Session 5 The Last Raids On Garland S Safehouses

<Mina‘Haplo> [ The Lente, with night above, a few stray clouds floating across an otherwise starry and bright sky. Maia has returned from the Oblationist basilica in Redspring, and the others were preparing for what would hopefully be an end to Sophie Garland and her dark actions against Paxia and its people…]
*Tyra finishes relaying the information her ’reliable source' has given, ending with the set of addresses given. "I've already had this one get, ah, filed into the detective's reports. Chances are they'll be moving soon. The other one is all ours."
*Tyra is sitting at the table, reclining some while sipping from a tumbler of whiskey in her usual garb. She seems a bit more… worn than usual, though. Bags under the eyes and such.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius is here, as well, his arms on the bar, his head reclining on top of that, his eyes half-closed…]
*Xiri is there… serving drinks. I mean, she can’t well show up in Slayer guise with Lucius and Maia here. She does look rather pensive, and she's floating around Tyra a little more than usual. "Sure you should be drinking that much before work, love?"
*Diana was, on the other hand, standing around, AU-X simply parked next to her, not doing any weird acrobatics, not orbitting, not backpacking her… just there. This possibly was a sign that Business was Serious.
*Maia is there, as well. And, well, Maia already knows, but hey. She's drinking milk, and more or less just listening quietly (and without animation).
*Xiri does offer Diana the usual lemonade with cream, just the way she liked it the last few times she was here. And for Maia and Lucius… appropriate drinks.
*Tyra offers Xiri a wan smile before taking another sip. "Keeps me from being too stiff. I have some gear stowed away I'll be changing into before we head out, as well."
*Diana actually had it in hand by now more than likely, sipping it at random while she… paced slightly.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius is also drinking milk. "Thank you, miss Fae’driel." He sips at it. He seems quite nervous. ]
*Maia pats Lucius on the back gently. She's sitting next to him, after all.
*Xiri mumbles pensively, "Is the Slayer… really going to be there?"
*Maia replies with a simple sign. <Probably.>
*Tyra nods slightly, lightly shifting her tumbler about and watching the liquid flow back and forth.
*Diana found playing along with this starting to wear on her… but tried to suppress it. "She… fought alongside us before. I don't see why that wouldn't change." For the most part she succeeded.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ "’Probably'." Translates Lucius just in case, giving Maia a grateful nod at the same time. ]
*Diana paused. "…Would. Would change. This tension is not good to me."
*Maia rubs her forehead, then signs, <It will only change if she attempts to kill Sophie.>
*Xiri sighs softly as she leans back. "Well… there's no way I can convince you not to go, is there, Tyri? So… don't do anything reckless."
*Tyra can't help but giggle for a moment, looking at Xiri. "There /might/ be… but I'll watch myself, don't worry Xi."
<Mina‘Haplo> [ "We’ll keep her safe. You have my word on it, Miss Fae'driel." Says Lucius solemnly.]
*Maia nods in agreement.
*Diana nodded. "Besides, anything reckless will be backed up by a swift response!" She… tried to inject some levity. "I mean, you two remember that clock, right? I don't need to make sense to try to cover you guys~"
*Tyra cocks an eyebrow for a moment, a bit of the old cheer reappearing. "You aren't gonna have to babysit me, now."
*Xiri giggles a little bit as she says, "You all can fight, so I'm sure it'll be fine…"
*Maia just smirks a little bit.
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*Tyra takes another sip of her whiskey, making a contented noise.
*Xiri does look to Diana to say, "And yes, I do remember. Perhaps I should be saying to you, 'don't be reckless', instead," in a semi-joking tone.
*Diana allowed a brief smirk~
<Mina‘Haplo> [ "So, the plan… We’re taking on one house, whilst the police take on the other…?" He turns to Tyra.]
*Maia nods.
<Tyra> Aye.
<Tyra> If they're the ones who get her, less work for us. Otherwise, we'll be up to bat.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ "I hope they can handle it…"]
*Diana nods. "And if it’s our turn, we'll hit fast and pin her down."
<Tyra> If we find /another/ teleportation circle, I'll scream.
<Diana> No, I'll destroy it.
<Tyra> You can destroy it while I scream at the same time.
<Diana> Ahhhhh.
<Mina‘Haplo> ["Alright then… So…" He tapped the bar nervously. "When are we going?"]
<Tyra> Soon.
*Tyra finishes off her whiskey, standing up. "Which means I should probably change."
*Xiri sort of stares distantly at the rest of them, just… with that idle smile.
*Diana nodded. "Of course, I’m already ready… As strange as it probably sounds, I make sure to be a walking arsenal wherever I go."
*Tyra chuckles. "Easier when it's all psionics." She looks at Xiri for a moment, tilting her head at the somewhat spaced out look. "Heeelloooo, Paxia to Xiri. You aren't daydreaming about me changing, are you?"
*Xiri blinks a few times and bashfully murmurs, "N-no, I was just thinking about tonight's show."
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius blinks at the conversation, and looks down at his drink. ]
*Maia just kind of smirks a little more.
<Tyra> Oh? What’s the plan?
*Xiri gestures very idly, "Well, it's part of Healthy Eating Month, so we're doing a special on the menu…"
*Tyra scratches the back of her head, considering before chuckling. "Think we'll make it back in time for a late dinner?"
*Xiri giggles slowly and says, "When you all come back, I'll treat you all to turkey and couscous."
*Maia 's smirk shifts into a more natural smile, as she presses her lips together in the way someone about to go "mmmmm" would, though she doesn't make the sound.
<Mina‘Haplo> ["Ah, that sounds lovely, Miss Fae’driel." Says Lucius. ]
*Tyra nods, looking pleased with this idea. She grabs the duffel bag that was resting by her chair, heading for the backstage. "Give me a bit to change, then. No peeking unless you fancy a knife."
*Maia simply nods, and looks to Lucius concernedly. <Ready?>
*Xiri leans her head in and says, "Even me?" and gestures to the backstage.
*Diana smiled back, though… and remained calm for now.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius nods to Maia. "I’m ready. You ready?" He asks somewhat nervously.]
*Maia nods confidently. <I'm never not.>
*Tyra pokes her head back out, making a should of considering before grinning at Xiri. "Okay, exception for you if you want~" Then she's back behind, the sound of bags opening and the rustle of clothing soon following.
*Xiri scratches her cheek for a moment, and then sighing aloud for a moment. "Any of you want refills?"
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius nods. "Ah, yes please…" ]
*Diana shook no. "…I probably won’t finish it before Tyra gets out… and AU-X's beverage compartment will get bumped around a lot…" Slight pout.
*Xiri giggles a bit as she says, "I could pack one for you on the way… maybe?"
*Diana shrugged visibly. "Naaah. I stand by decisions! If it helps the design process it helps life, no?"
*Xiri pauses, not seemingly quite understanding what Diana said, but nodding in response anyway. "Yeah."
*Tyra emerges soon enough, muttering as she adjusts the belt slung around her waist. The suit and such have been switched out for her leather garb, the array of knives and other gear jostling some on it. Full gloves sheath her hands now as well and it's boots (with a heel) instead of just boots. The duffel bag seems to have been left backstage for the moment.
*Tyra takes her seat again, starting to quickly braid her hair back. "Anything else before we go?"
<Mina‘Haplo> ["I’m good."]
*Maia shakes her head, looking toward the exit anxiously.
*Tyra finishes the last few braids, her hair now neatly kept back from swinging in her face and such as she rises again. "Let's get going then."
*Diana nodded confidently. "Let's!"
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius nods, and rises from his seat…]
*Xiri watches them go, of course.
*Tyra doesn’t leave right away, glancing at Xiri before smiling as she quickly flits close to give her a quick peck on the cheek. "Don't get into any trouble while we're gone, mm?"
*Maia stands, moving out quickly, but tossing a smile and a wink to Xiri before leaving, for some reason.
*Xiri has a big pout as she says, "As long as I don't have to go through any other haunted houses…"
<Mina‘Haplo> [ And so the group departs, leaving their esteemed host behind in the relative warmth of the Lente; the night is cold and chilly, with a sea wind blowing in from the east. Only thing left now was to head to their destination… The house in Western Paxia, that is, 9 Adelaide Road, or the house in Eastern PAxia, 2 Reading Road…]
<Mina`Haplo> [ And so the group heads off to Adelaide Road in a vehicle… The drive takes about an hour and a half, all told, as they head to the Mercy District. The night is only growing darker, and they arrive at a house near one of the industrial parks. It is a grimy, dark-looking place, and the smog can be felt in the air above.]
*Maia wrinkles her nose with a grimace.
*Xiri has had time to don her hood and grapple her way — taking advantage of a discreet and well-calculated Festina Lente gate nearby at a park tonight — to become the creature in the night…
*Xiri is now known as The_Slayer
<Mina`Haplo> [ Lucius starts coughing rather painfully the moment he leaves the car. He takes a handkerchief out and covers his mouth. ]
*Tyra steps out of the car, glancing at Lucius with a raised eyebrow. "Going to be alright?" Her manner’s shifted now, more business like and such. A moment later her eyes fall upon the place, casing it for lack of better term.
*Maia is sticking close to Lucius, for sure, but will probably urge him on to join her in doing similar.
<Mina‘Haplo> ["I’ll be -cough- fine." Says Lucius. The house itself is small, squat and undecorated; clearly it was used purely because it was close to where someone worked. There were two dirty windows at the front, and a single door. The walls were made of stained wood. ]
*Diana moved forward carefully… but was a bit uncomfortable with the air herself. "It's disappointing that modern industry has to be so… dirty."
*Tyra gives a light shrug, heading for the door. "Give something to get something." Her voice has dropped to a whisper as she crouches by the front, carefully testing it to see if it is locked or not.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The door is locked. ]
*The_Slayer has perched onto the roof for her usual through-the-attic approach. How’s that going?
*Diana eyed it, herself, then turned her focus to Tyra. She whispered back. "…Locked. Gonna go the finesse approach or not?"
*Tyra pulls out a rolled up piece of material, unfurling it to reveal her tools of the trade. "Finesse." She gets to picking.
<Diana> "Good call." …And she moved to the side, AU-X tucking into backpack mode for portability and stealth.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Slayer: Not so well. Unlike the last roof, which possessed a poor tiled roof, this one possesses a roof made of sheets of corrugated iron. You’re not going to be able to find loose tiles to just pull…]
*The_Slayer doesn't really want to follow Tyra's group — a multi-faceted approach, she thinks, is better. What other ways are there on the roof… or the back?
*Tyra twitches one of the picks. The lock clicks open and she nudges the door open, stowing her tools.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Unless the Slayer wants to undergo the ordeal of cutting open a square with her sword, the roof seems to be a no go. The back of the house, however, has a boarded up door…]
*The_Slayer introduces the Stinger’s moonlighting job: a crowbar to pry that one open.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra’s lockpicks crack that door open, leading to… A very gloomy room that she can't see inside without a light.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [Meanwhile, the Slayer is busy prying open those boards…]
*Tyra snaps her fingers, conjuring up a small ball of light thanks to her handy gloves.
*Diana sniggered a bit at that, but quietly. And moved on… intelligently leaving the light source in the lead.
<Mina`Haplo> [ The boards wobble and weaken a tad, but they don’t break for the Slayer just yet.]
*Maia quietly moves in, staying to the rear like Diana. Follow the light~
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius follows… And Tyra’s light reveals, well, a grubby, squat room, with a single table and chair in the middle of the room, with what looks like a long-abandoned kitchen in a room to the left. There's only one other door besides the kitchen door, at the back of the house. The walls are singularly unadorned.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The Slayer persists in her quest to force her way through, and eventually manages to prise the boards off the door itself…]
*The_Slayer slowly pulls the door open. Let’s hope that she doesn't run straight into Tyra's team.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ This room looks… It is somewhat hard to tell, but one can’t imagine anyone using or living this room. There's dust as well as grime covering most things, nothing's been washed…]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The Slayer opens the door, and emerges into a very small laundry with a washing tub to her right, and another door directly in front. ]
*Maia shakes her head in disbelief. How could anyone live like this? She’s not touching anything, but she's certainly keeping an eye open for anything… out of the ordinary.
*Tyra grimaces. "Not a good sign. Nothing stirred up." She heads for that other door, testing it.
*Diana shook her head, whispering slightly. "…This is probably not a permanent stay. If she uses any of it, it's not this."
*Tyra opens the door. "Maybe."
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra opens the door… It leads into a small hallway that runs to Tyra’s left. On the right-hand side of the hallway is another door, and there's yet another at the very end. ]
*The_Slayer moves towards that door in front to very slowly peek through it.
*Tyra will check the doors in order of proximity, then. STRATERGY.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra quickly realises that the first door she’s checking has just opened a little.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [Conversely, the Slayer sees Tyra approaching the door.]
*Diana shadows Tyra, ready to ATTACK various things that are hostile if they turn up.
<Tyra> Oi!
*The_Slayer just pushes it open.
*Tyra starts to dash forward… then slows, lowering her knife. "Oh. Whoops."
<Mina`Haplo> [ Lucius is, notably, behind Maia also. Who sees this turn of events. ]
*Maia immediately whips out her rod when the door swings open… then sees who’s there, and lowers it, but the expression on her face is still a hard, 'don't mess with us' kind of look.
*The_Slayer does check back in that laundry to ensure there aren't any secret passages or anything, before saying tersely, "Nothing yet, I imagine."
<Tyra> A whole lot of dirt and grime.
<Tyra> But not rogue Oblationist chicks.
*Diana was about to make with the fucking mind bullets, but realized who it was. "Ah, you. This place appears unlived-in."
*The_Slayer responds, "They all should be. They're safehouses, not dwellings."
*Diana nodded. "…Also undisturbed."
*The_Slayer isn't willing to admit the possibility that her info is wrong… yet, so she gestures towards the other doors. "Have you checked every room?"
<Tyra> Still in the works.
*Tyra on that note heads for the door she didn't check, testing it.
*The_Slayer , of course, doesn't react to Maia. Mostly because her face can't be seen. It's kinda hard to react in that way.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The door opens, revealing a bedroom… This room is surprisingly far less grimy than the other rooms so far, although it lacks furnishings; there’s only a bed in the middle of the room, with rather comfortable-looking red shets.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [sheets*]
*Tyra frowns. "Interesting." She starts searching the place, starting with the bed and under it.
*The_Slayer does sort of stalk behind, using her elven eyes and ears to help Tyra with her investigation.
*Maia steps in, signing quickly, <Looks recently used, in comparison.> She’d assist Tyra in the search as well, to speed up the process.
*Diana eyes in as well… "Hmm." And she began looking for passages!… and entertained an amusing thought. "As Lucius teaches us more signs, we should consider signing things in times like this."
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius ’translates' for Maia. Meanwhile, Tyra ends up finding… What looks to be something of a trapdoor under the bed itself.]
*Tyra nods to herself, gesturing towards Maia. "Help me move this."
*Maia nods a bit at Diana with a smile. Then Tyra addresses her. A nod to that, too, and she'd move to one corner of the bed to help Tyra move it… though how much help she was could be questionable.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ They’d find the bed to be surprisingly light, but that probably wasn't too confusing; Oblationists rarely tended to be very physically strong. Before long the bed is pushed aside, revealing said trapdoor… Quite closed, and surprisingly narrow considering the size of the previous ones. Meanwhile, Diana's searching would find nothing of note.]
*Tyra shrugs at the size of the thing, moving to open the trap door.
*The_Slayer just stays at her corner of the room. She doesn't need to make the first move.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The door opens easily enough, revealing… A ladder, leading into a subterranean room, with annoyingly familiar stone walls…]
*Diana pondered this, figuring that the trapdoor… was probably it.
*Tyra glances down, then glances at the others before sighing as she starts down. "I hate being point."
*Maia will head down second; upon reaching the bottom, she signs, <I could, if you’d like.> How much Tyra gets is anyone's guess.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The room Tyra ends up in is small and cramped; there’s a single door there, slightly ajar, through which scream-inducing (for Tyra) blue light could be glimpsed… Maia enters the room shortly after.]
*Tyra grits her teeth, striding forward and simply booting the door open.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Tyra finds a teleportation circle, fully functional, in a small room behind the door.]
*Diana follows after behind… looking at the Slayer as if to say something about coming along… but stopping short of actually saying it. She sliiides on down!
*The_Slayer does eventually slide on down, after everyone else… but not before taking a final check around. Then she goes.
*Tyra twitches for a moment. Then slams her fist against the wall. "FUCK!"
*Diana headed over, almost immediately, to eye it. "We must have made a mistake somewhere in the process! Made too much noise, tipped her off…" She eyed it -critically-
*Maia signs the more sensible answer. <Or someone’s leaking her information on our movements.> She didn't look happy either.
*Diana scratched her head. "…So… I can't make heads or tails of this. Maia! Can you tell if we can use it too?"
*Maia shakes her head, and signs to the group, <We cannot. However, this has not been used for at least several days.>
<Mina‘Haplo> [Lucius translates.]
*The_Slayer looks to Lucius as he translates, and then says, "Destroy it now."
*Maia holds up a hand. <Wait>, she signs with her other.
*Tyra frowns, glancing at Maia. "Mm?"
*Diana blinked at that… "…Then let’s make sure it stays that way. Any objections to some wholesale des- Righ-" DOUBLE PAUSE SCORE
*Maia smirks a bit, and goes on signing. <What if we set a trap here?>
<Diana> "…Do you know if this is a receiver portal rather than a transmitter? Or does it work both ways?"
<Tyra> You think she'll use it?
*Maia shrugs. <It's a possibility. And yes, it works both ways.>
*Maia goes on, <She may not know this place is compromised.>
*Diana nodded. "Alright then. And she might. If she's in the house with the police… this place might be the destination point."
*Tyra considers. "Can you rig it to be ruined if she comes through?"
*Maia ponders this, and then nods, before starting to move about the circle. <If I disrupt it in certain ways… it should disable itself the next time it is used. It will likely also leave her in a weakened state.>
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius translates, as expected. ]
*The_Slayer does point out, "Just make it quick. The police are likely to start their raid soon."
*Tyra nods. "Do it. We’ll take her the moment she comes through."
*Diana smiled. "That's particularly useful, and beats the idea in my head, which was along the lines of 'blowing it up once she turns up' or somesuch."
*Maia makes a few … 'adjustments' to the circle, probably distorting the magic therein in doing so!
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Maia successfully manages to carry out her sabotage… The circle is good for about one more use, really, and doing so will leave the user rather drained and probably injured. ]
<Mina`Haplo> [Time passes as the group waits… And waits…]
<Mina`Haplo> [… An hour and a half pass before the Circle starts to flicker wildly.]
*Maia signs, quickly, <Everyone get back.>
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<Mina`Haplo> [ Lucius translates, and steps away himself. ]
*Maia then proceeds to take something resembling cover, but where she can still see into the room.
*Diana backed off, of course… and readied herself! There was almost a palpable hum from the waiting telekinetic energy.
*Tyra hops back a step, freeing her knife with a hand motion and readying herself.
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*The_Slayer doesn’t… well, how small of a room are we talking? Is there room for everyone to hide?
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Probably not enough for all of you standing together, so Lucius quickly climbs up the ladder to make room as the hum from the circle grows louder and more brittle…]
*The_Slayer does stand as close as she can manage to the circle, just out of blast radius, the Stinger in hand. She wants to force a surrender if at all possible.
<Mina`Haplo> [ The teleportation circle’s light flares brilliantly for a moment as it activates… With an ominous cracking sound similar to raw electricity as Maia's sabotage comes into effect. Eventually the light coalesces into a shape… Before the runes below the light start to overload, before cracking and bursting apart, a magic wave swelling from the area before dissipating with a burning smell.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [The shape totters there for a moment, then falls forward… It’s not Sophie Garland. It's a mauled, bleeding, messy corpse… Wearing the navy blue uniform of the Paxian Police Department.]
*Diana …paused, as the energies fizzled. Audibly. "Fucking hell."
<Mina‘Haplo> [If it’s any consolation, they're clearly gashes and tears, not the sort that would be generated by a magic explosion. So you didn't kill him!]
*Maia stares… and then just rolls her eyes and flips off what's left of the portal.
*Tyra stares. Then curses. Roundly. In both Common and Elvish.
<Tyra> We need to get to the other address.
*The_Slayer moves closer to the corpse and examines the corpse for a moment. "She's likely to be gone by then…"
*The_Slayer kneels, checking for… details.
*Maia nods. <This is definitely her work…>
*Diana nodded. "And either has -yet another- safehouse… or is escaping on foot. Damnit, the aerial bombardment plan is starting to make sense! After the looks you gave me this should not be happening ."
*Tyra whirls, heading for the ladder as she fumes .
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The corpse is covered in tears, gashes… The sort one would expect from a wild dog or wolf. There is one clean cut though- across his neck. The man’s facial expression is both of horror and pain.]
*The_Slayer stands up and turns around. "You. Oblationists. What do you know of Sophie Garland's fighting style?"
*Diana thought. "…Unless this is some undead horror again… Though… that seems odd…"
*Maia signs with a rather defeated expression, <The condition of his body strongly suggests to me that Sophie Garland is not in control of her body anymore, because this is nothing like it. She fights more or less the same way I do.>
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius translates, although he’s very shaky. ]
*The_Slayer waits until that's translated, and then says, "Then the demon within her is loose. Is that what you are saying?"
<Maia> <Not fully.>
<Maia> <If she's slain, it will be loose, yes.>
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius translates. ]
*Tyra stops, glancing back. "You realize now that’s she's done this the police likely aren't going to be playing very nice. They may call in extra help as well."
*The_Slayer responds, "Exactly. The moment they gun down a dangerous criminal on the loose, they'll just be opening the cork on some vintage destruction."
*The_Slayer moves forward and starts climbing up. "Let's get a move on."
*Maia nods, and moves on without further comment for the moment, hands being too occupied with climbing.
*Diana furrowed her brow. "This is just making things stupider and stupider. And who keeps making these goddamn portals!?!" …she did climb up, though.
*Tyra clambers up after the Slayer, grousing.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The group departs… They start heading for the last address. 2 Reading Road, Paris District… Two hours or so pass; the place is quite distant by car. When they eventually arrive, the first thing to be noted are the presence of about four police cars… Empty. The house itself is a single-storey brick construction, easily twice the size of the grimy shack; there are about four windows out the front… All broken. ]
*Tyra frowns. She practically bursts out of the car, sprinting across the road towards the house with both knife and gun freed.
*Maia holds up a hand to Tyra rather urgently.
*The_Slayer has taken the liberty of riding at the top of their car, and when they arrive there, she goes for those police cars and the street for signs of damage.
*Tyra stops, though the glare she shoots Maia could probably melt steel.
*Maia signs quickly, <She’s still here.>
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The police cars and the street are mostly undamaged; the sole exception is one of the police cars, which possesses a rather significant dent on the side and a broken drivers’ side window. Lucius also translates for Maia.]
<Maia> <Be cautious.> And with that, she strides forward, rod in hand.
*Diana … paused, as well. "Tyra. Calm down. You said to Xiri that you wouldn't do anything reckless!"
*Tyra hisses, lowering her voice. "Then let's go. These people died because of a tip /I/ gave them."
*Tyra starts forward again, taking up point with narrowed eyes.
*The_Slayer impassively says, "They're police officers. They work to keep the peace. They knew the risks. Drop the guilt trip." … besides, it was /her/ tipping Tyri, anyway, so if anyone is going to weigh in on this.
*Maia keeps moving, while signing. <Lucius. You'll have to translate to her for me. Keep your wits about you.>
*Tyra just shakes her head, murmuring something under her breath.
*The_Slayer checks the dent, and then says, "It does not look like the melee broke out here…" he takes a bit more time to check that police car. The single dent intrigues her.
*Diana …moved along. Perhaps finding it strange that she actually didn't have as much guilt about the police. Perhaps finding it doubly strange that she was thinking of things about her feelings she found strange. Strange.
<Mina‘Haplo> [Lucius nods shakily, although he immediately tries to get his Iron on for Maia’s sake; he doesn't want to look like a coward.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [The dent itself… Had the impression of a great blunt force slammed into it. There didn’t seem to be an implication of a weapon or the like, but just… Force, slamming into the side of the car and damaging it.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The front door is not locked, if Tyra tries it. Shall she go in?]
*The_Slayer thinks for a moment, but then glances about at the street, and above… especially above. "Hmm…" and moves after the group.
*Diana looked up in instinctive mimicry, wondering what the Slayer might have seen… before wandering onwards.
*Tyra waits for the group to gather before she boots the door open, at any rate. Progress?
*Maia was moving quite along, probably waiting on Tyra so she can take point even.
<Mina`Haplo> [ She boots the door open… And the first thing she notices are smells. The iron-tinged smell of drawn blood, of dead meat, and -death-, all of it failing to hide the lingering offensive scent of sulphur in the air. The room itself is a complete mess. It’s rather wide- far wider than the shack, obviously- and was once a living room, although the chairs, tables and appliances are now destroyed.-
<Mina‘Haplo> [And piled up in the middle of the room… Corpses. A fair few police uniforms, some bore no uniforms at all. And beyond that, drawing a bloody hand across a wall in a macabre pattern was a black-robed redheaded woman with her back to the group. ]
*Maia points at her, then signs as silently as possible, <Our target.>
*Tyra stumbles for a moment at the scene, then spits and actually /sprints/ for the woman. Maybe capitalizing on the whole back being turned thing.
*Diana nodded. And… tried to quietly sign back! <Careful. Wait.> …her hands went to try another sign but then she just took the initiative and fucking facepalmed .
*Maia … well. Screamed. Out of nowhere. For about half a second. Before she started to choke.
*The_Slayer does much the same thing with Tyra… but takes the opportunity to turn her invisibility on here.
<Mina`Haplo> [ "Why does it have to be so hard…" Says Sophie Garland sadly, before turning around to look at a sprinting Tyra. Her eyes… Were red, and could -see-.]
*Diana … 2x facepalm combo! It was killing time now, she was pretty sure, and psychically prepared an assault, being fully battle-ready even as she enjoyed her Gesture of Ultimate Frustration.
*Maia signs quickly - with one hand, the other is clutching her throat painfully - <She’s not in control of herself.>
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius is frozen in horror, but manages to shakily translate…]
*Diana sighed. "No shit." …and readied her focuswrench and her pistol.
*Maia frowns darkly, leveling her rod at not-Sophie. With a free hand, still coughing a bit, she signs, <Melchion has… Turned the tables on her, so to speak.>
<Maia> <Lucius, explain that for me.>
*Tyra grits her teeth, the gun tucked back away as she actually kicks off into the air towards Sophie. The group should be familiar at this point with her signature flying roundhouse kick.
*Diana caught enough to at least recognized the mention of tables. "Hell, I can. The demon has the fucking upper hand."
*Maia nods. <Yes.>
<Maia> *Thumbs-up*
<Mina`Haplo> ["M-Melchion can’t escape, but he's in control…" Murmurs Lucius. Then… Several things happen in very rapid succession.]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ The blood behind Sophie Garland… Starts to pulse, quite sickeningly, and there’s a rolling sort of -shift- from the corpses in the room. Animation. The second, Tyra launches her kick… And Sophie dodges, with a clearly inhuman burst of speed. A cracking sound is heard, akin to lightning, and the Paskell Princess ends up being… Bounced across the ground. ]
<Mina‘Haplo> [ And thirdly… The Slayer makes her move, grabbing Sophie from behind… Her sword to the woman’s neck. ]
*Tyra groans as she skids to a halt, somehow managing to keep a deathgrip on her dagger despite being flung back across the room.
*Maia looks enraged, and now she's left to sign, <Kill her and you're next, Slayer.>
<Mina‘Haplo> [ Lucius reluctantly translates that.]
*The_Slayer blinks into sight with the shattering of a thousand rose petals, and ignores Maia as she hisses, "Surrender now," to Garland.
<The_Slayer> "I can’t kill you, but I certainly have no hesitation about breaking you."
*Diana sighed… "This is exactly what I guessed would happen!" And… "We're fully willing to do everything it will take to bind a demon. Don't think we don't mean it."
*Maia shoots Diana an incredulous look.
<Mina‘Haplo> [ "Do it." Hisses Garland, in a voice entirely different. "I want you to do it. I’m so -sick- of these bonds. I'm so sick of being sealed up inside this wastrel…" And then, in a sadder, quieter voice… "Love… It's so hard. I just… I just wished I knew what it was like…" A sad sigh… Before Sophie -hurls- herself at the blade, fully intending to slit her throat on its edge. ]
*Maia … … um
*Maia swiftly points her rod directly at the Slayer's hand holding the blade and fires a blast of eldritch energy at her.
*The_Slayer is, at the exact moment, pulling the blade away as she uses her other hand — the one grabbing Sophie — to slam her to the ground, put her knee on her back, and then smash her fist straight down onto the back of her head/neck for a knockout. What will happen!
*Diana was on the other hand instinctively heading to make a hammerblow motion with her mind! …Not realizing the massive clusterfuck she was getting into. "No!"
<Mina‘Haplo> [ A terrible mess happens. First and foremost, the slayer pulls the blade away, and pushes Sophie forward… Only to be interrupted by the howling of an eldritch blast, as it swirls and… Misses the Slayer, instead inflicting itself upon Sophie, who starts crying out in pain… Shortly after a telekinetic hammerblow sweeps into her, forcibly ripping her out of the Slayer’s grip and into a wall…-
<Mina‘Haplo> [… But other things are happening also, as those corpses start to rise and spread throughout the room, their eyes filled with the unearthly light of necromancy. ]
*Tyra groans, rolling onto her stomach and starting to push herself up.
*The_Slayer snarls as she feels forces ripping Sophie out from her grasp, and she hisses, "You fool!" as she turns and races after Sophie to just at least finish the job. She glides forward and… puts a *knee*forward to slide-knee-tackle her face to the back of the wall.
*Diana looked around at the corpses rising, and clenched a fist around her wrenchstaff, shaking it at them menacingly. "Undead?! Fuck that shit. Come on!" She bellowed, looking Rather Pissed, which is a bit of an uncommon thing. "Who’s next? Who wants some more of this, huh? Who's gonna get fucked up into puddles of motherfucking paste , huh?!"

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