwhile, Aline would see a ventilation grate burst open- a banshee swooped out, turned to her…-!]
*Aline instantly whirled around, and this time… it was right in her face! But so was the barrel of her borrowed rifle. Aim. Shoot. Crank. A single report and the click of the mechanism was all the noise that came from her.
<Isaiah> [It loomed over her- and the bullet shot straight through its body. It staggered back and collapsed.]
*Aline sighed in relief, then… centered her breathing. That was a lucky shot. She needed it to not be up to chance next time.
<Isaiah> [… The sound of another grate in front of Aline as another of the beasts slithered out.]
<Isaiah> [Alexandrine broke. She ran screaming back up the corridor, howling in fear- and the Banshee took off after her.-
<Isaiah> "NO!" Isaiah chased it, and just as it loomed over Alexandrine…-
<Isaiah> [He pounced, stabbing it in the back of the neck and killing it instantly.]
*Aline popped off another shot, hitting… merely a wall. "N-no! This clip's dry! I n-need backup!"
*Sept managed to parry the Banshee's assault, and used the opening to push on. It wouldn't dodge this time! He knew he was overextending, but everyone else..! The blade cut into the monster's shoulder, deeper, deeper…
<Isaiah> [The creature was right on top of her…!]
*Aline shook her head frantically, thinking. Anselme and Nicholas were right behind her. She had no choice. "Get /away/!" …And she suddenly made a snap-kick at the creature, holding her ground carefully, knowing it was likely to strike back.
<Isaiah> [The creature reeled back, shaking its head as if dazed. Then it looked up at her - and snarled with murder in its eyes.]
<Sept> He was too deep into the Banshee's space by any analysis, but his attack had some effect, as the claws swiped over Sera in impotent rage. With one more clean stroke, the knife pierced the armor on the creature's neck. And before it hit the ground, Sept was already running back to help his fellow pilot.
<Isaiah> [The banshee died with a gurgle on its lips.-
<Isaiah> [Meanwhile, the creature Sept tried to engage… Rapidly tore its way into a vent before he could catch it.-
<Isaiah> [Alexandrine was sobbing, throwing herself against the door pitifully… But when she looked up at Isaiah she ran into his arms.-
<Isaiah> He gathered her up, his face deeply worried, and he carried her back to the main group. "Sera! We need time to patch up our wounded."
*Aline looked back into the hall. "…Probably a good idea, Isaiah. I'm mostly okay, so I'll take this time to reload!" …empty magazine, eject. Fiddle, fiddle.
*Sept emerged back into the room to join Isaiah and the others. His face was slightly spattered with Nasty Space Blood. "…You'll have it, Isaiah. But be quick about it. We don't know how the others are doing. You're still okay to fight, aren't you?"
<Isaiah> [Isaiah nodded. "I got one back there." He put Alexandrine down, broke out the medkit and started patching up Gina's injuries. "Ow." "S-Sorry." "Be gentle, Isaiah, this is my first time~" "…"]
*Aline was still futzing about with her rifle, and just finished plugging in the next mag, and checking that everything was clean. "…What the hell, Gina?"
<Isaiah> ["Just trying to lighten the atmosphere. It -hurts-."]
*Aline frowned a bit. "…Ah. Okay… then. Sorry. Either way, my rifle's loaded, and I'm keeping watch on Anselme and Nicholas here."
<Isaiah> [Nicholas looked shaky as hell, and he wordlessly clung to Aline's leg.-
<Isaiah> [Anselme however stepped over to Sept. "You doing ok?"]
*Aline reached over with one hand to pat Nick on the head. "…We're still holding on for now, okay Nick? They might be scary, but bullets still work on them. Just hang on a bit longer…"
<Isaiah> [Isaiah stripped off a part of his shirt, applying the bandages to his wound. "Ok. We're done here."]
*Sept glanced at Gina, sizing up her injuries. "…does it hurt too much? We've got morphine. I'd rather wait as long as we can before breaking it out, but…" He left the offer hanging in the air before crouching down to face Anselme. "I'm alright. They didn't get to me. But… I was careless. I'm sorry they got the jump on us like that. You okay to keep going?"
<Isaiah> ["No need for morphine just yet." Said Gina, rubbing the shoulder. "You're so gentle, Isaiah."-
<Isaiah> "Um… Thanks."
<Isaiah> [Anselme nodded. "yeah. I'm good." He looks down at his knife.-
<Isaiah> [Nick stared up at Aline wordlessly, and nodded.]
*Aline smiled softly… then raised her rifle again, breathing deeply as she focused around the room.
*Sept nodded to Anselme. "Save it until the last moment. We can keep you safe, Anselme." He got up and called out to the corridors. "Everything still good out there?"
<Isaiah> ["Yeah." Said Amelia, as she wandered down one of the corridors stealthily.]
<Isaiah> ["…"-
<Isaiah> ["Jesus fuck." Cursed Amelia.]
*Aline looked over, concernedly, and tugged at Nick's arm for a second. "…Amelia, what's wrong?"
<Isaiah> ["It's…"-
<Isaiah> ["Oh God. It's one of those shard things…"]
*Aline gasped… then turned to shout down another corridor. "…Gina, you still have those grenades, right? I'm not sure if it'll work, but… we may want to try to blow that thing up."
<Isaiah> [There was the sound of a blast door closing. "I do."]
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*Aline remained wary, and watched the halls even more closely. "…We better get ready to clear out, in that case."
<Isaiah> [… The sound of a crashing grate, and a shout of alarm. "No! Fuck off!"]
*Aline remained tense. "…I need to stand guard here."
*Sept took a reflexive step backward, but he couldn't leave the kids' flank unprotected like that. "Gina! Help her!"
<Isaiah> ["On it!"]
<Isaiah> [Screams. "AUUUUGH!" "Amelia!"]
<Isaiah> [Aline would see Amelia stumble back into sight, bleeding from her stomach.]
*Aline gasped… and headed over there, keeping her rifle at ready! She kept an eye on the room with the kids. "I-if it gets out I'll shoot it!"
<Isaiah> [Eugenia soon came out. "Go. Go! We can't stay here any longer."]
<Aline> "Eh?… Too dangerous, or?!" But she kept clutching her rifle. "I can help cover the retreat. Really."
<Isaiah> ["Too dangerous." Said Eugenia hurriedly.]
*Aline just nodded, at that.
<Sept> It was all he could do not to run in there and destroy the shard manually. "You can still get the grenade in, can't you?! Do that and get out of there, we have to get moving!"
<Isaiah> ["Right-"-
<Isaiah> ["SKREEEEE!" A shape burst from a vent behind Aline, rolling out to strike at Nicholas. The boy stumbled back in fear. "ALINE! HELP!"]
*Aline raised her rifle and fired. Her aim was good, but…! "I've got it, Nick!"
<Isaiah> [The creature curved out of the way…-
<Isaiah> [… Only to receive a knife in the chest from Amelia. "1-1, motherfucker." She growled. … "Die already!"]
<Sept> …as well as another one from Sept. As the thing slumped down, Sera glanced back toward the kids again. They could be flanked any moment..!
<Isaiah> [Isaiah moved in to cover the gap Sept left, knife in hand…-
<Isaiah> [And Amelia, still holding her guts in with sheer will, moved to cover the rear.]
*Aline backed off towards Sera. "…that's… that one. We should get going."
<Isaiah> [There was a massive -crash- as Eugenia tossed the grenade. "Got it."]
<Sept> "Finally. Let's go. Amelia, morphine?"
<Isaiah> ["I-I'll manage."]
*Aline began to advance, holding the gun at ready. "Make sure to keep all sides covered…"
<Sept> "Alright, Amelia. Be careful."
*Aline was, though, muttering slightly. Something something "paramount", something something "excellent gun".
*Sept stopped. "More intersections. Hmmh. Cover the other sides, I'll open the one straight ahead, alright?"
*Aline rushed over to guard one of the sides, rifle-at-ready. "Got it!" …A pause. "The Memory said something about that possibly being just the first wave. We should expect the numbers to not go down any time soon."
<Sept> "…yeah, we should be prepared for more even if he thought otherwise." Sept pulled the lever.
<Isaiah> [The door slid open…-
<Isaiah> [Revealing a damaged room. The emergency lighting strips were all destroyed, leaving it shadowy and gloomy.]
*Aline …leaned over slightly, to peer into the room. Her glasses automatically adjusting for the light levels, correcting the shadowed area. Awesome. "…Hmm." Does Aline see anything /worse/ than darkness?
<Isaiah> [No.]
<Aline> "Troubling. It looks clear, but it's dark and also damaged. I wish we had Rei, since she seems to know the layout of these tunnels so well."
<Sept> "Mmh. Two exits. Let's try and head toward the middle route again. Try to stay close, everyone."
*Aline advanced further into the darkened room. "This defensive architecture sure is a pain."
<Isaiah> ["No shit." Said Amelia.-
<Isaiah> ["It could be worse." Said Gina amusedly. "Do you know these tunnels are lined with chemical weapons that can only be remote-activated from the HQ?"]
<Sept> "…Gina. Not going to warn you again."
*Aline twitched heavily. "…I do now. Bio-agents aren't that useful on Angelic lifeforms, though…"
<Isaiah> ["Sorry." Said Gina. "I guess I shouldn't mention the immolation arrays either…" She muttered under her breath.]
<Aline> "…Saying you won't mention them is tantamount to mentioning them! Ugh."
<Isaiah> [The doors Sept pushed open… Would reveal A smashed up corridor. Again.-
<Isaiah> [The doors Amelia opened, however… Would reveal a perfectly fine corridor. Except the doors at the end of it were open.]
*Aline darted closer, moving near Amelia, gun aimed. "…That's different. But they were /opened/, rather than… destroyed." She looked around a bit. "What do you think that means?"
<Sept> "Useless. Amelia, how about your- huh. Is that..?"
<Isaiah> ["I think so." Grumbled Amelia. "Opened doors…"]
*Aline held her position. "…It might be paranoid, but I'm not going to exclude the possibility of opfor, either."
<Isaiah> ["What, you mean they can open doors?"]
*Aline shook her head. "I mean human opponents. The power outage happened before the Angel dropped its shards."
<Isaiah> ["But why?"]
<Sept> "…shut up, Aline. That's not something we should be worrying about here."
*Aline sighed. "…Fine. And I don't know. Just… be ready for anything."
*Sept held up a hand, signalling the others to stop. He spoke in a half-whisper. "More of them ahead. At least two… Stay close."
<Isaiah> [… A noise behind Sept as a grate gave way. A Banshee emerged, heading straight for him…!]
*Aline tried to pump a round… but again, her aim's perfection was only trumped by their ability to suddenly dodge! Damnit!
<Isaiah> [A claw swept towards Sept's head- followed by the cry as another emerged from the corridor.-
<Isaiah> ["Aline! Enemies in the room!" Shouted Gina. The retort of a shotgun.]
<Aline> "I know!" …Aline kept her gun at the ready, trying to stay aware more of surprise attacks, rather than to cover Sera. But as she turned around…!
<Isaiah> [Another burst from a grate, leaping towards Gina…!]
*Aline aimed and fired, having already /just/ finished cycling the mechanism from her last shot!
*Sept dove under the claw and straight for the Banshee, punishing it for its carelessness. "Shit-!" He pulled back and spun around as he heard the other one come in from behind, meeting the claw just in time to throw it off course. The boy laughed triumphantly.
<Isaiah> ["My Knife!" Amelia roared in anger.-
<Isaiah> [Another emerged from the room ahead, chasing Sept…!]
<Sept> "God, -more-?" Another split second weight shift, and the Banshee's assault stopped in its tracks.
<Isaiah> [A scream split the air- not a scream of pain, but the Banshee's howl. Immediately it was met by the horrified cries of the children- retching, the thud of someone collapsing…-
<Isaiah> ["ALINE! PLEASE HELP!" Isaiah's voice.]
<Isaiah> [Sept would find one of the creatures grabbing his arms…!]
*Aline raised her gun, though… and fired her last shot at the thing's body. The powerful sniper rifle knew no Banshee it could not destroy. "Coming! …Fuck, out of ammo!"
<Sept> The calls for help weren't unheard by Sept. But what could he do from here? He had his hands full. He was fine himself, but he'd never make it back in time..! "Let… go!"-
<Isaiah> [… Indeed. Sept's assailant was ripped apart. The other flailed at him with its energy glaws- grabbing his Prog Knife.]
<Sept> But maybe there -was- something. "A-Aline! Wait!" He tried to get some space, gave the Banshee a kick… He fished something from a pocket of the backpack. Ah, there it was. He threw the magazine toward Aline with his off hand, fending off the creature with the other. "I-it's not full, but it's something! Be careful with it!"
*Aline caught it quickly, then ran over to try to give a good solid kick to the Banshee harassing Isaiah. "…Nn, can't manage it!"
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*Sept couldn't take it any more. "Hold on!" Disregarding all reasonable caution, he ignored the Banshee by him and dashed back into the room, charging the larger group of the creatures with a scream..
*Minaplo is now known as Isaiah
<Isaiah> [A claw embedded itself into Isaiah's chest. His scream of pain turned into one of rage as he cut the arm off at the elbow, before shoving his arm right through it's mouth- embedding his blade into its brain. It died instantly.]
*Aline shuddered, letting the sniper rifle dangle… and backed off. "There's so many…" She looked at the rifle, and frowned deeply. "…It takes too long to reload this thing… and if I… then I…"
<Isaiah> [More swarming creatures. Sept would find himself being pinned once more…-
<Isaiah> ["A-AMELIA-" Alexandrina cries out in fear, before her voice is suddenly cut violently short.-
<Isaiah> [Her body is ripped to shreds, bones and all- the sheer force of the execution coats the area in gore.]
*Sept was vaguely aware of the attacks against Amelia, and Aline's shouting as he tumbled onto the ground pathetically to avoid the incoming claws. With a kick, he freed himself from the grasp, lunging back with his knife. They had to pay-!
<Isaiah> ["WHY?!" Amelia grabbed the flashlight, smacking it into a Banshee's face. "SHE WAS AN INNOCENT GIRL! YOU MONSTERS! YOU MONSTERS!"-
*Isaiah thrust at his foe, only for it to grab the blade and melt it completely. "… N-No. Yanmei…"
*Aline held onto the shotgun that Gina would have passed to her… And raised it towards the one threatening Isaiah. "…Fucking spawn, you don't deserve to cleanse this world!" And she pumped off a shot. But only one. It wasn't enough!
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<Sept> The attacks just kept coming, and the monsters wouldn't fall. By now, Sept had noticed the gore covering the room in a few wide arcs. But damned if he knew which one it had been. Even if he'd noticed, would he have remembered their name? It was all he could do to keep Amelia and Gina alive. And the monsters just wouldn't fall.
<Isaiah> ["S-Sera! Sera-!" Sera would see Anselme… Be dragged away into a ventilation shaft, the boy kicking and screaming.]
<Sept> "ANSELME!" Sera screamed after the boy as he disappeared from sight. "Shit… -why!-" Another assault, and the blade finally connected with the wounded Banshee, drilling deep into its neck. Surely that would be..?
<Isaiah> [… It still lived. "Skkkkrreeeeeeeeeeee-
<Isaiah> [A flashlight pulped its skull.-
<Isaiah> [Amelia was a berserker, and immediately smashed the weapon against another banshee's head, sending it reeling in pain.]
<Isaiah> [Isaiah flailed at his Banshee with his medkit. "Die! Die! Please…!"]
*Aline glared at the monsters. "…Everyone, duck!" The chunk-chunk of the shotgun's mechanisms moving into position… then she pumped off three shots!… While only one hit…
<Isaiah> [… The Banshee was blown to pieces.]
*Sept dodged appropriately when the yell came, and was glad to see it wasn't in vain. "Amelia! G-go help Isaiah, we'll be fine!"
<Sept> The pilot slashed down the last of the banshees threatening himself, clambered over the corpse and leapt at the last one past Eugenia! The Compact Hyper-Progressive Knife promptly wedged itself in the creature's skull. And it took Sera a while of frantically trying to get it out to realise the danger was finally over… for now. "Anselme." He spun around. "Where are you? ANSELME!!"
*Aline had meanwhile also helped save Isaiah, and… deeply frowned. "…Goddamnit… if we don't get to the EVAs soon, this'll keep happening. It…" Were those tears welling up? "…It sucks. But what else are we going to do? We… we have to stop it. We have to stop the Angel of Death."
<Isaiah> [Amelia shook. Her flashlight dropped from her hands and she fell to her knees, crawling across the bloody ground to where a ruined little boy sat in a corner. "…"]
<Isaiah> ^ Body*
*Aline shook her head, though, and started very carefully walking through the… bloody… mess, towards the somewhat cleaner corridor.
<Sept> "…we have to stop it," Sera admitted miserably. But then, his eyes found Isaiah. "You." He pointed at the boy with the knife. "Anselme… he's gone so you could live. Make sure it was worth it. Come on. We're -going-."
<Isaiah> [Nicholas stepped very slowly through the mess, walking over to Aline's side. There was a haunted look in his eyes. His hair and face were stained with blood.]
<Isaiah> [Isaiah shot Sept a hurt look, as he carefully applied bandages and ointments to his bloody torso. He got to his feet. "A… Amelia? … Come on." He said quietly, miserably.-
<Isaiah> [Amelia was holding a pair of shattered glasses in her hands… Her shoulders shook. But she folded the spectacles away, tucked them into her jacket, and scooped up what remained of Alexandrine's body.]
*Aline continued to march forward, shotgun forward.
<Isaiah> [She'd see the husk of a Shard, embedded in a wall… Its LCL guts pooling across the floor.]
<Isaiah> [Eugenia was quiet. "Camille. Stay close to me." She said, dispiritedly. She yanked on a lever- a door slid open.]
*Aline frowned deeply, backing off from the damnable thing. "…Ugh. Dead end that way.
*Sept walked ahead of the group to the next door wordlessly. He pulled the lever.
<Isaiah> [Eugenia swept forward to cover the large room ahead. "Watch for ambushes." Her knife was up.]
*Aline kept on, tending to backstep so she could keep an eye on Nick and Rene, until they'd pass her. She was /incredibly/ weary of all this now.
<Sept> "Oh… That's a long corridor."
<Isaiah> ["I can't see any ventilation shafts yet." Said Eugenia.]
<Isaiah> [As Sept sprints down the length of the corridor, he notes an intersection- to the left is another corridor, to the right is a door marked, rather clearly…-
<Isaiah> ["ARMORY"]
<Sept> "We must be getting close." Sera quickly caught up with Gina, shoving her to the side. "We're almost there. We have to be. He's waiting for us." His walk turned into a jog, which again turned into an all-out sprint down the corridor.-
<Sept> "A-another corridor…" He stopped at the corner, catching his breath.
<Isaiah> ["Sera." Came Eugenia's voice. "Slow down a little. You'll want to see this."]
<Sept> "Wh-what? What is it, Eugenia? We're almost there, we can't…"
<Isaiah> ["It's an armory."]
<Sept> "But we killed the last of them… right..?"
<Isaiah> ["Of course we didn't." Sighed Eugenia. "They'll keep coming until we're dead."]
*Aline called out from behind Sera. "There are hundreds. If not thousands. This won't end until the Angel itself dies."
<Isaiah> [There was a glimmering shard nearby, Sept would see- he could already hear the chittering within its depths.]
*Sept reluctantly starts walking back to the rest of the group. Though, as he passed -that- corridor, his pace picked up quite a bit. "R-right. We'll stock up for now."
[19:15] * Aline had, now, already started suiting up into some of the UN armor, just putting it on on top of her dress… and grabbing a knife and assault rifle for herself… actually, grabbing that flamethrower, too. The Sera-weapons had been left on the floor (placed gently, though~).
[19:16] <Isaiah> "A flamethrower…" Murmured Isaiah as he grabbed an assault rifle, mournfully picked up a machete and threw on the new set of armour over his old.
[19:19] * Aline also took a pistol, actually. "…I figure, a flamethrower needs delicate tactical planning to use properly, and I /am/ often the most tactically-minded of the three Parisian pilots."
[19:19] * Sept took an assault rifle and a machete as well. "…guess we're still some ways from the destination. Oh, Aline?"
[19:21] <Aline> "What? I am. Like how I used my own umbilical cable to navigate during the Voriel fight, or how I can use that barrier to 'scan' and create gaps in the more nasty Angels' field effects. That takes planning."
[19:22] <Sept> "N-no, I meant. If we have these, do you think you'll need my rifle anymore..?"
[19:23] * Aline blinked… "Oh! That was a question, not a question about what I was talking about. No, you can take it. The sniper's awesome, but the ammo limitations are a big pain."
[19:25] * Aline did, though, look over at Isaiah. "Hey… come to think of it. I got a few cuts and impacts from the initial collapse. You think you could be nice enough to fix them?" …She pointed over at her chest, hesitating on putting on the armor chestpiece for that reason.
[19:26] * Isaiah nodded. "Y-Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem." He'd just finished wrapping up his own chest first, a bloody burn mark marring his pale skin. "One moment."
[19:27] <Aline> "Okay."
[19:29] * Isaiah walked over, opening the kit once more. A few seconds later Aline would have a cold compress wrapped to her chest, along with a bit of ointment and a mild pain reliever. "There. That should do it. Sera?"
[19:31] <Sept> "Yeah, I guess it's not really ideal for something like this. But thanks. I'm glad it could help you." Sera took the rifle, along with the still-unused light magazine, and loaded the weapon. Then, he slung it on one shoulder, the assault rifle on another, tightening the straps so that they wouldn't jingle like a set of bells when they'd continue. Two grenades were also slipped onto his
[19:31] <Sept> belt, before he sat down on a box of ammunition, looking idle. "Um. One of them did hit me, but it's… not a huge deal, it doesn't really hurt anymore." The armor on his left arm was torn, small parts of it dangling, the parts around the laceration slightly soaked with blood.
[19:32] * Aline smiled, also grabbing two grenades… and finishing donning her armor. "Well, I'm set."
[19:34] <Isaiah> "You should get it patched up anyway, before it gets infected. It'll only take a minute."
[19:35] * Sept looked at Isaiah for a few moments, with a glance to Aline. Stupid explosive germs. "Fine."
[19:36] * Isaiah got to work.-
[19:37] <Isaiah> … But a minute later he shook his head and threw a dash of burning antiseptic into the wound. "No, this doesn't need bandages, just something to kill the germs."
[19:41] * Sept barely winced at the burning in his arm. He'd been through this enough times before. "…right. What about the biogel over there? Are we going to save that for later?"
[19:42] * Isaiah nodded, scooping it into his medkit. "It's potent stuff, but it doesn't work all that quickly on deep injuries like mine or Amelia's."
[19:43] <Aline> "Ideally." Aline commented, as she raised her rifle… and began to walk out. "Anyway, we're just about geared up, so I'll scout out."
[19:59] <Isaiah> [They headed out…-
[20:00] <Isaiah> [As they filed into the corridors, they heard a horrible ripping noise as the door opposite that of the armory split open.-
[20:00] <Isaiah> [A banshee stood there, its claws blowing, saliva dripping off of its tongue. Behind it, one could see…-
[20:02] <Isaiah> ["Anselme!" Said Gina, raising her rifle. Three quick bursts, textbook military- The Banshee shuddered, ichor leaking from a shoulder. It -hissed-.]
[20:11] <Sept> "It's not a direct threat, we should keep m- oh my god. Stay behind it, Anselme!" Sept leaned into the corridor and ran in once Eugenia stopped shooting. The screams of the Banshee and the knife competed for a moment, but the victor was clear after but a moment. "Anselme… I thought you were. I'm so sorry."
[20:12] <Isaiah> [Anselme is… not moving. His body is still breathing in and out…-
[20:13] <Isaiah> [There's a scream from the back of the group-
[20:14] <Isaiah> "RENE! NO!" Isaiah roars in anger, the machete slashing out- his angry cries are soon mixed in with the yelp of pain from a Banshee.
[20:17] <Isaiah> [Sept would -feel- before he heard it- the shifting of the air behind him- and in front- as he gets flanked by two of the beasts.]
[20:18] <Isaiah> [Another slithers out of the vents, charging down the middle of the group. Amelia swings her machete at it, only for it to shear right through the blade with its claws. "What-!"]
[20:20] <Sept> "No, fuck off! He's -mine-!" Sept pressed himself against a wall, pointing a weapon at each of the intruders.
[20:21] * Aline saw the one attacking Amelia… and then pumped off three quick shots against it. "They /do/ that!"
[20:31] <Isaiah> [The creature reeled- right into another bullet from Gina's gun.-
[20:32] <Isaiah> [But almost a split second later Aline would find herself facing one right in front of her- it reached out with a purple hand and tried to grab her throat, then slam her into the ground.]
[20:33] <Aline> …But Aline was faster on the draw, and managed to not only sidestep the creature, but actually grabbed its arm and /slammed/ it into the ground! With a wink, she looked over at Sera. "Never enough judo."
[20:34] <Sept> One of them was trying to make off with Anselme again..! Sept hastily elbowed his way into the room, almost leaping over the Banshee in his way. "I SAID -MINE-!"
[20:36] <Isaiah> ["Hell yes, that's my girl!" Said Amelia, pumping her fist at Aline in a very Edgar-esque fashion.]
[20:38] <Isaiah> [They were starting to swarm into the room now. Sept was becoming surrounded- another burst from a nearby corridor and grabbed Anselme as well!]
[20:40] <Sept> A claw from behind tried to grab his arm. That arm, however, quickly snapped back, along with the weight of Sera's body, throwing the Banshee off its balance and backwards.
[20:40] <Isaiah> [It stumbled! Smacking into the door frame before buckling.]
[20:41] * Aline heard the screams and yells, but… she had something more important to tend to. Get 'em while they're down… So! To that end, she shoved the barrel of her rifle against the creature's head, and… pumped that good old-fashioned 3-shot burst, at ludicrously point-blank range. Execution-style, near-to.
[20:42] <Isaiah> [The head pulped violently, Aline's face being splattered with a bit of freshly cooked occipital lobe.-
[20:45] <Isaiah> [Meanwhile. Gina rapidly slung her rifle over her shoulder and pulled her pistol as Isaiah collapsed, acid burning into his chest. "Isaiah." She murmured- stepping forth, opening fire, distracting the Banshee. "Get away from him! He's mine!"]
[20:51] * Sept sidestepped closer to the unconscious body and with a swift motion, tore off the Banshee's grip on it, then turning to the flailing one behind him for special surgical attention~
[20:51] <Isaiah> [Surgical? The thing splattered ichor across the room.]
[20:53] * Sept never took Medicae.
[20:54] <Isaiah> [Gina let out a shout as a claw dug through her leg, hitting straight… To the bone.-
[20:54] <Isaiah> [The banshee exulted in its victory, seconds before a machete sailed through the air, catching it in the chest…-
[20:54] <Isaiah> [As Amelia burst in, grabbed the blade, pulled it out and beheaded it with the return stroke.]
[21:00] * Aline decided, now that she was done there… "Sera! Coming over there now!" …And she, effectively, hauled ass at top speed!
[21:01] <Isaiah> [Crashing vents above her as claws sailed over her head… And missed!]
[21:02] <Aline> "Ack!…" But she made it in, staring over at the various creatures assaulting Sera. "There's more in the vents nearby… But I'll help with these!"
[21:03] <Isaiah> [Nicholas looked about as Aline ran… And he ran too, trying to get back to the armory…-
[21:03] <Isaiah> [One of the vicious beasts that had attacked Aline promptly jumped out and pursued. Nick screamed. "NO! HELP!"]
[21:14] <Isaiah> [Back in the trap-room… Sept would notice one of the beasts eyeing Anselme with a predatory, keen eye…-
[21:14] <Isaiah> [It crouched, as if to spring, then… Claws! Hurling themselves at Anselme's head…]
[21:17] <Sept> "Th-thanks, Aline, I- they can't take hi— NO!" Sera swung the limp body to the side and tried to raise his knife to meet the claw, but he was way too late. The claws sunk deep into the already-wounded arm, throwing a spatter of blood on the floor as he screamed in pain.
[21:18] <Isaiah> [The arm spasmed, dropping Anselme with a thud. The banshee leaned forward, sneering into Sept's face as it -squeezed-, its tongue flicking salive across his cheeks.]
[21:19] * Aline yelped in shock, suddenly! "S-Sera!" …She pumped off another set of rounds, focusing mostly on the one Sera had already injured. Nick was being attacked and Anselme was trapped and Isaiah was being hurt and now Sera! God, what a disaster!
[21:19] <Isaiah> [The wounded beast spasmed and died, its neck twisting as it landed.]
[21:20] <Sept> "H-help… the others..!" The boy gasped in between painful gasps of breath. Blood continued dripping onto the floor.
[21:31] <Isaiah> [The beast withdrew its claw from his arms…-
[21:31] <Isaiah> [And then smashed it straight into his stomach.]
[21:33] * Aline shook her head… then suddenly screamed. "No! No no no no! I can't." Gun leveled. "Let." Line up the target. "You all." Fire. "DIE!"
[21:35] <Sept> "Hgk." Sera looked at the Banshee in deep confusion. The knife clattered onto the floor. Its wielder soon followed, falling first to his knees, and finally sprawled out face down.
[21:37] * CakeyCake (~ten.nozirev.soif.apalhp.871-301-2-801-loop|3tmretrac#ten.nozirev.soif.apalhp.871-301-2-801-loop|3tmretrac) has joined #nervfrance
[21:43] <Isaiah> [Amelia let out another cry of pain.-
[21:44] <Isaiah> [The banshee in front of her growled in her face, its breath hot and putrid to her nose. She stared up at it.-
[21:44] <Isaiah> [She wasn't going to survive this. The claw was buried about eight inches into her stomach. But…-
[21:44] <Isaiah> [Like hell she was going down without a fight. She reared back-
[21:45] <Isaiah> [And spat in it's face. "I won't let you have them!" With a single slice, she severed the arm-
[21:45] <Isaiah> [Grabbed it, pulled it from her body. She rammed the blades into the beast's face, before kicking it over, sending it careening to the ground. Finally, she impaled it through the chest- turned around, and did the same with the other.-
[21:46] <Isaiah> [She turned. "ALINE! RUN!"]
[21:49] <Isaiah> [One of them was heading for Aline…!]
[21:52] * Aline shook her head /very/ frantically, pointing the rifle at the damn thing, and trying to pump off a series of rounds… but her shaky hands sent them into the floor! "B-but what about the others? Isaiah… Sera, they're still alive… I can't carry them… Sera needs to make it there too!"
[21:53] <Isaiah> ["GO!" Amelia pushed her out of the way.-
[21:53] <Isaiah> [The beast flailed at the redhead, striking her in the arm. She brought her blade up and parried the other claw.-
[21:54] <Isaiah> [She struck out with a kick to its knee, sending it to a hobble. A punch to the throat- sending it backwards. She reached out, grabbed it… Pulled it towards her as she pushed forward, stabbing it through the chest. It died slowly, horribly.-
[21:54] <Isaiah> […-
[21:55] <Isaiah> [Amelia pushed the creature back. Turned to look at Aline…-
[21:55] <Isaiah> [And fell to her knees, holding her stomach. "They were after the children. The… The children, I had to protect them…"]
[22:00] * Aline stared, her knees shaking. "I-I-I understand… We'll get out of this. I'll… I'll kill the Angel of Death real hard for you, you hear?"
[22:00] <Isaiah> [Amelia nodded, and… At her last, reached out for Aline.-
[22:01] <Isaiah> ["D-Don't… Let me die alone…"]
[22:02] * Aline nodded at that, a tear streaming down her cheek… and held Amelia's hand. "I'm still here. You…"
[22:03] <Isaiah> [Her hand was clammy, covered in blood and ichor. It was weak and cold. She pulled. "Let… Let me tell you… Please… Before I die… Let me tell you everything…"]
[22:06] * Aline moved closer. "…It's okay. It's okay… I… I'll listen. And I'll remember you. I'll…" She closed her eyes, seeming to concentrate really hard.
[22:07] <Isaiah> [Amelia spoke, letting herself sink into Aline's arms.-
[22:14] <Isaiah> ["We used to live in Algeria, you know?" Mumbled Amelia. "Edgar and I, that was… Where we were trained. At first. 12 hours in the sun, 4 hours in the shooting range. Never was any good, much prefered beating up people." She smiled, but coughed, rivulets of blood trickling down her chin. "He was such a tough little boy, even then. He always used to look after people. He and I… We always wanted to look after people. They needed protecting." She took a deep breath, coughing as she did so. "I remember when we lived in the Alps. It was snowy and cold, so wonderfully cold. We used to spend every free day skiing until we couldn't ski any more, and then we'd walk back up the mountain, digging trenches in the snow, trying to spot the marmots and deer." Her eyes fluttered. "I remember the first time I saw the ocean. We were… In Morocco, I remember, on a march with the Foreign Legion. It was so bafflingly huge for a girl who grew up in the mountains, then trained in the desert… It looked like it went on forever, blue and rolling. Isn't it funny how peaceful everything seems, when you stand on the shoreline?" Her eyes started to flutter. "I promised I'd see… A world with my own eyes, a world where that peace wasn't an illusion of the waves." She groaned in pain, seizing up. "A-Aline…" She coughed. "Aline… -Please-… Please don't let that dream die… I… I died trying to save the little ones, trying to protect… P-Protect the future…" She started to close her eyes. "Edgar… My poor brother… I'll see you again. I swear."-
[22:14] <Isaiah> ["We'll meet again… M-Maybe if I'm really lucky a battle maiden'll swoop me away, and we can meet in a beer hall." She smiled to herself. "I'd like that, Edgar."-
[22:15] <Isaiah> ["Edgar…" She stopped moving.]
[22:17] * Aline frowned deeply… and a few more tears rolled down her eyes. "I'll… make that world…" She put the hand back, laying it against the wound that ended up killing the girl. Alone, or in some sense of that word alone, Aline began to move over to the room with Sera in it, looking worriedly to see if he'd wake up.
[22:18] <Isaiah> [Pat-pat-pat. The sound of footsteps. Nicholas stood in the armory doorway, holding an assault rifle.-
[22:19] <Isaiah> ["A-Aline…" He bolted down the hallway, throwing himself against her, sobbing. "Aline, I-I was so scared- A-Amelia…!"]
[22:19] <Sept> Twitch. "Hhh…" A hand felt around, an eye slowly opened, blinded by the light. The fingers found a reassuring blade on the ground. Sera dragged it closer with the tips of his fingers, and closed his good hand loosely around the handle. "A… Anselme..?"
[22:19] <Isaiah> [Anselme lay a few feet away.]
[22:20] * Aline hugged him tight, very tight. "I know. She saved you. I want to still protect you guys. You, Isaiah, Sera, Anselme, Rene…"
[22:21] <Isaiah> [The boy -bawled-, the tears soaking into Aline's already bloodstained clothing.]
[22:22] * Sept wriggled himself out of the backpack and dragged himself closer to the child, wincing at every motion. A red trail was drawn after him. "An…selme, wake up. We need to… go."
[22:27] <Isaiah> ["Nnh…" the boy was stirring, rubbing at the sedative slime that had covered his nostrils.]
[22:29] <Sept> "Anselme… This is important. Can you understand me?"
[22:30] <Isaiah> [The boy nodded. "S-Sera…"]
[22:32] <Isaiah> ["Aline…?" It as Isaiah, carrying Rene, and trying to pull Gina along too. He froze as he saw Amelia's body. "No…"]
[22:33] * Aline stared at Isaiah with teary eyes. "…She… saved them. She was already fatally wounded. But we… we need to get patched up again. Sera was really hurt - so were you. They…" She sniffled. "They got Camille too."
[22:33] * Sept nodded, and turned around slightly, again wincing. He reached behind him and loosened the strap on his rifle. He looked at the expensive precision instrument. "We have to keep going now, Anselme. I'm not going to lie, we're in pretty bad shape. So… I want you to have this." He pushed the rifle onto the boy's lap. "Protect everyone here with this. It's loaded with all we have left,
[22:33] * Sept so you don't need to worry about reloading. But it'll be enough to protect everyone, Anselme. And you know why?"
[22:34] <Isaiah> ["…" Anselme reached out to grab the gun. "Why…?"-
[22:34] <Isaiah> ["No…" Murmured Isaiah with a horrified whisper. The boy was holding his chest, where a glob of acid had burned away at his clothes, into his flesh. He slowly walked out into the corridor, placed Gina and Rene down, and walked down the corridor towards Camille's body…-
[22:35] <Isaiah> [… And returned, weeping, the boy's savaged, ravaged body in his hands, parts of his ribs and spine showing where the Banshee had fed.]
[22:35] <Sept> "It's loaded with two very special bullets. Ones that were made specifically to protect our family. They're the last ones I had left. So if we run into any more of those things… you know what to do, right?"
[22:36] <Isaiah> [Anselme stared up at Sept…-
[22:36] <Isaiah> [And nodded. "Yes." He looked down at it. "Protect the family."]
[22:38] <Sept> "And one more thing… Anselme. If I don't make it. When you get there… tell them you'll pilot in my place."
[22:38] <Aline> "I'm so sorry. I wasn't even fast enough to save him… We should… We should place the dead in the armory so there's slightly less chance of them getting eaten more, and get going." Aline looked nearly sick. "We… can't carry that many things and still fight. And…" She stared him in the eyes, her eyes hardening. "If we get overwhelmed like that, I might have to do something stupid to
[22:38] <Aline> get them off of you. If I…" A terrible shudder. "If I use my powers, I want you to get the hell away from me, is that understood?"
[22:38] <Isaiah> [Anselme -stared-.-
[22:38] <Isaiah> ["But… But I dunno how…!"]
[22:39] <Isaiah> [Isaiah looked up at Aline, and nodded. He seemed utterly worn out. "Got it." He started to assist the wounded… Tying Gina to his back, and carrying the dead Camille. Rene he would have to give to Aline.]
[22:39] * Sept laughed a little, very weakly. "Neither did I. It didn't matter, Anselme. Just promise me, okay?"
[22:40] <Isaiah> ["Y… Yes, Sera."]
[22:40] * Aline took Rene, and used a few spare straps and cords… to do the same thing. She had to move around the flamethrower a little, but… now she had a little male backpack. "Once Sera's ready and we're fairly treated, let's move out."
[22:43] <Sept> "Alright, then. That's a promise. Now help me… get up so we can get going again." Sera managed, through no little effort, to sit up and get his equipment back on, but he'd need some support standing up.
[22:43] <Isaiah> [Anselme was fine, except for the sleepy mucus. He grabbed Sept and pulled.]
[22:45] * Aline did as she said, though, advancing cautiously with her rifle at-ready.
[23:02] * Sept followed through the agonizingly long corridors, now more scared of the silence than the constant noise of the Banshees that had filled the rooms earlier. "Another shard," he remarked sharply as the latest in the series of doors was opened. "Aline, any grenades left?"
[23:07] * Aline nodded to Sera, and creeped ever-closer to the thing. "Two frags." And as if on cue, she pulled one of them out of the grenade belt the armor had, and… "Okay let's see here, remove the safety pin, press the mechanism… Right!" And she did just that… before lobbing it at the damnable thing!
[23:08] <Isaiah> [It rolled into a pool of LCL… And detonated, causing the sides to crush the pool.]
[23:08] * Aline did a little fistpump… and given time, would start to work her way back into the room. "And neutralized."
[23:11] * Sept leaned in to take a look. "Good work, Aline. Let's keep going."
[23:12] * Aline did, actually! She moved closer to that junction in front of the shard. Surely it was clear…
[23:12] <Isaiah> [… Two more shards, looking a little limp.]
[23:13] * Aline jumped in shock. "T-t-two more. One on… each side…"
[23:14] <Sept> "…oh. Do you need more..?"
[23:15] * Aline nodded frantically. "I-I only have one more frag. You should… still have some right. We'll have to be careful, though… The angle's bad. We might get in the blast."
[23:19] <Sept> "…" Sept nodded wordlessly and looked back at the others still at the intersection worriedly.
[23:20] * Aline then slid back behind a corner… and set up another grenade, tossing it at the limp angelshard to the north, first. "…okay…"
[23:21] <Isaiah> […-
[23:21] <Isaiah> [BLAM!-
[23:21] <Isaiah> [A piece of dying flesh smacked the ground next to Aline.]
[23:23] * Aline stared at it uncertainly. That was… not as comforting as she hoped. They were /developing/. "…Confirmed, and let's get that grenade over to me, oh…kay?"
[23:26] <Sept> "Right." Sera slid one off his belt and rolled it down the corridor carefully.
[23:27] * Aline picked it up, prepped it, and… rolled it over to the last shard! But… when it went off… She didn't hear the same crumbling. "Uh… I guess I'll have to get rid of it… manually. I'll use the flamer to end it, then.
[23:28] <Sept> "Mmh. That could work."
[23:33] * Aline nodded, and after prepping the gas line and checking the burner… Aline pointed it around the bend and shot a gout of fire at the shard. "Come on, burn!"
[23:34] <Isaiah> [The Shard quickly burned, the LCL boiling away…]
[23:35] * Aline was a bit satisfied at that, and then dashed back into that intersection room again, standing by the north door with an angry fire-breathing nozzle of doom pointing forwards.
[23:36] * Aline then… began to work the lever. "Door opening, ready?!"
[23:44] * Aline saw that it was just a corridor, though, and moved to the next, quickly, opening it as well!
[23:45] <Isaiah> [another corridor… It was eerily quiet now. The next door opened to reveal yet another intersection.]
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[00:07] * Aline kept going, holding her flamer cautiously… This time, Sera was closer to the door. "Okay… you ready?"
[00:07] <Sept> "…Ready, Aline."
[00:08] * Aline nodded her head. "Open it, and be ready to duck if there's trouble."
[00:11] <Sept> "Yeah. You be ready too, Anselme."
[00:11] <Isaiah> [Anselme nodded.]
[00:18] * Sept pulled the lever, and got out of the way.

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