She Said Every War Requires A Little Peace

[19:37] <Dorian> [[Session 21: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Season 3 opening. Date: 10th of December, 2015. Episode Title: She Said, "Every war requires a little peace."-
[19:38] <Dorian> [The murmur of a VTOL engine is quiet and muffled within the passenger bay. Outside, the falling sun glints off the endless oceans of the wide Pacific.-
[19:39] <Dorian> [The VTOL has been travelling for several days now, stopping to refuel every so often and give its passengers a chance to rest. But now the destination comes into view- Tokyo-2. A large and sprawling city, the capital of Japan.-
[19:40] <Dorian> [Within the VTOL are a motley collection of people. Zhang Yanmei, Aline Blanc and Sera de Pteres; Isaiah Gabriel-Wei, Shinji Ikari and Freya Solheim; Sophie Gagnier and Frederic Gosselin; Ariadne Delacour, and finally, the newly-minted Colonel Dorian Lachapelle.]
[19:41] <Dorian> [Also, Akagi Tsubaki.]
[19:46] * Yanmei had been bouncing between chatting cheerfully, messing around with her phone, and staring at the changing view outside. Today, she was wearing a light emerald-colored dress in anticipation of the warmer climate. However, she also seemed a little more worn out now after travelling so long. For now, she was quietly sending texts to someone (Asuka?) by phone once again.
[19:48] * Sept was nearly asleep, exactly as he had been for the majority of the trip - looking very tired, with bags under his eyes, just at the edge of nodding off, but only rarely actually doing so. The slow descent and quick waking jerk of his head had become quite expectably rhythmical by now, much like one of those Japanese water bamboo contraptions.
[19:49] * Aline found herself in that same light-orange sundress, leaning against a window, sometimes peering out of it to see what was below. She, naturally, kept close to Shinji and sometimes spoke to him. While she wasn't neededly /cheery/, the girl seemed to be avoiding looking glum and terrible.
[19:52] <Dorian> [Shinji was cheerful, holding Aline's hand and speaking quietly. He seemed happy to have a new lease on life.-
[19:53] <Dorian> [Isaiah was quiet and peering out of the window, at the city down below…-
[19:53] <Dorian> [… Tsubaki was asleep and curled up on a chair.-
[19:53] <Dorian> [And finally, a special note to Sera: Dr. Clement decided enough was enough and smeared expensive biogel over your hands because you can't rip -those- out.]
[19:59] <Dorian> "We're on landing approach now."
[20:00] * Aline leaned even further over to look through the window. "Ah, almost here~"
[20:00] * Sept gasped as he jerked up from his half-sleep again. His wandering eyes were caught on the metropolis flowing by, and he stared out at it in a state of respect, confusion and fear.
[20:04] * Yanmei snapped her phone shut, and smiled, mainly at Isaiah. "Finally, huh?"
[20:08] <Dorian> ["Y-Yeah, it seems so…" Said Isaiah quietly.-
[20:09] <Dorian> [Finally, the VTOL came to land on what was obviously a NERV landing pad. The doors opened… And there was a welcoming committee.-
[20:10] <Dorian> [Two of the individuals would be familiar to the pilots. The blonde-haired Agaki Ritsuko, her face appraising; Ikari Yui, a somewhat solemn look on her face.-
[20:11] <Dorian> [The other two… Well. One of them was a very tall man- over 6 feet!- wearing a pair of orange-lens glasses, with a beard that ran down the side of his face and across his jawline. He was wearing a NERV uniform, unzipped up- a red shirt could be seen beneath. He seemed faintly annoyed…-
[20:12] <Dorian> [The last was a petite, cheerful-looking woman with long black hair, a black shirt and pants, with a red coat over the top.]
[20:12] <Dorian> [The doors to the VTOL opened. Shinji smiled to Aline. "My parents… We should go."-
[20:12] <Dorian> [Tsubaki remained asleep.]
[20:15] * Aline stared over, standing up. "Mm." The way she pronounced that was halfway between the casual-Japanese 'un' to mean yes, and the more simply-contemplative 'hmm'-type noise. That was intentional. Of course, knowing this, the tall man was given more of her attention than he'd normally have gotten…
[20:16] * Sept began to clamber out, but upon noticing the sleeping Tsuchin, merely sat down beside her. He looked at the obliviously dreaming girl with no small amount of sympathy or jealousy. But still, they had a schedule. Probably. Sept shook her shoulder carefully. "Tsubaki. We're here. We're in Tokyo-2."
[20:17] * Yanmei stood up with a repressed sigh. Isaiah… maybe she was trying too hard with him? Time to disembark. And she would do so with her usual pleasant expression, still hovering around the boy somewhat.
[20:19] <Dorian> [Tsubaki opened an eye. "Carry me, Nii-san…"-
[20:23] <Dorian> [Isaiah walked down the ramp, turning to Yanmei. There was a hint of concern to his gaze- he put an arm around her. "We'll have some fun here, alright?" He said quietly. "A chance to relax a little."]
[20:24] <Dorian> [Shinji stood up, and- still holding Aline's hand- started to walk onto the platform.]
[20:25] <Sept> "Um. I think we need to keep our hands free to shake hands with people." He took her hand in both of his gently. "Would you like to introduce me to those people, Tsubaki?"
[20:27] <Yanmei> At that comforting gesture, relief spread across Yanmei's face, and she nodded. Tokyo-2… there must be lots of things to do here. She regarded their hosts politely before dashing off with him though, naturally.
[20:34] * Aline walked down with him, definitely not wanting to run off. This was the first time she met the person she was /still/ paying a great deal of attention to. Even if her first act was to stand there looking slightly awkward holding Shinji's hand and not saying anything.
[20:35] <Dorian> [Tsubaki opened her eyes and let Sept pull her up, although she -really- wanted to be carried and pouted slightly… "Onee-chan!" She was dragging Sept along whether he liked it or not as she beelined for Ritsuko, tacklepouncing her and squeezing her tight. "Tsuchin! I'm so glad…"-
[20:38] <Dorian> ["Mom…" Said Shinji in Japanese as he and his future-one-day-wife approached the Ikaris. His mother finally smiled, relief flooding through her as she gathered both son and girlfriend into a hug, kissing them both. "You two…!"]
[20:41] * Aline nearly gurgled in protest at the surprise hug, but quickly fell into it! <"Ah… ah! Yeah, we're all here, it's alright!"> Which, yes, was in Japanese. It was only the most appropriate thing to do, no?
[20:42] <Dorian> ["It's good to see them happy again." Said Isaiah quietly to Yanmei, as an aside.]
[20:42] * Sept trailed behind within arm's length, yawning and stretching. "Hello, Ritsuko." He eyed the rest of the troupe while the Akagi sisters… caught up.
[20:43] <Yanmei> ["I know, right? A reunion that needed to happen for a long time."]
[20:48] <Dorian> [<"I'm so glad to have the two of you…" Yui hugged them both even tighter, before releasing.-
[20:49] <Dorian> [At that point, the -other- Ikari glided over, peering down at Aline. "So you're Aline Blanc… Welcome to Tokyo-2."]
[20:52] <Dorian> ["Ah. Young Sera." Ritsuko… Gave Sept his own awkward hug. "Well done."]
[20:53] <Dorian> ["That must be Shinji's dad…" Whispered Isaiah.]
[20:53] * Aline looked up at him (something she just had to do, period!) and smiled gently. "And you, his father…" The way Aline said the next sentence seemed almost tentative. "Gendou Ikari. Thank you for the welcome."
[20:54] * Sept accepted a bit more spiritedly, unaware of the awkwardness. "Thank you, Ritsuko. What did I do?"
[20:56] * Yanmei nodded a subtle confirmation, a hint of calculation in her eyes, but it faded out. She glanced over at what the rest of the Paris-2 troupe was doing while these hugs commenced.
[20:59] <Dorian> [The Bunnies- that is, those nefarious lovebirds Sophie and Frederic- were leaning against the VTOL side, giggling as they watched the proceedings. Dorian and Ariadne were, in contrast, standing (or sitting) solemnly in front of the doorway.-
[20:59] <Dorian> ["Mm." Said Ikari Gendo, nodding. He turned to Shinji. "Shinji."-
[20:59] <Dorian> ["F… Father."-
[21:00] <Dorian> [There was a silence between them. Before Gendo nodded. "Welcome back. You were missed."-
[21:00] <Dorian> [The words… Lit up Shinji's face, and he nodded with a level of eagerness. "Y-Yes, t-thank you…"-
[21:01] <Dorian> ["For your recent achievements!" Said Ritsuko, disengaging from de Pteres.-
[21:01] <Dorian> ["That's kinda vague~ No offense." Said Freya, peeking over Sept's shoulder.-
[21:01] <Dorian> ["All of the achievements, then."-
[21:02] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, the pretty black-haired woman had made her way over to Yanmei. "Heey~ Zhang Yanmei, right?"]
[21:05] <Yanmei> "That's right~" Yanmei's head swiveled back so that it faced forward at the voice again, and she slid smoothly into one of her charming smiles. She extended a hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Captain."
[21:05] * Aline remained… cautiously optimistic, if that made any sense in this context. Or, perhaps, rather, she looked happy in a strange sort of analytical way, as she tried to understand what she just saw. "Yes, yes, it's… certainly a fine moment now that we're safe, though."
[21:05] <Sept> "Thank you, Ritsuko. It's been a while. How have you been?" Sera glanced at Gendo, remembering their last conversation.
[21:06] <Dorian> ["Oh, you're savvy~" The woman took Yanmei's hand, having to bend over a bit to meet Yanmei's lower height. "Misato Katsuragi, head of Operations here in Tokyo-2. And who's ~this~?" She asked, giving Isaiah a wink. The boy blushed.-
[21:08] <Dorian> ["I've been good." Said Ritsuko, who ignored the Ikaris. "Have you been good? Would you like a milkshake?" The woman had the slight tone of someone who wasn't quite sure how to -handle- teenagers and was mostly throwing out shit that worked with Tsubaki.-
[21:10] <Dorian> ["Mm." Said Gendo once again, turning back to Aline. The sunlight glinted off of those glasses of his, making it impossible to see his eyes. "I trust you have been taking care of him."]
[21:11] * Aline nodded swiftly. "Yeah, I have. He's gotten a bit stronger in that way because of all of this. I think. But yes, I have."
[21:12] <Sept> "I'm fine, thank you, Ritsuko." Aaaand silence. Maybe a glance toward Tsubaki, in time. "Would you like a milkshake, Tsubaki?"
[21:14] <Dorian> ["Ye-es~"-
[21:14] <Yanmei> "Let me introduce my friend, Isaiah Gabriel-Wei." She pretended not to see the wink herself, or Isaiah's reaction to it. "He's basically on medical support? So you can tell he's had a lot of work for him lately too."
[21:15] <Dorian> ["That's good." Said Gendo. "It's a relief to have you and Gogouki back." He said, before nodding to his wife. "I need to return to the centre."-
[21:15] <Dorian> ["Yes, Gendo."-
[21:15] <Dorian> ["A-Alright, father."-
[21:21] <Dorian> ["Ah~ So he's a nurse? I didn't know there were boy nurses." Said Misato with a playful smile. "Especially such young and cute ones~" She stood up tall, stretching slightly, turning her gaze back to Yanmei. "So you're with Dorian, huh? Still grumpy?"]
[21:21] <Dorian> [Isaiah continued to burn red at this shameless display.]
[21:22] * Aline watched as Gendo left… and now took the time to look at the last person, the one busy talking with Yanmei. Yet again, her eyes had a sort of questioning look in them, almost /too/ much attention being paid. But unlike with her future father-in-law, they soon went away again.
[21:23] <Yanmei> There had been an eyebrow twitch or two at that shameless flirting, but it poofed away like magic an instant before Misato's gaze returned to her, replaced by her usual calm pleasantness. "You two know each other?"
[21:26] <Dorian> ["Who, Dorian? Everyone knows him~ Ah, hello, Colonel!"-
[21:26] <Dorian> [For indeed, Dorian had wheeled over to them. Ariadne had gathered the bunnies and was heading off after Gendo.-
[21:26] * Sept was also somewhat distracted by the older Ikari's departure. His face was hard to read, though - mostly it seemed like plain curiosity, his head tilted ever so slightly..
[21:27] <Dorian> ["Oh, it's you, Captain Katsuragi. How are things?"-
[21:27] <Dorian> ["Eh, busy… As per usual. They use my position as an excuse to throw all sorts of jobs at me…" The woman made a show of sighing, before grinning down at Yanmei. "Lousy, huh?"]
[21:29] * Aline paused at the sudden Bunny Exodus, but… well, sighed gently, now looking between Shinji and Yui. "So that's that, huh?"
[21:30] * Sept turned his attention back to the Akagis once Gendo disappeared from view. "Ritsuko?"
[21:32] <Yanmei> "That's a shame. It sounds like you could use a break too," Yanmei grinned back. "You should hang out with us for a while."
[21:33] <Dorian> ["Yes. Please forgive my husband. He seems grumpy but he's actually a very kind man." Said Yui happily. "But let's get going, ok? You're going to live with us for a bit, Aline."-
[21:34] <Dorian> ["Oh yes." Said Ritsuko, who'd been watching Gendo leave. "Yes, Sept?" She started to head off, followed by Tsubaki (who was laying her head sleepily on her big sis's arm) and Freya.-
[21:35] <Dorian> ["Hang out with you two? I'd love to~" Said Misato happily, putting an arm around Yanmei and Isaiah both. "We'll have all kinds of fun~"-
[21:35] <Dorian> ["… Grow up, Katsuragi." Grumbled Dorian as he rolled by. Misato poked her tongue out at him as he went.]
[21:35] <Sept> "I found out. You know, about my parents." Sera followed, looking around idly.
[21:37] <Yanmei> "Heh heh," Yanmei took this good-naturedly of course, though he voice dropped a little as Dorian wheeled off. "Now, now. Be nice to him, okay? He's been under all sorts of stress lately."
[21:38] * Aline smiled a bit more broadly when she heard of the arrangement. "Ah, that sounds pretty nice. Then I guess I should get going indeed!" She wagged her duffel in the air, as if to show that fact. Mostly clothes, though.
[21:40] <Dorian> ["Oh?" Said Ritsuko, with a very high-pitched sort of 'guh' to it. "… Oh?"-
[21:41] <Dorian> ["Stress?" Misato seemed bummed out. Perhaps at being disciplined. "Geez, I kinda couldn't tell…"-
[21:41] <Dorian> ["Ah, you're prepared." Yui smiled and nodded, and started leading Mr. and Mrs. Ikari away. "I hope you don't mind sharing with Shinji. We're… Short on space."]
[21:43] <Yanmei> "Ah…" Yanmei patted the woman on the shoulder, perhaps apologetically. "Let's tease him after he's had a decent night's sleep, that's all."
[21:44] <Aline> "Ah, that'll be okay, don't worry!" …Aline did shoot Shinji a somewhat confused glance, though.
[21:45] <Sept> "Mmh. Sharon and Jeremiah. They lived in Old Paris, died with it… more or less. I've been going through old news archives, trying to find more… I think I might have some pictures of them, but. I can't be sure." The boy put his hands in his pockets and huffed.
[21:48] <Dorian> ["Well. Perhaps I won't have to speak to him too much." Said Misato. "So, what are you two planning to do here, hm~?"-
[21:48] <Dorian> [Shinji looked back at Aline and gave her an apologetic smile, stepping over to hold her hand once again and whisper as he followed his mother.-
[21:50] <Dorian> ["A-Ah. How… How tragic." Said Ritsuko, giving Sept a very determined look of sorrow. "Maybe, um, I can look for them later with my sources."]
[21:52] <Yanmei> "Well~ We were hoping we could get some suggestions. Obviously, there might be things to do at a hotel if we stay in one. And a tour of NERV Japan will probably be mandatory? But places to shop and eat and have fun… we might need some brochures on that."
[21:53] * Aline looked over at Shinji, whispering back softly, with a bit of a frown.
[21:54] <Sept> "It's alright, Ritsuko. And I'd appreciate that! Please, tell me if you find anything. Or if you don't. No answer is an answer too, right? I heard that somewhere…"
[21:54] <Dorian> ["R… Right." Ritsuko hurried them along.-
[21:55] <Dorian> [After a remarkably fast-for-a-NERV-Elevator ride, they found themselves within the cafeteria. NERV Japan's cafeteria was very… New, but smaller than Paris-2's.-
[21:56] <Dorian> [… Meaning Yui and Mr and Mrs Ikari now have to wait for an elevator. When it eventually comes up, they enter… And before long emerge in a carpark. "This way, Aline." Said Yui.-
[21:56] <Dorian> ["Ah~ I know of a few wonderful places." Said Misato. "To eat and play!"]
[21:59] * Aline followed along quickly, wondering if it was just connecting, or if they were going to have a car ride!
[22:00] <Yanmei> "Oh?" Yanmei beamed. "Like where? They're probably really great!"
[22:01] <Sept> "Hmmh." Sera eyed the cafeteria dubiously, stepping in and inspecting the details of the place. He wondered if he could translate the menu purely out of memory.
[22:05] <Dorian> ["Well, I know a perfect hotel for you two~" Said Misato. "It's a place on Shirakawa Boulevard~ Very classy." She said innocently.-
[22:06] <Dorian> [The Ikari car was… Shiny and black, not honestly nothing too special. Bags were loaded, then passengers. Aline and Shinji would be sitting in the back, of course~-
[22:06] <Dorian> [… Luckily for Sept, the menu was in English -and- Japanese. But Tsubaki was already making her order. She seemed… A little more alive here.-
[22:06] <Dorian> [Aline would find, as they went by… That the streets of Tokyo-2 were busy and bustling, far more than in Paris-2.]
[22:09] <Yanmei> "Shirakawa…?" Yanmei took a look around. Not only had they been abandoned by their party, but she wan't sure where they even were, let alone where Shirakawa Boulevard was. And while she was sure that Tokyo-2 had knowledgable taxi drivers, she had no real way to communicate with them herself. She glanced at Isaiah hopefully.
[22:11] * Aline was visibly /impressed/ by this fact, but she very quickly realized that it only made sense. Tokyo-2 was not a constant warzone. It was not a fortress city meant to play host to the main front of humanity's war.
[22:13] <Sept> Sera would eventually order a sandwich, just something to keep himself from getting too hungry. He addressed Ritsuko, though he didn't look at her. "You know, Tsubaki did really well in that last battle, too. Better than me. Tokyo is lucky to have her."
[22:14] <Dorian> ["Right, right. You two don't speak Japanese." Said Misato. "That's ok! You can stay at my place tonight, and I'll take you out there tomorrow."-
[22:15] <Dorian> [No it was not. Lucky Tokyojin, at that. Before long, the Ikari car would be pulling… Into what was a very pleasant, charming, quiet-looking suburban home, with a manicured lawn and a small garden. Home.-
[22:15] <Dorian> ["O-oh, nii-san~" Tsubaki blushed. "I-I really didn't, I got defeated…"]
[22:17] * Aline was already pretty impressed at that. An actual house! Even her parents had a mere GeoFront Apartment, even if it /was/ in one of the highest-class of the retracting buildines. "…Nice place…"
[22:17] <Yanmei> "You don't mind?" Yanmei blinked, a little surprised.
[22:20] <Sept> "No, you did well. I got caught off guard, it was just a stupid mistake. I do wish we could do that more often, Tsubaki."
[22:21] <Dorian> ["Do what more often, nii-san? Get caught off guard?" Tsubaki blinked. "Oh! We should get swept up in the spirit of adventure and solve crimes and save people?"-
[22:23] <Dorian> ["'Course not~ Providing you cook dinner, and you clean, and stuff like that." Said Misato.-
[22:23] <Dorian> ["Thanks." Said Yui quietly.-
[22:23] * Sept blushed a little. "Um. Yeah. That one. But I'm sure Shinji's looking forward to doing that with you, too. And punching things really hard with you."
[22:24] <Dorian> [The interior of the Ikari household was… Warm. It was well taken care of, and well lived in. It was… A place of love. Photos adorned the walls and mantlepieces, and the couch was warm and cushiony.-
[22:25] <Dorian> ["Would you like something to eat, Aline?" Asked Yui happily.-
[22:25] <Dorian> ["Oooh, nii-san. You me and Shinji-kun should punch things together?"-
[22:25] <Dorian> ["…" Ritsuko peered over at them, having returned with a pair of milkshakes. "Like a sentai team?"-
[22:25] <Dorian> ["Yeah!"]
[22:26] <Sept> "When the time comes, yeah. Although there's a time and pl- um, a what?"
[22:29] * Yanmei chuckled at the -obvious- joke. "Oh, sure. I'm just sad that I left my maid uniform at home? But," she bowed, "more seriously, thank you for your hospitality. We're really really grateful."
[22:29] * Aline smiled as she examined the place, then… "Ah, I'd love to. Thanks."
[22:32] <Dorian> ["A sentai team. Colour-coded heroes who assemble and fight evil!" Said Tsubaki.-
[22:32] <Dorian> ["Hehe, no worries. Welcome to Tokyo-2~" Said Misato, giving Yanmei a wink.-
[22:32] <Dorian> ["Y-Yeah. Thank you, Miss Katsuragi." Said Isaiah bashfully.-
[22:32] <Dorian> [Aline would receive a glass of delicious orange juice. "Aline? Would… Would you like to see my room?" Said Shinji, with boyish shyness.]
[22:35] <Yanmei> Luggage. Yanmei found hers and Isaiah's in record time, and set to work texting Dorian. "I'll let the Colonel know what's going on. He's probably staying wherever Miss Delacour is tonight~"
[22:35] * Aline stared at the glass, with this impossible-to-place sense of karmic puzzlement, before politely nodding at Shinji. "Sure!"
[22:36] <Dorian> ["O-hooooo~" Misato whistled. "Like that, huh~?"-
[22:36] <Dorian> [Shinji smiled, and brought Aline into his room.-
[22:37] <Sept> "Oh. I guess! But… I don't think there's much crime for us to be solved. Or… are the Angels criminals?"
[22:37] <Dorian> [It was simple. A cello case stood in the corner, unused for awhile. A futon lay in the corner, folded up neatly. A chest of drawers sat on one end of the room, a bookcase… An Evangelion figurine (00) stood next to a book, whilst a cute, resin model of Aline herself sat behind it.]
[22:37] <Dorian> ["They're guilty of destruction of public property and murder, nii-san." Said Tsubaki seriously.-
[22:37] <Dorian> ["And jaywalking." Added Ritsuko.-
[22:38] <Dorian> ["Un."]
[22:38] <Yanmei> "Exactly~ They go way back. He's totally in denial, though."
[22:39] <Dorian> ["A-ha-. Maybe I should've sent -him- to Shirakawa instead~"]
[22:40] <Yanmei> "Eh?" Yanmei blinked.
[22:41] <Dorian> ["… I mean, nothing." Said Misato, giving Yanmei a hasty reassuring smile. "Let's keep going~"]
[22:42] <Yanmei> "…" Suspicion! Still, with no alternatives in mind, she had no choice but to follow the Operations Director, glancing at Isaiah as they started off.
[22:43] <Dorian> [Isaiah glanced back at Yanmei. Perhaps wondering what that was all about. But he gave her a little smile.-
[22:46] * Aline eyed much of the room passively, seeming to size up the collections and the various things around. It was hardly an otaku room, which was probably good. While she was pretty geeky herself, Aline could count herself glad for not having to worry about dislodging a full regiment of mecha figurines while trying to get some sleep. Still… "Aw, you got the figurines and models… er,
[22:46] * Aline one of each. I imagine that sooner or later, there's going to be ones of you and 05… Maybe you could put them next to each other?~" But she actually studied the model a bit. It was very likely animesque rather than hyper-realistic (…maybe), but it amused her. "Hmmmm, I wonder if, once this is all over, they'll make an anime about it all. Do you think I'd be a good voice actress for
[22:46] * Aline myself?~" …She was clearly a bit /too/ amused by this.
[22:47] <Dorian> [Isaiah and Yanmei would be taken by their host to… An apartment building! It looked rather quiet, but it was close to the city, in the middle. Misato's car- eerily familiar to Yanmei for some reason- was parked in the parking lot. She brought them up to her apartment… Started fiddling about with her keys. "Damn…"-
[22:48] <Sept> "Oh. Jaywalking is bad." Sera's face of condemnation was interrupted by a long yawn. "Mmh." He glanced at a clock on the wall. "Why is it- oh, time difference." He stared at the clock face for a while longer. "Is there something we have to do, I… I think I could use some rest at some point."
[22:48] <Dorian> ["Eh… Ah! I didn't want you to see that." Shinji blushed. "That- the figurine was a gift from some friend at school, I…" He stared at his feet. "Um. I-I think so. Y-You can speak Japanese, so…"-
[22:49] <Dorian> ["Oh. Would you like to stay with us, Sera?" Said Ritsuko.-
[22:50] <Dorian> [Freya returned at this point. She'd been taking 'advantage' of the cafeteria to buy herself some sushi, noodles… A fish bowl soup, and some pocky for Sept. "I love Japanese food~ Oh, Sept, don't eat that all at once."]
[22:51] * Aline shruuuged. "Not a big deal, I think it's cute that you left it in your room anyway." She then winked. "At least they didn't try to give you one of the 'adult' ones they probably have made." A brief moment of contemplation. "…I wonder if there are any scandalous doujin works about me yet…"
[22:52] <Dorian> [Shinji melted. "A-aa, I d-don't want to think about people looking at that…"]
[22:53] <Aline> "Oh, sorry, I… I don't know, there's this sort of morbid curiosity. But I shouldn't talk too much about that sort of curiosity around you, it's embarassing! Normal people wouldn't say much about it anyway." She did pat him on the shoulder. "But no, no, relax, it's all good~"
[22:53] * Yanmei stood by politely. Such a nice, quiet place. The neighborhood reminded her a little of home, although the building styles were obviously different even to her eye. She was already picturing something close to Marianne's comfortable apartment interior…
[22:55] <Dorian> [Shinji shook his head, before hugging her. "N-No, i-it's ok, it's just… Uuuugh. Imagine if you found a comic with pictures of me in it…" Shinji froze. "Oh no…"-
[22:56] <Dorian> ["Here we go." Said Misato. She opened the door and stepped inside. "Welcome to my apartment~ <3"-
[22:56] <Sept> "Oh? Um. Where do you live? And what's this." Sera tentatively tried the pocky.
[22:57] * Aline actually giggled at that, even in mid-hug. "Ah, well I'd probably read it just out of curiosity, then probably chastise the author for a minute. I can't stop them, but it'd feel good to do that~"
[22:59] <Dorian> [… The apartment was not like Marianne's. "The place is a little messy, but don't mind it too much~" … Empty beer bottles covered the table. -Covered-. There were cardboard boxes, haphazardly packed with Misato's things… Bulging plastic garbage bags piling up against a wall. Empty liquor bottles dotted the kitchen bench, some of them lying on their side.-
[22:59] <Yanmei> "Thank you for having us!" Yanmei stepped forward, holding her bags.
[23:00] <Dorian> ["Oh, we live in a house nearby." Said Ritsuko. "Tsubaki has already demanded I put aside a room for you…"-
[23:00] <Dorian> ["It's pocky. It's delicious." Said Freya simply.-
[23:00] <Dorian> ["W-Well it's ok if -you- read it…" Said Shinji. He pulled away a little, and kissed her gently. "That sounded kind of weird…"]
[23:03] * Aline kissed back quickly, but then nodded. "I dunno, it's embarassing, but it's like… even if it's only the weird perverts, it'd give me a sort of insight on how… weird perverts work. Just like how that propaganda poster back in the Riviera was sorta interesting just because I wanted to know what, well, they'd make me look like on it." A sort of tilted sideways smile. "I often don't
[23:03] * Aline know what people really think of me, and I'm not you so I don't know how people other than me see you, either. So it's like… informative, you know?"
[23:03] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei stared. Years of etiquette seemed to falter at first… but then rebounded like a flying kick to the back of the head. "It's n-nice. A lovely home you have, Captain." An Operation Director didn't have much time for cleaning. But when she compared this place to Dorian's…
[23:09] <Sept> "A room..? Yeah, I. I think that'd be nice." Another bite of the pocky, and a smile. "It's good!"
[23:10] <Dorian> ["Ah, I see…" Said Shinji, nodding. "That makes sense, though." He said with a smile. "I often wonder what people think of me, too, like my…" … He trailed off.-
[23:10] <Dorian> [Isaiah stared. "Uh…" He looked over at Yanmei with wide, horrified eyes.-
[23:11] <Dorian> ["Ah, Yanmei, I left some groceries outside, can you put them in the fridge, please~? <3"-
[23:12] <Dorian> ["Of course. It's pocky." Said Freya.-
[23:13] <Yanmei> "Certainly." She smoothly handed off her bags to Isaiah, not finding much clean space to put them down on, and hurried out to get the groceries. She passed Isaiah on the way back in, giving him a little pat on the shoulder and a look that said 'be strong!'
[23:14] <Dorian> [Ritsuko let the assorted individuals eat, as that was polite, before ushering them off. Ritsuko seemed to prefer to walk, so she held Tsubaki's hand and let Sept and Freya follow.-
[23:14] <Dorian> [Tokyo-2 was a busy, bustling city, with tall buildings and lights and -life-, in stronger qualities than Sept had ever encountered. Unfortunately this meant bustling sidewalks.-
[23:15] <Dorian> [Isaiah nodded, still pale.-
[23:16] <Dorian> [The fridge… Yanmei opened it. And found there was no room for the groceries, because the fridge was full of beer.]
[23:17] <Yanmei> S-seriously? She had more of it? Yanmei glanced once again at the endless empty bottles littering the apartment. "Th-there's no way…"
[23:18] * Aline patted even more. "I know the type. I didn't live with one, but he almost seems like the… career father. So busy that he can't even begin to deal with his own son. He's probably afraid of admitting some of it." Aline shrugged. "I had to deal with something else like that. My mom and her whole… issues. But that's not the same."
[23:21] <Dorian> [There was another refrigerator in the corner, but… It was making a strange noise.-
[23:22] <Dorian> ["A-Ah. I…" Shinji looked down at his feet. "What's with your mum…?"]
[23:23] * Sept held onto Freya's hand tightly, and stuck to the very edges of the sidewalks. Every now and then he would gasp for air.
[23:26] <Dorian> [Freya squeezed Sept's hand supportively. "It's alright. Just try to imagine 1.2 million Tsubakis, ok?" She said.-
[23:26] * Yanmei stared at the spare fridge suspiciously. Assuming that it too wasn't full of beer, she could only assume that those noises were being made by some lifeform derived from an advanced amount of mold spores. At least, if her apartment was any indication. In other words, there was no way in hell that he was opening that. "Captain?" she called. "I hate to be a bother, but there's no room?"
[23:27] <Yanmei> ^that she was opening that
[23:28] <Dorian> [Eventually, Sept would enjoy the freedom- the sweet freedom- of the Akagi household. It was a real home. Very clean, almost a little too clean… It didn't feel lived in. There weren't any pictures. The one spot of uncleanliness was an overflowing ashtray on the table.-
[23:28] <Dorian> ["Ah?" Called the Captain from another room. "Just make some room in the fridge, I'll drink what you take, and ah, you can use the rest of the groceries for dinner, ok?"]
[23:30] <Yanmei> "Hm. Alri-" the realization hit in mid-word. She had been serious about that housework stuff after all?!
[23:30] <Dorian> [There was a crashing sound as Isaiah swept the contents of the table into a bag.]
[23:32] * Aline shook her head… "Oh… well… She must have had something really terrible happen to her during Second Impact, because according to my dad, ever since then, she just… doesn't care. About anything. Walks around in a daze sometimes, other times hardly says anything. She at least feeds herself and grooms and stuff, but she… has to be reminded to remember how she's supposed to
[23:32] * Aline feel about me or my dad, she barely reacts when someone tries to talk to her about things… It got pretty disturbing when it was at its worst."
[23:33] <Dorian> ["…" Shinji hugged Aline. "I'm sorry, I didn't know. If I knew I'd try to help, but… What do we even do…?"]
[23:33] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei watched him, and then sighed, peering down into the bag. What had she bought, anyway? "Is this really okay?" she muttered to him.
[23:34] <Dorian> ["I'm not sure we have a choice." Murmured Isaiah. "At least we can go to that hotel tomorrow. It has to be better…"-
[23:35] <Dorian> ["Thanks~" Said Misato, emerging finally. "I know it's a bit of an ask, but I do appreciate it, and at least you're eating and staying for free, right~?" She asked. She was clad in a pair of very short, tight jean shorts and a very… Loose yellow singlet. Isaiah was having problems looking at her directly, blushing madly every time he tried.]
[23:36] * Sept would just shake his head quickly and clap one of his ears with his free hand in response. He did look about to faint again when they arrived, but he managed to hold on. Surprised to open his eyes and find himself inside when the noise suddenly stopped, Sera just backed up to the nearest wall… and slid down, eyes forward, breathing heavily.
[23:37] <Aline> "I… don't even know. But she seems to be slowly getting back. She's actually pregnant again, so my dad must've managed to finally succeed at /something/ to get her to pay more attention!" Aline's slight blush at what she implied faded quickly. "…I think I remember someone saying that she was… calling my name in the crowd of refugees in that one battle… the one with Qaphsiel. They
[23:37] <Aline> were pretty close to 00 when I finally took the shot, then, so I can see why. Maybe something about that moment helped?… shock to the system, as it were."
[23:38] <Dorian> ["Are you ok, nii-san?" Asked Tsubaki fearfully. "He… Has issues with crowds." Said Freya.-
[23:39] <Dorian> ["… Well. Maybe seeing her daughter in danger…" Shinji started rolling out the futon. "… But I'm glad she seems to be getting better… A-and now you're going to have a sibling! Maybe a little brother or a little s…" Shinji paused, and finished rolling out the futon.]
[23:40] <Yanmei> "N-no, no. We're happy to help?" Yanmei insisted brightly. She was pulling some cartons from the bag and placing it on the cluttered counter, prompted by her reappearence. Geez, making Isaiah blush like that…-
[23:41] * Aline instantaneously frowned. "…I know. It still hurts you all. In time, I guess…"
[23:41] <Yanmei> But for a moment, she stopped and frowned into the bag, shifting it around. What the hell… all instant! Why did she think that this needed refrigeration?!
[23:42] <Sept> "I can still hear them, Freya…" He glanced at Tsubaki as she talked, but didn't seem to register it beyond that.
[23:43] <Dorian> ["… Well, it…" Shinji kept looking at the futon. "… she should still be here. Alive, and… It isn't fair. I should've done something. Taken the bullet…"-
[23:45] <Dorian> ["…" Freya patted Sept on the head, sliding down with him. "You're inside now, you're safe. Why don't we get you a drink?"-
[23:46] <Dorian> ["Ah, ok~" Said Misato cheerfully. She pulled back a seat and sat down. "There's some soy sauce in the pantry! I usually boil it and add it to the noodles for a bit of a kick, hehe~"]
[23:47] <Sept> "Yes, y-yes please." Slowly, his surroundings began to filter through. "O-oh. This is y-your house? It's nice. Thank you for, um. For letting us stay."
[23:50] <Yanmei> "Ah, I see." Beer, instant noodles, soy sauce… It was like a terrible weight being dumped on her shoulders. No way. There was no way to combine these ingredients to make a nice, classy dish. "Would you happen to have any other spices, Captain Katsuragi? Or… vegetables? Fish?" she looked at the now-closed main fridge without much hope.
[23:52] <Dorian> [Ritsuko poured a Sept a glass of water, but Tsubaki was focused on other things. "Nii-san, Nii-san! Come see mama~"-
[23:53] <Dorian> ["Huh? There are vegetables with the instant noodles. In little satchels. Don't they have that in France?" Said Misato. "And please, Misato is fine, none of this Captain stuff. That goes for you too, Isaiah-kun, ok~? <3" She said, winking and leaning forward. Isaiah mumbled something and looked away, his face scarlet.
[23:53] * Aline sighed, staring at the bookshelf absently. "…Fate doesn't have feelings. It just makes things happen, that create the eventual future. Azariah sent them, after all. And that goes back to the Caine family and their decisions about what to do about the world which goes back to the things they did that started Second Impact which goes back to /whatever/ gave them that information in
[23:53] * Aline the first place. It was…" Aline bit her lip, and made a loud sniff - clearly trying to keep her emotions balanced. "…written by the past. While her death was an actual accident… you've… been involved ever since your mom was, and so was Rei. Me, since I was born with the… things I have." She could barely keep still - yet became deathly-so just because of that quandary. "Fair or
[23:53] * Aline not, we've all been cursed with it by them."
[23:57] <Sept> "Hm? She's here..?" And everywhere that Tsuchin went, oh-three was sure to go. He took a gulp from the glass, hands shaking barely noticeably. "Thank you, Freya… Um, just a moment, Tsubaki."
[23:58] <Dorian> ["… So from the very beginning we've been a part of this." Shinji sighed. He sat down on the futon and laid back, staring up at Aline plaintively with quiet, begging eyes. "We're going to have to keep fighting, then, aren't we? Until it's all over, to make sure we aren't hurt like this again…"-
[23:59] <Yanmei> "Yes, Captain… Misato." She stared down at the packages with a repressed sigh. Looked as if they would have to eat it regularly after all. She got to work, boiling the water, and then tried to help Isaiah clean while she was waiting. This junk practically cooked itself.
[00:01] <Dorian> [Freya was staring at Sept with worry. "What is it, Sept?"-
[00:02] <Dorian> [And so Isaiah and Yanmei started to clean. Isaiah was very carefully keeping a focus on the job, and he was making quick time. Yanmei knew the boy preferred nice clean apartments. She knew that fact very well.-
[00:02] <Dorian> [But eventually, the water would boil, and the meals would be cooked…]
[00:04] <Yanmei> And so dinner was served. Three bowls of steaming noodles on a nice clean table, with a single beer and two glasses of chilled tap water. Yanmei took a seat, and waited politely while her host and other guest settled.
[00:05] * Aline sat down as well, staring back into those eyes from where she was. "Yeah. That's why I… That's why I haven't lost hope. Because we can still fight, against the cruelty of fate. The human spirit, armed with the angelic power granted to the Evas… nobody could ask for a better weapon, to fight fate with. As long as we still have hope."
[00:05] <Sept> "I-is it going to be like this the whole time..? Do we have to use the streets?"
[00:05] <Dorian> [The good captain pulled the tab off of her beer, and without delay started to chug. And chug. And chug. She didn't stop until the can was empty, at which point she hoisted it up into the air cheerfully. "Waaaaahaaa~ Life doesn't get any better than this~!"-
[00:06] <Dorian> ["We could use the trains…?" Asked Freya.-
[00:07] <Dorian> ["No." Said Ritsuko. "The subways are so crowded, you can't even move without stepping on a person's foot. We'll just have to use my car in the future."-
[00:07] <Sept> "Wh-what about the roofs? The buildings are pretty close to each other.."
[00:08] <Dorian> [Shinji pulled Aline down with him. "I need that hope just to go day to day. If I hope, then… I can make this place heaven." He mumbled, toying with the fabric of Aline's sundress idly. He sighed. "I hope you can brighten this place up a little."-
[00:08] <Dorian> ["Going from roof to roof will get you arrested." Said Ritsuko. "Surely the car is fine? Or is even that bad?"]
[00:12] <Sept> "I'd rather- uh, it's good enough, but. I'd rather not." Sera looked helpless. "I.. I guess we'll have to figure it out. I'm sorry, Tsubaki, you wanted to show me..?" Sera gulped down the rest of his water and stood up, looking… almost normal. He offered Tsubaki something vaguely reminiscent of a smile.
[00:12] * Aline did make a playful little "Eep!~" when she was pulled down the rest of the way. "I'm sure to try! But be careful, I have no way of knowing whether or not I'm so magical that I'll /literally/ brighten the place up~" A brief pause. "Ah, I kid, I kid. I don't think it works that way. Let's just be happy and do fun things to make outselves feel better."
[00:13] * Yanmei tried not to stare. That would be rude. Instead, she took a mouthful of noodles, dwelling on the taste of chicken and powdered chemicals. "So! Tokyo-2 seems pretty lively? At least in comparison to Paris-2. Have you ever been there before?"
[00:16] <Dorian> ["Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" Tsubaki grabbed Sept's hand and dragged him off towards a bedroom.-
[00:17] <Dorian> [The bedroom was… Well. it was actually -weird-. It was neat and tidy, but it was also colourful and full of pictures… Utterly unlike the rest of the house. It felt… Very heavy. And oppressive.-
[00:18] <Dorian> [Each picture was of the same woman. A serious-faced, but smiling woman with dark hair that had Tsubaki's face…-
[00:18] <Dorian> ["Yeah." Said Shinji. "W-We can go on a Christmas date like a real couple. Get us out of mum and dad's hair, they'll like that."-
[00:18] <Dorian> [Isaiah stared at Misato with what could only be called horror. At least she was a happy drunk.-
[00:20] <Dorian> ["Paris-2? Eh, once. A looong time ago~" She started swallowing down noodles quickly. "I like Tokyo-2. Lots of people, lots of things to do~" She winked at Yanmei. "lots of things for you two to get up to~"]
[00:21] <Yanmei> "So you keep saying. What things do you like to do, Captain?"
[00:22] * Aline nodded! "Ah, yes, that's true~ Christmas in Japan, that'll certainly feel different." She rolled a bit around on the futon, sighing contentedly.
[00:22] <Dorian> ["Oh, all sorts of things! Anything that gets me away from work~" She beamed. "I like sleeping in~ And hey, do you like cars, Yanmei-san?"-
[00:23] <Dorian> ["Is there anything you'd like for Christmas, Aline?"]
[00:24] <Yanmei> "Cars? Ah.. well I'm learning about them?" She recalled the auto repair manual that Marianne had cheerfully dumped into her lap a few days prior. It was an important part of owning one, she had said.
[00:25] <Yanmei> "The best ones are the ones that look really cool, naturally~"
[00:26] * Aline stared up at the ceiling, tracing in the air with a finger. "…It's hard to even picture what I'd want anymore. Maybe a new computer, or some kind of sentimental or commemorative or something-like-that gift… Maybe even just a really special, unusual kind of date?"
[00:27] <Dorian> ["Of course~ Smooth sleek sports cars~" Misato leaned back cheerfully… Then frowned. "Urgh. That reminds me. Now I need to start doing training with Tsubaki and Shinji together…" Misato let out a tortured sigh, before staring over at the guests. "So! Tell me about -your- work, Yanmei-san~"-
[00:29] <Dorian> ["A special kind of date…" Shinji stared up at the roof. "What, like, a different date than we're used to, or a themed date, like wearing unusual costumes or… Or outfits…" A memory of a dress flitted across his mind.]
[00:31] <Yanmei> "My work? It's… probably no different than what you've seen Akagi do." She took another bite, playing it smooth. "Fairly routine. Testing, weapons practice, more testing, health checkups… Sometimes the let us go places, like this vacation."
[00:32] * Aline …had at least a /slight/ hunch as to what he was talking about. "Well, I actually meant like something fancier than normal. Like going to a really special place or dining at a really good restaurant or something like that." But she did wag a finger. "I wouldn't make you wear any sort of unusual outfit out in public, though. You'd never live it down anyway, what with being a pilot
[00:32] * Aline now! That'd be just plain mean of me!"
[00:33] <Dorian> ["Health checkups, huh~?" Asked Misato, giving Isaiah an overblown, suggestive wink. The boy blushed hotly and bowed his head. She turned back to look at Yanmei. "Where else do you get to go? I haven't been on a vacation -ever-…"-
[00:35] <Sept> "Ah… Your mother." It wasn't -all- that different from Sept's apartment. Or, the one room that looked like it had been used. The others were more or less still in the same condition as they were when he'd moved in, except for the slowly mounting piles of -stuff-. But "his" room - the one with walls plastered with ancient and more recent newspaper clippings, pictures and text of varying
[00:35] <Sept> subjects, with one of the walls dedicated to the Old Paris mafia culture and families… the similarities were there. "I'm glad you're comfortable with sharing this with me, Tsubaki."
[00:36] <Dorian> ["Ah…" Shinji let out a sigh of relief. "That's true. But maybe… Well, I can speak to my dad and see where he likes to take mum. Or… Or ask her. But I'm sure I can find you something good… S-Sorry, I'm new to this…"-
[00:38] <Dorian> ["You're my nii-san, nii-san." Said Tsubaki. She picked up a picture frame and handed it to Sept. "Mama loves me, and she looks after us. And one day we'll be together forever and ever."]
[00:38] <Yanmei> "Th-that's…" That wink hadn't gotten past her either. The nerve! Yanmei stared at her meal, trying to claw her way back to more pleasant thoughts. "The Riviera~ And a ski resort, too. I think Akagi was with us that time too? And they let us go to a few other events. Local parties with prominent political figures those are pretty interesting."-
[00:39] <Yanmei> "Oh. And it wasn't a party, but… the Colonal made Blanc and me participate in special training recently. You might want to get some tips about it, if you're training both Ikari and Akagi to work together."-
[00:40] <Yanmei> She kept her venomous smirk out of sight, behind an expression of polite helpfulness.
[00:43] <Dorian> ["…" Misato gave Yanmei a dirty look, before smirking and leaning back in her chair, putting her rather long legs up on the table. "You have a pretty fun life, Yanmei-san. But don't you worry about asking Lachapelle for help. I know all about special shared training programs~ In fact I was already planning on it in preparation for the thunderdome challenge~"-
[00:43] <Dorian> [Isaiah was trying not to stare at Misato. Or her legs. Or Yanmei. But he was running out of noodles.]
[00:44] <Yanmei> "Thunderdome…?"
[00:44] * Aline nodded, waving a hand slightly. "Don't worry too much. You'll find out in time, I'm sure." Yet another wistful sigh. "Ahhhhh. It's good to just relax."
[00:47] <Dorian> ["It is." Said Shinji. He let out his own sigh, and gently started to tickle Aline a little.-
[00:47] <Dorian> ["The thunderdome. A big simulated throw-down between Evangelion teams~" Misato grinned. "I'm going to train Shinji-kun and Tsubaki-chan with data from 04 and 02."]
[00:49] <Yanmei> "What? That… the data from that battle is being passed around?" She was suddenly aware of how -embarrassing- certain parts of it had been.
[00:50] <Dorian> ["Huh?" Misato tilted her head. "What's wrong? Of course it is!"]
[00:51] * Sept took hold of the picture and examined it closely, deep in thought. Every now and then, he would take a fleeting look at the other pictures, or Tsubaki's face in comparison.
[00:51] <Dorian> [Tsubaki stared back at him with big blue eyes, before… Hugging him. "Family~"]
[00:52] <Yanmei> "Well… yes. Of course it would be? Heh… It's really nothing to worry about."
[00:53] <Dorian> ["She really kicked your ass~" Said Misato happily.]
[00:54] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei tried not to glare at her for that. It was really really difficult.
[00:55] <Dorian> [Misato was cheerfully oblivious. Or was she? "Dinner was good~ Nothing like a full belly full of noodles and beer. But it's been a long day for you two, huh?" Misato smirked. "Why don't you go have a bath, Yanmei-san? Isaiah-kun and I can clean up~ <3"]
[00:55] * Sept nodded, returning the hug, frame in hand. "Family. I'll take care of you, Tsubaki."
[00:56] * Yanmei glanced at Isaiah. "Well, if you're sure…"
[00:58] <Dorian> ["Er…" Isaiah looked up at Yanmei. "I-I can handle it."-
[00:58] <Dorian> ["It's not like I'll put the moves on him or anything, Yanmei-san~" Said Misato cheerfully, leading to a sort of choked gasp from poor Isaiah.-
[00:58] <Dorian> ["Thank you, Nii-san." Said Tsubaki quietly. "I… Want someone to take care of me."]
[01:00] <Yanmei> "I'm sure that someone of your mature age and standing would not," Yanmei smiled, rising from the table. "Thank you for the meal. I'll try to be quick?"
[01:01] <Dorian> ["Take as much time as you need~"]
[01:01] <Sept> "Me too, Tsubaki… me too." …was what Sera couldn't say. He just gave her a comforting pat and ruffled her hair a bit. "It's alright, Tsubaki," he said quietly.
[01:02] * Aline giggled in response to the tickle, and started a bold counter-offensive!… Or, actually, just tickled his belly a little. "Ehe!" Whatever came of it, at least they were happy for now.
[01:03] * Yanmei thusly turned, and trotted off, making a stop by her luggage to grab some personal items. Next stop: the bathroom!
[01:06] <Dorian> [The bathroom was split into a 'washroom', separated from the main living room with a curtain, and a genuine bathroom- the door to which was closed, and for some odd reason, Yanmei could see hints of steam wisping out of the bottom. Was someone in there…?]
[01:08] <Yanmei> "That's right. This really isn't France, huh?" she murmured, glancing over the style of the place. The steam did catch her attention, though. "H-hello?"
[01:10] <Dorian> [The door slid open.-
[01:11] <Dorian> [… A creature stared at her. It was dark blue, with a white belly, and a bright yellow beak and a red mohawk. A pink towel was slung around its neck. A strange looking metal backpack hung on its back. It had wings. It stared at Yanmei.]
[01:13] <Yanmei> Yanmei had been on the verge of disrobing. Now she was glad that she had not. She stared back. "…"
[11:15] <Dorian> [It stared. And then started to shake its head vigorously. Water went everywhere, including over Yanmei.]
[11:18] * Yanmei stared. She stared down at herself too, her dress now splattered with water. Slowly, she began to back out of the bathroom, shutting the door when she was in the hallway. She stood there blankly for a moment, and then went to the kitchen. "I am going to lie down," she announced stiffly.
[01:19] <Dorian> ["Yanmei? Is everything ok…?"-
[01:20] <Dorian> [The penguin soon followed Yanmei out, walking past her, and promptly vanishing into the other fridge.]
[01:21] * Yanmei followed it with her eyes. "Some kind of… some kind of hallucination. Mental breakdown," she mumbled. "Stress and jet lag. Where is the guest room?"
[01:22] <Dorian> ["Huh?" Misato looked up. "That's Pen-Pen, my roommate. And it's just down the hall."]
[01:23] <Yanmei> "R-roommate. Yes, of course." … "Down the hall, you said?"
[01:23] <Dorian> ["Uh-huh." Said Misato.-
[01:24] <Dorian> ["… I'll quickly go shower, then." Said Isaiah.]
[01:25] <Yanmei> "All right." And with that, she numbly made her way to the room in question.
[01:26] <Dorian> [Isaiah nodded, and quickly headed off himself… Leaving Misato suddenly alone.-
[01:27] <Dorian> [The woman sighed, then leaned back. "They're so restless… Am I not doing enough to make them feel welcome?" She muttered to herself worriedly. She leaned back.-
[01:28] <Dorian> ["I'll take 'em to Shirakawa tomorrow. That'll give them a chance to rest~" She chuckled to herself. "After all, every war requires a little peace, and a little love~ <3"]

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