Sera Shoots Isaiah

[20:45] <Sept> "Huff… huff…" At last, he was getting closer to his destination. He could already see it. Maybe this would be a good spot to have a break. He dropped his bag and sat down on the rooftop, staring up. He could only see the dirty clouds of the typical metropolis evening… Well, at least the streets were still alive. He could easily entertain himself for the rest of the day watching
[20:45] <Sept> those.-
[20:50] <Sept> Suddenly, it occurred to Sera that the zipper on the bag had slid open - some of the rope and other climbing equipment were sticking out slightly - as well as the duralumin case, which he took out as he secured the rest of the contents safely within. Maybe it had opened during the last crossing. Or maybe even during the one before. Moving across rooftops like that could've all too probably
[20:50] <Sept> risked his cargo - or worse, his life. He sighed at his carelessness and thanked his good luck for having decided to stop there.-
[21:15] <Sept> He laid the case on the concrete and clicked the various locks open. It could easily keep everything in it safe even if he dropped it from this kind of height. And it'd definitely kept them safe through the relatively uneventful trip so far. He took out a sandwich. The rest of the contents would be saved for later, so he stowed the case back in the bag. And rechecked the zipper. A few
[21:15] <Sept> minutes later, the pain and exhaustion were starting to wear off, and the sandwich was nearing the end of its lifecycle. Soon, the last of its AT Field would be consumed, to be later reborn into another slice of bread, likely with completely different toppings than what this one had had. Idly, Sera de Pteres planned for the rest of his trip.
[22:09] <Sept> Time to keep going. Sept lifted the bag and tightened the straps so that the bag had no way of escaping. It'd be a disaster if he lost it before he could get there. The next few rooftops were fairly close to each other, divided only by very narrow alleys. He could traverse those with very few problems and warm himself up for the bigger gaps. A few more deep breaths (each stinging just a
[22:09] <Sept> little as the bag pressed on his chest), a few running paces, and he was moving again.
[22:45] <Sept> Right. Crossing a two-lane street. Definitely more difficult, but it wouldn't stop him now. A deep breath, and… he failed to be ready for the grapple again. He was still expecting some kind of notable recoil, but there was none. And while he was waiting for the backward motion from that, the forward -yank- of the retracting cable caught him completely off-guard. And so a boy sailed across
[22:45] <Sept> Yamagishi St. going "aaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaa".-
[23:05] <Sept> The next one… he managed a lot better. For a moment there, he could actually forget about Paris-2, the Evangelion, why he was there… everything. He remembered feeling the same years ago when he'd first begun to master free running in the Paris environment. But he definitely remembered there being less on his mind when reality finally returned…
[23:36] <@AdEvaGM> [… There was a bit of a crowd, but he spotted them. Isaiah and Yanmei, emerging from the opera house- distinctive by their hair, nevermind their clothing.]
[23:43] <Sept> Oh, crap. He was a bit behind schedule. The night sky finally clearing and filling up with stars had entranced Sera as he caught his breath at the destination. The duralumin case clicked again. There were no other sandwiches within. He began assembling the contents, glancing down every now and then to keep himself up to date.
[23:44] <@AdEvaGM> [They crossed a road. They were actually coming closer- where were they heading? There was a Roman Pizza nearby, but also a wide clear park…]
[23:52] <Sept> The barrel… the chamber. The silencer took infuriatingly long. Why couldn't it just clip on? Another glance, then to load up the magazine. One by one, the bullets clicked into place. The safety was on, wasn't it? Yes. Attach the magazine, one in the chamber… Sera breathed a sigh of relief. It was ready.
[23:52] <@AdEvaGM> [He had about 5 minutes until the fireworks started. They were sitting down now…]
[00:08] <Sept> Sera's hands were shaking. He thought they wouldn't. He would've liked to think they wouldn't, at a time like this. The boy eyed the final item packed in the duralumin case, a small syringe. He reached out and took hold of it, placed it on his neck. "…no excuse for missing," he assured himself. Still, his thumb stayed unmoving at the other end of the syringe, the tip of the needle
[00:08] <Sept> uselessly piercing the topmost layer of Sera's skin. Finally, with a disgusted grunt, the syringe was tossed back onto the soft interior of the case, unused. "…stronger than Silas. I have to be."
[00:30] <@AdEvaGM> [They were both standing up. With a boom… The fireworks began.]
[00:38] * Sept adjusted the scope. It wasn't supposed to turn out like this. Everyone was enjoying themselves. He should be, too. they should all be enjoying this together. Why would anyone want to disrupt that? Why would Sera de Pteres want to disrupt that? Why would Isaiah Gabrielle-Wei want to disrupt that?-
[00:39] <Sept> He'd trained himself, though. He'd reviewed this moment every day, maybe every hour, ever since that day… "You don't get to do that." The crosshair was in place. Distance… negligible. Sept pulled the trigger.
[00:42] <@AdEvaGM> [The target jerked backwards… But he was still standing.]
[00:48] * Sept could feel… everything welling up inside him. His body and mind wanted to stop this madness. He was disgusted, excited, proud, angry (at the world, at the target, -at Sera de Pteres-). But he wouldn't have it. His hands shaking no more than they had earlier, the young pilot loaded another bullet into the chamber… and fired. At the moment, he had only one true regret. "Just
[00:48] * Sept missed the heart…"
[00:49] <@AdEvaGM> [The girl reached out to him- he pushed her back. At that last second he knew the danger… Before Sept's bullet downed him.]
[01:01] <Sept> Enough. No more. Sera de Pteres let the highly expensive precision sniper rifle clatter onto the rooftop, and turned around to look at the sky. He did feel like he might throw up. It was… not as bad as the time he'd stabbed that gang member in self-defence. He hadn't been able to eat for days. Sera allowed himself a little smile. He -had- become stronger. He'd probably still throw up a
[01:01] <Sept> few times before the day was over, but… he'd done it. He felt around for the syringe, picked it up. Found a vein, injected the contents. The night sky was beautiful that night. And Sera allowed himself a nap before heading back to the Akagi Residence.

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