She Said Easy Thing To Say For A Cushy French Boy

[14:23] <Yanmei> [A cheery weekend tour of NERV's Paris-2 facilities began with a violet-haired employee guiding a family of three through the surface checkpoints and down a very long elevator ride. They stopped by offices suites and employee lounges, less-classified labs and mundane weapon storage areas.-
[14:27] <Yanmei> Hopping about yet another elevator, they swung by Dr Riel's office for a quick discussion, and were on their way to Colonel Lachapelle's nigh-permanent home in central command, walking slowly along a wide corridor.]-
[14:28] <Yanmei> "Hm… All this walking is a bit much, huh?" Yanmei smiled apologetically. "I'll try to shanghai one of those little motorized carts the Technical Division staff rides around in all the time."
[14:35] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "It’s not a hassle." Said Isabelle, with a little smile. She pushed along a pram, where a blonde-haired baby girl gurgled, dressed in a warm woollen pink romper suit. "You've been a good host."-
[14:36] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Have you ever! Bloody hell." Adrian did a half-spin. "This place is -massive-! And did you see the command centre with the holographic screen? And did you see- the MAGI readouts?"]
[14:40] <Yanmei> "Yeah, they’re pretty fascinating, right?" Yanmei grinned. This guy was worked up about computer readouts…? Ah well. "When I first started here, I got lost so many times. It still happens occassionally, so I'm just showing off the parts of the place I know well."
[14:42] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Do you know if they have one of these in Algeria?"
[14:46] <Yanmei> "Well, I’ve never been to the Algeria facility before. It's mostly a testing lab, so they might not have a command center that's as big or well equiped as ours is. Probably fewer military weapons too. They'll probably have their own copy of the Magi system, though? Something like that would be incredible for predicting experiment success rates."
[14:47] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Hey, that’s right~" Said Adrian, grinning. "I wonder if they'll let me get my hands on it-"-
[14:47] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "What, so you can wreck it?" Said Isabelle with a half-smirk.-
[14:47] <Isabelle`Bellamy> ["That’s cold, sweetheart. I have a heart, you know."]
[14:49] * Yanmei giggled, and stopped at a nearby door. "This is one of the break rooms that the staff around here use. Feel like eating something?"
[14:50] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["I sure do! It’s been ages since breakfast!"-
[14:50] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Thanks. Little Lizzie here probably could do with a bit of a feeding herself." Said Isabelle.
[14:58] <Yanmei> "All right, then!" she pushed open the door. "It’s not as well stocked as the main cafeteria, but they keep sandwiches and milk and stuff. Er, the sandwiches being for you two, of course."
[15:02] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Of course." Said Isabelle with a smile, pushing the pram in first.
[15:05] <Sept> Yet more people..? "O-oh. Hello, Yanmei." Sept waved meekly from one of the tables. He had been taking shelter in the break room (stupid idiot main cafeteria being overcrowded) as the group of pilots swooped in. The boy crumpled a piece of paper he’d been writing on and stuffed it in his pocket with a sigh. He resumed his meal alone, for now.
[15:09] * Aline was deeper into the room, looking like she was tucked into a corner. There were other people there too, and she actually… didn't really pay attention to Sera. But Yanmei coming in with… a young family? What? But painful memories of that fight from earlier made her stay quiet.
[15:10] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Whoa."-
[15:11] <Isabelle`Bellamy> "Adrian, no-"-
[15:11] <Isabelle`Bellamy> [Adrian rushed over to Sept, leaning forward and peering at him. "You’re Sera, the pilot of 01!"]
[15:11] * Isabelle‘Bellamy looked at Yanmei sheepishly, then glanced over at Aline, giving her a quiet wave.
[15:13] * Yanmei had stopped short, but Isabelle’s grin prompted her to transition smoothly. "Since you already know who these two are… May I present Isabelle and Adrian Bellamy… the new pilots for Unit-07. Aline and Sept, say hello, okay~?"
[15:14] * Aline waved back at the girl, a little bit surprised, and… she shot a sort of uncomfortable, and actually guilty, look at Yanmei… before smiling softly at the two of them. "Ah, hello. Pilots?… two in one unit? Now that's… that's pretty interesting. And parents, too!"
[15:18] * Sept glanced at Adrian a few times suspiciously, and as he approached, pushed his tray slightly off to the side so he was squarely between it and the man. "Y-yes..? Ah. Hello, Adrian. Nice to… meet you? This is a bit sudden. What's going on, Yanmei?"
[15:21] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Awesome." Said Adrian, holding out a hand. "It’s as Yanmei says! I'm Adrian Bellamy, a pilot of EVA-07, and boy am I glad to meet you-" He turns to look at Aline mid-sentence. "That's right! Parents to a beautiful baby girl! You should come over and have a look! She's just the best little girl in the world."]
[15:21] * Isabelle‘Bellamy smiles, and starts pushing the pram over to the table, taking a seat. She nods to Sera. "Hi." Then back to Aline. "Yeah. EVA-07 is the dual-plug unit."
[15:21] <Yanmei> "Well, they arrived in town just before that last Angel attack. I met them at an acquaintence’s house, where they were staying, and offered them a tour of HQ. So here we are!" Yanmei nodded, glancing to Adrian. "You were selected pretty recently too, right?"
[15:26] * Aline nodded, and made sure to go and peer over at the kid, beaming fairly widely. "Ah~" She did make little smiling faces at Elizabeth, but resisted the urge to do cute little tickle-prod-babytalk stuff. But she then looked a bit closer to Isabelle. "Mm, must be because of how close you two must be… After all, having a child is creating an AT Field, so it's not as far from piloting as
[15:26] * Aline it sounds. That, and love's one of the ways humanity strengthens their souls, so it works perfectly. And such an adorable kid, too~"
[15:31] * Sept politely took a single look at the child before returning to his seat to guard the remainder of his chicken. "Mmh. You should tell me what it's like. When you do get to pilot 07."
[15:33] * Yanmei breezed over toward the open cooler unit where the food was stored. "Chicken or tuna, you two? And for the baby…?" She looked arond, at a momentary loss, before eying a nearby blender than was set out. "…"
[15:35] * Isabelle‘Bellamy glanced over at Adrian before turning back to Aline. "Her name’s Elizabeth." Said Isabelle with a smile. "And yeah, that's the explanation I heard. What was it again, sweetheart?"-
[15:35] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Ineffable bond formed by permanent synchronisation due to the Libido Effect, love." Said Adrian instantly. "And sure! I’ll tell you all about it! I imagine it's pretty awesome, piloting."-
[15:36] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "That’s it." Said Isabelle, turning back to Aline. "Would you like to hold her?"
[15:40] * Aline smiled. "I'd love to." She did, though, peer slightly at Adrian. "It can have its ups, but you should remember that it's not gonna be easy, either. The whole "dealing with things normal people don't have to comprehend" thing can wear, so make sure to block out time to decompress a bit from time to time." She was trying to be a bit more… 'light', about that, one because a kid was
[15:40] * Aline around and two because she imagined Yanmei does /not/ pull her brand of truthsaying. So instead, Aline would content herself with a brief holding of the child, cradling her softly… Aline's expression at that moment made it hard to imagine a time where she looked happier.
[15:40] <Sept> "Awesome is a good word. But it's a lot of work. More of the time than you'd think. I hope Algeria treats you well. I have a friend… somewhere around there. And others."
[15:46] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Yeah. I’ve been told from certain folks that it can be pretty wearing. But… Adrian and I are old hands at decompressing. There was plenty need for it at home."-
[15:46] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Elizabeth gurgled. "Da." She waved her hands up at Aline’s face, attracted by the shiny glasses. Wanttttt.-
[15:48] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Yeah? Maybe we’ll meet up!" Said Adrian with a grin. He pulled up a seat, sitting on it so that the back was in front of him. "You have some rocking moves, mate."]
[15:52] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Oh. I’ll have chicken too, by the way, Yanmei!"
[15:53] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Chicken for me as well~ And I have some food in the bag on the pram."]
[15:53] * Sept retreated in his chair a bit. He tried to keep a little distance between the two for now. His eyes were fixed on Adrian’s hands, with a glance toward his face every now and then. "No, I just. I mean, she's lost. We're trying to find her. But, wh-what do you mean, Adrian?" This was highly suspicious. What could he possibly want?
[15:55] <Yanmei> "Right, righ- oh, you do?" She was in the middle of raiding the staff fridge for soft fruit or yogurt, but now she aborted the search, an open small brown paper sack with the words "E. Gabriel" scrawled on it just barely visible as the door shut.
[15:59] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Adrian was now resting his head on both of his hands, which were propped up on the table. "Ah." He seemed disconcerted. "That sounds pretty dangerous. I hope they find her soon." But he tilted his head. "Well, we had to study you three as part of pilot training, right? So we’ve had a chance to see all your moves-" Adrian made some vague gesture in the air with his hands- "Stabbing Iadiel in the face was a beauty. And that time you held Qaphhy's wings open… Just incredible."]
[16:00] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Yeah. Sorry for that." Said Isabelle to Yanmei with a smile. "We figured it’d be a long day."
[16:00] * Aline hugged Elizabeth a little closer for a moment, whispering… of all things, a generic sentence in Japanese (given that nobody there knew it, it probably didn't really matter), though the joke seemed to be that she used the copula "Da." at the end. But… then she delicately put her back in the pram, turning to the couple. "…Studied us, huh? Makes me wonder what else they say about
[16:00] * Aline us."
[16:01] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "What do you want to know?"-
[16:01] <Isabelle`Bellamy> ["Daaaaa."]
[16:02] <Yanmei> "No problem~" She busied herself with warming up the sandwiches at least, putting them on a plate and the plate in the microwave. She sighed, vaguely amused. "So we’re examples for the new guys now…"
[16:02] <Aline> "Oh, just…" Another little goofy smile at Elizabeth, before she backed off. "Well, really just what they think of our styles. I don't really think they go over our personalities or whatnot that much for training plans…"
[16:05] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Beep! Microwave started to count down.-
[16:07] <Isabelle`Bellamy> "Yeah. Well, you’re the pilots who've seen the most action." Said Isabelle. She turned to Aline. "Well, they say that Yanmei's is an offensive style that excels at mid-close range, and should be paired with a flanking unit to draw fire. That's what Sera does- his is a defensive lockdown style that 'focuses on locking the opponent into an unwinnable melee'. And finally you're seen as support-long range, with multiple abilities that make you excel at ranged defense as well as offense of all kinds. We had to really research yours, because that's the style they want us to use."
[16:08] <Sept> There was a strange sort of smile on Sera's face at the mention of Qaphsiel, but it disappeared as soon as he realised it was there. "Well, yeah, I guess we've done a lot of stuff so far. But if you've seen the Qaphsiel battle, you saw I couldn't stop Yanmei from getting hurt, even though I was right there… I promised that was the last time. But, uh, a-at least you won't have to worry
[16:08] <Sept> about each other, right? Since you're so close even in a battle."
[16:11] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Yeah." Said Adrian cheerfully. "Just the act of being there fighting protects the other, you know?" He cast a look over at Isabelle, before winking at Sept. "She’s pretty lovely, huh?"]
[16:12] * Aline nodded. "Alright then. I was sort of wondering a bit because… mmm, AT Field shenanigans are very hard to categorize."
[16:13] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "They’re pretty flexible. We had to compare your actions with that of Akagi Ritsuko's too."
[16:13] <Aline> "…You mean Tsubaki, right?"
[16:14] <Sept> "I-I wouldn't know… She looks like a good mother, I guess..?" Sera offered.
[16:14] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["That was the MAGI scientist, Isa-"-
[16:14] <Isabelle`Bellamy> "Shhhh." Isabelle went slightly red. "Yes."
[16:14] <Isabelle`Bellamy> [Without missing a beat, Adrian turned back towards Sept. He grinned. "The best!"]
[16:17] <Aline> "Oh, oh, it’s fine, it's easy enough of a mistake to make." But Aline considered that. "…Yeah, Tsuchin's style is far looser, and more combat-ready. Probably because she has NeoSpartan sniper training to make her main thing instead of AT usage."
[16:18] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Mmmm. These NeoSpartans are kind of interesting. I’ve been told about them but I haven't met any yet."
[16:18] <Yanmei> Lunchtime~ Yanmei placed a paper plate bearing a warm chicken sandwich in front of Isabelle and Adrian, and snagged a jar of pureed carrots from the bag on the back of the pram. That, she left on the table Isabelle and Aline were sharing, along with a plastic spoon.
[16:20] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Oh, thanks, Yanmei." Said Isabelle. "Why don’t you sit down for a bit? Relax with us- you've been a great host."
[16:22] <Yanmei> "Thanks! Don't mind if I do." She snagged a seat at Isabelle's table, naturally, opening a small container of strawberry yogurt that had come from… somewhere. "Don't know how much I can contribute to an AT-Field discussion, though?"
[16:23] <Sept> "The NeoSpartans… A lot of them go to the same school with us. I wish more of them could've been pilots."
[16:24] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Yeah? I’m kinda surprised more didn't." Said Adrian.]
[16:24] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Well. We could always discuss piloting in general." Isabelle began to nibble on her sandwich. "Adrian, did you say thank you?"-
[16:24] <Isabelle`Bellamy> ["Huh? Oh right! Thanks Yanmei~"]
[16:25] <Yanmei> "Don’t mention it!" she said cheerfully.
[16:25] <Sept> "I think there were supposed to be some more of them about now… It's all that stupid idiot Atticus' fault."
[16:26] * Aline waved her hand. "Eh, it's okay Yan-Yan, I tend to talk about that stuff." But then Aline thought. "…I… Hm. I think I'll let one of you four come up with a topic. Don't think Liz'll win much popularity with 'daaaa' anyway." She was not about to go- "…Sera. Do not speak of the dead that way."
[16:26] <Yanmei> Yanmei's grip tightened on her spoon a little. "…"
[16:27] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Atticus?"]
[16:28] <Sept> "Didn’t stop you of disrespecting -him-…" Sera muttered under his breath. He looked around at the others, wondering if he'd dare answer here.
[16:28] <Aline> "Atticus Nelson, late captain in the British Air Force, and a friend of both the organization and some of us. KIA, and it was a particularly heartbreaking affair… for people other than de Pteres, anyway." Glare, glare.
[16:32] <Sept> "I'm sorry for thinking about our future. If he hadn't been there, we could've had him, Shinji -and- big brother on our side eventually. Now we're short a small army of NeoSpartans, and that's far from all."
[16:33] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Adrian shot Isabelle a worrisome glance.-
[16:33] * Isabelle`Bellamy glanced back.
[16:33] <Yanmei> "You’re the only one who cares about that," said Yanmei calmly. "And you're the only one who wants that guy as a big brother. The enemy, Isabelle and Adrian, wasn't an Angel. And the battle happened close to where you'll be heading too."
[16:34] <Yanmei> "You should try to be careful."
[16:35] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Right, the battle against the captured 05."
[16:36] * Aline nodded. "Azariah Caine placed the mental imprint of Silas Caine - ferociously loyal to him - in the body of my boyfriend and the pilot of 05, Shinji Ikari. Sera here seemed to like Silas more, despite the guy showing his true colors as manipulative and callous during the battle. Despite my /boyfriend/ being the price of his mental imprint - not even his soul! - still living. I’m
[16:36] * Aline sore about it, you can imagine. Sera just likes the kid because of his own bonds."
[16:40] <Sept> "It's not about 'like' or 'want'… And I'm not the only one. You know who else wanted him back? Atticus. We -would- have been safer. I'd do anything to protect you."
[16:44] <Yanmei> "You…" Yanmei stared at him incredulously, and a small spark of sheer fury began to ignite behind her eyes. "You have no idea what he wanted."
[16:44] * Aline stared back with a deep chill in her eyes. "Best that you shelve this topic…" She almost wanted to say something else, but held her tongue.
[16:49] <Sept> "I didn't know Atticus. But I was there. And I know what I saw and heard." Sept had no interest in pursuing the topic further, so he turned his back to Yanmei and began cleaning off the rest of the now-lukewarm-chicken off the plate sourly.
[16:53] * Yanmei bored a firey stare into his back for a few moments longer, and then glanced aside, trying to estinguish it.
[16:53] <Yanmei> ^extinguish
[16:55] * Isabelle‘Bellamy glanced back over at Adrian, whose eyebrows were raised rather impressively.-
[16:55] <Isabelle`Bellamy> [… At that moment Elizabeth started to make a fuss.-
[16:56] <Isabelle`Bellamy> "Hm? Oh. Of course~ Fussy baby is hungry~" Cooed Isabelle, picking her up and putting her on her lap. Isabelle cracked open the pureed carrots and started to spoon it into Elizabeth’s mouth.-
[16:57] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Need a biiiib~" Adrian grabbed a bib from the bag and expertly put it over Elizabeth’s head; it was white and yellow, with "My daddy is #1" written on it in flowery pink.]
[17:01] <Sept> What bizarre people. Sera had soon finished his meal, and when he had, he spent his time pretending to drain the last drops of water from his glass. Over and over, swirling the phantom liquid around in between sips.
[17:02] * Aline just frowned, staring at what was left of her own sandwich, somoetimes even taking a bite.
[17:06] <Yanmei> "So, any news about where you'll be staying in Algeria? They must have some staff apartments there, I'd think." Yanmei grinned. She could feel less… enraged when she was talking about things like this. "A huuuge change from where you're staying now, huh?"
[17:06] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "On base, it sounds like." Said Isabelle. "It’s -really- in the middle of nowhere. The nearest city is about 200km away."
[17:07] <Yanmei> "Geeze, really? Well, I guess that makes sense, but still…"
[17:07] <Aline> "That's sort of depressing…" Aline trailed off.
[17:07] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["It’s not too bad!" Said Adrian.-
[17:07] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "I’m not really fond of cities myself. Too crowded, too… What's the word."-
[17:07] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Too chaotic, hon."-
[17:07] <Isabelle`Bellamy> "Right, too chaotic."
[17:09] <Yanmei> "Heh heh heh. It’s kinda cute when you finish each others' sentences like that." Yanmei paused for a moment, thoughtfully. "What's it like being married?"
[17:09] * Sept frowned at the blatant disrespect toward metropolisisses. "I guess your job will be pretty different from ours, then. We're really here just for Paris."
[17:10] * Aline stared at Sera again. "…Neh…"
[17:11] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Yeah, different alright!" Said Adrian. "We’re sort of an experimental unit, so we'll be trying out all these new gadgets, but I guess they want us to cover Africa and the like. Also, fight in the war too, maybe." He made a serious face. "I am the guardian of the Gate of West Africa."-
[17:12] * Isabelle‘Bellamy glanced over at Adrian before looking back at Yanmei. "… Nice. Well, I shouldn’t say it like that. It's really reassuring, having the same person who you really love wake up next to you every day. Without him I feel like a piece of me is missing. If we were ever separated- I'm not sure how either of us would live. We rely on each other for everything."
[17:14] <Sept> "Don't be silly. People survive. That's what they do." Sera's tone wasn't bitter at all, strangely.
[17:15] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Easy thing to say for a cushy French boy."
[17:15] <Sept> "-Cushy-?" That hit a nerve.
[17:15] <Yanmei> "A feeling of deep comfort and trust." Yanmei nodded to herself, and frowned a little bit. "That’s not always true. I've heard stories of widows that went completely crazy after their husbands died, and did all sorts of creepy things to keep their memories alive."
[17:16] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Whoa, seriously?" Said Adrian, staring at Yanmei.-
[17:17] <Isabelle`Bellamy> "Yeah, cushy." Said Isabelle, calmly spooning carrot into Elizabeth’s mouth. "Nice social security, independence, a strong government, a wealthy civic infrastructure. You wouldn't last five minutes in Australia."
[17:17] * Aline interjected. "Sera lived on the streets until he was tapped as a pilot. Don't be so swift to judge, even if France did escape the worst parts of 2I that Australia did not."
[17:19] <Sept> "You wouldn't last thirty -seconds- anywhere but Champs-Elysées! What do -you- know about survival?"
[17:19] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Whoa, easy champ-"-
[17:27] * Isabelle`Bellamy calmly placed another spoonful of carrot into Elizabeth’s mouth. "I survived eleven years on the streets." She glanced up at Aline. "And they weren't nice streets. Yeah, I get that he's a street-bred, but he's a different kind." She looked over at Sera. "My cities? Are mostly ruins, and people like me had to carve out an existence in those ruins, scavenging food off what little UN aid we got, trying to avoid the bigger murderous gangs, or the guerillas that wouldn't take no for an answer- or the numerous death squads that patrol those cities, sent by Indonesia and China to 'keep the peace'. Half my life's been a running gun battle. Hell, I was conscripted as a child soldier at one point by the Libs. The only reason I'm even alive today was because I escaped." She spooned another spoonful of carrot into Elizabeth's mouth. "So yeah, people survive- some-, but most actually die a horrible death after a short, violent life."
[17:29] * Aline nodded /very/ solemnly. "I figured it was worse…" Then she stared at Sera. Again. Before turning back to the Bellamies. "…It's just better to not antagonize him."
[17:31] * Yanmei looked… impressed. Not at the story in itself, but the unwavering steadiness with which she fed Elizabeth, and the calmness of her voice. Her eyes were on her hands the entire time.
[17:34] * Sept stared for some time, silently fuming. "But those deaths shouldn't be an obstacle for the survivors to continue with their lives as they choose. Other people dying is no reason to stop living yourself. Especially if those people were competing with you for the right to live, or just simply meant ill to you."
[17:36] * Aline was completely done being subtle, and just… slid her plate to the side, and buried her face in her hands. "Ugggghhhhhhhh…"
[17:37] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Adrian isn’t competing with me, or he means ill. Those sort of people? No, I don't need them. But Adrian dying wouldn't be an obstacle in and of itself, exactly." She had almost fed Elizabeth with half the cup of carrot. "I'm sorry, I must've explained it poorly. He is an enabler of life in the first place. To me he is as necessary to life as food or drink. If he died, I'd still be alive, sure, but…"-
[17:38] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["She -is- my life, mate." Said Adrian, who unlike Isabelle was sort of half-pleading, half get-this-over-with. "I’m her's, too. That's literally it. We don't want to live for anything else."]
[17:42] <Sept> "But that -can't- be all of it!" Sera insisted. "There's -always- a way out. If you simply -had- to be separated, if something horrible would happen otherwise..?"
[17:42] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Separated is fine. Eventually we’d find our way back together." She wiped the corner of Elizabeth's mouth with the bib.
[17:45] <Sept> "But if you c-" Sera glanced at Aline, and then Yanmei. He deflated. "This is going nowhere."
[17:46] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["You were the one who brought up life or death, mate." Said Adrian.]
[17:50] <Sept> "Yeah. I did. I just have to know… how much you can live through, if it comes to that. It’s not always simple. Nothing has been for a long time."
[17:52] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Well, we can live with being separated." Said Adrian, leaning back in his chair. "Isabelle likes to speak in absolutes. Even she would keep on living if I died, she just thinks it’s romantic to say otherwise."-
[17:52] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Adrian…"-
[17:52] <Isabelle`Bellamy> ["Besides, we have a baby to look after, you know?" He grinned. "We’re not just gonna roll over and die because the other one's dead."-
[17:53] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Adrian, stop contradicting me…"-
[17:54] <Sept> "That’s… enough for me. Thanks, Adrian." Sera stared at the bottom of his glass. Maybe if he looked hard enough, some whiskey would appear.
[17:54] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Hon, remember what I said about the iron-fist-glove thing?" He waved his hand idly. "But here, let me ask you this, mate: is there nothing in the world that you feel you couldn’t live without? Besides food or whatever. A person or a thing or a place." He chuckled. "I'm sure you two girls do, right?"]
[17:56] <Yanmei> "Well…" Yanmei smiled quietly.
[17:56] * Aline finally looked up from that, and… thought very, very long on that. Wordlessly.
[17:58] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Heh." Adrian put one leg up on an opposite chair. "Anyway, sorry for the tension, Sera, mate. Why don’t I go buy you a drink or something? You look pretty thirsty."]
[18:01] <Sept> "Yeah, sure. I wouldn't mind." Sera got up to get rid of the evidence of his eating here.
[18:01] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Adrian unfolded his arms and stood up. "See you girls later. Let’s hit the road."]
[18:03] <Yanmei> "Hey, call if you need anything."
[18:04] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["No problem." He grinned.]
[18:04] <Sept> "I wi- oh."
[18:05] * Aline looked about this way and that, and then nodded. "Then I guess it’s just us now, is it?"
[18:06] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> [Adrian opened the door, swept out and waited for Sept to join him in the isolated bliss of the corridor.]
[18:06] <Yanmei> A lingering hint of anger at Sept. Yanmei turned back to the rest of the table.
[18:06] <Isabelle`Bellamy> "Seems like. Just us four girls." Said Isabelle with a smile.
[18:08] * Sept joined the man and reveled in the silence. "So."
[18:09] <Isabelle`Bellamy> [Door closed. "Shit, sorry, mate. It got a bit hot in there, huh?" Adrian stretched his hands over his head. "Don’t try to take it too badly, she didn't mean it when she called you a cushy French boy."]
[18:16] <Sept> "But she really did, didn't she? I mean, she's got the right to think that…"
[18:17] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Well, -are- you a cushy French boy?"]
[18:17] * Isabelle`Bellamy glanced at Aline and Yanmei. "… Did I overdo it a little?"
[18:18] * Aline shook her head. "…You probably didn’t really know. Sera's… very very weird about things. Obsessive, you might say."
[18:19] <Sept> "Well, no, but…"
[18:20] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["So are you saying she has the right to be wrong?" Asked Adrian with a grin.]
[18:20] <Yanmei> "I’d say you handled yourself amazingly. He was being an… disagreeable." She coughed daintily.
[18:22] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Thank you." Said Isabelle with a smile. She looked back at Aline. "He did seem a little… Well, it’s not important." She said with a smile and a shrug. "I hope Adrian isn't bothering you two."
[18:24] * Aline waved her hand gently. "No, no, he was fine. I'm just happy he did the gentlemanly thing and got Sera out of here before the kid came up with something /else/ to rile everyone up."
[18:25] <Sept> "Yeah, but… that's been happening a lot recently. I've been having a hard time convincing Aline and Yanmei of anything I say. I'd never do anything but what's best for them. For all of us. At least Isabelle has more experience behind what she said."
[18:25] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Well, what’re you trying to make them see, mate?"]
[18:27] <Yanmei> "He's an energetic guy. This whole day he's been pretty fun to have around, actually." Yanmei chuckled. "I wouldn't have pegged him as someone who was interested in computers, though."
[18:28] <Aline> "Maybe it's just the MAGI being fancy and shiny that interested him. We've gotten used to them, remember."
[18:29] * Isabelle‘Bellamy chuckled. "No. You might be surprised, but he’s actually a big tech nerd. His dad was a computer technician or something. When his dad died and Adrian ended up on the streets he used to make a killing taking and repairing old computers and selling them."
[18:29] * Sept pondered. "…it's complicated. And too long a story for this corridor, anyway. I just wish they'd trust me more. So I could share everything with them and know they wouldn't get angry or trust me even less."
[18:31] <Yanmei> "I knew it! It was a different sort of impressed than the the way he was looking at the rest of the Geofront. You could tell."
[18:31] * Aline blinked a bit. "Well, I wasn't there for the… tour? So I guess I didn't see. Oh well!"
[18:32] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Sounds like you’re in a bit of a rut." Said Adrian. "Maybe they can take care of themselves?"]
[18:33] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Heh." Isabelle leaned back in her chair. "He was really glad to be able to come here."
[18:35] <Yanmei> "Always happy to help!" Yanmei gave a little salute. "How long will you two be in town for? You could always come back for a second visit."
[18:35] <Sept> "Can we take that risk? If they were in danger, but only I could ever know about it beforehand, and I couldn’t communicate it to them. What do you do at a time like that?"
[18:37] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "We’re here for another three weeks." Said Isabelle. "And I hope! I'd hate to be stuck out in the middle of the Sahara forever." She smiled, turning to look over at Aline. "Heh. I bet you wouldn't mind seeing the Algeria base yourself, huh?"
[18:37] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> ["Well what sort of danger, exactly?" Said Adrian. "I mean, if one of them is about to be eaten by a wolf, then it’s best to warn them, but if they have a friend you disapprove of… It might be best to just let them live and learn."]
[18:39] * Aline thought on that. "Well, I might like to see some of the research sometime, but I think… I think I do enough work on that front with 00 and the Angels themselves. I'm thinking that if there's anything left to do with the field, I could easily become a xenobiologist." She paused, with a slight grin. "Xenopsychologist too, considering."
[18:40] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Xenopsychologist, you say?"
[18:42] <Aline> "Uh-huh. I’m the premier expert in the field…" But Aline gave a sheepish look. "…due to first-hand experience."
[18:42] * Yanmei did not quite keep herself from cringing. Silently, she resumed eating Dr. Gabriel's yogurt.
[18:42] <Sept> "But." Sera looked uncomfortable. "What if the friend -was- that wolf?"
[18:43] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Oh. Right. I heard about that."
[18:45] * Aline nodded with a bit of a frown. "I know. It’s… it's kinda hard. But no, I have enough research here. Though I guess if you guys wanted company, I could head over there sometime~"
[18:47] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Sure. I’d like that. I suspect it'll be kind of lonely there after awhile."
[18:55] <Yanmei> "You know…" Yanmei lowered her meager meal. "I was planning to do this when Adrian was still around? But you haven't seen the EVAs yet, have you?"
[18:56] <Isabelle‘Bellamy> "Haha, no, that’s right!"
[18:56] * Aline blinked a bit, then smiled. "Aye, yeah. The three we pilot… don't worry, though. They don't bite…" A wink. "…While they're turned off."
[18:57] * Isabelle‘Bellamy chuckled. "I’ve heard enough to appreciate that. Come on, baby-girl." Isabelle stood up, putting a satisfied Elizabeth back into the pram.
[18:59] * Yanmei decided to stand as well, smiling. "Let's get to it, then!"
[19:00] <Aline> "Yeah~" Aline said cheerily.

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