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(13:38:33) @Adrian‘Bellamy: [Yanmei and Isaiah had arrived in Hamburg-2 the day before. Booked into a hotel on NERV’s direction- Ariadne had taken them. It was about six weeks after the attack- Isaiah was doing a lot better by now, although he wasn't completely recovered. It was merely half an hour until the hearing was supposed to take place…]
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(13:47:14) @Adrian‘Bellamy: [Yanmei and Isaiah had arrived in Hamburg-2 the day before. Booked into a hotel on NERV’s direction- Ariadne had taken them. It was about six weeks after the attack- Isaiah was doing a lot better by now, although he wasn't completely recovered. It was merely half an hour until the hearing was supposed to take place…]
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(13:49:41) * Yanmei looked flawless at he moment. Neatly combed hair worn free instead of in her usual twintails, blue suit with dressy flats, makeup done, game face on. On the inside, though… She snapped her phone shut and sighed.
(13:52:20) @Asuka`: [Isaiah wasn’t hiding it as well, but he was trying. He'd worn his best clothes for this- crisp, white dress shirt, black vest, black tie, jacket, trousers- and he'd combed his hair. He was sitting in a chair, taking deep breaths.]
(13:56:21) Yanmei: "It will be okay, Isaiah." She tried to smile at him in the desperate hope that it would still help to calm him. Before the Machediel battle it would have worked. Now, though…
(13:58:20) @Asuka‘: [He was grasping his locket tightly. "I… I know." He stood up and smiled weakly back. "I-I’m just a little nervous. It'll be ok." He nodded nervously.]
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(14:05:27) Yanmei: "It will be!" She nodded firmly. "I was hoping we could go out to dinner with a certain competative kid once we were done. To celebrate? But she isn't even around. Sheesh, way to time a business trip…" she rolled her eyes. "Maybe Ariadne will take us."
(14:06:07) @Asuka‘: ["M-Maybe." Said Isaiah, smiling at Yanmei’s sheer… Determination, perhaps. He stood up.-
(14:06:18) @Asuka‘: [There was a knock at the door. "It’s me, guys." Said Ariadne.]
(14:07:12) * Yanmei let her in with a smile. "Ariadne~ We were jut talking about you."
(14:10:16) @Asuka‘: ["I hope it was all good." Said Ariadne with a weak smile.]
(14:12:32) Yanmei: "Nothing to worry about? We were just deciding what to do afterward. How are you feeling?"
(14:14:30) @Asuka`: ["…" Ariadne smiled wider. "Worried. I’m scared you're going to eat through my salary on celebrating." She winked.]
(14:17:34) Yanmei: "Heh. It's not like I won't chip in either~ I have a sightseeing fund that I don't even know what to do with."
(14:19:14) @Asuka‘: ["Ahaha. Ok. Did you hear that, Isaiah? Yanmei’s paying for everything, so make sure you eat as much as you can."-
(14:19:19) @Asuka‘: [The boy smiled. "Got it."]
(14:22:20) Yanmei: "W-what?! Hey!" Yanmei put on a pout. "It’s a shame the Colonel isn't here. He'd pay for sure. He's so generous~ And totally into generous women, too."
(14:23:00) @Asuka‘: [Ariadne gave Yanmei the evil eye.-
(14:23:12) @Asuka`: ["Alright. We shouldn’t waste any time- we don't want to be late."]
(14:24:30) Yanmei: "Right." She tried very hard not to wince at that. The knots in her stomach suddenly tightened. She reached for Isaiah's hand. "Lead the way."
(14:28:04) @Asuka‘: [He took her hand and gripped it firmly. The sort of grip that suggested that he wasn’t about to let go for a long time.-
(14:32:05) @Asuka‘: [Ariadne led them out of the hotel and into the waiting car. She wasn’t driving- it was a limousine, UN orders. It drove them swiftly through the streets, before pulling up before the futuristic and expensive-looking UN Headquarters building.-
(14:32:14) @Asuka‘: [She stepped out, and grimly waited for them.]
(14:34:56) * Yanmei climbed out and regarded the building for a moment, her hand still occupied even as Isaiah came out as well. She had been tense and quiet for most of the trip, but now that seemed to recede, a smile forming. Like HELL she would let them see her at her most nervous. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. "I suppose there's a massive conference room waiting inside for us?"
(14:37:38) @Asuka‘: ["Something like that." Said Ariadne. She led them on.-
(14:37:49) @Asuka`: [Isaiah followed, his hand firmly around Yanmei’s.-
(14:40:06) @Asuka‘: [The interior of the building was -busy-.-
(14:44:28) @Asuka`: [Diplomats and attaches and ambassadors and the odd Head of State bustled through the main hall, filling it with noise and people of all tongues and lands. Ariadne led them into a particular hallway, and into a smaller lobby. "This is the HIC Department." She said.]
(14:46:32) * Yanmei looked around for anyone she might recognize, even if it was a distracted effort. Would any of them know what she and Isaiah were actually here for? NERV didn’t seem like it would broadcast something like this even internally, let alone to univolved members of the UN.
(14:47:03) @Asuka‘: [No one she recognised…-
(14:47:19) @Asuka`: [There was a ting! sound as Yanmei’s mobile received a text message.]
(14:47:37) * Yanmei reached for it to see.
(14:50:39) Yanmei: A genuine smile. She texted back a quick 'Thanks for the support! :)' message, and then silenced her phone. What would she do if it went off during the hearing?
(14:54:53) @Asuka‘: ["Alright. Let’s go to the waiting room."-
(14:57:21) @Asuka‘: [She led them into a spacious room with couches and a coffee table. There was a large television on the wall, showing a live feed into a conference room that Yanmei would find somewhat familiar: a large room, dominated by eight benches organised into an octagonal shape. The benches were empty.]
(15:01:32) Yanmei: "…" Yanmei stared at the screen. She couldn’t help but wonder how her mother had felt back when she had done this. "I guess… this is where Isaiah will stay? And in a little while I'll be led to an elevator that goes to that room?" She glanced at Ariadne. It… wasn't so much that she wanted to show off what she knew. She was jut trying to find something worth saying. The knots in her stomach were worse than ever.
(15:02:00) @Asuka‘: [Isaiah was pale… His grip tightened.-
(15:02:05) @Asuka`: ["Yeah." Said Ariadne.]
(15:04:10) Yanmei: "Remember what I said, OK?" She smiled at Isaiah again. "I’ll put up one hell of a fight, and in a few hours we can walk out of here freely." She squeezed his hand.
(15:05:07) @Asuka‘: [He nodded. "I love you."]
(15:08:32) Yanmei: "I love you too." She pulled him into a hug at that. Screw it, the only other person around to disapprove of public displays of affection was Ariadne, and she probably wouldn’t. "Relax and breathe deeply, okay? Remember that Banshee invasion? We've been in situations as troublesome as this before."
(15:10:36) @Asuka‘: [He embraced her as tightly as he could. He was shaking a little, but he was breathing. "And we’ve always gotten through to see each other again."]
(15:12:46) Yanmei: "Right! So it will be okay. Don't worry." This time… this time she would protect him so that he wouldn't get hurt. She -had- to…
(15:14:30) @Asuka‘: ["They’re filing in." Said Ariadne. On the screen, eight people entered the room, and sat down at the tables.]
(15:17:59) * Yanmei pulled back just far enough to let her forehead touch his for a second, her dark eyes on his blue ones, full of affection and determination. Then she let her arms drop and straightened up. "My cue to get going?"
(15:18:31) @Asuka‘: [That love was mirrored in his own…-
(15:18:39) @Asuka`: [Ariadne nodded. "Good luck. We’re rooting for you."]
(15:20:05) Yanmei: "Thanks." She flashed one last smile to her. "Just leave it to me!"
(15:20:56) @Asuka‘: [Ariadne nodded, and pointed to the doorway at the end of the hall. Within was a small, one-man elevator with mere railings…]
(15:23:57) * Yanmei stepped toward it. Peered up the shaft before finding an appropriately businesslike stance. Here it came…
(15:28:30) @Asuka`: [She could hear, on the television, Mary Caine speaking. "Twenty-first of April, 2016. Meeting to establish the validity of one Isaiah Gabriel-Wei, dual citizen of the French Sixth Republic and the Chinese Federation, as an Evangelion pilot. Witness in attendance: Zhang Yanmei. Let’s get this over with."-
(15:29:32) @Asuka‘: [A hatch opened above Yanmei’s head, and light flowed in, dazzling her for a moment. The elevator rose upwards, into the middle of the octagon.-
(15:31:03) @Asuka‘: ["Zhang Yanmei. You stand before the Human Instrumentality Committee and the three highest ranked members of NERV. Everything you say will be recorded. As such, you are considered to be under oath as per the NERV Charter and the UN Constitution. Are you aware of this binding?"]
(15:32:24) Yanmei: "Yes, of course." She smiled respectfully.
(15:33:51) @Asuka`: [Eight pairs of eyes glittered back. Mary Caine’s were hard and cold and icy-blue. There was Gendo Ikari… Fontaine. De Orleans…-
(15:34:46) @Asuka‘: ["All of us, starting from me and proceeding clockwise, will ask you two or three questions which you are encouraged to answer promptly. Are you prepared?"]
(15:38:20) Yanmei: "Yes, I am." She was trying not to stare at those she knew straight out. She did take a moment to look Mary Caine straight in the eye when she spoke, however, noting the chill there with an unsurprising shiver down her spine. One that she would never ever let manifest in a way that was obvious. The stage was not a place to show timidness.
(15:38:58) @Asuka`: [Mary Caine stared unwaveringly. It was as though every iota of her brain was focused on boring a hole into Yanmei’s eyes.-
(15:40:21) @Asuka‘: ["What is the nature of your relationship with the candidate?"]
(15:45:14) Yanmei: "He’s my classmate, best friend, recent housemate, personal nurse, confidant, and life partner."
(15:51:04) @Asuka‘: [Mary Caine paused for a slight second. "How old is he this year?"]
(15:53:37) Yanmei: "He’ll be turning 16 on the 27th of September."
(15:55:01) @Asuka‘: [She nodded. "After Impact, of course. And his current occupation is… Nurse, you said?"]
(15:57:26) Yanmei: "That’s right. He's serving on one of NERV France's experimental Pilot Health Teams as a nurse."
(16:06:42) @Asuka‘: [She nodded. "He is also your classmate. In what areas does the candidate excel, academically?"]
(16:10:10) Yanmei: "That would be mathematics. He also does well in related science subjects, especially Physics."
(16:10:39) @Asuka`: [Caine nodded. "And extra-curricular wise?"]
(16:12:56) Yanmei: "Mathematic Club. He has also been involved in the Fencing Club, and has helped out behind the scenes in Student Council campaigns."
(16:13:41) @Asuka`: ["No other notable talents?"]
(16:17:41) * Yanmei checked herself carefully. "None that rise to mind, or that have not already been implied by his occupation."
(16:21:44) @Asuka`: ["I see. Intelligent, with great talent in a variety of higher pursuits. I have nothing further to add. Washington?"-
(16:22:54) @Asuka`: [The American representative nodded. He had hard, angular lines for a face that gave him an aquiline look. "Miss Zhang, you probably know the candidate better than anyone, correct?"]
(16:23:42) Yanmei: "I believe so." She turned to face him calmly. Caine’s summary had left her cold, however.
(16:34:35) @Asuka‘: ["As a friend, confidante, life partner so-on-and-so-forth, has he been a loyal companion?"]
(16:36:38) Yanmei: "Yes, I would say so."
(16:38:38) @Asuka`: ["Perfectly loyal? Surely the two of you have had disagreements."]
(16:43:48) Yanmei: "Everyone does? Although they weren’t based on his loyalty." Getting a little personal, weren't they? "They were due to initial problems definining our relationship, or matters of insecurity on both sides… things that we might end up keeping from each other until we had no choice but to reveal them?"
(16:50:28) @Asuka‘: ["I’m astonished." Said Washington. "So astonished that I'm forced to conclude you're lying to us, Miss Zhang. Relationships of this nature at your age are particularly volatile- hormones and wasteful, excessive emotions boiling over, taking offense at the smallest of slights. Children hardly know loyalty except by the stick at your age. Do you keep a firm -check- on the candidate?"]
(16:56:42) Yanmei: "Hardly. -I- consider the candidate to be capable of exercising his free will." A critical little frown. "If he wished to find another relationship elsewhere, he would be free to. The same is true for me. I suppose that we've become so important to each other that we take things like jealousy and temptation in stride."
(17:00:20) @Asuka‘: ["So you admit jealousy?" Asked Washington nastily.]
(17:02:24) Yanmei: "Yes. We’ve both been jealous," she said carefully. "That doesn't necessarily imply disloyalty on the part of the person triggering it."
(17:05:18) @Asuka‘: ["So you’re not afraid that if his calling moves him to Boston, he might be tempted to act on those temptations without you around to breathe down his neck?"]
(17:12:28) Yanmei: "…" That… caught her by surprise. For the briefest of moments, it showed on her face, but she did her best to rally. "Boston is very far away. And 'the calling' that you're referring to would place him there for four entire years. I wouldn't blame him for acting on those tempations. In fact, I suspect that I would be more prone to acting on flashes of… protectiveness toward him, even at that distance.-
(17:13:55) Yanmei: "But the Isaiah I know is terribly loyal. It's hard to see him doing something like that?"
(17:16:48) @Asuka‘: ["Hmph." Washington cracked his knuckles. "Tell me, does he have problems with other people?"]
(17:18:51) Yanmei: "He’s not unfriendly. But he's had a history of being bullied."
(17:19:06) @Asuka‘: ["Not surprising. I suppose he’s something of a milquetoast."]
(17:21:27) Yanmei: "I beg your pardon?" Her voice was still amicable enough, but now there was a tiny edge that was building around it.
(17:21:50) @Asuka‘: ["Milquetoast. It means a weak and pliable person."]
(17:30:21) Yanmei: "I know what it means. I was simply surprised at your manners." There was a trap ahead. She could sense it, and had to be careful. "Isaiah has been a tremendous help in an emotional supporting role. His also needing support - and in some cases, protection - does not make him a milquetoast."
(17:31:46) @Asuka`: ["No further questions. Shardlake."-
(17:35:55) @Asuka`: ["Let’s return to Gabriel-Wei's scholastic records." Said Shardlake. "Narrow focus. Middling-to-average results at Fencing Club. No other athletic pursuits. Explain this disappointing lack athletic pursuit."]
(17:39:45) Yanmei: "He's made some improvements in fencing through the hard work he's put in, and basic training was also required of him. But if he hasn't pursued other athletics, it would imply that he doesn't really have an interest in them, no?"
(17:42:35) @Asuka‘: ["’Doesn't have an interest'." Said Shardlake disapprovingly.]
(17:45:28) Yanmei: "That's right." She was starting to shed that anger from before, drifting back into that comfortable amicability. "When he signed up for Fencing after I had done so, I was honestly a little surprised? It was at the beginning of the last academic school year. To my knowledge, he hadn't had much to do with any athletic clubs before that."
(17:46:30) @Asuka‘: ["I see." Said Shardlake. "So he always had the capacity to try and flourish at such pursuits, but chose not to until he was coaxed into it by a pretty girl. How lazy…"]
(17:49:51) Yanmei: "’Always had the capacity'?" Yanmei shook her head a little. "If you had seen him as he was as a beginner, I'm not sure that you would make that statement. Not everyone has natural athletic talent."
(17:54:09) @Asuka‘: ["Nevertheless, any small talent he had would no doubt rapidly atrophy if not attended to. It’s obvious that he doesn't make an attempt to excel, instead coaxing on his natural ability without trying to hone it. It's your fault as his significant other that he his athletic ability has fallen so far by the wayside. Either that or you're not as close as you claim. Perhaps you should spend
(17:54:10) @Asuka‘: more time, considering your own athletic talents, how to use his body and strengthen it. Unlike Washington, who seems to believe you keep an iron grip on him, I think you’re far too weak, simply taking the icing without trying to bake the cake."]
(17:55:55) @Asuka‘: «*Teaching him how»
(18:02:01) Yanmei: "Um…. could you explain what you mean by ’icing,' precisely?" Her face was heating up in embarrassment, her eyes darting around at those assembled before returning to Shardlake. "I think you might be misinformed about the nature of our relationship? In any case, we've worked out together. Trained in fencing together. It's taken a fair amount of work to get to where he is, and I think that he should be proud of it."
(18:04:23) @Asuka‘: ["By ’icing' I meant that you merely take the surface benefits of the friendship without trying to bolster him."]
(18:11:59) Yanmei: "Oh. In sense, I would have to also politely disagree, as I don't think his improvement is limited to physical talents."
(18:14:26) @Asuka‘: ["No. As you have noted, you must take responsibility for his emotional growth." Said Shardlake. "Which has been remarkable. No further questions. Commander Ikari, the floor is yours."]
(18:19:25) * Yanmei regarded Ikari Gendo pleasantly, waiting.
(18:24:27) @Asuka`: ["Does the candidate have many friends?"]
(18:25:51) Yanmei: "Some," she said cautiously. "Mostly made over the past year."
(18:26:47) @Asuka`: ["Mm. He has formed a close bond with another, yes? Ayanami Rei, the pilot destined for Boston."]
(18:29:00) Yanmei: "Yes, they’ve bonded. Although I believe that the nature of that relationship may change as Ayanami Rei continues to develop her own sense of identity."
(18:29:36) @Asuka‘: [Ikari nodded. "So you agree that having Gabriel-Wei stationed in Boston would be of great personal benefit to Ayanami."]
(18:31:37) Yanmei: "It may be an immediate comfort, in the sense that she’ll have a security blanket with her? But I'm concerned about the longer-term effects for both of them."
(18:35:24) @Asuka‘: ["Elaborate?"]
(18:40:19) Yanmei: "Ayanami’s relationship to Isaiah was established from the start as a result of the memories that were implanted into her during her development. As a result, she was instantly attached to him despite his initial distressed reaction to her.-
(18:43:19) Yanmei: "Since then, two things have happened. This first is that Isaiah came to recognize her as being her own person and became more capable of offering her friendship and acceptance. The second… is the Ayanami Rei has continued to evolve as a person, and that her relationships are changing as well. What was once the adoration for an older big-brother figure has intensified a lot."-
(18:44:49) Yanmei: "-A lot-," she said again, raising an eyebrow slightly in case he didn't get the picture.
(18:45:24) @Asuka‘: ["I fail to see how this harms Ayanami…"]
(18:53:36) Yanmei: "Then I will continue to elaborate. One:" she raised an index finger, "Isaiah has other commitments, as were discussed at length before. Two: other relationhips aside, there is no proof that he reciprocates her feelings. Three: the formation of romantic relationships would be healthier if they were experimented with someone who wasn’t already a person that she was fixated on in her pre-existing memories."-
(19:01:01) Yanmei: "4… Given Ayanami's psyche, I'm a little worried about the effect that either rejection or the formation of this relationship would have on her. Unless there were certain measures to counteract emotional and hormonal instability brought about by external factors, I can't imagine anything good stemming from allowing a heartbroken teenage girl to pilot an EVA."
(19:04:53) @Asuka‘: ["Ayanami will pilot and pilot well, regardless of her emotional state. It is one of her many superior qualities." Said Ikari. "Does Gabriel-Wei consider Ayanami to be a -person-, Zhang? A living, breathing human being worthy of love, respect, equal in every way?" Echoes… Of that discussion…]
(19:08:36) Yanmei: "Yes," her eyes narrowed a little. "Which is why he’ll consider her feelings in this situation, and why it would put tremendous emotional stress on him."
(19:09:18) @Asuka‘: ["And do you believe Ayanami to be a person?"]
(19:10:19) Yanmei: "Yes. I’ve been considering her feelings all this time too, after all." She shifted in place.
(19:10:50) @Asuka‘: [Gendo clasped his hands together and peered forward.-
(19:11:02) @Asuka`: ["What about Gabriel-Wei’s relationship to the other pilots? Does he get along with them?"]
(19:13:08) Yanmei: "Well… He seems to get along with Blanc. I can't determine why, exactly, but his relationship with Sera de Pteres has been strained as of late. The other pilots either don't know him very well? Or… they've ignored him."
(19:14:08) @Asuka‘: ["I was under the impression that he enjoyed warm relationships with Ikari Shinji. Natasha Volkova has written a very warm recommendation…"]
(19:19:49) Yanmei: "I that so?" she said smoothly. "I wasn’t aware that he was keeping a continuing correspondence with Ikari Shinji or Natasha Volkova. It's why I presumed that they didn't know him very well, despite having some pleasant conversations with him before."
(19:20:44) @Asuka‘: ["Mm. No further questions."-
(19:20:50) @Asuka`: [Fontaine now. The woman leaned forward.]
(19:21:07) * Yanmei gazed back at her pleasantly.
(19:23:50) @Asuka`: ["Gabriel-Wei. Does he have any history of mental trauma?"]
(19:26:41) Yanmei: "Yes. He was very depressed for a long time, and in the past, he’s… had some unpleasant episodes during time of high stress."
(19:27:23) Yanmei: ^times
(19:27:36) @Asuka‘: ["What part did you play in relieving his depression?"]
(19:29:05) Yanmei: "He says that I played a significant part, because I became his friend and made him happy."
(19:29:53) @Asuka`: ["Do you believe he is strong enough that he could stand on his own two feet?"]
(19:37:40) Yanmei: "I don’t know," she said after a long pause. "Being separated would hurt him terribly? He's said so himself. And… we've promised each other that there were a lot of things we would do together."
(19:40:48) @Asuka‘: [Fontaine nodded. "The two of you share a Libido Effect, is that right?"]
(19:41:19) Yanmei: She nearly winced at that. "Yes, that’s correct."
(19:50:36) @Asuka‘: ["The Libido Effect is theorised to increase a person’s piloting potential. On the other hand, from my research, I believe the effect is negligible at such great distances." Fontaine stared at Yanmei. "The Vatican Treaty forbids more than three Evangelion units to be stationed in the same country. Ultimately, do you believe that the emotional and mental side effects of the Libido Effect
(19:50:36) @Asuka‘: will cause more harm than good at such distances? To both of you?"]
(19:57:55) Yanmei: "Two people who share the Libido Effect are able to retain an emotional link to each other. I don’t know how far the distance between them has to be before the link is broken." Yanmei frowned a little. "Now… imagine literally feeling a loved one's distress or agony, and knowing that you couldn't reach them because you were living half a world a way. Or, as is the circumstances with soldiers, imagine one dying, and the ot
(20:00:10) Yanmei: -other being able to feel along with them. Not in the physical sense, but their emotions, regrets, desperation…" Another smile now. A very faint, wry one. "You can imagine why I'm not eager to test how far the distance between us has to be for that link to be broken."
(20:02:44) @Asuka‘: ["Those aspects of the link are, as far as we have tested, unaffected by distance." Said Fontaine, nodding.-
(20:07:06) @Asuka`: ["Being a pilot is taxing. In many ways it is far harsher than living the life of a soldier. Isaiah has been considered so far only due to his exceptional bravery, strength of will, and his possession of AT Gene-E, which grants him unique talents in regards to synchronisation."-
(20:09:58) @Asuka`: ["Your words suggest that Gabriel-Wei has ambitions of his own? Do you think they would be hindered or aided by this position?"]
(20:12:58) Yanmei: "As of now, his greatest dream is to start a family and to be a good father and husband. But… I’m worried that if he's forced to pilot against the horrific beings known as Angels, especially against his will, that certain aspects of his personality will change and endanger that dream."-
(20:15:44) Yanmei: "Its possible to raise a good and loving family while suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or after having shed a demension of kindness from yourself in order to be a good soldier, or after suffering a number of effects that even I don't understand yet. But it would probably be much more difficult? And it's something that I don't think he wants."
(20:19:10) @Asuka‘: [Fontaine nodded. "I assume that you factor significantly into those dreams?"]
(20:19:48) Yanmei: "It’s something we still need to discuss, but that's my understanding."
(20:25:09) @Asuka‘: ["I see." Ginevre looked up at the council. "No further questions."-
(20:25:30) @Asuka`: [Meir now. He was… More heavily scarred than Yanmei had remembered from that video.-
(20:26:04) @Asuka`: ["What are Gabriel-Wei’s policies and philosophies on violence? Would he be capable of killing another human being if asked?"]
(20:28:30) Yanmei: "He's… a medic. I've only seen him attack others in self defense, and once or twice because of what I can only describe as a temporary leave of his senses during high-emotional situations. I don't think he likes killing."
(20:33:36) @Asuka‘: ["Doesn’t like killing." Muttered Meir. "Our pilots are required to temper their bloodlust in combat. But to be unable to dispassionately and, with an active sense of will, take life, is a great liability. No further questions."-
(20:42:56) @Asuka‘: [Vladimir Romanov leaned forward, his brooding expression tight. "Gabriel-Wei was caught up in the harrowing events in the Geofront tunnels. Correct?"]
(20:46:17) Yanmei: "Yes, he was."
(20:46:36) @Asuka`: ["Did he perform well?"]
(20:48:12) Yanmei: "I’m… not sure. I wasn't with him in the tunnels. We were separated. That he's still alive suggests that he performed well enough, and I'm sure that he made good use of his medical skills given the state of hi companions when we met up again."
(20:48:27) Yanmei: ^his
(20:52:37) @Asuka‘: ["Three dead, two heavily wounded?"]
(20:53:33) Yanmei: "He had limited supplies with him," Yanmei mumbled. "And it looked like those who had been wounded were at least bandaged…"
(20:56:06) @Asuka`: ["And afterward, he acted as your copilot. How did he perform then?"]
(20:59:07) Yanmei: "Admirably. He was afraid, but he stepped up to the task." She paused. "He also said that it would be his last time getting into an entry plug."
(20:59:53) @Asuka`: [Romanov quirked his large eyebrows. "No further questions… Doesn’t seem to have any long-term conditions or history of drug abuse…"-
(21:00:04) @Asuka‘: [de Orleans, now.]
(21:00:54) * Yanmei gazed at him openly with an air of respect, and nodded.
(21:01:40) @Asuka`: ["A simple question, Miss Zhang. Do you love your best friend, confidante, life partner?"]
(21:02:19) Yanmei: "Yes, very much," she replied simply.
(21:02:50) @Asuka`: ["I have a question. Did you wish for this life?"]
(21:03:43) Yanmei: "…" Damn. Bringing that up… But she couldn’t bring herself to even break eye contact. "No, I didn't."
(21:04:19) @Asuka‘: ["Do you miss your past life very much?"]
(21:05:14) Yanmei: "I do. Some," she admitted with difficulty. She wondered how many people would see the recording.
(21:05:44) @Asuka`: ["You have suffered in this life with NERV, haven’t you?"]
(21:06:34) Yanmei: "There have been a lot of difficult times," she said with a nod. Her voice was growing a little quieter now.
(21:07:49) @Asuka‘: ["Has your best friend, confidance, the life partner whom you love very much, helped you through those times?"]
(21:12:30) Yanmei: "After we became friends, he was always by my side. When I was too injured to move, he helped out the doctors and stuck around relentlessly and talked to me in the hospital. When I was worried during a fight, he’d contact me to cheer me on. Even when he wasn't around personally, I tried to draw strength from knowing that I was protecting him. When he got sick or scared, I tried to return the favor, and I tried to share the
(21:13:01) Yanmei: -share the good things in this life with him."
(21:13:34) @Asuka‘: [de Orleans nodded.-
(21:13:42) @Asuka`: ["Has he been worth losing your old life?"]
(21:14:46) Yanmei: A pause. Thinking back to her old life, and then the Isaiah she’d first met, a timid lonely kid, and then the Isaiah she knew now. "Yes, he has."
(21:15:20) @Asuka‘: [de Orelans was quiet. "No further questions."-
(21:16:41) @Asuka`: ["Then we thank you for your contribution, miss Zhang." Said Caine.]
(21:18:11) Yanmei: "Thank you, Chairperson Caine, and the rest of the Committee for hearing me out." She flashed another smile, and ran a hand through her hair, waiting for the elevator to descend.
(21:19:46) @Asuka`: ["Through a special request from Commander Fontaine, you will remain here for the voting." Said Caine.]
(21:20:24) * Yanmei blinked. "Oh? I see." She clasped her hands in front of her.
(21:23:27) @Asuka`: ["Very well. We have heard the arguments, interviewed the life partner. Let us hold the vote. Should we, the Human Instrumentality Committee and the three Commanders of NERV’s largest branches, agree to designate Isaiah Gabriel-Wei as the Tenth Child, pilot of an Evangelion Unit, protector of human existence? I say aye."]
(21:24:39) * Yanmei felt her hands begin to shake. She clasped them harder until they stopped, not daring to look at Fontaine or de Orleans or even Ikari.
(21:25:06) @Asuka‘: ["Aye." Said Washington.]
(21:29:05) Yanmei: Looking down, now. But only for a minute before recalling her audience that throwing her head back up.
(21:29:17) Yanmei: ^and throwing
(21:29:50) @Asuka`: ["Aye." Said Shardlake.-
(21:30:17) @Asuka`: [Gendo. He stared impassively at Yanmei.-
(21:30:22) @Asuka`: ["Nay."]
(21:31:19) * Yanmei found herself returning that stare somehow, with a guarded one of her own.
(21:31:38) @Asuka`: [Fontaine. Fontaine stared at Yanmei as well with those blue eyes…-
(21:31:43) @Asuka`: ["… Nay."]
(21:32:29) Yanmei: More of the same for her. She would keep her surprise bottled up until after she was free.
(21:32:40) @Asuka`: [Meir grunted. "Nay."-
(21:32:46) @Asuka`: ["Aye." Said Romanov.-
(21:32:56) @Asuka`: [And finally… de Orleans…]
(21:36:00) * Yanmei gazed at him directly now, neither pleading nor gloating… just bracing herself, her stomach in knots, her dark eyes unblinking. She didn’t even fidget.
(21:37:55) @Asuka‘: [There was something in de Orleans’s eyes. Something apologetic.-
(21:38:01) @Asuka‘: ["… Nay."-
(21:38:23) @Asuka`: ["…" The silence around the table was somehow louder than the words that had proceeded it.]
(21:40:32) Yanmei: "…" Yanmei didn’t dare break it. Actually, she was looking around as if she didn't quite know how to take it… That look he had given just now. Was that to her or the rest of the committee? What would happen now? All these worries tempered the elation that she had started to feel stir out of numbness.
(21:41:27) @Asuka‘: ["Four… To four." Said Caine very slowly, staring -very- hard at de Orleans. "Motion failed. Isaiah Gabriel-Wei will not become an Evangelion Pilot."]
(21:43:00) Yanmei: Yanmei kept her poise. She felt slightly dizzy, slightly giddy.
(21:45:31) @Asuka`: ["…"-
(21:46:17) @Asuka`: ["Let us begin the post-voting discussions…" The elevator shifted once more, heading into the ground. She could see him, clutching Ariadne’s hand tightly, both of them stunned.]
(21:48:39) * Yanmei stepped forward. The forced numbness was starting to wear off, and tears were starting to form in her eyes. She stepped off the elevator toward the both, arms open.
(21:50:41) @Asuka‘: [The sight of her galvanised him into action. He stood, tears suddenly coursing down his cheeks. He rushed over, wrapping her up without stopping, and kissed her- an elated, euphoric and passionate kiss.]
(21:54:27) * Yanmei kissed back, hard! When she drew back, she gave a choked little laugh that fell between real laughter and a sob, and rested her face on his shoulder a little awkwardly. He was so warm…
(21:57:20) @Asuka`: [He held her, stroking her hair, giving out a giddy little laugh. "You… We did it." He murmured. "We did it…" He bowed his head into her neck and let the tears flow freely.]
(22:00:15) Yanmei: "Paid off. Somehow we…" but she didn’t finish. Was there anything left that could be said?
(22:00:42) @Asuka‘: ["We beat them…"-
(22:01:38) @Asuka`: ["I’m glad." Said Ariadne. She beamed. "Why don't I take the two of you home? You can go out for dinner tomorrow night, maybe."]
(22:03:52) Yanmei: "Tomorrow…" Yanmei lifted her head. Tomorrow was a new day. Maybe a new fight, but at least this one was over. "That sounds fine, Ariadne. Ah." She tried to wipe her tears away.
(22:06:02) @Asuka‘: [Isaiah caught her hand. Gently, they wiped both of their tears away- together.-
(22:06:23) @Asuka`: [Ariadne started to lead them out, when someone entered the room. Fontaine. "Zhang."]
(22:07:36) Yanmei: "…" Yanmei nodded to her companions, and released Isaiah’s hand. "I'll be out to the car in a minute. Go ahead, okay?"
(22:08:38) @Asuka‘: ["Alright." Said Isaiah gently. He was reluctant to go, but… Another kiss, gentler this time, before he and Ariadne headed off.]
(22:09:58) * Yanmei watched them go, and then pulled herself together as well as she could. Calm, neutral expression. She turned back to Fontaine. "Commander? Is the discussion over so quickly?"
(22:11:24) @Asuka`: ["I’ve said my piece. Caine is less interested in me and more interested in why de Orleans broke the sacrosanct agreement that the Committee votes as one." Said Fontaine. "I… Wanted to speak to you."]
(22:13:37) * Yanmei nodded, frowned a little, her eyebrows knitting slightly. "Hm. He's in trouble, isn't he?" a longer, thoughtful pause. "What was it you wanted to say?"
(22:15:00) @Asuka‘: ["I wanted to say congratulations on your surprise victory. And…" She took a deep breath. "I wished to apologise."]
(22:16:40) Yanmei: "Did you?" She became a little more guarded, if only to hide yet another surprised reaction.
(22:18:47) @Asuka`: ["Yes." Said Fontaine. "I’ve been conflicted about this for a very long time. I know I appeared hard-headed, Yanmei. But I didn't want to hurt you. I don't -like- hurting people." She sat down.-
(22:22:42) @Asuka‘: ["I made a phone call this morning to Alexandre, and… He yelled at me." Said Fontaine distantly. "He said, how could I even think about doing that to you. That it would be wrong on every level. It…" She sighed. "It isn’t right to force this burden on those who haven't the desire to accept it. I remember your hearing, when we questioned your mother. You were healthy and whole, and
(22:22:42) @Asuka‘: intelligent, and this experience has made you stronger, but… It’s only by the grace of Isaiah Gabriel-Wei that you've made it this far. And he wouldn't be able to make it without you." Fontaine looked up at Yanmei. "I don't want to have things between us, keeping us opposed, Yanmei. It would make me very happy inside if you and I were to become friends."]
(22:26:20) Yanmei: "Friends, huh?" Yanmei was looking down and away by now. This was a far cry from the horrible woman she had always known. And Alexandre, sticking up for her -against- his mom? In which twilight zone did that happen in?-
(22:28:58) Yanmei: "Maybe we can start by calling a truce?" she offered, still not looking at her. "I'm actually a little tired. Maybe you are too?"
(22:29:55) @Asuka‘: ["Yes." Said Fontaine quietly. "It’s been a long… Time."]
(22:31:58) * Yanmei nodded. Extended a handshake. "Then I guess this settles it. Let's take a break and decide where to go from there."
(22:32:35) @Asuka‘: [Fontaine took it. Shook her hand. "I wanted to protect you this time…"]
(22:34:17) Yanmei: "You did?" She blinked a little, and let her grip slacken… for just a moment, before renewing it. "Thank you. I mean it."
(22:37:42) @Asuka`: ["You’re a pretty young lady when you're happy." Fontaine stood up. "You have a fine young man there, you understand that, of course?"]
(22:39:10) Yanmei: "Of course." She smiled at her. "And speaking of him? I think I can feel him getting a little impatient. Will I see you back in Paris-2?"
(22:39:50) @Asuka‘: ["Yes, of course."]
(22:41:06) Yanmei: "Then goodbye for now, Commander." She started to back away. "Oh. One last thing. Is there anything that I can do for de Orleans? Mary Caine is a very powerful woman, isn’t she?"
(22:42:30) @Asuka‘: ["de Orleans can hold his own." There was an ironic smile on Fontaine’s lips.]
(22:43:59) Yanmei: "Hm, I see. Then~" She resumed her retreat with another wave. "I'll see you later."
(22:44:57) @Asuka‘: [Fontaine smiled and waved.-
(22:45:16) @Asuka`: [Isaiah and Ariadne were waiting in the car. "Everything go ok?" He asked as Yanmei arrived.]
(22:46:23) Yanmei: "Yes. We’ve decided not to go at each others throats for a while. Surprise?" she gave him a little smile and settled next to him. "I guess everyone could use a rest, not just us."
(22:48:09) @Asuka‘: ["I’m glad. It'll help take some off the burden off your shoulders." He snuggled up to her, arms tight around her waist. "You were brilliant today, my love. Really amazing…"]
(22:49:28) Yanmei: "I was, wasn't I~" She grinned, lettiing her head fall back contentedly. "Maybe I have a knack for politics after all."
(22:52:04) @Asuka‘: ["President Zhang." Said Isaiah dreamily. "Would I end up being First Man?"]
(22:53:14) Yanmei: "We’ll see," she laughed. "Mazarin would freak if he knew I was targetting his job. Isn't that right, Ariadne?"
(22:54:43) @Asuka‘: ["Him? Never." Said Ariadne with a grin. "You won’t have to worry about that for awhile, however."-
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(22:56:28) @Asuka‘: [Isaiah chuckled. The adrenaline of elation was still in his system, but it was giving him the strong sense of exhaustion. "Yanyan?"]
(22:57:22) Yanmei: "Hm?" She had been coming down for a while now. She glanced at him warmly.
(22:59:34) @Asuka`: ["I… I feel pretty tired." He smiled up at her and shifted a little, stretching out. "You don’t mind…?"]
(23:01:03) Yanmei: "Nah. Get some rest. I'll try to too." She, in contrast, curled herself up. "Have a good sleep, okay?"
(23:02:12) @Asuka`: ["You too." One last sleepy kiss before he closed his eyes and let himself drift off…]

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