She Said Bad Ban Ban No More Acid

(13:37:11) @Adrian‘Bellamy: [The lunch break was starting at Saint Louis… A school that had just barely been able to build up its numbers, before Malchediel’s monstrous attack had slaughtered a full one third of the city and sent another one third fleeing. The school was quieter… But, for Aline at least, the lower populations could be put down entirely to deaths- most of the Saint Louis families, for one reason
(13:37:11) @Adrian‘Bellamy: or another, stayed.]
(13:41:31) * Aline found that detail about the school population to be… quite disquieting, but she’d bear it, somehow. She did wonder, though, if the harsh reactions to NERV would start to affect her. Will she start to notice friends disappearing? Will they try to hurt her? She found herself at a table alone, worrying about all of this.
(13:43:43) @Adrian‘Bellamy: [She hadn’t been attacked at the school, at least- not even in the aggressive verbal manner of the street protesters.-
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(13:48:26) @Adrian‘Bellamy: [She would, however, find that she was not alone in… Well, sitting alone. A few tables away there was a boy sitting alone at a table as well, a box of sandwiches in front of him. She didn’t recognise him, surprisingly- a new student? He was brown-skinned, with a head of curly hair and finely handsome features- well-spaced brown eyes and, as far as Aline could tell- an expression of
(13:48:26) @Adrian‘Bellamy: refined intellect.]
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(13:53:53) * Aline was rather… intrigued, actually, and picked up her bowl of noodles and beef - it was seasoned and spiced somewhat reminiscently to Tokyo-style beef dishes, which she had already started to pick up from Shinji one way or another… But bowl in hand, Aline would stand near the table, looking very shy, possibly even scared. She was being left alone but she couldn’t quite be certain.
(13:53:53) * Aline "H… Hi? Are you a new student?"
(14:00:26) @Asuka‘: [The boy turned to look up at her. His eyes met hers…-
(14:00:34) @Asuka`: [And he… Gaped wordlessly. "A-ah…"]
(14:06:31) * Aline blinked… then mentally kicked herself. Right. "Sorry, I can give you a second to think…"
(14:09:16) @Asuka`: ["Uh…" He stared at her for a long moment.-
(14:09:19) @Asuka`: […-
(14:09:42) @Asuka`: ["N-Not very good at t-talking to girls." He admitted with a shameful flush.]
(14:15:50) * Aline nodded awkwardly… and then sat down with her bowl. "So it’s not… just because of /what/ girl I am. That's a relief…" But she sighed.
(14:17:09) @Asuka‘: ["N-er." The boy stared at the bowl for a moment as though it were some kind of deadly instrument. "S-Sorry, I-I d-don’t want to make you uncomfortable b-but I am, a-aren't I? I-I don't know what I'm doing."]
(14:26:28) * Aline smiled serenely, even as she ate a few noodles - with, yes, chopsticks. It was an interesting trick, to eat and smile, but she did it! "Are you kidding? I'm out there worried people are going to start yelling at me and beating or something. Have you /seen/ the protests?"
(14:27:07) * Aline sighed again, setting the sticks down for a second. "So you being awkward around me is downright /refreshing/."
(14:28:48) @Asuka‘: ["The protests! R-Right! But I’m not part of them." He said hastily.-
(14:28:49) @Asuka‘: ["…"-
(14:29:02) @Asuka`: ["Er, I-I can be more awkward if it m-makes you feel better."]
(14:31:25) * Aline flipped one stick around, and poked him in the forehead with it. "Doot." But… she quickly resumed the original position. "No, it’s just the absence of anger. I have had so much ado about other peoples' anger even before this." But… "If you're worried because of some kind of relationship vagueness thing, I /do/ have a boyfriend. So it's not like I'm going to jump you or something."
(14:32:47) @Asuka‘: [The boy blushed crimson red at even the mention of acrobatics. "Mmf."]
(14:34:17) * Aline blinked once. "…Oh. You’re… oh, about the whole thing. Sorry. How about we talk about something else. Questions? Answers? Your name?"
(14:35:08) @Asuka‘: ["Mmf." He shook his head as if to clear it of everything he’d heard, then stuck a tremulous hand out to her. "R-Rameshwar."]
(14:37:22) * Aline only slowly extended her own hand. She'd be patient with him. "I see. Where're you from? That sounds Indian, but you might be from an older immigrant family or from a nearby country…"
(14:39:21) @Asuka‘: ["Canada." He said. He paused. "Er. Y-Yeah. M-My dad’s a scientist who m-moved to Quebec for work and m-married there, see? So that's how I know French. Because I'm from Quebec."-
(14:39:29) @Asuka‘: ["They speak French there."]
(14:45:27) * Aline nodded, and spoke after a small bit of beef met its grisly end. "Yeah, I know that. I try to make it my business to know things~" But she lowered her tone to something more neutral. "And you’re here now… what, because he got transferred out here?"
(14:46:07) @Asuka‘: ["B-Both, actually. Mum’s a doctor. T-The medical kind. M-My dad's here to work on one of the big computers."]
(14:48:13) Aline: "Ah, right. The MAGI system. It took a /beating/, and I mean like programming-wise, during the last battle. Did you ever hear about why?… do you have clearance?" Aline looked around… then smirked. "Enh. This school's mostly-to-entirely NERV or people who /might/ be affiliated anyway. Suppose clearance isn't that big a worry. At least on the basics."
(14:50:02) @Asuka‘: ["… Well I-I guess so, huh?" He scratched the back of his neck.]
(14:59:27) * Aline smiled again. "…Ah? I guess I spoke too fast. But it’s going to be a really big fix, I imagine, because it was victim to its /own/ Angel attack."
(15:00:08) @Asuka‘: ["O-Oh? I heard those…" He made awkward claw shapes with his hands- "things got into all sorts of tight spots, but I didn’t know they went -that- deep."]
(15:10:00) * Aline shook her head suddenly. "Those are spawn, actually. They code-named those 'banshees', but they were just puppets of the Angel of Death… er. I mean, Malchediel." But then Aline grinned. "No, there was a second full-on Angel. The Scribe - Ireul - which was like some kind of halfway-bacteria, halfway-/idea/ thing, managed to actually become part of the MAGI programming, pulsed the
(15:10:00) * Aline AT Detection grid to signal the big one, blew the powergrid for the defenses and such… then tried to hack the MAGI so they could order the Geofront to self-destruct. Dr. Riel… actually managed to trick it into /killing itself/ through careful programming."
(15:11:45) @Asuka‘: ["Tres magnifique." Said Rameshwar. "D-Dad did say Dr. Riel was the best. T-this isn’t the first time there's been a double attack though, is it?"]
(15:16:09) * Aline held out a hand, and tilted it side-to-side. "Sorta. The Student and The Memory…" Aline blinked once. "…Right. Jamaerah and Voriel. They… they actually weren't allies. They just happened to run into each other at the same time, and in fact, the latter /pissed off/ the former and they started to fight with each other in that weird illusion fog. But a /cooperative/ attack like
(15:16:09) * Aline this is… something new. It may or may not happen again - they have to be specifically m-… They need to be suited for it."
(15:17:49) @Asuka‘: ["Oh." He was quiet as he nibbled on a sandwich. "Well that’s good then."-
(15:17:56) @Asuka‘: ["Must be kinda scary up there."]
(15:24:28) * Aline bit her lip for a second, before taking another noodle. When finished… "Somewhat. It’s downright terrifying the first time. Still bothers you later. But after a while…" For the shortest of moments, Aline stared into her bowl, but then looked back up at Rameshwar. "…after a while it becomes numb. Then they try to force you to feel fear. That eventually goes numb too. It's then
(15:24:28) * Aline that I'm free to realize the /power/ I have in my hands up there - and exactly who I must destroy with it. I'm different from the others that way, though. Most accustomed. Sera and his Paris, Yanmei and her need to be normal…" She shook her head, briefly wondering why she was so darn talkative. "I'm different."
(15:33:28) @Asuka‘: ["Different, huh." He stared down at his sandwiches.-
(15:33:46) @Asuka`: ["Different is c-cool. It’s ok to be different. Everyone's different, you know."]
(15:38:40) * Aline darkened slightly. It was grim, but instead more upset. "…Right. Sorry. It must sound bizarre. But I know that… piloting is bizarre. Everything about the EVAs is."
(15:41:01) @Asuka‘: ["Y-Yeah. I’ve heard stories. Orange tang and stuff…" He scratched the back of his neck. "T-The real world side must be pretty weird too, huh?"]
(15:48:41) * Aline honestly looked confused. "…Which part?"
(15:54:29) @Asuka‘: ["I-I mean-" he blushed. "Weird people. Fans… Not-fans." He coughed. "You know. That sort of thing. Merchandise."]
(15:58:50) Aline: "Oh." She tilted her head left and right. "It’s bothered me at times, but some of it is actually interesting. Mostly the merchandise, I mean. I don't really know what to do about the people, so I just try to ignore that…"
(16:05:05) @Asuka‘: ["Oh… Er, interesting merchandise?" he blushed. "I-I wouldn’t know anything about that."]
(16:09:48) * Aline blushed right back. "Well yes, that too, but… sometimes even just publicity posters, or like… the toys. Expensive as hell, but really elaborate. I heard last that they were making a whole line of 00 accessories to account for all the AT Powers… or the 01 model that can have parts removed to simulate battle damage. It's sorta fascinating to see something so /real/ become…
(16:09:48) * Aline well, toys."
(16:17:47) @Asuka‘: ["Yeah, it’s kinda weird. I dunno how I'd feel if people made toys out of me…" He shrugged. "But you seem to handle it ok…" The boy trailed off a little.]
(16:18:20) * Aline replied a bit flatly. "…The pressures of fame are nothing compared to the job."
(16:20:44) @Asuka‘: ["E-Er, right." He blushed. "S-Sorry, I didn’t m-mean to imply your job was e-easy, I-I mean, it isn't, sorry…"]
(16:24:29) * Aline looked confused again… but then nodded with realization. "No. I didn't mean that! I actually meant that… It's on a level that's hard to /comprehend/. Fame is just… people talking. And the idea of you. But to be a pilot - especially one of the 'main three'… Destiny, horror, pain, knowledge that transcends anything humans dreamt of before, being the fulcrum on which the future
(16:24:29) * Aline itself balances… to approach /godhood/ knowing that your enemies are just as close to divinity. That's… what I… meant."
(16:31:26) @Asuka‘: [Rameshwar stared at her.-
(16:31:30) @Asuka`: [With big, big eyes.-
(16:32:02) @Asuka`: ["Why are you even here? Someone with your smarts should be in university…"]
(16:34:11) * Aline openly shrugged. "…No idea? I guess I just have it, rather than the work ethic. Or… something."
(16:36:04) @Asuka`: ["Oh." Rameshwar looked on, then fiddled with a sandwich. "P-pretty mindbending idea, godhood, huh?" he said lamely.]
(16:42:43) Aline: "Yeah, isn’t it? It's sorta… metaphorical a bit, but… Creation of souls, tearing apart space, forming a pocket in the universe itself, flight without regard to any properties of physics… It's literally unreal."
(16:45:48) @Asuka‘: ["… Huh." Said Rameshwar.-
(16:45:54) @Asuka`: ["Y-Y’know, I like biology."]
(16:50:36) * Aline tilted her head a bit. "Biology, huh?"
(16:51:58) @Asuka‘: ["Yeah." Rameshwar nodded. "Like, at my old school I got an award for a science project I did on how Impact wiped out the Pine Beetle indirectly."]
(16:54:06) * Aline nodded, with a slight smile. "Huh, interesting. More of an ecological bent, then? As opposed, to, well. I only knew some about biology before all this. Now, well. I specialize in xeno- and meta- biology when I do so at all. Though I guess, circumstances…"
(16:58:53) @Asuka`: ["Yeah, that’s right." Said Rameshwar. "I guess it's a bit of a surprise, because my dad's into computers and stuff, but there you go. It's interesting how it all fits together."]
(17:06:43) Aline: "It is, isn't it? My dad's an architect, but here I am pushing the boundaries of human understanding."
(17:07:09) @Asuka‘: ["An architect, huh?" Said Rameshwar. "I bet he gets a lot of business! H-heh heh."]
(17:09:15) * Aline chuckled nervously. "Aheh… He actually mostly oversees Berlin-2, though he does put out some designs for buildings here. Also demolitions. Did you know that he actually survived Berlin-2 being annihilated?"
(17:09:33) @Asuka`: [Rameshwar blanched. "O-Oh lord, w-was he hurt…?"]
(17:25:26) * Aline seemed to be in a daze for a moment… but then she nodded. "…Legs crushed by wreckage… He’s surprisingly resilient, though." She looked a bit regretful, but only a little.
(17:28:07) @Asuka‘: ["Well. I’m glad he's ok." Said Rameshwar. "It's rough, losing a parent. My buddy lost his mum…"]
(17:30:42) * Aline nodded, with a deep frown. "Sera's an orphan… Yanmei didn't even get to know her dad at all. Lot of people died during the attack, too. I didn't see any /parents/ die, but…" Aline /shuddered/. Even someone as horror-weary as she was couldn't quite get over how it felt to watch her die. To watch that little girl get turned into nothing more than a coating of red on the walls.
(17:42:00) @Asuka‘: ["…" Rameshwar rubbed his neck. "I was… I was pretty safe for the attack, but uh… Yeah." He mumbled. "I heard it was really vicious… You… You probably saw a lot of bad stuff."]
(17:44:36) Aline: "Right. I… probably shouldn’t go into the details, though." Aline looked visibly uncomfortable, but tried to stay cheery. "I was sort of curious… What languages can you read, anyway?"
(17:46:57) @Asuka‘: ["Er…" He rubbed his chin. "French, and English. And mumblemumble."]
(17:47:22) * Aline leaned in. "Aaaaand…?"
(17:48:27) @Asuka`: ["Er." He stared at her and blushed. "J-Japanese, a-and I know what you’re gonna say and yes I-I -did- just learn it for the geeky stuff!"]
(17:51:10) * Aline …actually broke out laughing. "Ahaha… no… ha, that… I learnt it so I could talk to my boyfriend in his language. That and because his adorable little sister couldn't speak anything else and I /so/ wanted to know what she was teasing him about."
(17:51:36) * Aline hastily added. "So learning it for a love interest isn't much 'nobler'."
(17:55:12) @Asuka‘: ["O-Oh." Rameshwar was still blushing. "W-Well I-I guess that’s, uh. Hm." He slowly scratched his chin. "Your boyfriend's Japanese?"]
(17:58:20) * Aline nodded gently. "Yes. I had thought it would've hit the rumor mills by now! Shinji. Ikari Shinji… the Sixth Child, pilot of EVA-05. I met him well before /that/, though."
(17:58:33) @Asuka‘: ["Oh. -Ohhh- right." …-
(17:58:42) @Asuka`: ["Hey uh, can I ask you a… Question about him?"]
(17:59:00) * Aline headtilt. Plain and simple. "What?"
(18:00:33) @Asuka`: ["D-Does he, er…" Nervous pause. "M-Maybe have a sister? Maybe someone a little more older than a little sister, y-y’know around our age…?"-
(18:01:14) @Asuka‘: [At a far table, behind Rameshwar, Rei Ayanami had just caught seen Aline and was waving cheerfully in greeting. She seemed busy with her current friends, though.]
(18:03:01) * Aline waved a bit back, and smiled… but then turned back to Rameshwar. "…Sort of. His mom, Yui… er. Dr. Ikari Yui… let’s just say science is involved." She felt a little awkward with Rei /right there in the room/.
(18:09:49) @Asuka‘: ["Ah… O… Kay. Anyway, uh, yeah. My dad speaks a lot more than I do."]
(18:16:46) * Aline nodded, almost as if the prior conversation /never happened/. "I see! I… had an ulterior motive, actually. I had gotten a very important book, you see, but… It’s written in something using the Devanagari script. He might know a language that uses it, since he's from an earlier generation of immigration…"
(18:23:35) @Asuka‘: ["Hm. I’d have to ask… Er, do you want to maybe ask him yourself?"]
(18:25:49) * Aline smiled. "I would like that, yes. I'd /love/ to spend some time learning it myself, since I'm… not entirely sure if there'd be someone who'd be angry at me for letting someone else read too much of that book."
(18:33:58) @Asuka‘: [He nodded. "Alright, sure. Er… Do you wanna, er. Visit where we live after school then?"]
(18:36:42) Aline: "Yeah, if you don’t mind. I don't want to… come off as weird. Or look like I'm using you or… something."
(18:37:24) @Asuka‘: ["O-Oh, it’s ok." Said Rameshwar. "I don't think you are or anything, and it's not like you owe me."]
(18:37:49) * Aline nodded again. "Yeah, I guess so, huh?"
(18:40:15) @Asuka‘: ["Yeah…" A pause. "You’ll like my dad though."]
(18:44:02) Aline: "…Oh? Because of the science, or?"
(18:44:19) @Asuka‘: ["Well, he’s a pretty nice guy, and he likes teaching, and yes the science too."]
(18:44:44) * Aline smiled softly. "Oh! Well I think that'd be great, then."
(18:49:00) @Asuka‘: ["Great."-
(18:49:55) @Asuka`: [The ringing of the bell…]
(18:56:12) * Aline looked up, out of pure instinct. "…Ah. We should get going."
(18:56:27) @Asuka`: ["R-Right."-
(18:57:05) @Asuka`: [The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Eventually it’d be time to go home- and of course, who did she walk home with almost every day?]
(19:01:39) * Aline probably ran into the girl quickly enough, actually~ After all, someone like Rei… was hard to miss, really. So the two slid together, probably the palest kids in school, on their way home… Also the most ~magical~, but that was another story entirely.
(19:09:55) @Asuka‘: ["I met my commander yesterday." Said Rei. "For Boston."]
(19:13:09) * Aline seemed a bit intrigued by that. "Oh? What’re they like?"
(19:14:20) @Asuka‘: ["He’s…" Rei frowned slightly. "Our age."]
(19:14:58) * Aline blinked /widely/. "…Why do you have a commander that young? And… seriously, the /commander/, not the Operations Director?"
(19:15:49) @Asuka‘: ["Oh no…" Rei shook her head. "It’s so confusing, the Director can be called the Commander and the Operations Director can -also- be called the Commander. I meant the OD."]
(19:18:30) Aline: "…Okay. Even so… eesh. That's a big difference from someone like Dorian. But still, why?"
(19:19:22) @Asuka‘: ["I asked Mimi-san and she said he was qualified." Said Rei. "Sort of but not really a NeoSpartan… A sort of separate branch of the project."]
(19:20:57) * Aline slowly nodded. "…I didn’t even know there was another branch."
(19:22:43) @Asuka‘: ["Mimi-san said it was very small. It was supposed to create military geniuses, but… There’s really not much difference between him and Dorian except the Boston one is kind of short. And young. And kind of cute."]
(19:28:50) Aline: "Ohhhhh. Okay then." Aline smiled broadly. "I guess at least that means you have something fun to look at when you're briefed~"
(19:29:25) @Asuka‘: ["Yes~ He frowns a lot though."]
(19:30:58) * Aline frowned in instinctive response. "Aww, why?"
(19:31:53) @Asuka`: ["Um…" A pause. "I think the other ODs don’t treat him the same way they treat each other. He sort of… They were all standing around and he stood a little bit away."]
(19:34:27) * Aline scratched her chin a little bit, looking thoughtful. "That could either be because he's very young… or because he's from the NeoSpartan program - with Azariah Caine being… rogue, a lot of the higher-ups have been leery about them." Aline seemed a bit /more/ thoughtful, though. "What's his name? What's he look like, though?~"
(19:38:17) @Asuka‘: ["His name is Alphonse Wellesley." Said Rei. "he has-" She held her hands up to her upper neck. "Hair this long and it’s this sort of goldy blonde. And he has brown eyes. He's about-" She held a hand up to her own eyes. "This tall."]
(19:46:12) * Aline nodded again. She… had had a stupid hunch. A concern that it might've /somehow/ been another Angel hybrid - due to the distancing effect. But… Well. Instead she smiled, relieved. "Oh~ A kind of fancy name, actually, but I see, I see! They must just not like young boys, no matter what impression Misato might give off otherwise."
(19:54:32) @Asuka‘: ["Hm? I’m confused… Mimi-San likes Onii-chan."]
(19:58:07) * Aline …twitched. Bad time to joke. "…Sorry. I heard rumors that she… likes to make romantic advances on young boys." Aline frowned. "It was a mean joke. Sorry."
(19:58:53) @Asuka‘: [Rei stared at Aline.-
(19:59:10) @Asuka`: ["But… But they’re -ours-…"]
(20:02:41) * Aline took a long breath. "…People are complicated. And forget that sort of thing a lot…" The look on her face showed she wasn't very happy about either the topic, or having inadvertantly brought it up. "Youth is often attractive. Most people look for normal things like personality and shared interests and so on - which means their partners are the same age. But… well. Others go
(20:02:41) * Aline straight for the youth-attraction principle." A chill ran up Aline's spine. "…Sometimes they go way too far. Too young. When they do that it's not just unfair… but disgusting. At least Misato tries to keep it to teenagers, though… yeah, still unfair."
(20:05:24) @Asuka‘: ["Oh. Mama told me to look out for people like that." Rei frowned heavily. "But I trust Mimi-san to do the right thing." She nodded firmly. "Hey, Leenie-chan?"]
(20:05:51) * Aline turned to focus on Rei a bit more. "…Yeah?"
(20:07:44) @Asuka`: ["I want to show you something special, but it has to be a secret." She held a finger up. "Shh."]
(20:08:38) * Aline nodded suddenly, but… well, she was a /bit/ curious. "O…kay? At any rate, I can keep a secret if someone I trust - like you - asks me to, yeah."
(20:10:06) @Asuka`: [Rei nodded, and hurried along.-
(20:10:19) @Asuka`: [Before long they were within Rei’s apartment. She locked the door. "Ok, Ready?"]
(20:11:02) Aline: "Ready!" …Aline braced herself like she was about to be blown into the door by an AT Field effect or something. It was a strange full-body tense.
(20:29:17) @Asuka‘: [Rei clapped her hands together. "Love~ and~ Justice~"-
(20:29:43) @Asuka`: [A rippling portal ringed with a rainbow light appeared in midair. Aline would recognise a (stylised) Dirac Cache…-
(20:34:15) @Asuka`: [She also recognised what fell out.-
(20:34:35) @Asuka`: [It… Was a banshee. A small one, about maybe a foot and a half tall. It fell on its back and mewled into the air, waving its arms.]
(20:40:22) * Aline stared at it… not sure /how/ to react. And stared. Stared some more. Words finally came out. "Your hijacked angelspawn pet can’t be this cute."
(20:43:39) @Asuka‘: ["I call him Ban-Ban."]
(20:46:20) * Aline stood resolute, as if dutifully examining the full ramifications of this development. "Sounds like the kind of name you’d make. It does fit, though!" But then a glance over. "…So what did you do to keep him alive beyond the Angel of Death's… death?"
(20:51:13) @Asuka‘: ["I found him in the tunnels. He was so small and unique and I -promised- I could make him not be a monster. I even told Dorian, because Chevalier Group Captain Wing Commander Guillory-san told him. Dorian said if it hurt anyone S2 would shoot it dead and keep shooting until they could take what was left, feed it to a kitty, then shoot the kitty." Said Rei, shaking her head. "So I put
(20:51:13) @Asuka`: it into a Dirac Sea, and when Malchediel died I sort of managed to suspend it in a bubble like that, then absorbed it a little into my own AT Field."]
(20:54:23) Aline: "Ohhhhh…" A few potential questions. Though that /was/ quite the compelling way to sell how dire the situation was. "That makes a bit of sense, then. I’m sure it'll grow up to be a loyal and faithful defender of… well, at least you, if not humanity as a whole~" but she then realized something. "…Has Raphael been collapsing under the weight of medals recently? I didn't recall him
(20:54:23) Aline: having that many titles."
(20:55:25) @Asuka‘: ["He was made Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur because he's the best." Said Rei firmly. "The others I say because it makes me giggle to watch him consider trying to correct me before giving up."]
(20:59:41) * Aline smirked. "There you go. A worthwhile mission, I say~"
(21:00:51) @Asuka‘: [Rei smiled, then reached down and picked up Ban-Ban. With little warning she thrust him at Aline.-
(21:01:01) @Asuka`: [It stared at her and waved its claws. "Hsss."]
(21:01:59) * Aline almost instinctively jumped back, but then… stared at it. She knew she couldn’t (safely) expand an AT Field, but… the least she could do was talk to it. "Hey… I'm friends with your new mommy, okay?"
(21:02:26) @Asuka‘: [Ban-Ban stared at her. -Stared-. It stopped moving.]
(21:02:56) * Aline stared back a bit more… and even smiled widely.
(21:03:23) @Asuka`: [It opened its mouth. Rows of little teeth gleamed.-
(21:03:43) @Asuka`: [… Without warning, a gob of acid spat across the air, hissing into Aline’s uniform blazer.-
(21:04:42) @Asuka‘: ["Ban-Ban! -No-! Bad Ban-Ban! No more acid!" Said Rei sternly, turning Ban-Ban around and holding it up to her face. It let out a sort of upset mewl.]
(21:07:35) * Aline looked down at the blazer. And sighed, without saying anything else. "That isn’t a very nice thing, no…" She shrugged, though. Fortunately she had around 5 spares, and getting a new one was cheapish. (…Aline's wardrobe is, by pilot standards, epic.) "Maybe it has something to do with the whole born from a creature whose mission is to kill all Lilim-based life?
(21:07:47) Aline: *life thing?"
(21:08:47) @Asuka‘: "No. That’s how Ban-Ban disposes of the things he eats, but usually he does it in the Dirac Sea…" She held Ban-Ban up to the light. "You've gotten bigger, Ban-Ban! I wonder how big you'll get~"
(21:12:27) * Aline pondered, absently. "…As big as the ones we fought? But nicer? I mean it would make sense, they probably have a defined maximum size… dependant creatures like that probably don't have that much of a… fancy life cycle or whatnot." But a brief glance at it again~ "I hope I can get him more friendly with me, I guess."
(21:14:54) @Asuka‘: ["I think…" Rei tickled him under his chin. he let out a sort of awkward coo-purr. "I think he will in time, won’t you Ban-Ban?"]
(21:20:40) * Aline giggled a bit, somehow amused at that. "I hope~"
(21:21:47) @Asuka‘: ["Would you like to feed him?"]
(21:26:35) * Aline stared a bit surprisedly. "What does he eat?"
(21:26:59) @Asuka`: ["I feed him raw meat with a bit of blood, as he likes the taste, and also milk."]
(21:27:55) * Aline "Mmm"ed, tapping her chin. "That sounds about right, for a very young carnivore. So… how do I go about it?"
(21:28:35) @Asuka`: ["Let’s start with your little finger, Leenie-chan."]
(21:29:52) * Aline blinked, extending it nervously. "…not as the food, right? Or uh…"
(21:30:07) @Asuka‘: ["Yup~ Chop chop~"]
(21:31:42) * Aline doubletaked. "Erm. I don’t know what you mean!"
(21:32:15) @Asuka‘: ["I’m kidding, Leenie-chan~ I have some raw steak in the fridge." She let out a giggle, her face shining with the innocence only a six year old could muster.]
(21:32:49) * Aline slooowly nodded. "Okay then!" …And she headed over to said fridge to go get it~
(21:33:30) @Asuka‘: [Rei’s fridge was an interesting place. Part of it was real food, part was food for Ban-Ban, and the rest were drinks and irresponsible snacks.]
(21:34:42) * Aline found herself totally unsurprised. Still a 6-year-old at heart. But she took a steak, holding onto the meat package gingerly.
(21:38:53) @Asuka‘: ["Please put it in his dish." She pointed at a dish on the floor.]
(21:39:25) * Aline nodded, even whistling slightly… and gingerly lowered the dripping raw flesh into the dish!
(21:40:07) @Asuka`: [Rei placed Ban-Ban before the dish.-
(21:40:41) @Asuka`: [The Banshee sniffed at the meat, then… Dug in. It hit the steak with such force and such sheer gluttony that splashes of watery blood flicked across the kitchen bench and across Aline’s skirt.]
(21:43:13) * Aline looked down at her clothing, again. With that same sort of slow finality that she had with the acid burn. "…Ah, at least that can wash out."
(21:47:55) @Asuka‘: ["He’s a little messy…"]
(21:51:45) * Aline commented back, with a light smile and sort of understated voice. "Technically a wild animal. Sorta. Doesn't actually fit any taxonomy we can devise, but… suffice to say, he's used to hunting and killing, so I doubt table manners are really his thing."
(21:52:16) @Asuka‘: ["I -will- teach him." Said Rei firmly. "To be nice, instead of what he was made to do…"]
(21:56:03) * Aline nodded firmly to match. "That does sound like a good goal! I definitely support you trying…" A sheepish look. "I certainly know what it means to look at their kind and hope for a chance at them being nice."
(21:58:50) @Asuka`: ["Anything can be nice, Leenie-chan." Said Rei, patting Ban-Ban on the head. He licked at her fingers in what passed for affection, the blood sticking to them. "Oh. You should probably be getting home soon, for your Surprise."]
(22:00:05) * Aline blinked. "…I know it defeats the purpose to ask, but Surprise?"
(22:02:13) @Asuka`: ["Um." Rei smiled innocently. "Something to do with curry?"]
(22:03:36) * Aline raised her brow rather /powerfully/. "A very delicious surprise~"
(22:08:49) @Asuka`: ["I like curry too!"]
(22:11:11) * Aline blushed /vibrantly/. "…If he meant that literally and we do make curry, I’ll get you some. But that might've had some double-meaning…" While Aline knew quite well what that meaning was, she still pursed her lips innocently.
(22:12:58) @Asuka‘: ["Double-meaning? Oh! Someone’s trying to make you happy! Curry favour~ A silly joke, Leenie-chan."]
(22:13:38) * Aline brought an arm back to scratch the back of her head. "Yeah… I guess couples get that way… sometimes."
(22:14:10) @Asuka‘: ["How did you know it was Onii-chan?" She pouted. "That ruined the whole surprise."]
(22:14:52) * Aline poked Rei in the nose, gently. "’cause the curry thing is a little in-joke we have."
(22:16:39) @Asuka‘: ["Oh." Rei patted her nose. "Huh. Love language~"]
(22:17:50) * Aline nodded a few times! "So either he wanted to keep it pretty vague, or expected me to talk and had it as a little hint to me. Either way, I’ll still be happy~"
(22:18:12) @Asuka‘: [Rei nodded! "Then you should get ready~"]
(22:18:54) Aline: "Right!" A brief glance around the room… and a slight bow. "I think I’ll go do that then. Have a nice day!"
(22:20:19) @Asuka`: ["Goodbye, Leenie-chan!"]
(22:21:59) * Aline waved a bit as she walked out the door, heading over a few doors down to her own apartment. Regardless of whatever she wanted to wear - probably nothing blatant, just sorta pretty - she /did/ want to change out of the bloodied and burnt outfit.

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