Sera S Infiltration

(13:01:05) @Ayanami‘Rei: [It was 10PM- it was dark, even in the Geofront, where the artificial sunlight had slowly been turned off. The international NERV crews had long since returned home to their various ports of call - Boston, Berlin, Tokyo. Tonight was a holiday night, too, and thus only the barest of skeleton crews were available to staff the Geofront.]
(13:06:03) Sept: And that was fine with Sera, as he strolled around the mostly abandoned corridors, casting curious -and possibly slightly creepy- glances at any remaining workers. The artificial sunsets were quite magnificent this time of the year.
(13:18:29) @Ayanami`Rei: [Indeed, he encountered maybe four workers at most. The steps he took barely made any sound… Where was he headed?]
(13:25:35) Sept: He wandered here and there for a while, stopping to look at the Geofront scenery from a window, peeking into empty offices… But eventually, he would head for the science department, and the laboratories.
(13:30:48) @Ayanami`Rei: [The doors to the NERV Laboratories were quite securely locked. However, perhaps a swipe of his ID might open them…?]
(13:41:26) Sept: An offering of one (1) identity was made. Was the machine spirit satisfied, or did it hunger for more..?
(13:52:13) @Ayanami`Rei: ["Access Denied."]
(14:08:21) Sept: "Hmmh." I-it wasn’t like he would've wanted to have access, d-doa no baka. Sera kept walking.
(14:15:24) @Ayanami‘Rei: [He walked and walked… Was he heading in any particular direction?]
(14:17:33) Sept: No, just more aimless wandering. Any passers-by would receive that same off-smile, or a vague wave, in greeting.
(14:37:57) @Ayanami`Rei: [Wave! wave! He was walking towards a hapless-looking NERV employee in a labcoat, arms full of folders that seemed painfully heavy. As he walked near Sera he almost stumbled, dropping several of them to the ground. He bent over and awkwardly shuffled them up.]
(14:40:12) * Sept wordlessly helped him pick some of the folders up, placing them back in his lap and giving him a comforting pat on the shoulder. That unfeeling smile…
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(14:43:06) @Ayanami`Rei: ["T-Thanks." Said the intern, who seemed just too grateful for the help to notice Sera’s creepy smile. "See you around, Third Child!" And then he was off on his bumbling way.]
(14:43:18) @Ayanami‘Rei: <Fifth Child*>
(14:46:42) Sept: "Sera…" he called after him, but not with great enough effort that he would’ve heard it. Nevertheless, he did not possess infinite time. So he returned to the God of Access.
(14:54:33) @Ayanami‘Rei: [The door stared at him dully, demanding cards for the card throne.]
(14:56:25) Sept: Begrudgingly, its wish was fulfilled. The card of an innocent, his career, possibly his entire life ruined. And for what? For fleeting Access.
(14:57:09) @Ayanami`Rei: ["Access Granted." The doors unlocked, sliding aside.]
(15:00:08) Sept: Smug piece of scrap metal. Sera entered, walking on determinedly, going about his daily business.
(15:13:20) @Ayanami`Rei: [The laboratory branched off in five different areas; E-Armory Management, Biological Laboratory, MAGI Central Operations, Evangelion Testing and Experimental Development.]
(15:20:48) * Sept eyed the monitors and other equipment as he passed them by on his way toward the MAGI main control room. He tried to imagine how many failed projects and dead ends this place must have gone through for every succesful field application the pilots had used.
(15:24:04) @Ayanami`Rei: [He didn’t encounter anyone on the way, though of course the MAGI control room required another swipe of the card.-
(15:27:17) @Ayanami‘Rei: [The MAGI control was divided into five areas; Central Control, Brahma Tower, Vishnu Tower, Shiva Tower, and Archives.]
(15:34:33) * Sept had never been one for hindu mythology. Nor was he one to assert control over others. But the past was certainly of interest to him. He could feel the archives’ call, irresistible in its mustiness…
(15:38:52) @Ayanami‘Rei: [The Archive layout was simple. A large hexagonal room, with the central area completely dominated by a data pillar that stored all of the hard drives and various storage devices. The pillar was ringed with access consoles.]
(15:46:29) Sept: Sera approached, taking over one of the consoles, tapping on a key to wake up the purveyor of chronicles and forbidden lore.
(15:55:56) @Ayanami`Rei: ["MAGI Personality Implant OS active. Please enter password."]
(16:13:52) * Sept focused on the numeral pad, ignoring the rest of the layout. He tapped one number after another, avoiding using the underside of his fingers. Password security is serious business, and you shouldn’t leave prints behind for others to deduce your credentials from, kids. Sera looked at the string of asterisks for a time, counting them. Satisfied with the final count, he gave the password to MAGI.
(16:15:38) @Ayanami‘Rei: ["Password accepted." The password box cleared green, then floated up towards the top of the screen. A cylinder opened on the side of the console.-
(16:16:17) @Ayanami`Rei: ["Please present retina for scan."]
(16:17:36) Sept: It could still be attached for the scan, right? …right? Sera leaned in, and -hoped-.
(16:20:14) @Ayanami`Rei: [It scanned. A few seconds passed. "Retinal scan complete."-
(16:21:38) @Ayanami`Rei: [A small circle opened up on the other side of the console. A hole; inside the hole was a tiny needle.-
(16:21:44) @Ayanami`Rei: ["Please present finger for blood recognition test."]
(16:23:35) Sept: "This is silly," he said. "As long as this is the last one." Thought after the first offering of digits, what was one more?
(16:28:26) @Ayanami`Rei: ["Blood test confirmed. Welcome, Elisha Caine." The last lock cleared, revealing a desktop and a menu.]
(16:36:13) Sept: "Thank you." The boy started tapping again, looking for his reward for the evening’s work.
(16:46:09) @Ayanami‘Rei: [There were tens of thousands of files, but by searching for ones written by Elisha Caine, the number was reduced to a mere thousand or so.]
(16:49:22) Sept: He hesitated for a moment, before typing out the words "Sera de Pteres".
(17:00:21) @Ayanami`Rei: [186 files found- most of them were Synch Test reports, battle reports, references to technology or EVA-01, but there were three other files of interest. "Sera de Pteres Project Overview", "Sera de Pteres Current Status", and "Sera de Pteres Reserve Report".]
(17:03:36) Sept: "Reserve..?" That was one way to put it. The file was opened.
(17:04:09) @Ayanami`Rei: [The report was fairly short, basically detailing the status of Sera and his clones.-
(17:05:33) @Ayanami`Rei: [To summarise: There had been six main bodies, not counting the ones for ’Data collection'. The first one was dead. The second body was active, and the 4 others were still in reserve, in 'perfect health'.]
(17:11:31) Sept: Wordlessly, the tapping continued. There were other priorities, for now. Back to the Caine-authored files, to something more general… yet more specific. "AT + Experiments + Findings"
(17:13:28) @Ayanami‘Rei: [A folder appeared, filled with 20 files.]
(17:22:50) * Sept eyed the titles, scrolling the list up and down a few times. Then, he inserted a memory stick in one of the console’s ports and began looking for an export - preferably as plaintext - command.
(17:26:40) @Ayanami‘Rei: [There was a ’file transfer' command. It detected his memory stick- and the files were transferred. It was astoundingly painless.]
(17:40:54) Sept: He fingered the stick, ready to stash it in his pocket again, but he hesitated. One last query… "Isaiah Gabriel-Wei".
(17:46:46) @Ayanami‘Rei: [Several files came up. A few were inconsequential- related to, say, random reports from Medical Division. Another one mentioned his actions during the Qaphsiel battle. Another mentioned the results of his first few Synch Tests with EVA-04. a few newer ones were centred around Yanmei and the Libido Effect. Finally, one of the files was one he had already copied to his stick. It was called
(17:46:46) @Ayanami`Rei: "E-Type/A-Type Combination Listings|FAR Identity".]
(17:51:24) @Ayanami`Rei: [There are also four separate reports on his psychiatric state, ranging from early 2015 to late 2016. And finally, there is a simple personnel profile.]
(18:04:31) Sept: The latter were also all copied. As soon as the transfer was confirmed finished, Sera pulled the stick out and pocketed it. He signed out, gave the keyboard one last wipe, and turned to leave.
(18:09:32) @Ayanami`Rei: [Sera would exit the Archive room, and…-
(18:09:47) @Ayanami`Rei: [He’d encounter someone emerging from the Central Control. Dr Elijah Gabriel…]
(18:25:28) Sept: Sera took a few steps toward Gabriel and spoke up. "Doctor. I heard you might still be here."
(18:26:32) @Ayanami‘Rei: ["Uh?!" Dr. Gabriel looked up, startled and staring at Sera. "Oh. Oh. Er… The Fifth Child. What do you want?"]
(18:32:36) * Sept crossed his hands. "During the Ramliel battle, there seemed to be some irregularities in the Dreadnoughts’ - especially Mr. Guillory's - Positron weaponry. I would trust few others to keep wild speculation from their statements, so I came here to see if I could get an expert's opinion. I'd rather be prepared for next time, when I have to actually be there with them, you understand."
(18:35:20) Sept: «The Geofront's Positron defense systems»**
(18:41:54) @Ayanami‘Rei: ["Oh." He stared at Sera flatly. "Well, one of the Cannons was jettisoned into space by the Dirac Portal, and the other one was functioning fine in the positron department. The actual problem was with the targeting coordinates. Apparently some imbecile failed to keep up the recalibration schedule and thus, it wasn’t accomodating for the earth's magnetic field in its shots."]
(18:54:30) Sept: "Thought so. Some were saying otherwise, but it's good to see you're still worth your reputation. I know they couldn't have stabilised the Charged Shield prototype without you as well as they did. You do important work, Gabriel."
(18:59:49) @Ayanami‘Rei: ["… I see." He stared at Sera critically. "… Who let you in here, Sera?"]
(19:13:24) Sept: "I said I was looking for you. I was told I might have a long wait ahead of me if I waited for you to finish everything up, that I might have a better chance to meet you passing by here."
(19:15:13) @Ayanami`Rei: ["… Then where were you an hour ago when I came in?" He didn’t seem very impressed with Sera's excuse.]
(19:41:49) Sept: "Hmmh. Very well." Sera pulled out the ID card. "It was simple enough to get in, I was just unfortunate enough to run into you. Well, I wanted to talk to you about that during the week in any case, so my time was not wasted. I had an idea, Dr. Gabriel. And as they still do not allow me to keep the relevant data on hand when I need it, I came here to see if I was correct instead of throwing away valuable hours waiting for someone authorised to do so."
(19:42:21) @Ayanami‘Rei: ["… I see. What’s your idea then?"]
(19:55:40) Sept: "Considering the controlled state the Evangelion are regrown in, any chance of infection is negligible, not to mention easily treatable. If you delivereved leukocyte-deficient cells directly to the recovering tissue, and used accordingly treated LCL instead of the normal variant, you could notably speed up the process. It seems simple, but I'm not going to be the one responsible for a poor defence because I was too lazy to check." Sera turned to look at a cluster of computer monitors by the edge of the room. "I believe these are all connected to some kind of lower-level database? It should be well-documented if it's already been looked into. I will show myself out once I've found it."
(20:00:25) @Ayanami‘Rei: ["I…" he frowned. "Well, if you say so. I think it’d be best if you left it to the scientists, but whatever. I'm going home." He headed off. "Don't steal anything."]
(20:02:51) Sept: "What reason would I have to steal anything, living it up on a pilot's allowance?" Sera set himself up at one of the computers. "Take care, Doctor Gabriel."
(20:03:19) @Ayanami‘Rei: ["Hhn." And then he was gone.]
(20:10:54) * Sept tapped for a while, eventually finding a slew of reports and articles on the practice. He shut the computer back down and headed out, leaving the stolen ID on a table inside once he’d opened the door for himself.

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