Sera S Quandary

[19:26] <Sept> Solitude. That was what Sera had adamantly demanded upon their return. Privacy from denizens of this world, and hopefully the other one. So far he had been granted that much. The room was stocked with the bare essentials -food, a bed- and had a half-decent view of the Geofront. That was more than he'd had for a long, long time. You had to take these things one step at a time.
[19:30] <AdEvaGM> [The door itself was not barred or guarded- again, more than he'd had for a long time. There was a phone there as well, in case he needed anyone, and Castillo-Delgado made sure to offer him anything he wanted in terms of movies, books, newspapers, or anything of that nature.]
[19:38] <Sept> No such requests had come. He just spent time, a lot of time, lost in his thoughts, eyes fixated on something, whether it was the phone, something outside, or just the ceiling. As time went by, he'd seem to be talking to himself less.-
[19:40] <Sept> And eventually, after a day or two of the same behavioral cycle continuing, he picked up the phone. "…"
[19:41] <AdEvaGM> [A simple cordless phone.-
[19:42] <AdEvaGM> [A cynic might say it was cordless because that meant you couldn't hang yourself with it. A realist would say that there was a perfectly good power cable there anyway.-
[19:42] <AdEvaGM> [In any case, there it was.]
[19:45] <Sept> For a few moments, Sera paused there. He didn't remember anyone's number, did he? Were they trying to force him out like this?-
[19:45] <Sept> It took him a while to think of taking a look at the numbers saved into the device.
[19:49] <AdEvaGM> [A list of numbers- numbers for the different departments, subdepartments, hospital wards, even the Command Centre was there.]
[19:52] <Sept> It would all go through Felix anyway, he'd determined. So that's who he'd contact first.
[19:53] <AdEvaGM> [The phone rang.-
[19:53] <AdEvaGM> ["This is Doctor Castillo-Delgado speaking."]
[19:55] <Sept> "It's Sera. You probably knew that."
[19:55] <AdEvaGM> ["I had a hope."]
[19:57] <Sept> "From the caller ID, I mean. Not-" Sera coughed. "I wanted to make sure of some things."
[19:57] <AdEvaGM> ["Of course, Sera. Do go on."]
[20:01] <Sept> "Edgar's still around, right? Chevalier. Guy in wheelchair. No sister?"
[20:02] <AdEvaGM> ["Yes, he's still around."]
[20:05] <Sept> "I want to talk to him. You remember what I was doing when his sister died, right?"
[20:06] <AdEvaGM> ["Fighting in tunnels, If I recall correctly."]
[20:06] <Sept> "More specifically?"
[20:07] <AdEvaGM> ["It's been awhile since I've reviewed the specifics, Sera, and my memory's been greatly cluttered as of late."]
[20:09] <Sept> A pause. "Good, just checking. Get Edgar here, alright?"
[20:09] <AdEvaGM> ["Yes, I'll see what I can do."]
[20:12] <Sept> "Alright." Sera hung up and tried to concentrate on something else as he waited. It didn't work very well.
[20:19] <AdEvaGM> [Time passed.-
[20:19] <AdEvaGM> [Eventually, the door shuddered. Edgar was knocking. Hard. "HEY!"]
[20:23] <Sept> "Fuck, calm down!" Sera yelled back at the door immediately, then made his way to the door. And unlocked it.
[20:24] <AdEvaGM> [The door burst open. Edgar was sitting there, in a wheelchair, giving Sera the evil eye. "How come I gotta visit you? Why can't you pay the dude in the wheelchair a visit, eh? That ain't fair."]
[20:27] <Sept> "Fuck you, I spent years in prison and you didn't send me a single goddamn letter! In fact, you probably died before me, is that what you do to a friend?!"
[20:27] <AdEvaGM> ["What? Prison?"]
[20:36] <Sept> "Raphael made us live in this shitty universe for seven fucking years and those assholes stuck me in prison after that embarrassment of a trial for that idiotic frame-up, even though I specifically told them not to. And I've spent the last 48 hours sorting all of -this- shit back into the current timeline file in my brain and even with my experience, it hasn't fucking been easy, alright?
[20:36] <Sept> Come the fuck inside, people don't have to listen to this." Sera motioned Edgar out of the doorway.
[20:38] <AdEvaGM> [Edgar rolled in.-
[20:38] <AdEvaGM> ["Someone needs to get you away from the Tarantino films."]
[20:44] <Sept> "I think I'll settle for finally being out of one." Sera closed the door, glanced at Edgar, and sat down on the almost-comfortable bed.
[20:53] <AdEvaGM> [He was leaning back, somewhat, in his wheelchair, his hands behind his head. "Sounds like you were in a bad spot, bro."]
[20:58] * Sept turned to look at him sharply. "If you call me that again, I'll cut you up until I can be sure you're human."
[20:59] <AdEvaGM> ["Damn. What happened to cause that response?"]
[21:03] <Sept> The corner of Sera's eye twitched. "Someone obviously didn't know when to stop. Now… shit, what was it."
[21:04] <AdEvaGM> ["You alright, b- Sera? Y'know I can help you out if you want."]
[21:08] <Sept> "Of course, that's why you're here, just give me a… right, that. I had to ask you about your training."
[21:08] <AdEvaGM> ["What about it?"]
[21:11] <Sept> "Was Viviane ever even vaguely under control? Was there anything that satisfied her, beyond hurting others directly?"
[21:24] <AdEvaGM> ["Hard to say. Well." He frowned. "Yes, there was one thing- she would without hesitation obey the word of Brother Silas, willingly, even to the point of carrying out his 'will' without being asked, even if it wasn't. Other than that, I'm not sure."]
[21:33] <Sept> "Ugh… That doesn't help at all. I'm… pretty sure I enjoy it as much as she did. I mean, no. I'm positive. I can't stop thinking about it. And it seems so obvious now, the unlikelihood of our relationship… that's what it was."
[21:33] <AdEvaGM> ["You've lost me."]
[21:39] <Sept> "It terrifies me to look at you. I just see all the blood in your arteries, everything inside, all held together by something so fragile. It's like when you get on a tall building and all you can think is "what if I jump?"."
[21:40] <AdEvaGM> [Edgar folds his arms.-
[21:40] <AdEvaGM> ["That's fucked up."]
[21:49] <Sept> "That's what I said! …I think. -Shit-. I thought I had it all straight." Sera hastily grabbed a piece of paper, wrote down Edgar's words over some older notes that didn't matter any more, and underlined them forcefully a few times. "You have to help me. I need an… outlet. I can't let it interfere with my responsibilities. Otherwise they can just pick my defence apart as they please."
[21:53] <AdEvaGM> ["An outlet?" Edgar's eyebrows furrowed. "Like, sparring with a hologram or something?"]
[21:58] <Sept> "More like another vacation on Skald… Should I try to synch with 04 again..?"
[22:00] <AdEvaGM> ["I'm not sure if that'd work. Perhaps the opposite. Maybe you need to synch with 01, he can… I dunno, smack you around or something."]
[22:04] <Sept> "Possible. If you're right, it's not like I can avoid doing that. Hmm…"
[22:05] <AdEvaGM> ["Maybe you can find something else to funnel your, er… Thoughts into. Channel them into something productive or harmless."]
[22:14] <Sept> "Back to music? Science? Maybe. I haven't been doing those a lot. Not a lot of space for either in prison. But I'm not there anymore, am I?"
[22:14] <AdEvaGM> ["Nope. Of course, there is something to fall back on if none of this works out."]
[22:14] <Sept> "What?"
[22:16] <AdEvaGM> ["If you feel like you get the urge and absolutely nothing's helping to get rid of it, then indulge it a little, just, y'know. Do it to things no one's gonna miss or care about. Detriments."]
[22:23] * Sept laughed, openly. "Ahaha, yeah, the murder trial jury will -love- that. Hey, maybe after I'm acquitted, right?"
[22:24] <AdEvaGM> ["You'd have to do itproperly. You said you were framed, right?"]
[22:26] <Sept> "Yeah, yeah, we're still on that case."
[22:27] <AdEvaGM> ["Then find a way to discreetly find the realkiller."]
[22:33] <Sept> "Hmmh. I see. That makes some sense. That would be good."
[22:33] <AdEvaGM> ["You'd need to figure out how to go all incog about it."]
[22:35] <Sept> "What, like in Minority Report?"
[22:35] <AdEvaGM> ["What?"]
[22:35] <Sept> "No, what did you mean?"
[22:36] <AdEvaGM> ["You need to find a way to do it without being seen, and if you are seen, ways to make sure they don't see -you-."]
[22:37] <Sept> "Ahh. I see." A pause as Sera pondered the success of his last analogy.
[22:37] <Sept> "Like Batman?"
[22:37] <AdEvaGM> ["Yes. Like Batman."]
[22:41] <Sept> "Yeah, I -can- do that, can't I? I'd forgotten about that. Thanks. Seriously."
[22:42] <AdEvaGM> ["No worries." Edgar held out a fist.]
[22:46] <Sept> Sera reached out and jabbed the fist after the slightest delay, and laughed. "Almost feels like I'm back."
[22:46] <AdEvaGM> ["Well, you -are- back."]
[22:53] <Sept> "Yeah, you'd think that, wouldn't you. Sorry, I'm not gonna take any shortcuts with this. I think that's all I wanted to ask you."
[22:53] <AdEvaGM> ["So we good? You want me to go?"]
[22:54] <Sept> "We're better. Yeah. Sorry about the trip."
[22:54] <AdEvaGM> ["Heh." He wheels about. "I'll see you whenever. Don't murder anyone important."]
[22:56] <Sept> "Totally. See you."
[22:57] <AdEvaGM> [He rolls out, and then he's down the hall, gone. Off to Edgar elsewhere.]
[22:59] * Sept lay back on the bed, and exhaled. He picked up the note from earlier and stared at it, with something like a smile lingering.

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