She Said Eee Flying Lizzie Tan

[13:21] <@Isaiah> [There was still some time before their guests arrived. Suzanne was wheeling about, looking for ways to help prepare Raffy's apartment before they came. What was Chevalier Guillory up to right now?]
[13:32] <Raphael> Raphael Guillory's apartment was never designed for much in the way of entertaining. It's small and sparsely decorated, but there are flashes of colour and life here and there that Suzanne has brought along with her. Right now Raphael is busying herself in the cramped kitchen, which barely has enough room for him to manouver let alone his would-be helper and her wheelchair.
[13:34] <@Isaiah> ["So what's for dinner tonight, Raffy?" She calls. She's wearing a nice blue dress and white sweater over that.]
[13:38] * Raphael pauses glances back out towards the dining room, his hands working in a bowl of beef mince. "Uh… nothing too fancy, kiddo. Burgers should be alright, don't you think?"
[13:39] <@Isaiah> ["Sure~" Says Suzanne. "Rei likes burgers. Do we have any bacon?" Fried bacon was, after all, the little girl's favourite food…]
[13:45] <Raphael> "A little! I didn't have time to get any more today, but you can have what's left in the fridge." He was spoiling her, of course.
[13:48] <@Isaiah> [The sound of enthusiastic claps~-
[13:48] <@Isaiah> [… And a knock at the door!]
[13:52] * Raphael hurriedly finishes putting the uncooked burgers into frying pan and starts rinsing his hands in the sink. "Could you please get that for me, Suzie? I'll be there in just a second."
[13:57] <@Isaiah> ["Sure, ok!" The sound of a squeaky wheel, and the door opening.-
[13:57] <@Isaiah> ["Hi, Suzie-chan~"-
[13:57] <@Isaiah> ["Reirei! Hey Raffy, Reirei's here~"]
[14:07] * Raphael emerges into the combined living and dining room with a smile on his face, still stripping off his cooking apron as he goes. His attire is pretty informal as far as the Group Captain is concerned - Simple jeans and a blue button-up shirt. "So I see. Glad you could make it, Ayanami."
[14:08] <@Isaiah> [Rei has come in a bright yellow sweater and long blue skirt, with blue mittens and a scarf. It's cold outside, even in spring. "I'm glad, too, Wing Commander Group Captain Sir Guillory." She says cheerfully. "Zaizai is going to be a little while yet, though."]
[14:14] * Raphael gives her a knowing look as he throws the apron carelessly over one of the battered old dining table's high-backed chairs. "I'm going to have to keep earning titles until I manage to trip you up with that little joke you know, Rei."
[14:14] <@Isaiah> ["What joke, sir?" She asks innocently.-
[14:14] <@Isaiah> [Suzanne giggles and rolls over towards the table. "We're having burgers for dinner, Reirei."-
[14:14] <@Isaiah> ["I love burgers~"]
[14:17] * Raphael gestures towards one of the sofas arranged around the house's lone TV - it's no doubt seen a lot more use since Suzanne arrived. "Make yourself at home, in any case, and let me know if you want something to drink. I hope Mr. Gabriel-Wei's not going to have any trouble finding the place?"
[14:19] <@Isaiah> ["I'm sure he won't. He has a good memory for directions and things like that. And may I have a drink please, Wing Commander Group Captain Sir Guillory?"]
[14:23] <Raphael> "Of course you can," he says, raising his voice a little as he moves back towards the kitchen. "What would you like? We've got some wine… there's water of course. I think there's some fruit juice back here somewhere." There's the sound of a fridge door opening. "Oh, and Suzanne's got some soft drink saved as well. Which I'm sure she'd like a glass of while I'm here?"
[14:24] <@Isaiah> ["Yes thanks, Raffy." Says Suzanne cheerfully. She's trained him well.-
[14:24] <@Isaiah> ["Do you mind if I have some of your soft drink, Suzanne? I've had too much wine recently."-
[14:24] <@Isaiah> ["Sure you can~"]
[14:29] * Raphael returns a few moments later with two tall glasses of cola, along with the rest of the bottle just in case. The whole load is set down on the living room's coffee table before Raphael takes a seat on one of the couches. "So how have you been, Pilot Ayanami? I've had word from the Captain that you've been doing a bit of entertaining yourself."
[14:31] <@Isaiah> ["Please just call me Rei, sir." Says Rei cheerfully. "And yes, I have. I held a big dinner party with my parents, onii-chan, and the other pilots. It went really well! Ah, outside of certain things…"]
[14:33] <Raphael> "… Ah? Nothing too serious, I hope."
[14:34] <@Isaiah> ["Some embarrassing things happened. Daddy had curry spilt on his lap by Meimei, and whilst he was washing it off, Mama put tabasco into his curry. And then…" She blushed furiously and skipped over all of Aline's things. "… And then we played charades, and Meimei had to be Zaizai and she pulled out this big needle, and I -hate- needles. And then Zaizai smooched her and carried her away."]
[14:38] <Raphael> "… uh, well they… yes." Cough cough. He adjusts his collar a little. "It sounds like it was an exciting evening, at least? Nothing worse than a boring party!"
[14:42] <@Isaiah> ["Right! In fact~" She pulled her bag forth. "I brought some board games."]
[14:45] * Raphael smiles a little. "That's very generous of her, right Suzanne?" he says, taking a look at whatever Rei set out.
[14:46] <@Isaiah> ["It sure is, Raffy~"-
[14:55] <@Isaiah> [Cluedo, the special NERV Tokyo-2 Edition. There's Operation as well, and Trivial Pursuit…]
[14:57] * Raphael gives Cluedo a long, hard look and glances back up at Rei. "NERV really has become enamoured with their merchandise, haven't they?"
[15:00] <@Isaiah> ["Uh-huh. I think Onii-chan said they were gonna bring out a roleplaying game about it too."]
[15:00] * Raphael gives Rei an utterly blank look.
[15:02] <@Isaiah> [Rei claps her hands together cheerfully. "Don't worry though, Wing Commander Group Captain Chevalier Sir Guillory, sir. I'm sure if you do well you'll be able to buy Suzie-chan a little plush Dread-dread one day~"-
[15:02] <@Isaiah> ["What?! Really?" Suzie's eyes light up like whoa.]
[15:09] <Raphael> "… The odds are good that the Thruster team already have a custom made one lying around somewhere. I would not put it past them."
[15:10] <@Isaiah> [Rei clapped her hands delightedly. "Ooh, I want to see~ can I come visit you on base sometime?"]
[15:13] * Raphael nods, unable to resist grinning at the enthusiasm. "I'll see about getting you temporary clearance for a tour. Just let me know next time you're available."
[15:14] <@Isaiah> ["Yessir~"-
[15:14] <@Isaiah> [There was a knock at the door!]
[15:17] <Raphael> "On the way!"-
[15:18] * Raphael is the one to answer it this time, dusting off his shirt as he goes. He takes a quick peek through the peephole out of habit, but it's not long before the door opens…
[15:22] <@Isaiah> [It's Isaiah! Smiling cheerfully and leading on a pram. "Hi, Sir Guillory."]
[15:27] <Raphael> "Mr Ga-" Memories flooding back - a very stern talking to from Suzanne about How One Talks To Friends. "… Hello Isaiah." He gives the boy a smile but a very odd look crosses his face as he catches sight of the pram. Almost sadness. "And Elizabeth too. Come in, come in."
[15:30] <@Isaiah> "Thanks!" Isaiah pushed the pram in, Elizabeth gurgling within. "Hi, Reirei!"-
[15:30] <@Isaiah> ["Hi, Zaizai~" Rei jumped to her feet, blushing slightly. "I'm happy you could make it~"-
[15:30] <@Isaiah> ["Hello, Isaiah." Said Suzie happily. "Ooh, a baby~"]
[15:35] <Raphael> "It's been quite a week for you, hmm?"
[15:40] <@Isaiah> "Heh, that it has." He coos over Elizabeth. "But I can't really complain. How's the week been for you, Raphael?"
[15:44] * Raphael bolts the door and heads back over towards the others. "Hmm. Agreeable, I suppose. The Superheavy Regiment is finally coming together, so that's taken up a lot of my time. Oh, and can I get you anything?" A quick gesture towards the soda bottle on the table.
[15:44] <@Isaiah> "Ah, that'd be great! I'll just have the cola, if that's ok."-
[15:45] <@Isaiah> [Rei giggled. "I was just telling Raffy-kun about what people got up to the other night~"-
[15:45] <@Isaiah> "Ah." Isaiah blushed, shooting Raphael a knowing look. "… Say, why don't I go see what you're cooking up, Raphael?"
[15:50] * Raphael 's face may as well be a wall for all it gives away to that look. "… Ah, of course. I needed to fetch you a glass anyway." The soft drink is snatched from the table as Raphael leads the way towards the kitchen. "We won'
[15:51] <Raphael> t be a moment, girls."*
[15:56] <@Isaiah> ["Ok, Raffy~"-
[15:57] * @Isaiah headed into the cramped little kitchen. It was a far cry from Marianne's; where in Marianne's he had enough space to cook side-by-side with Yanmei, in this one he'd be lucky to have enough room for himself. "So- ah."
[15:58] <Raphael> "As you can see I am cooking burgers." Raphael says serious, gesturing with one hand. He seizes a spatula and begins to flip them one by one.
[15:58] <Raphael> «seriously*»
[16:00] <@Isaiah> "I see." Says Isaiah. "W-Well, I like burgers." He coughs. "… I er, wanted to thank you, by the way. Even though it might not've been what you intended to do…"
[16:10] <Raphael> Flip, flip. Raphael seems to be concentrating rather heavily on the simple task. "I trust witnessing my highly inebriated tryst did not disturb your evening too greatly, Isaiah."
[16:12] * @Isaiah blushed. "N-no. Actually, er, it probably helped. Anything to get Misato out of my hair… I… Trust you had fun though?"
[16:20] <Raphael> "It was a fairly brisk evening for a walk. It was pleasant enough, though!" Raphael chuckles a little and turns his head to face Isaiah, smiling softly. "You're a good man, Isaiah. I'm glad you two have one another."
[16:23] <@Isaiah> "…" Isaiah blushes. "Thanks, sir. You're a good man too." He smiles cheerfully. "Ah, I should get back- have to keep an eye on Lizzie, after all." He left the kitchen…-
[16:24] <@Isaiah> [… And returned to see Rei holding Elizabeth in her arms, tossing the baby up into the air before catching her. "Eee~ Flying Lizzie-tan~"-
[16:24] <@Isaiah> ["Eeheeehee~"-
[16:24] <@Isaiah> "Oh God, be careful, Rei…"
[17:44] <Raphael> "…" Raphael is a few steps behind Isaiah - getting out of the kitchen can be a bit of a roadblock like that - and the sudden display sees him struggling against laughter. "It's alright, Isaiah. Rei's reflexes are trustworthy enough, no matter what that overprotective parent in your head is telling you."
[17:49] * @Isaiah gives Raphael a sheepish look. "Y-Yeah, I know. That voice is pretty loud, though."-
[17:49] <@Isaiah> [Rei stops tossing Elizabeth, snuggling the baby close and tickling her chin. "Hey, Raffy-kun, why don't you give her a hold~?"]
[17:55] * Raphael freezes a little at that, giving the baby a long look. Babies were hardly his forte. "I… suppose I could, yes," he says uncertainly, holding his arms out to accept her from Rei.
[18:05] <@Isaiah> [Rei beamed-
[18:05] * @Isaiah promptly took a picture of Elizabeth and Rei-
[18:06] <@Isaiah> [And before long, Raphael was holding a beautiful baby girl in his arms~]
[13:14] <@Isaiah> [17:49] * @Isaiah gives Raphael a sheepish look. "Y-Yeah, I know. That voice is pretty loud, though."-
[13:14] <@Isaiah> [17:49] <@Isaiah> [Rei stops tossing Elizabeth, snuggling the baby close and tickling her chin. "Hey, Raffy-kun, why don't you give her a hold~?"]
[13:14] <@Isaiah> [17:55] * Raphael freezes a little at that, giving the baby a long look. Babies were hardly his forte. "I… suppose I could, yes," he says uncertainly, holding his arms out to accept her from Rei.
[13:14] <@Isaiah> [18:05] <@Isaiah> [Rei beamed-
[13:14] <@Isaiah> [18:05] * @Isaiah promptly took a picture of Elizabeth and Rei-
[13:14] <@Isaiah> [18:06] <@Isaiah> [And before long, Raphael was holding a beautiful baby girl in his arms~]
[13:21] * Raphael doesn't look like he knows what he's doing, really. He handles the baby as though she might be dangerous, like a bomb or some sort of poisonous animal. Still, eventually he's cradling her as best he knows how and looking down at her warily. "… hello."
[13:23] <@Isaiah> ["Daadaa." Elizabeth waves a hand towards Raffy's face.-
[13:24] <@Isaiah> "Eeeee." Another picture is taken by the delighted Isaiah.-
[13:24] <@Isaiah> ["She's not gonna bite, Raffy." Says Suzanne, smiling. "You should give her a kiss~"]
[13:28] <Raphael> "Remember who buys your bacon, young lady," Raphael says, giving Suzanne a little smirk. Still, he tries to loosen up his arms a little bit and… yes, eventually he gives Elizabeth a quick, tentative peck on the forehead.
[13:32] <@Isaiah> Another camera shot. "This is just too adorable."-
[13:33] <@Isaiah> [… Of course, little Lizzie was starting to become rather fussy now, scowling and shifting about irritably. "Uuuu."]
[13:35] * Raphael blinks a little at that, but he begins to rock her gently as he moves back towards her pram. "Hey now, it's alright," he murmurs.
[13:40] <@Isaiah> ["Uuuuuuuu…" She starts to calm a little, but her head's turning about looking for someone.]
[13:44] * Raphael sets her back down in her pram seat, trying to follow the look as he does. "Who are you after, little one? Isaiah?"
[13:48] <@Isaiah> [She was staring at Isaiah, indeed. "Daa."-
[13:48] <@Isaiah> "Hehehe. We'll keep you in the pram for a bit. I think she was just unsettled. But see? That didn't go so bad, Raphael."
[13:52] * Raphael lets out a relieved chuckle and sits down on the couch seat nearest Suzanne. "Thank you. It's been a long, long time since I've had to deal with babies." There's the briefest of frowns, but then he glances over at Suzanne and gives her a bright smile. "But how are you and Yanmei dealing with it, Isaiah? You seem to have taken to it rather well."
[14:00] <@Isaiah> "Well." Isaiah sits down on one of the table chairs. "I'm pretty comfortable with it. I've always really wanted to be a dad, even if only for a little while." He says cheerfully. "Yanmei is… Unsure. She's never felt very confident about being a parent, and it's been a possible cause of concern in the past. I'm just really proud that she's even giving this a shot."
[14:07] <Raphael> "Mmm." Raphael stretches a little in his chair as Isaiah speaks. "I'm not surprised that she's a little nervous. It's a lot to take on at your age, especially out of the blue like this."
[14:11] <@Isaiah> ["I think it's really brave of you and Meimei." Says Rei admiringly.-
[14:11] <@Isaiah> "Thanks, Rei." Isaiah blushes a little, but he nods. "I can't blame her either. But I still think we can do it. Or at least try." He shakes his head, looking pensive. "Isabelle and Adrian were really good parents…"
[14:16] * Raphael is silent for a while, looking down at the table. "I didn't have the chance to meet Isabelle until… after," he says slowly, "But I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Bellamy a short time before he was deployed. He seemed like a good man, and he loved his family dearly." He looks over at Elizabeth and sighs. "Still, I think she's in good hands for now. Just remember you have a
[14:16] * Raphael lot of people who care for you, hmm? Don't be afraid to ask for help."
[14:18] * @Isaiah smiles and nods gratefully. "Thanks, Raphael. I really appreciate it. If I need help, I won't hesitate to ask."-
[14:18] <@Isaiah> ["Raffy's a big softie~" Cooed Suzanne teasingly.]
[14:19] * Raphael gives Suzanne the most serious look in his rather admirable arsenal. "I most certainly am not, ma'am."
[14:23] <@Isaiah> ["You so are." Says Suzanne with a grin. "That's why we love you~"]
[14:40] <Raphael> "Hmmmph," Raphael grumbles… but eventually the dour look breaks and he leans over to give Suzanne a far less tentative kiss on the cheek than the one he gave Elizabeth. "Well, I suspect the food might be about ready now. I should probably go and start dishing things up."
[14:42] <@Isaiah> ["Ah…" Rei stood up. "Can I help, Raffy-kun?" She asked quickly.]
[14:49] * Raphael gives Rei a curious look, but it doesn't linger too long. He gives her a quick nod. "Ah… yes, of course. I guess I could use someone to help me carry the plates."
[14:49] <@Isaiah> [Rei nods!-
[14:50] <@Isaiah> [… And back to the cramped little kitchen. Rei is digging about in one of the cupboards for the plates…]
[14:52] <Raphael> "You want the next cupboard over, Pilot," Raphael says, fiddling with the pan and beginning to get Suzanne's bacon out of the fryer. He's basically having to lean right over Rei to do it, but they manage.
[14:54] <@Isaiah> ["Oh." Rei pulls out of the cupboard and opens the next one over, grabbing a stack of plates. "… Raffy-kun, can I ask you for help with something?"]
[14:55] <Raphael> "Of course you can," he says lightly. He grabs one of the plates from the top of Rei's stack and lays a paper towel over it before setting the bacon out to drain.
[14:57] <@Isaiah> [Rei nods, putting the plates on the bench. "…" She looks down at her feet shyly before looking up but not making eye contact. "I'm in love with Zaizai…" She admits sheepishly, blushing.]
[15:01] <Raphael> Back to the burgers now. He snatches a packet of bread rolls from the far side of the bench and works on splitting them in half. His eyes are on Rei, though. "No need to be embarassed, Rei. You're young, these things are to be expected," he says calmly, still working the knife. "Have you done anything about it? Spoken to him?"
[15:08] <@Isaiah> ["No." Mumbles Rei. "I don't know what to do. I know what he's going to say…"]
[15:09] <Raphael> "What do you /want/ to do, Rei? Leave aside everything else for the moment."
[15:11] <@Isaiah> [Rei frowned at the plates. "I want to say something."]
[15:12] <Raphael> "Right. And what are you afraid will happen if you do? What's stopping you?"
[15:16] <@Isaiah> ["I…" Rei paused. She stared at the plates. "Zaizai and Meimei are my best friends. More than anyone I wanted them to accept me after I woke up. I'm scared about making them upset."]
[15:35] <Raphael> "Mmm." He sighs a little at that, giving Rei a thoughtful look. "… May I be honest?"
[15:36] <@Isaiah> [Rei nods.]
[15:36] <Raphael> "It's /possible/ they already have some inkling of it, Rei."
[15:41] <@Isaiah> ["…" Rei stared. "Did someone tell you about something?"]
[15:43] * Raphael tilts his head slightly. "… sorry?"
[15:44] <@Isaiah> ["Why do you think they might know?"]
[15:45] <Raphael> "Oh, no, it's just… these things can be a little hard to hide, Rei. Even if you think you're being quiet about it."
[15:46] <@Isaiah> ["…" Rei's cheeks glowed, and she looked down at her feet. "…"]
[15:47] * Raphael raises his hands to try and calm her. "Embarassing or not, though, this might actually be a good thing for you."
[15:49] <@Isaiah> ["Do you think so?"]
[15:50] * Raphael nods a little. "Well, let's suppose they do know… has your relationship with them changed lately? Have they been treating you any differently?"
[15:52] <@Isaiah> ["No, they haven't."]
[15:55] <Raphael> "Well that's a start. And do you have any intention of stealing him away from Yanmei?" … Raphael's eyes drift to the pan where the burgers are beginning to blacken as they talk. He lets out a little sigh and starts hurriedly scraping them out.
[15:56] <@Isaiah> [Rei blushes deep red. "No, of course not! They're so happy and cute together…"]
[15:57] <Raphael> "So all you want to do is to admit your feelings and get things out in the open?"
[15:58] <@Isaiah> [Rei nods slowly, hiding her cheeks with her hands.]
[16:01] <Raphael> "Right," he says lightly. He's almost done laying out the dinner now. "Well… if you ask me, I think that's what you ought to do."
[16:03] <@Isaiah> ["…" Rei nods. "I think you're right. Um, can you do me a favour, Raffy-kun?"]
[16:04] <Raphael> "Of course."
[16:06] <@Isaiah> ["Can… You tell Zaizai to meet me here?"]
[16:14] * Raphael nods, and for a moment it looks like he's going to give her a hug… before he moves into a slightly awkward pat on the shoulder instead. "Good luck, Rei." And then it's back out to the dining room with a rather awkwardly balanced handful of dinner plates.
[16:18] <@Isaiah> "Everything alright? Would you like some help with those?"
[16:20] * Raphael shakes his head and veeery carefully begins setting the whole pile down. "I'm fine. Do you think you could go and help Rei for me, though?"
[16:23] <@Isaiah> "Hm? Ah, sure." He stands up and heads into the kitchen.-
[16:23] <@Isaiah> [Suzanne peers up at Raffy and starts wheeling over.]
[16:25] <Raphael> "Here's yours, hon," he says, laying out the burger with its side-dish of bacon where she can reach it. "Would you like anything else on the roll?"
[16:26] <@Isaiah> ["Do we have any cheese, Raffy?" She asks.]
[16:27] <Raphael> "Mmm. I'll just go get it for yo-" He pauses and glances back towards the kitchen and frowns a little. "… though it might have to wait."
[16:27] <@Isaiah> ["Oh?"]
[16:27] <Raphael> "Grown-up talk."
[16:28] <@Isaiah> ["Oh." Suzanne nodded.-
[16:31] <@Isaiah> [… And a few minutes later Rei and Isaiah emerged, the former carrying cheese and the latter carrying sauce.-
[16:32] <@Isaiah> "Thanks for waiting." Said Isaiah cheerfully, sitting down- but shooting Raphael a look that suggested the boy had not enjoyed what had just occured…-
[16:32] <@Isaiah> [Rei's eyes seemed a little sad, but the smile of gratitude and warmth she gave Isaiah was genuine as she placed the cheese down. "We should eat."]
[16:35] <Raphael> "We should," Raphael replied, slicing Suzanne a piece of cheese for her burger even as he's busy eyeing the both of them. "Does everyone has enough food?"
[16:42] <@Isaiah> "This should be plenty. Thanks, Raphael!"-
[16:42] <@Isaiah> ["Un." Rei nodded cheerfully. "So how are things with your new job?"]
[17:12] <Raphael> "Quite well, I think. I'm really happy with how my team is operating. They also, uh… gave me a secretary," he frowns a little at that as he digs in.
[17:13] <@Isaiah> "A secretary?" Asked Isaiah curiously…-
[17:14] <@Isaiah> Before suddenly letting out a gasp of shock.
[17:17] <Raphael> "Mmm. A teenager with the UN-" The gasp cuts him off, and he glances over at the boy. "… Isaiah?"
[17:18] <@Isaiah> He's blinking tears from his eyes. "It's Yanmei. Something's gone wrong." He mutters.
[17:22] * Raphael shoots Rei a worried glance, already halfway off his chair. "Where was she tonight, Isaiah?" He knows better to waste time on questions of 'how?' considering what he knows about his other guest.
[17:23] * @Isaiah is getting up as well, reaching for his mobile phone. "She was- s-she was at the palace, for a ball…"-
[17:23] <@Isaiah> [Rei's eyes are wide. She stands up as well, still holding her burger. "Should I go ahead?"]
[17:26] * Raphael shakes his head as he strides towards the door, grabbing his coat off the rack and fishing around in the pocket for his own phone. "No, it's fine. I'll take him myself. Do you think you could stay here and watch Suzanne for a while?"
[17:27] <@Isaiah> [Rei nods, hiding her worry behind a face of determination.-
[17:27] <@Isaiah> ["Something's going on, isn't it, Raffy." Muttered Suzanne.]
[17:29] <Raphael> "It's fine, kiddo. I'm just going to take Isaiah for a drive, and then I'll be right back. You'll be good for Rei, right?" He's seaching through his phone book for Marianne's number as he talks.
[17:30] <@Isaiah> ["Alright." Says Suzanne. She's scared, but trying not to show…-
[17:30] * @Isaiah is already on the phone and out the door. "Yanmei? What's going on?! Are you ok?"

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